The Future Of Reasoning

Birt 28 apr 2021
This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
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The extended mind thesis:
MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work:
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"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
Cognitive Niche:,cause%2Dand%2Deffect%20reasoning%20and
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  • I think great filter is too fast evolution that lost it's ecological brakes and counterweights. The fist was maybe cognitive revolution by homo sapiens since 70 000 years ago, which made us top predator that other species couldn't keep up with. Many other technological inventions since then were the same. Since industrial revolution we can't even keep up with our own development. AI is another mile stone that we can't follow, or control. Our instinctive tendency to growth - in economy this case - supported by AI... could erase life on Earth. Before we meet other civilisations from outer space. Breaks and counterweights by ecology must never be ignored!

  • VSauce teaming up with Bill Gates? When’s the Jeffrey Epstein video coming?

  • *Bill Gates divorced Melinda just because he couldn't solve Micheals marriage riddle*

  • Yeah right..skip.

  • Might be the best commentary on current political discourse I have ever seen.

  • So, #TheGreatReset it's true. A year ago #TheGreatReset was a conspiracy theory, this year opposing it is the conspiracy theory.

  • Every video is a different existential crisis

  • Wow

  • Earth is a flat plane

  • 14:12 as I'm autistic that is actually exactly what I do: it does not come naturally to me at all

    • Since I learned what that means - having problems to read faces - I told many of my colleagues and mates about it. I learned, that much more of them have similar problems. It seems to me, that 'autism' is more common than expected!

  • an instant classic, what a wonderfully interesting video, bringing hard and old problems right into the spotlight

  • i used to dream about community of inquiries being used more often than debates to solve issues back when I was in school, this reminded me of that. thanks

  • Micheal for president

  • michal collaborating with bill gates is what caused melinda and bill's divorce

  • We are the Borg, you will be assimilated.

  • Wow Michael, you outdid yourself once again. Glad to be a subscriber since 2014.

  • The problem with a "lottocracy" is that a lot of political programs and policies have a lot of history, details, and facts about them. It's part of the reason why our current generation of "actor politicians" (in both the USA and Canada) is such a problem. We're electing random people who have zero interest in serving the people through legislature and instead have ulterior motives for being elected (typically grift but nowadays celebrity is a big one). You couldn't for instance make good law about respecting indigenous peoples without at least a passing understanding of their history and treaty rights, etc. If we put legislature to a "second sober reading" via a jury (instead of say a senate) we would face many of the same issues where people who are not interested or concerned with the implications of the legislation simply want to see "their side" win. Conservative jurists would side with Conservative bills and Liberal jurists side with Liberal bills. We need to return to respecting experts and people who put in the work to learn as much as they can about issues they're involved with and shun people who "shoot from the hip" and "intuit" facts out of the nether. Sadly this begins with the media who are largely free to say whatever they want as long as they pay for their airtime and with that as the guiding principle facts and reality have long since departed the fabric of societal consciousness. Even "progressive" "liberal" media gives far too much air time and credibility to "actor politicians." In a Just world Marjorie Greene would never be on the 6 o'clock news. We'd ignore her since ultimately she's very unimportant and unlikely to produce any work that is important. etc. If we followed that principle in 2015, MAGA45 would never have happened. Instead the media told us (by virtue of covering him so much) that Trump was important and credible and newsworthy and worth paying attention to. In previous years he'd garner a passing comment on the news as they focused on "more serious contenders" which yes also haven't produced the best results but a far amount better than MAGA45....

  • good try, but democracy is built for the rich to make slaves of the poor n its only when the collective march change can be possible. The earth from God was not created for some to have n the others to have nots. The earth was intended to be heaven but greedy humans have turned into hell. Ya idea of lotteracey is very good, as thats how my communism would work. EQAULITY. The other current communism is evil. as far as reasoning goes n factual argument, ppl are too stupid to step outside thier own comfort zones of learnings/brainwashing's. =SHEEP. democracy is evil n creates homelessness n slaves n if you need violence n death to enforce your ideas then your ideas of perfection for the earth are worthless. get rid of democracy. group dynamics was not touched on, so this vid is incomplete. the only space you will be travelling thru only exists between your ears lol.

  • Amazing, as always thought provoking.

  • What is a bit disappointing here is the focus on "normative" human behavior. Take the "feature" orientation, for example. Yes, this is the norm for a bourgeois, mindlessly consuming, capitalist society. But what about studying the a-typical, the radical who disciplined and dedicated according to a certain mindset in which their pleasure is NOT the pleasure of the "majority"? Certain branches of continental philosophy have been obsessed with this possibility of an anachronistic aristocracy - not of wealth or (whether attained or received) advantages - but according to certain principles that determine the thoughts and being of the thinker beforehand according to the necessity of freedom. We do not choose our ideas, but our ideas choose and determine us; this itself is a very old idea in continental thought. Therefore, the possibility of our freedom (and free expression of our authentic selves) must exist through ideas that function according to the logic of life. Here, I recommend Ayres' Information, Entropy, and Human Progress in which certain categories of evolutionary development can be merged with ideality.

  • This may reasonably be the most important video on ISchats

  • This time "Or is it " hit differently.

  • I came here to learn reasoning.

  • A Bill Gates financed video on how we all shoudnt trust our own research huh? People who actually know who bill gates is, know wtf is going on here...

    • Been trying to find comments like this. So happy someone sees through it... I love Michael but jeez I’m really disappointed that he’s endorsing bill gates... almost completely disgusting in my eyes how he can’t talk about what he talks about then supports a literal authoritarian businessman, who’s plans have very little to actually do with helping the word climate

  • "people use conclusions to justify reasons" + the fact that most adults are fundamentally opposed to taking the time and energy to learn new things == the world we live in. For instance, it took me all of 5 minutes to explain the high level points of why burning fossil fuel is bad to my (then) 6 year old daughter. burning gas => ghg => blanket over planet => warmer => climate disasters like fires/floods/etc. (over the years I expanded that to include the concept of infrared radiation and a loose explanation of what photons are). Because 6 year olds welcome and accept new information readily. That I was telling her factually true things was immaterial to her willingness to accept them. Whereas a 40 year old seeing this information for the first time is likely to reject it at first sight because their entire "mind" has momentum in directions that agree with their world views. E.g. burning gas was always part of their life/world view so therefore burning gas shouldn't be bad. etc. I don't know what the fix is but the problem is that adults are lazy and stoopid.

  • Green capitalism bad

  • Please run for president.

  • Awesome conclusion! I found it interesting that he didn’t use the word “carbon emissions” or “climate change”. I wonder if it was intentional to avoid the knee jerk reaction due to the polarisation and politicisation of these issues.

  • Love how i’m 1:11 into the video and vsauce is already making me have several mental breakthroughs

  • never had my mind fcked so good

  • this felt like a wheezy waiter video

  • It will never work as the jury system is one such example of this proposed system. The crowd can still unduly influence the decision of random people.

  • How does this guy make everything so interesting, is there some form of formula you use or what!

  • Your reasoning is amazing but what stands out (for me) is your rhetoric. Your script is almost poetic. Does anyone know who is the writer of Vsauce?

  • Reasons/reasoning is never a problem when it is objectively present: The problem becomes when reason is made absent with the subjective presence of emotion(s). And intuition is purely a peripheral somatic instinct, mistaken as a reliable tool when referred to as knowledge.

  • OMG I literally just wrote an essay on Deliberative Democracy :D SO TRUE. Although, the only way deliberative democracy can help hyperobjects like climate change and global emissions, is if every country ran under a democracy... which they dont. So Im not sure we can fix this one... D:

  • More about the hyperobject in the video below (composed by my from various sources, see list in text field).

  • Me:...just a quick video before bed... Vsauce: hold my telescope

  • Since when Vsauce start doing horror movie jumpscares? Lol

  • lottocracy is the best political idea I've ever heard

  • So let's have executive jury?

  • Repent to Jesus Christ! Are you a sinner? Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

  • You the Greatest to EVER live bro! You’ve inspired me in ways I could NEVER thank You for. But every day I try.

  • Vsauce: Things are becoming more and more common and accessible. Meanwhile in India: struggling to get life saving oxygen.

  • A lottocracy presidential election would probably have put this millenium in a better situation

  • Another banger... this fucking guy, every fucking time.

  • I actually love and find it great you talking about all of this. I am always so eager to get to everyone the understanding of this kind of stuff. How to see this point of view for a conscious and better way for everyone. I love that in this one video you could explain lots of things with great information and reach a lot of people who will find it easy to unravel and be smarter. I was surprised you talked about decentralized decision-making in society and else. I was going around this idea for a while as a future way of really getting somewhere with a natural and better way for everyone. I think this would be a before and after for humanity. As probably someone said: the mind grows faster than evolution, and so ideas grow faster than acceptance (or behavioral inertia).

  • I release a lot of gas from lemon pepper wingstop wings

  • Your entire video was you giving a calculated reason for changing our system of government to a Lottocracy and a different way of thinking. Neat.

  • Michael, go *//*/* yourself. Et tu Brute? Is there anything on the world the Gates Demon won't touch with his slimy billionaire hands?

  • And as always, thanks for making these videos Vsuace.

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Watching 30 minute Vsauce video at x 1.5 speed

  • to this day i don't know who the fuck is Vsauce.....he always says, "Hey Vsauce, michael here!" wtf? i a Vsauce?.......are we audience all Vsauce? there a Csauce?....Is michael trying to signal something? he an alien reporting to his commander in chief indirectly?.....Is he reporting to darksied?......he always makes video like is this alien trying to understand and analyze human morale? michael an alien studying us by making it look like he is teaching us something? he brainwashing us?.....or maybe he's from future and reporting to an AI machine called Vsauce?

  • The Guardian article : Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children "These reduce emissions many times more than common green ... Having one fewer child will save 58.6 tonnes of CO2-equivalent per year " No other "green" measure even comes close to the above. Less resources needed, less high CO2 concrete buildings built, less cars built. But some people want you to birth and raise more consumers who buy their mostly unnecessary things ;-) Reason 101

  • This reminds me of that comic where a cat and a dog are given food and the dog is like "Man gives me food, he must be god" and the cat says "Man gives me food, I must be god"

  • Nice ad

  • Point of No Return Climate Change will not happen for 140 to 400 years, not 14 to 40 years. The left is wrong on the timetable.

  • Just transferred to a college as a sustainable design major this semester. The info I've gathered inside and outside of classes this semester has been a total mindfuxk my initial thought going into it was "I'm going to help future generations" but now I realize shit is going tf down in my lifetime and no one has come up with a practical way of averting total disaster. Good luck everyone hopefully we got this, if not some percentage of us will surely survive and carry on the legacy of humanity and learn from our mistakes.

  • "This one is machine and nerve...and has its mind, concluded. This one, is but flesh and faith.... and is the more deluded."

  • Climate change is absolutely not the main problem being caused by failures of reason right now. The reason climate change doesn't get fixed isn't because people haven't reasoned it out; it's because everyone wants to keep on doing what they're doing. While also growing the population and the GDP and the annual deficit.

  • Its not the same without the soundtrack, what a bummer, royalties are too pricy?

  • 15:38 Your mistake is a feature. This is a running joke between software developers. I laughed my ass off about this, especially about how it was animated in the video.

  • Why Micheal why? Why is your delivery so engaging?

  • What does Bill Gates know about any of this? He can't handle the one relationship he has... this is propaganda.

  • Ah yes leave it to mob rule... loved most of the video just a” jury” of our peers to guide decision is bad and it would work if everyone was smart and logical but most are dumb and illogical

  • the pouring of concrete does not lead to higher quality of life around the world. what a prageru claim.

  • Oh look a logical outcome of a history arranged by reason. (Dislike)

  • One of the best videos ever. We need to evolve so that we can talk to our other brain so that we can understand other points of view better because left brained And right brained people think differently. So if everyone was both we could reason better towards the future. See CGP grey video on you is two. And the research that conservative or progressive is some what genetic. Understand that compensate for it. Everyone needs to understand they are wrong about some things and they don't know which ones

  • You are awesome and informative in an entertaining way that you attract different age groups to watch your content and enjoy it , and i like that as it may actually make impacts on the world as it spreads knowledge about the problems in such ways that makes the brain aware and more productive of ideas that may solve those problems , you are an awesome person keep spreading knowledge ❤️

  • "Sir, this is a Wendy's"

  • I’d say the increased severity of recent storms and other shitty weather events is proof enough that climate change is already beginning to take affect

  • so glad Vsauce is back after so long, looking forward to more interesting videos from them to watch, and think about

  • Attend to the Reasoning: CO2 Levels during the Mesozoic period of the Dinosaurs were 5 times that of today. Conclusion? Climate alarmists have an "Agenda".

    • Gates' agenda.

  • you know what, i’m a big fan of vsauce, but right at the beginning of this video i noticed he was using argumentative techniques he usually doesn’t use, and i’m all ears for talking about climate change, but once he brought out bill gates at 5:30, you know this is gonna be lopsided as hell

    • He sold himself :( I fucking hate Bill Gates man

  • bill gates? c'mon now michael i thought u were better

    • He must be broke af

  • absolutely in favor of Superdemocracy

  • “We” can’t choose what that will mean until we’re there to interpret or influence the understanding of what it means to be us. Until that point the understandings will largely be taken from those with the longest lasting/loudest voices. As the saying goes: “history is written by the winners” and currently the collective majority, probably >95% of the world’s population will not fit into this category and our collective voices are much more likely to go unnoticed or be mere footnotes.

  • You are Amazing Michele

  • I am a I have a brain...

  • Vsauce doesn't support alien existence being true?

  • 14:30 A-Typical people can often do that though. Looking and thinking about a persons posture and voice because recognizing these things from intuition can be kinda hard

  • Reason is not a bug, it's a feature

  • I feel like the irony here, is even in discussing the matter of reasoning, we'll run into the same issues we're trying to avoided..

  • Logic test: There is no way to determine if she is married, for it only states the marital status of the two men. Thus not enough information to decide, for an "IF" does not equal a definitive YES. Peter, the only known unmarried person, is not looking at anyone, but only being looked AT by the unknown. Married is looking at unknown. Unknown is looking at unmarried. In no way can you empirically the that unknown is known just because of potentialities. Failed the logic test, much disappoint.

  • You had me until "I teamed up with Bill Gates"

  • I hate overthinking, overthinking -_-

  • Michael, watch your low end noise.

  • Being involved in a lot of unpleasant arguments recently, watching this episode was a breath of fresh air!

  • Lottocracy: Please no. Most people are selfish, groupthinking, ignorant, and not very bright.

  • I think you just advocated for centrism.

  • Started off interesting then went off on a kookoo climate porn tangent....Don't waist your time watching it.

  • But without mass media, corporations and celebrities telling me how to live, how will I live? *sarcasm*

  • Read the book, A Brave New World, we are a product of feeling accepted or rejected socially, and our reasoning for our rationale comes ONLY from this internalized pressure.

    • lotocracy, I'm down for that!

  • I love the reference to "The Snap" from MCU/Thanos at the very end when he talks about being quatumly recreated.

  • The State is a problematic hyperobject

  • The fourth dimension is the answer to all problems

  • 11:43 you had awesometer right in front of you :/

  • I thought this channel more of a life hacks pranks.. but this is a thought..

  • the fact that 3.5 million people have watched this gives me a great sense of hope.

  • It’s crazy how poetic and full of knowledge this is