Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 24 Hours! (Rainbow Food Challenge)

Birt 31 jan 2021
After Chad Wild Clay made "Ways to SNEAK into an ABANDONED MOVIE THEATER for 24 HOURS of Funny Situations with Spy NInjas", Vy Qwaint created "WEIRD CREATURE DELIVERING PACKAGES at 3AM CAUGHT ON CAMERA! UNBELIEVABLE!", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "EXTREME HIDE and SEEK at 3AM - I Challenged SPY NINJAS to the Ultimate Game", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "MY FIRST GAMING VIDEO! Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator But Loser Must Dance Like a Bee with Honey Shoes", Spy Ninjas take on an epic challenge of eating ONE COLOR for 24 HOURS! The Winner gets to brag for another week, while the losers have to paint their faces! Who will survive? Who will last the longest? Can Chad survive on RED food alone? Can Daniel win by eating only BLUE items? Does Vy have it the hardest with PINK?! Is YELLOW the easiest color for Regina? Or does Melvin get crowned the champion of GREEN? Next, the Spy Ninjas play the Cheap vs Expensive food challenge and it gets gross! The Spy Ninjas combine each of their colors to make the most epic gross drink on the planet! After the challenges, the Spy Ninjas receive a very scary present at their doorstep. What's inside was a hidden message. Can they decode it? Is it from that mysterious dog? Comment Below on what games would you like to see Spy Ninjas play next! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Hey Spy Ninjas! What color of food would you want to eat for 24 hours?

    • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🧟‍♂️

    • @PZ2 I am going to go get some food for you

    • BLUE 1811992929291919283746463635%%%/%

    • I thinc It Is ok

    • Hi queen vy

  • Right

  • Badbdrn

  • Yay h

  • I would do brown

  • Oh and Daniel actually cheated when eating the blue berries Becuase blue berries arnt crust blue inside soo yh!!!😂

  • It’s not fer because Dan got 2

  • I love you guys ilysm

  • my tummy hurts i have diareah

  • L

  • Juicy lime? 15:10 Do you mean lemon 🍋.

  • when melvin was choking i got so scared then i choked on my saliva and i thought i was being melvin for a second then i stopped choking after a minute and i hugged air

  • Why Daniel always have to be gross

  • 😭😦

  • It’s alie

  • I like your. I like your comments

  • This is the time that all the spy ninjas😔

  • I laughed when Daniel said sorry boss to Chad

  • How do you save myself in a joke because all I need to do is get it back up into my mouth which as you know when you swallow but the swallow up that you save yourself know when you’re swallowing something like it’s like your spelling split up into your mouth and the food officially comes up I need to put it

  • Well that's very nice

  • I am Australian so you made fun of me

  • 2

  • -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- I have braces do u? What colour? What colour should I get when I get em tightened

  • How did you forget it they’re above the data bases I just told you

  • Tbh I think Joseph banks is melvin

  • What the mayo what the heay

  • I'm missing something

  • Pink

  • I love my uch

  • Yesssssssssssssss

  • Non act 😡😤😠👿😈😈👿

  • Ergtnmtvsd😡

  • melvin said he dint worry then guss what he did he quiet lol

  • Hahahahahahah😂😂😂

  • They is so much pink food

  • Left

  • Blue

  • If he was choking he well turn purple not red well I guess a little red

  • I am so hungry

  • Code 39463294. Only 10% of people can get this code just like me

  • vy your so beautiful, love you spy ninjas

  • I'm new

  • Ok

  • 💩🤮🤢💩🤮🤢🤮🤢💩🤮🤢💩🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮💩🤮🤢🤮💩


  • 🦇🐣🦄🦇🕷🦐🕷🦑🦐🕷🦎🦧🌹⚡️🍉🍉🍇🥨🧇🍔🍟🍕🍟🌮🧆🥫🎤🎹🎳🪕🎰🎼🎰🎲♟🧠💈🍼🤑🦠🧑🏼‍🎤💋👮🏼‍♀️💀🦾🧓🏽🦿😎👣🦹🏽

  • Noooooooooooooooooo vy

  • Voice

  • Eufmiea😍😍😍😭😂🐖🐕🐇🐎🐎🐃🐐🐓🐩🐈🐆🐪🐫🐖🐁🐂🐲🐡🐐🐠🐀🐃🐅🐇🐇🐉🐖🐕🐊🐫🐶🐺🐱🐭🐹🐰🐸🐗🐧🐢🐍🐼🐮🐽🐷🐻🐨🐯🐵🐒🐴🐑🐘🐼🐢🐢🐍🐔🐣🐥🐤🐦🐥🎅📷💻👻🏡

  • This is fuuny spy ninjas

  • Pick the right one.

  • And pz9 aka melvin because salad

  • I would eat Daniel's plate because I like Gatorade

  • D

  • Pink

  • Its a cupcake not muffin

  • Strawberry milk

  • Is it 3:00 pm

  • Meven is so funny

  • I'm eating dretos blue dretos

  • Can you guys give me your guys address cause I'm sending a card to you

  • He’s manager is great you I song hacker

  • Blue

  • Done

  • as soon as chad said dont choke like melvin i started choking

  • Bruh vy didn't even paint them

  • It's funny

  • Red

  • Be happy 😸

  • Hi spy ninjas ♥️❤️💛💖💕💞💛🧡💗💝💓💜💙💚🥰

    • WOW Vy 💞💗💝💕💖💓💘🌸🌷🌺

  • When Melvin said melborn Australia he sounded like Joseph Banks

  • Melvin veggies are the most greenest fruits Me ummmmmm don’t you mean vegetables

  • It’s hours radish

  • Lol

  • 0oijjiimjmjmjn

  • Gug

  • I really love you be quiet

  • Danny boy is funny not gross somtimes he is

  • u guys have the same blender as ours 9:05

  • Because the surger cookies and cupcakes and Chad's plate because Doritos I like Doritos that's my favorite chips in history and Regina's play because french fries I like french fries that's my best kids meal of it and we are the spy ninjas I like your videos I subscribe and like and the bell

  • I would eat vy's plate

  • Vy is going to win

  • On 12:34 u can see that by is drinking water

  • 18:48 Vy and Melvin 😂😂

  • 3 12345678910

  • Daniel that was funny 😆

  • Red

  • Rainbow

  • I’m in the hospital

  • Song is that

  • When chad got out I was like wait but daniel was out

  • At 2:07 in the video I was like 😐😐😐 that is not spicy I had that 6456843 times

  • You didnt paint them pink vy

  • Vy is like u guys this is gross hahahah

  • One time I bite lemons

  • The sweet colours

  • I liked subscribed and hit the Notification bell 🛎

  • Melvin Melvin Melvin.

  • Yooo wussup

  • vy what are you going to eat thats not that much pink foods