British singer FKA twigs alleges abuse by Shia LaBeouf in first TV interview since filing lawsuit

Birt 18 feb 2021
Singer-songwriter FKA twigs sits down with Gayle King to discuss her allegations of emotional, verbal and sexual abuse against actor and former boyfriend Shia LaBeouf for the first time since filing a lawsuit against him in December.
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  • what, i think you are suppose to break up not sue in a court. if he picked her up and strangled her she needs to call police.

  • Sad but a lot of times people don’t like getting involved in domestic disputes because a lot of the time if you try to help two things can happen one being the aggressor turning their anger on you for getting involved and two the victim turning on you for getting involved and defending the aggressor!! I’ve seen it happen far too many times!!

  • Is it me orrrr....

  • "It's because it was that bad that I couldn't leave." I think that's the part of the response that sticks out most. That's the answer to that question. The reason they don't leave for it being so bad is because it's so bad that they can't leave. It's not that they don't or won't. It's that they can't. Or else, they would. Most people don't put up with that type of abuse. I think in some instances, curiosity brings the question, but after so long, even that question becomes abusive, by blaming the victim, and that's where her response came in.

  • This is soo disgusting.

  • Free Shia! He's A VICTIM

  • LOVE BOMBING is why victims don't leave.

  • I believe every word she said. Rihanna used to "talk" to him and she stopped cause she said he was weird and he made her feel uncomfortable.

  • Pure kitten 😢

  • no surprises. He seems vile.

  • As much as this is a "blow" to people who grew up with Shia Labeouf, I'm really glad that women in this day and age have room to speak about their abuse. From stars like Judy Garland, Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe, Frances Farmer, Bette Midler and soooo many more (countless Im sure) abuse seems in retrospect as part of their daily life that they were requires to manage in silence. Of course this type of abuse works at every level of our society and evenin our daily lives too - however, Breaking this paradigm only works if people KEEP TALKING about what's happening. This way we can really understand abuse, protect and advocate for ourselves in the face of it, and hey - even prevent new abusers or help heal them so they can be healthy and happy too.

  • I feel bad for both of them. I think what she said at the end about why aren't people asking why to the abuser that can be taken on so many different levels as a child of abuse I've often and now later in my life pondered all of the things that my parents who didn't or weren't born abusers went through to make them become that way. They were raised by abusers then grew up to abuse me. Shia needs so much help just as much as Twigs needed. It's heartbreaking.

  • the worst thing is these ladies don't listen to warnings and won't leave these terrible abusive guys. they'll even defend him. they'll only leave when they're ready to, usually after he's dumped them for someone else.


  • Thank you for speaking out about what happened to you.

  • So, she filed a lawsuit after he wouldn’t donate to the charity if her choice? I find this to be a incongruent request to the solution in healing their domestic violence issues. Furthermore, let it be known that I am victim of domestic violence too, and it never crossed my mind to make a requirement of my husband that he donate to the support hotline I called. She made an ultimatum to him to cough up some money or I will prosecute? Is this extortion?

  • Ik him thats the guy who saved the world only 3 times with his camaro hes not like this

  • Bla bla bla another gold digger

  • Ladies, being abused has got to become an even bigger turn off than a man's physical appearance, sense of humor, height, income etc. if you are to keep your mental and physical well being intact. Dudes are losing their effing minds these days to having to share privileged space with others they didn't have to not so long ago. We have seen you as accessories to our lives and goals, not as comrades and team players. I have experienced the toll of my own ignorance toward women in this regard.

  • That love bombing.. My last relationship was the same way. Just to knock you down. And making you always feel like you're not doing enough.

  • Some men are very romantic and not abusive though. Just saying the flower thing and love bombing isn't necessarily a sign someone is abusive

  • TO ANY NAYSAYERS OUT THERE... Please read The Rolling Stone article ( or research other legitimate publications.). It contains the names and facts of cases of two other women- Karolyn Pho and Sia (the musician) who have accused Shia of both mental and physical abuse. It contains info about his arrest for battery (physical attack) against a man over attempting to steal the guys hat. There have to be witnesses for police to make such an arrest. Also public- additional arrests for disturbing the peace and obstruction in his arrest. It contains Shias public statement that he has “been abusive toward himself and others for years,” due to his addiction and a statement of apology for “aggressive actions” and “harming others.” Too much evidence to discount. I don’t see how anyone could have a reasonable doubt that he abused this girl, and that her statements are true.

  • Her lawsuit sounds so frivolous. Every guy tells their woman they love her and when it’s over we walk away and talk crap because we’re hurt.

  • He sounds like a POS

  • Gtfoh

  • I am so over these narcissists 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Her song 'Papi Pacify' tells it. Well.

  • Just because they are having relations or even married to you, does not mean they like you or your people.

  • Well done to her for leaving the relationship, there are men out there who need to understand that women are not their personal property.

  • Hollyweird hoppers ...

  • They never speak up when everything is going well, but when they break up and the money and trips end, then its time to sue. Oh boy...

  • He denies every allegation.. Of course he does! LOL. So sad

  • That's crazyyyy that those 3 men didn't even say nothin', or try to help in ANY way! Whaaaaat???

  • I feel so bad for her. My heart broke when she cried. She’s so strong

  • She is educating so many young women, what a phenomenal person

  • Whenever I have ever seen a woman getting hurt by a man , I have always said somthing ....unacceptable!!

  • I believe only a sixth of what she says if u knew what I knew she is prone to be delusional

  • She is so brave 💗

  • Not 1, not 2, but 3 men watched as she was strangled and did nothing. They weren't men at all, and neither is the "man" who did this to her. She will help so many women from her testimony alone, and that's a good thing.

  • Crap! I’m glad she is speaking up 👏

  • This broad is out of her mind what a joke with this interview

  • I've loved this beautiful woman's music for years... Seeing her cry broke my heart. She didn't deserve any of that. I love her.

  • When do they mention the part where the therapists from both parties gave analyses? That's the only discussion I'm interested in- what the professionals have to say in their assessment.

  • Aw she is sweet

  • “The light in my chest” just take your shirt off and use that mouth (and I don’t mean talking)

  • Isn’t she dating Matty Healy from The 1975 now? (So, another unstable narcissist if you know anything about him....). Hope he is getting therapy too

  • Everybody knew he was crazy not right in the head but instead she ends up dating the Psycho, and she saw red flags, so she sitting there so the media feeds into it, she just getting attention, but the way she doing it just attention.

  • I have seen a thousand fake accusations and fake apology videos and I 100 percent believe her. Her almost monotone way of speaking about it belies her trauma, and the fact that she tried to hide her tears and force herself to stop crying. That's how you know it's legit. People who lie about abuse make a point to show their tears and they are totally over the top dramatic about it, people who have actually been abused tend to be more reserved and ashamed and don't even want to admit to themselves or others that they were in fact abused. I believe her.

  • Hollyweird strikes again.

  • He for years has said who he is, when they tell you who they are believe them! And stay away....

  • I believe her struggles more than Amber Heard. 💔 Stay strong Twigs

  • She was so brave to do this! She deserves justice and every blessing there is. Poor thing ❤️

  • He’s a full blown narcissist. It’s such and awakening experience when you recognize you are in an emotionally abusive relationship and LEAVE!

  • Is this is true he needs to pay for what he did.

  • Um she a broke nobody who is lying to get money

  • Shame on those men at the gas station

  • Very disturbing

  • Twigs you stood in your POWER 💯Blessings to you dear sister 🙏❤

  • He gets away with it because he's white the media is not going to blow him up

  • We all know he is a hot mess woman no not to date him.l or some don’t I guess.,.,..

  • people in america sue other people so stupidly..... just to get attention and fame... you sue someone just because he treated you badly?? and u still stayed with him right....1 year... and you sue?? hahahahaahaa good on you

  • Punk @$$ men just watched. smh

  • Wow I understand...

  • She’s so brave to come forward like THIS

  • Why do child stars end up with a lot of disfunctions as they get older, well its because of Hollywood and all the evil that takes place there. I bet Shia was once asking for help too praying for the evil to be revealed.

  • Civil suit $$$$$$$$$$$ come on y’all wtf $$$$$$ what she want

  • Where’s the police report? I see no accountability on her part in the relationship. Until both sides are aired I’ll just stay in the middle.

  • I would not be mad if Twigs was angry and bitter. It’s her right to feel however she wants. PERIOD

  • When you say it’s okay .. no it’s not . And that hurts more.

  • I believe what she said and I admire how she’s handling this and how she didn’t let it break who she is. I also admire what she said before the interview ended. How she wouldn’t answer the original question and instead changed it, making a more powerful question.

  • That’s crazy

  • "they did nothing. They just watched us." Dude, we're failing as a society. This sweet girl didn't deserve that. No one does. Male or female.

    • the reality is she probably had friends and family warning her about him, but she was in love and refused to leave him.

  • fytwigs is feeing high

  • whyat that mouth do twigz???? :)

  • why am i getting the feeIing she gives MAD DOME!!!!

  • Wat about Tara Reed??????!!!!!!

  • If a stranger beat you up, you would sue. The fact you know the guy that beat you up doesn’t make any difference.

  • No woman deserves to be abused, then scorned for being angry or public about it. Abusers, we’re not hiding your dirty secret any more. We are exposing you.

  • Must see 👀

  • Men we gotta step up when seeing a woman being abused. 💯💜

  • Great. Now flowers and poetry are signs of a lack of respect.

  • I feel nothing for the special zero compassion no pain no sadness and it’s not her fault yeah. If I make Sexual advances to them I get no way so when I hear somebody is suffering from their relationship I’m filled with “yes that’s good for you if a guy like me said something to you, you wouldn’t have open up he should have killed you”

  • it's's alright Twigs

  • Red flags from the beginning and still she proceeded to date him? Wtf

  • A new social BS the question is still exactly y did u stay that reverse stuff is BS

  • The hoc oboe curiously sigh because thread usually book since a outrageous caution. panicky, actually dresser

  • I do believe there are abhorrent abuses against woman. But she said he abused her by leaving flowers and needing attention. And he fell and pushed her? He left her flowers and now it was testing boundaries? In the end giving her money will fix it. In Hollywood money fixes everything. Labuff definitely has some issues but I think creating abuses in every citation Victimizes woman who are abused all over again. Even when he apologizes she calls that abuse! Again the media helps push a story that they did not witness and only got one side. Well I will continue to leave a women flowers if I want and it won’t be to test her boundaries. It will be to bring her a smile and let her know someone thinks she is special!

  • I believe her.

  • Shia sounds like my ex GF.

  • 😳😳😳

  • If she KNEW and SAW the red flags in the *BEGINNING*..that was just said on this interview..she saw the red flags. SHE HAS RESPONSIBILITY to get out.

  • soooooooo....she liked him jumping over her fence leaving stuff it was romantic as she stated, but someone told her it was breaking boundaries now SHE DONT LIKE IT for sake of suing him to get some money bcz that good ole music career aint going too well LMAOOOOOOO

  • The men at the gas station were absolute cowards!!

  • I’m happy she had the courage to leave her white abuser..Good for her and God bless her.

  • Gales makeup is beautiful

  • He always looked like he was ready to beat on somebody i mean look at his demeanor and eyes in those pics


  • Kiss quota? mayyybe 20 🤔

  • Bipolar is no joke, it’s NOT just women that go through this. My ex gf was just like she explained on they get really out of control when they know you want out. Especially when they don’t take their meds....But I do believe it seems like she’s reaching for $omething. Just saying

  • But didn't Shia do the same thing to Sia? The singer? Not so much the abuse physically, but mentally when he Romanced Sia.. I read a tweet by Sia saying something to the lines ..