VFX Artists React to the Moon Landing

Birt 1 apr 2021
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Niko, Wren, and Sam take a look some of the visual effects on display in the US Government's "Moon Landing" which supposedly took place in 1969.
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  • Even as a child I didn't understand why people were debating whether this is real or not. There where 6 moon landings, why tf do people think the first was fake?

  • Would it be fucked up if I asked yal to react to the 9/11 footage

  • Sasquatch sighting video!

  • Please react to Sol Levante, it’s on Netflix. It’s an absolute masterpiece, and it’s only a couple minutes long.

  • How about some good ghost and shadow people videos, like on Nukes top 5 or El Franco Andres?

  • OmG hOW MuCh dId NaSA paY uUuU?!!11!!

  • This is definitely the most creative April Fool’s video I’ve seen. Also the most entertaining and informative as I didn’t leave it thinking it was a waste of time.

  • That dust comment is enough reason to understand that these shot are made in the moon, period. Actually this is the first time I hear someone calling that out, not even the experts mention that, so good point.

  • I'd like to see them debunking lots of UFO footage.

  • As Neil Degrasse Tyson said, "It is much more expensive to fake the moon landing than going to the actual moon"

  • So in 1960's they had cgi technology like wtf are people seriously brain ded , only few years passed since 1945 WW2 not even proper color TV was adapted world wide and people saying ohhh it's fake , it's fake bcuz the flag is flying or wtfever dude.

  • Loved this!! More of these type videos!

  • When Astronauts reviewed these guys visual effects they all agreed that they were fake

  • Now will you guys react to The launch scene from _Apollo 13_ ? The VFX supervisor, Rob Legato, discussed that scene in his TED talk.

  • Since you mentioned it, will you really react to the Patterson Bigfoot video? I'd love to see that.

  • I don't believe that the moon landing was fake but there is a way that make light look like it's further away using a fresnel lens

  • They are bullshiting, the government paid them to say all this .

  • They actually proved the photos were faked by a nasa employee. He was on the joe rogan podcast, and was very understandable.

  • Will never landing any Planet or moon because this fiction against the Bibel!

    • Bruh learn how to spell

  • I'd like you guys to look at Space X SN10 landing footage from top-up perspective. I know it's real but it seems uncanny

  • You all should collab or have captain disillusion come in on a react

  • I have a scene recommendation, could you all react to the Atomic Breath scene from Shin Godzilla? here is the link: ischats.info/fun/mbiaoH6WaIGGh54/v-deo

  • Can you guys go over the ending sequence of why don’t you play in hell!!!

  • It would have been impossible to do digital slow motion of that length in 1969.

  • “The moon is fake” Corridor crew -2021

  • hOw mUCh DId ThEy PAy YoU to MAKe tHIs VideO?

  • In the words of someone who I forgot, in 1969, it was easier to land on the moon than it would be to fake the moon landing.

  • This is a music video from a Tamil movie called " I ". Has some vfx shots that you guys might want to react to :) ischats.info/fun/payYpphieWarYaI/v-deo

  • Im going to keep posting this till you get it on one of your videos! Flåklypa is a Norwegian stop motion movie from 1975! INSANELY done for that time! Legendary movie in Norway! AND many people think Lucas ripped off the pod racing scene from this movie! As a musician the band playing in this movie is fucking crazy! Everything is perfect. Love your channel! ischats.info/fun/oZiGd2eAoJOBgZ4/v-deo

  • Plot twist, NASA was just pioneering Cinema technology the whole time and that's why their film techniques are years and years ahead

  • Look at For All Mankind on Apple TV. It’s literally this video in TV format!!!

  • The best way to fake a moon landing is to shoot on location

  • Apollo 11 is such an amazing documentary

  • Reading through (far too many) of these idiotic comments underscores the reason you should never have given a platform (even in a joking way) to conspiracy theory idiots. Bad idea, guys. Do better.

  • You guys should check out the solar flare scene at the end of S02E01 in "For All Mankind". Lots of moon dust animations!

  • Can YOU guys fake the moon landing tho?

  • Looks like 85k people forgot to put on their tin foil hats

  • Joe biden green screen?

  • React to Nukes top 5 Ghost videos if they are fake or not😅😂

  • Conspiracy theorist be like - VFX artists are fakeeee....

  • Fact buzz aldrin was the second person to reach the moon but neil amstrong was first (we learned about it in school)

  • Fitting in the style of public conspiracy theories; Almost all of the areas of Bigfoot sightings in the US.. Are in the same spots as furry costumes stores in the US.

  • Can you guys make a fake mars landing

  • Chrisopher Nolan faked the moon landing, but wanted to do it for real for the sake of realism

  • Thanks for doing this.

  • How about Chris Cunningham’s music videos?

  • I wanna know who came up with this idea for a video. 😂

  • I thought you guys were joking when I saw the title

  • bruh where the f are the stars?

    • Right where they are supposed to be. They are also as visible on photos as they would be.

  • This channel got recommended to me after 8 years! I'm glad to be back at Corridor Digital.

  • This is amazing.

  • I would love to see the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film broken down in a video like this.

  • What the hell are these guys talking about you won't get sharp shadows with studio lighting? Maybe a bit tough for some kids who have only ever used kinoflows and LEDs that are already diffused to understand. But a traditional Tungsten or even small HMI will give you hard shadows. And these lights (HMI's) were available in 1968 forward. With that huge gaff of "I have no idea what I'm even talking about" I find it hard to believe these youtubers could even operate my light meter let alone declare what is or isn't possible in Cinematography. Also, depth of field isn't just set at some insurmountable setting. You can use all kinds of ways to increase depth of field on a miniature. The assumption that it needs to be a football field and that you would see lighting when the camera moved is also absurd. The camera and miniature and lighting could all be on a rig and could move wherever the hell you want it. I could draw a sketch easier than explaining it. But yeah, you guys are clueless when it comes to what is possible with rigging, lensing, lighting and ingenuity or the scale of massive sets.

    • @oiuet souiu why are you replying that to me?

    • I just realised, can you guys do a VFX of the Will Smith movie I Robot? I think it's a really good movie and would love to see the CGI analysed.

  • Thanks guys, always love watching experts explain situations.

  • Do it on the legit moon landing I'd like to see what you genuinely think of the original footage.

  • Now we just need a crazy ambitious billionaire to sink the money to build the right sets and models and film a one to one exact shot of the moon landing using the technology they had back in those days to prove that it could be faked.

  • VFX reacts to best UFO footage?

  • obviously nasa used blender

  • They should do a breakdown of those superpower conspiracy videos around in the dark corner of ISchats. "10 real life superpowers caught on camera" and all that

  • React to Small Soldiers scene where the gorgon is swimming in the aquarium

  • Just being in a room with these guys must make you feel a little smarter.

  • Moon Landing is a Perfect Fake 🙈🙈

  • Please react to "Dreamcatcher" made by Lawrence Kasdan.

    • You really must do the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot film!! Please!!

  • I want to see you react to bigfoot sightings

  • 0:59 "I love our hats."

  • There is a chinese/taiwan movie called Achoo on netflix with a scene starting around the 24:00. There’s a pretty crazy car crash scene followed by a fight that has some interesting cg moments. It doesn’t have a great meta-critic score, but i love the story and the message behind it.

  • The CGI on the moon of "First man" movie are amazing. Could you breakdown them ?

  • I just realised, can you guys do a VFX of the Will Smith movie I Robot? I think it's a really good movie and would love to see the CGI analysed.

  • Cc works for cia confirmed

  • So should I tell them that those hats are aluminum hats, not tin, as tin isn’t widely used as household foil anymore, and they’re completely useless against aliens/government/ lizard people interference or?

  • A breakdown of the alien autopsy would be cool!!

  • I also read that given the technology at the time, faking the moon landing would be more difficult than going to the moon. I'll never understand how any sane person can seriously think that Nasa faked the moon landing.

  • I love our hats.

  • Thanks guys

  • Do the Movie “Baby Geniuses” lol I loved this movie growing up but I just rewatch it and realized how cringe the CG is 😂

  • Honestly I know this was April Fools but I gotta say this was one of my favourite videos of yours. I love all of your videos but this one is especially cool to me

  • You really must do the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot film!! Please!!

  • I'd love to see more of this type of stuff, I put into perspective how hard vfx can actually be

  • You guys should diagnose the Phoenix lights in the 90’s

  • Happy Day to you too :)

  • I just realised that there aren’t any stars in space

    • @Space Pug Then we know your priorities.

    • @Kellogg's Flakes Well, I don’t care

    • @Space Pug Because of camera light sensitivity. You do realize the moon is so reflective you can see from the surface of the earth, imagine how bright is to stand there? It's day, just because there is no atmosphere on the moon doesn't mean you will see other stars on the sky, because the sun is way brighter.

    • @Scar if you look into the black space at certain points you don’t see a single star

    • What?

  • Can u guys do a VFX reaction on Hatsune miku

  • You should invite Captain Disillusion for this debunkerry series.

  • Please do Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 19 - Rui vs Tanjiro

  • Please review the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Beckett's Death Scene

  • I wish they would have analyzed the actual scientific evidence that exists regarding the moon landing videos that are faked, instead of arguing against the basic vague nonsense arguments that are made against the moon landing (such as "derrr, its in slow motion" and "derr, its a miniature")... those are arguments that only tinfoil-hat wearing individuals make. The SCIENTISTS that make arguments against the moon landing (and yes, there are many of them) do not argue against the idea that NASA has not sent equipment to the moon... they argue that the photos/videos are fake and that there are scientific impossibilities of humans traveling from earth to the moon. In this video they actually showed how a real light source vs. a fake light source would cause changes in the directions of the shadows, but they didn't even look at the official photos/videos of the shadows going in different directions. And I'm kinda surprised that they wouldn't think it would be possible for the videos/photos to be taken on Earth, whether indoors in a NASA constructed facility in an area of the US that the public does not have access to, or outdoors in certain areas that are very geographically similar to the moon. I'm also surprised that they mentioned how fake the background looks in the videos, yet did not actually analyze more than one video and shrugged it off as being real simply because of the lack of atmospheric distortions... there is soooo muuuuuch EVIDENCE showing that the backgrounds are fake, including that NASA had a limited number of backgrounds constructed so they had to reuse them in all photos/videos, which is why the background looks identical in almost all photos/videos, regardless of where they were standing. It is clear Corridor Crew cherry-picked videos that aligned with their bias. But then again this is not meant to be a scientific analysis of the moon landing... though I have always thought of Corridor Crew as being scientific with their analysis of special effects. So it is unfortunate that they weren't more scientific with this video.

    • 1 day of facebook "Scientist", yeah... sure buddy, whatever you tell yourself to make your community validated. "It doesn't count because I can't debunk it, it only counts when I can debunk it 😭"

  • Titanfall 1&2 live action trailers

  • Flat earth people left the chart....😂

  • I’d love to see a reaction to the VFX on Lovecraft Country

  • The shill crew, how much were you paid to do this video

  • Remember, it's just a bad day, not a bad life. Keep smiling everyone :)

    • And that if you can't handle the thought of a whole day, It's just a bad hour, or even minute. It WILL get better. I have to keep telling myself that.

  • You guys should fake your own moon landing

  • Bruh it’s April the 10th

  • Wren's, "Oh right!" makes me think the he thought that the astronauts just stayed on the moon.

  • 5:33 ....awesome subtle detail sam...subtle hehehehehe

  • You guys should react to the Netflix series Alice in Borderland it has some pretty dope effects but some ok.... cg animals

  • Search vacuum chamber

    • @Kellogg's Flakes yes nasa have 10 footballfield size of vacuum chamber moon and all nasa fake V V V

    • @Kellogg's Flakes yes

    • Vacuum chamber of the size of a football field? Not even nuclear submarines of the time could resist that.

  • Kubrick was just sandbagging a space odyssey to throw us off

    • @Kellogg's Flakes I thought it was obvious I was being facetious . But I guess it’s hard to tell these days lol

    • Keep moving the goalpost, don't let them score buddy, don't let them break your comfortable fantasy world.

  • “Legend of The Guardian: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” directed by Zack Snyder, 2010, day 101.