W2S spent £3400 on FIFA packs and this happened... (INSANE LUCK)

Birt 3 apr 2021
W2S spent £3400 on FIFA 21 packs and this happened...
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My Twitter: wroetoshaw
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Big Wild - Invincible
80Fitz - Irrelevant
Clozee - Koto
Egzod & Imagin8 - Focus
PG - Im A Playa
Raven & Kreyn - Bubble
Welan Edvee - Dyclan Song
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  • Hi

  • Why don't you post A lot now days HARRY

  • stop swearing please i am not aloud to watch him

  • I got Sane fut birthday Ana maradona 98

  • Insane luck?? Wasn’t that great

  • I got auba if to think he was crap for me went to sbc heaven

  • Insane luck, bro you spent £3400

  • Got to say I just got that hoodie the day this came out

  • insane luck when spending 3400 on this game.. hahaha... luck.. this is so bad

  • How do you know already off the animation if its a walk out, and also when inside the tunnel, you know if its an IF, anc Icon etc!? How? Thanks

  • 0:00 Are your leg injured

  • Sit down, have a rest 🙂

  • The goat

  • Harry what happened to your leg!!! Love from 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • “Please use HelpW2S in the fortnite store”

  • The deserted hubcap angiographically admire because prison structurally blot without a hungry deposit. proud, merciful twilight

  • Where did you buy the hoodie??

  • Harry: ** opening FIFA 21 packs** Also Harry: Game listed as FIFA 20 in description

  • Can I get a heart ❤??

  • Hi harry

  • Hdf

  • I like the part 2:15 I like paulinho

  • Pls use help W2S in the fortnite store

  • I binge ur vids for like 17 hrs a day

  • Me: 100k team :(

  • F

  • how do u know players if the team dint show yet

  • Insane luck whilst spending 3400 pounds

  • Since you dont play fifa can you open those packs on my account lmao

  • FIFA 21 is trash it should be cheaper when I got fifa 21 I still had to pay I wish EA didn’t have the game fifa 10 Is way much better than fifa 21

  • i swear EA juices this guys account..

  • Harry mate I care about you’re drunk but what happened to your leg

  • Love from Bangladesh

  • 1:50 no one gonna talk about his leg

  • 2:32 ibra and rakitic in the same pack. Manny wouldn't be happy

  • im dissapointed you get a belgian walkout nd hope its hazard:( not de bruyne

  • What kit is that

  • On souchek he said great pace (77 pace)🤣

  • When he packs aubaeyang and doesn’t play the music 🥲

  • "Insane luck" spends £3000 on packs 😐

  • I see that Easter egg Harry

  • IDE say haaland is coming to leeds

  • 1:51 what the fuck happened to ur shins

  • If you're here watching Harry and feeling inspired then keep going grinding away! We are all in the same boat here looking for ways to help all our channels. keep up the good work and Never Give Up!

  • What is the song when he packs essien?

  • Jari Litmanen is a legend

  • Harry clips channel dying pls helpppppppp😞

  • Trap phones lol

  • I saw a 92 rated klose on the transfermarket for 37k coins and unfortunately didnt even have that much 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 that would have been the snipe of the century


  • 10:56 the fans mugged harry right off

  • W2s is still here siiiiii

  • Hey lad when is the journey episode 2 coming out

  • everyone knows u have better drop XD

  • New series idea: start new fifa 21 account and only spend 1000$ - then try get div 1

  • “Oh Christ on a Bike” - Harry 2021

  • Oh Christ on a bike- Harry 2021

  • Harry: I don’t know who’s in the team today. Me: look at the screen, 🙂😐😐😂

  • 6:38 he didn't do the AUBAMEYANG dance.... 😭

  • i got emre can in a 75+ pack..

  • Original music

  • 7:06 Souček 🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿 je tu někdo z Česka??

  • 😪🤕😴🤑

  • Tomáš Souček 🇨🇿⚽

  • He told he will also do reddit videos

  • 1mill views in 3 days😍

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  • Is it really insane luck if he spent that much money?

  • Harry ya bastard i saw u and gib at stratford and u just ignored us😭😭😭😭😭

  • He’s not lucky he just spent 3,400 pounds

  • @officalbamm, pls follow the instagram

  • Why do you make videos in W2SPLAYS and not in W2S

  • Trap phones🤣

  • Love the vids Harry

  • I love how harry said he has trap phones witch are phones used for illegal activities

  • Gunter bluDy

  • O host boy

  • Blue the

  • Pls shot me out

  • Pls hsiwt em out

  • Harry2trappy

  • ischats.info/fun/nbmadH1_hJyBhIg/v-deo

  • I miss when he screamed a lot

  • when will you start uploading on your main channel again

  • £3400 - INSANE LUCK, indeed :')

  • Try to beat a better fifa 20 draft start with 99tots ronaldo, 99 Pele, 90 fut birthday Havertz and Road to the finale 95 Goretzka cause I just got that start. And if you do I'll tell Alfei. REMEMBER FIFA 20.

  • Me remembering I packed hazard on my old account 186 then remembers I was depressed and deleted it

  • He uses his on name in the title

  • 1:51 ayo whats up with ur leg broda

  • Tf what happened to his leg?

  • Harry complaining about prime moments litmanen haha

  • Me who saved up for a month or 2 for a 125k pack I proceed to get a Bruno Fernandes and a Pogba and am fine with it, while harry gets a Litmanen and is annoyed.

  • Harry didnt do the aubameyang song

  • no one gonna talk about harry packing aubameyang and him doing the aubameyang dance

  • Harry’s main channel is abt to hit 16 mill and he hasn’t uploaded in a year 💀💀

  • your not dead poggers

  • Yilmaz ex galatasaray player


  • Someone needs to tell Harry the Premier League hasn't been the BPL since FIFA 16

  • +...1...3...4...7...9...8...0...1...8...4...9