New Mercedes EQS REVIEW & tested 0-60mph - is it as quick as a Tesla?

Birt 15 apr 2021
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This is the all-new Mercedes EQS!
It’s Mercedes’ answer to the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan, and we think it might be one of the best-looking EVs we’ll see all year!
For starters, it more than looks the part… But then again, would you expect anything else from what's effectively an all-electric S-Class? What’s more, the performance stats are more than good enough. Powered by dual-electric motors, the EQS can deliver 523hp & 835Nm of torque! Not only that, but with an 108kWh battery pack hidden under the surface, it can also apparently provide you with 478 miles of range.
Ok so it may be a bit down compared to the Model S Plaid+, but let's face it, most electric cars will be! However, we think there’s one area where the EQS has the Tesla beat… The interior! Not only will you find high-quality materials throughout the cabin, up-front the dashboard is dominated by the Mercedes Hyperscreen, with a HUGE 18-inch touchscreen down the middle which is flanked by two 12-inch displays!
Surely the Hyperscreen is enough to convert you to an EV fanboy, right?! There's only one way to find out... Join Mat for this all-new review!
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  • Hi Mat here. Come on tell me... Are you a Mercedes fan or a Tesla fan? Pick a side!

  • Neah! I chose Nio ET7 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nice vegan car

  • Noise test on the M6. Comfort test if possible.

  • I can't understand him with the mask on. It's difficult enough with it off.

  • Not a good design. And these unibrow taillights are already getting outdated. If every brand is going to make them it's not a cool feature.

  • If I had that kind of money, I would hope to have more sense than to buy future auto junk-that will max-out on depreciation.

  • I think you mean't to say like the Tesla Model S instead of like the S class

  • This IS MB’s LUDICROUS MODE... Tesla will have a very hard time keeping ahead of the pack...

  • Range test!

  • It looks expensive to repair

  • Mask Dacia

  • 10 hours to fill your "tank" to go no further than 480 miles. Ridiculous! It's time for hydrogen.

  • Does this have autopilot

  • I think the Germans are actually starting to lose the plot.

  • Milk floats have come a long way since I was a kid. I can't even hear the bottles rattling on this one.

  • Take notes tesla

  • All cool ... but ... the price.

  • Please do a night drive to show us the ambient lights

  • drag race between tesla

  • better than a Tesla

    • As they say : ''Real beauty is inside''

  • Gay

  • eqs: bye bye tesla

  • This is Alan Partridge as a car salesman.. I'd buy off him...

  • Car companies please stop making concept cars. It’s not a good strategy to over promise and under deliver. This is a mucking fugly car compared to the concept. I’m so let down and hurt inside that I now will do everything in my power to NOT buy a Mercedes for my next car.

  • Nice shoutout to Dacia 😂😂

  • Mercedes EQB review?Agree?

  • Didn't hear jack😑

  • How can a car look so good from behind and side view, but so shite from the front? It looks like a conservative version of a Honda Civic. Bad show EQ.

  • I think you need to pass this on to someone who doesn’t have any dislike of electric cars. Just slip back into your nice comfortable ice and let the tech boys take over, there’s a nice Grandpa.

  • do a range test

  • Hideous looking car

  • Hate the trend of touch buttons. Try adjusting the heater when driving , it sucks.

  • What's the price again ?

  • Miles/ kWh- What is the number for EQS. Only metric that matters .Everything else is B.S

  • As they say : ''Real beauty is inside''

  • wow dude that was one terrible video only because of boaring & not funny jokes

  • best thing of it is the screen, the ice version of the s-class has a screen that looks like a tablet computer that was simply slapped on the dashboard, to unharmonic to the eye and not what a s-class would supposed to be. the screen of the eqs is integrated into the instrument board, looks so much better, more harmonic, the curves between the doors and the dashboard looks fine too. the driver has to turn his back to reach the seatbelt, there mercedes from like 30 years ago had an electric motor that pushed the seatbelts a bit forth for the driver to easily grab the seatbelt, without having to turn over. i think an s-class shouldnt get less luxurious with time, that belt feature should be added back to the package. how does the eqs compare to the Tesla Model S Plaid + ? so far I've seen, i like the Model S Plaid + better.

  • Such a boringly ugly car.

  • wunderbar !

  • Stickshifts and safetybelts, Bucket seats have all got to go. When we're driving in the car, It makes my baby seem so far. I need you here with me, Not way over in a bucket seat. I need you to be here with me, Not way over in a bucket seat. But when we're driving in my Malibu, It's easy to get right next to you. I say, "Baby, scoot over, please." And then she's right there next to me. I need you here with me, Not way over in a bucket seat. I need you to be here with me, Not way over in a bucket seat. Well a lot of good cars are Japanese. But when we're driving far, I need my baby, I need my baby next to me. Well, stickshifts and safetybelts, Bucket seats have all got to go. When we're driving in the car, It makes my baby seem so far. I need you here with me, Not way over in a bucket seat. I need you to be here with me, Not way over in a bucket seat.

    • Electric car companies, need to learn from their ancestors, they need to have standard chargers for all-electric cars.

  • What? It DOESN'T wipe my ass for me?!?! Hard pass then....

  • Price difference between EQS and Tesla?

  • Best time for Limousine 4 seconds for 60 miles

  • Tesla has auto pilot 😈💪..Elon musk is a genius 👏

  • It‘s rivaling the Tesla Model S from 2012, and I have to admit, it‘s coming close.

  • Wtf is that blue shit on your face?

  • Its such a nice car but the ui looks really old they should really look mutch more modern

  • x < Tesla

  • This car is so awesome

  • Electricity statics/radiation to the max for everyone in the car. Let's go and enjoy GREEN.

  • I'm genuinely impressed with the interiors and the drag coefficient, absolutely love those wood trims mixed with technological features like the screens and leds. However the exteriors leave me kind of "meh", I wish they retained that luxury throwback design they've been using on the S-classes of the last decade, with the iconic hood adornment and chrome grill. I just hate that every car manufacturer making an EV has to exaggerate with the futuristic look, can't we just have a model S with Mercedes interiors?

  • The model 3 will do just as much or probably more for 1/3rd the price

  • Stupid ugly car..with 3 huge screens in the name of tech..nowhere close to a TESLA

  • ❤️🔥

  • Ja te ni u štalu ne bih pustio a kamo li u ovakav auto.

  • Electric car companies, need to learn from their ancestors, they need to have standard chargers for all-electric cars.

  • Flushed the Vid because of silly maskwearing. 8-( Thumb down too.

  • The door feature is very „inspired“ by the Tesla Model X hahah

  • Without that horrific pointless face diaper your voice would be much more clear. Very unpleasant.

  • Neah! I chose Nio ET7 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Price ? (Pounds or Euros), real autonomy in real life usage?? Everyone try to beat Tesla on range distance but all fake in real...

  • Driving from the back seat... very impressive Mercedes

    • as well then go all the way to and have the S badge of pride.

  • At the end of the video the Mercedes EQS looks giant!

  • Model S rival? Oh puuuulease. Tesla is garbage compared to most midrange cars never mind luxury.

    • Garbage in luxury, but better as a car.

  • Looks ugly

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  • Range test with lights, air con and music on pls. If you get 200 miles I'll change my name to Billy Bulbhead

  • Looks like a 2012 civic 😛

  • If it just wasn't that god damn ugly

  • Drag coefficient doesn't have a unit, it's just a number. Not 0.2 C_D, just 0.2.

  • Totally desirable for most people, totally unaffordable for most people - Oh well...what did I expect.

  • A model S rival ? i love teslas but this is way ahead of everything else .

  • Was so excited for the concept - how the hell did it end up being this kind of rounded, boring family bus from the outside? Better than their stinkers, sure but why not make it look good?

  • Very nice

  • He's never like mercedes anyway

  • Do a comparison with the S class maybe? I think this is now officially in that price range and lets be honest, if you are buying one of these, you are doing it for the comfort. Might as well then go all the way to and have the S badge of pride.

  • Range test would be good, but might take a while 😂

  • Please dont put that water on charging place 😂

  • Nobody opens the hood. Why?

  • So.... after almost a decade of delay, they finally catch up, now they see they can make a buck with electric cars. Shame on all "big" manufactures, who don't have the balls Tesla has. Big in size, small at heart. Still happy with this development though. The less VW diesels in city environment the better. But for sure there will be another scam with these ill "wir werden die groesste sein!" companies.

  • Tesla is Still Better.

  • It looks like an oversized corolla

  • When the mercedes logo occupies whole of your car .

  • I'm sorry, but the mask made me unsubscribe

    • I heard from a global pandemic. Maybe this is the reason why he wears a mask

    • Did you get your wittle feelings hurt you baby?

  • Not even close... TESLA!!!!

  • Actually you only have to look into the direction of the mirror you want to move, so it is not necessary to choose it by a lever or button. Just look and move - that's awesome!


  • With this new EQS look like Merc is losing Identity and a class of it caliber interior yes but exterior is like all normal cheap cars. Audi maintain their Identity even made it even better on EQVs.

  • I will feel cheated because there's no soul in this car.

  • Where is the Vision EQS concept car ?? #ugly #disapointed

  • You put covid all over that recharge port 🤣

  • I used to have a car like this at uni in the late 80s. Yes. My Opel Manta GT Hatch back also had frameless windows. It did. And it was electric. You needed to hot wire it to start. And a Rick James cassette was stuck in the player for 2 years, which boost the overall electricity. A real Super Freak. All true.

  • Group test with drag included

  • Servicing this car.. 😮😦

  • what is it like to run EQS and advertise at Dacia, I really subscribed :)

  • All good but I don’t like sound of someone talking through the mask...

  • The hood is made so big and comfortable just in case if Americans decide to sell their houses and live in their cars.

  • From front it looks like honda city

  • For sure it's going to be the world's best car

  • Love the car but please stop with the mask programming. It's demeaning to the car and your channel. Thx.