We Compete to Make the Most SATISFYING Simulations

Birt 15 jan 2021
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Sam, Clint, and Peter (along with a secret guest contestant) compete to create some seriously satisfying CG renders!
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  • Cool

  • Bruh, where's the next Satisfying Render Challenge, already almost half way through the year >_

  • i still wanna see petes finished render

  • wrender

  • Do it again >:)

  • The part where some of the stuff doesn't get vacuumed up is very unsatisfying.

  • Bro masks dont work if you have a beard, so just take it off

  • The problem with Sam's is it wasn't good physics on how objects get sucked up.

  • Everyone gangsta while they are wearing mask like gangsta

  • Need another idea for a satisfying animation?: ischats.info/fun/Y6iTpGSKoZSBpow/v-deo&ab_channel=Wintergatan at 1min 40sec Too bad that this is actually real. :p :D

  • If Clint's had the spheres hitting the singing bowls, making the sound it would have been so much more satisfying

  • What is the name of the program they use?

  • You guys should make Falcon & Winter Soldier R-Rated. I wanna see US Agent decapitate that flag smasher guy with the shield.

  • Wren is so cute!!!!!!

  • Wow, they have some GOOD Wi-Fi! Clint on video call at beginning was so clear and real-time.

  • Clint’s was really good but there was hardly any simulation and the way the sticks were floating not attached to anything took me out of it /: sam’s was super satisfying but it like reverse satisfied me how some particles were missed or just kinda disappeared. peter’s was extremely cool and an absolute trip, but wasnt super satisfying? Wren’s hit like all the marks for me id have chosen him as the winner 👍👍👍

  • Why u reuse thumbnail u lazy

  • Wren’s constantly on the literal edge. We need to give our guy a W. Or else he’ll just be Ren.

  • so satisfying!! :)

  • Fucking Awesome. I AM SATISFIED OVER N OVER

  • Moar please

  • Sam its time to shave the head. looks bad.

  • The 1.5 k dislikers Saaaaaawk diiiick

  • Peter's was not satisfying. IT WAS EPIC!

  • Loved the animations, but it’s wierd watching you guys talk with masks on.

  • 1:37 that's simulation? That's not video? THAT is impressive, and for something so simple.

  • You guys should not have done this to wren

  • Sorry, Clint, but yours just reads as detail salad to me. Visual noise. Great idea, but having all the things be differently placed and differently shaped and colored somehow, together doesn't work. Also having the stick thingies not angled the same way. 5/10.

  • Nah, you were being anti-intellectual here. Peter was the best one. It's objective LOL.

  • i liked the peters render most

  • "Are you satisfied, now?" Archibald to Ice Dragon Aighe Luv'sekks

  • React to scooby doo live action movies please

  • Me from now on wanting to get of any awkward situation: I gotta... check my oil.

  • What’s the robot anime from?

  • Make a vid you tell us how many human can live on the sun

  • I would love to see Niko make a satisfying loop. I feel like he would be really good at it.

  • WHAT Wren's was the best it was so good

  • dammit wren has always been my favorite and they boned him

  • I feel like flaccid bodies are the opposite of the hardest simulation


  • Longer version of a satisfying video:

  • Its so nice to see how far blender has come. I worked with it for 10 years till now, and now basically everyone uses it now

  • Good content

  • Clint won, sam didnt clear everything

  • Render challenge: awesome super hero landing! 😂✌️

  • @Corridor Crew Do more Simulations, please.

  • If u deduct point because Clints plow clipped through the rock last time then at 14:59 Some balls just merge into the ground.

  • Clint did something zen for both challenges lol

  • I'd love to see one of these with an unlimited time budget... could create some amazing shit.

  • Wren's was nasty

  • yes

  • "I was gonna buy one regardless!" Hahaha, oh poor Sam. So naive. One does not simply BUY a graphics card when one so desires!

  • *softly* "I like oil..."

  • It's seems about time for another wrender challenge

  • Please react to Monster Hunter starring Milla Jovovich and Tony Ja. This movie has insane monster on human action

  • Do more

  • Niko is normally on it but he was so far off on this one. Clint wins this 100% of the time.

  • 16:55 Optix denoise is trying its fucking hardest to clean up the background

  • I’m surprised nobody did the pulling plastic off of a new screen/piece of glass

  • I really wish I could've won a 3090, these guys deserve it though, the animations were so SATISFYING

  • I thought the forest was pretty sick!

  • Wren is an emotion❤️

  • Nfta

  • I want a full version of the plant song.

  • Niko looks like Giorno Giovanna on the thumbnail

  • what software was this made on?

  • 5:30 I believe this is not a good idea because you have to work with images here. sound is fine when you are really laying there. but the sound will come from the speakers only. satisfaction from the animation comes from the visuals. thats it.

  • simulate a dirty patio get pressure washed its so staisfying

  • Goop loop

  • Anyone know the piano lofi song around 0:24

  • Where is peter's render?

  • 4 grown men satisfying each other: the video

  • Wren was jibbed! And we all know it.

  • Hi there! i have a question, in tobey maguire's spiderman movie, there is a scene where they show peter slim how did they do it why he looks better than even Steve Rogers in Captain America

  • You should compete to make the most UNsatisfying simulations...

  • what happened to office

  • Let's see a vid where they create a 3d animation or simulation using only free software

  • The most satysfiyng thing im this video is a minecraft soundtrack in the end

  • 16:57 the video is 2040p Me watching in 480p : ooooooh

  • 19:20 the sound of the marbles was insanely clean and super satisfying.

  • 15:34 i felt the same way and then i realized thats the entire point because it gets left behind and leaves you feeling uneasy it works with the transition of material to full clean up.

  • dude you used the same facial expressions in the thumbnails

  • Clint was robbed!!!

  • Next ep? facebook.com/GIGadgets.Fans/videos/224642369445839/

  • I LOVE YOU GUYS keep your hard work guys

  • Bio class is boring

  • I still don't know what was simulated in Clint's render, just curious, my guy forgot the rules two times in a row.

    • @RandorMan I don't think he used a rigid body sim to make the balls move, I could be wrong

    • @RandorMan he streamed himself making it. If i remember correctly they were just fixed to a path and animated.

    • He used a physic simulation for the steel balls rolling down the channels. Although he definitely could have had a more noticeable simulation like the other ones had.

    • Ikr?😂

  • I think Clint should have been the winner , cause Sam's render had some flaws which went overlooked 2 or 3 times...

  • Peter should have used Eevee instead of cycles


  • Wrens was by far the best one, gave me chills, Sams was like, niiice, Pete boys was trippin balls, and Clints was relaxing but not satisfying.. Wren the wrendelicious best!

  • Perfect Breakfast wins again from the past

  • Dunno why, but the filter on the video makes me think my screen is dirty

  • 1st one was most satisfying among all

  • More of this please

  • The music in Peter’s render was super satisfying to me, it was dope!

  • These were so good this time!

  • I'm craving for more

  • peters render for me reminds of adult swim's off the air show and satisfied me the most because its immersive