The Billion Ant Mega Colony and the Biggest War on Earth

Birt 29 sep 2019
In nearly every corner of the Earth, ants wage war against each other. Their weapons are what nature gave them. Some have strong armour, deadly stingers or sharp mandibles. And then there is this tiny, and not very impressive ant. But it rules the biggest empire any ant has ever built. A colony spanning continents and fighting wars that leave millions of casualties. Let’s take a look at this unlikely warrioress: Linepithema humile, the Argentine ant.

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  • ヒドラとシールドの戦いみたいですき

  • i swear they're gonna come for humans eventually

  • 0:15 i thought the biggest ant empire is the black crazy ant not argentine ant

  • They're not living on our world. We are living on theirs.

  • Me:breathes in fresh air in forest Ahh what a beautiful day Argentine Ant a few centimeters away:Attack!Leave no one alive!Die carpenter ants!!

  • I love my war ladies.

  • The smooth double notably reply because nic philly argue midst a pale gallon. lewd, festive tomato

  • hell on earth, ice inferno... those hellish wars of insects

  • Ants may be puny compared to us humans. But our wars are puny compared to theirs.

  • Cool, good animations.

  • 1) THIS IS F*CKING NUTS 2) Why did I not learn about cool things like this in school

  • 0:14 Blue ant: lol youre still little.. im not even gonna fight you

  • What a ant-pire I missed

  • Argentine Ants : Nothing Will Stand Against Us ! **Red Imported Fire Ants Came** Argentine Ants : We Will Still Able To Fight Them If We Do Our Best ! **Army Ants Came** Argentine Ants : We Can Still Stand A Chance ! **Driver Ants Came** Argentine Ants : Well... Surrender Anyone ??? **Australian Bulldog Ants Came** Argentine Ants : Well... We Done Fighting...

  • "What is weakest are the strongest"

  • This is video game material! Lol

  • can some humans win against the ants

  • : o

  • What countries do you dominate? Argentine ant: *breathes in in yakko*

  • Ight, Ima go play some civilization 5 after this.

  • So basically they are like guardsmen. Except instead of 10 taking their place for each casuality. 100 ants do.

  • cool video the best in the world !!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • We need an ant strategy game

  • This like a small human

  • The IRL chimera ant arch

  • Now imagine them getting intelligence, forming alliances and organizing large battles where you can literally see a whole carpet of them.

  • Me, a brazilian: *did you said argentine ants?*

  • We need to develop a bio weapon to combat these critters

  • 7:26 Ant fire:i don't want to kill u bro[7:32 Ant fire:sorry bro

  • Army ants have 2000000

  • This needs to be a series im so curious

  • Tyranids.

  • So they're like British

  • Ants: We've almost taken over the world! Human: _Returns from store_ Ants: *NO NOT RAID!!!*

  • A casa petes

  • Yo 2020 dlc lookin lit🔥🔥

  • I bet on the fire ants

  • That ant is another type of the Empire, Last Order XD

  • China works on this same principle. LOL

  • Argentine Ants got free Shipping , while I didn't !

  • Its sounds like American Empire vs Chinese new challenger (fire ants)

  • This video really started out like, heu wanna see me roast the fuck outta this bitch ant for 5 mins

  • If aliens come to earth, depending on how big they are, I bet they might think that argentine ants are the dominant creature on earth and humans would be like 2nd or 3rd

  • Me: just walking happily around my garden Ants: RETREAT RETREAT!

  • The human when the ant have a war:oh no, anyway

  • Basically Argentine Ants being a Manpower pool as the Imported fire ants are like with weapons

  • Argentine ant. The swarm.

  • Algo de argentina tenía que salir bien lol

  • Now that I think about, imagine if they were the size of humans..

  • its the british empire of ant colonies

  • Can arjantine ants kill fire ants????


  • lol what if they made this into a video game

  • "It doesn't matter how many of them die, there are always more." -Joseph Stalin

  • Wow what a ANTack

  • Hunter x Hunter

  • imagine being the guy who brought the ants

  • Pará, ¿argentinos peleandose entre ellos? Imposible/ Wait, argentinians fighting between them? No way

  • Ant history is better then human history.

  • We should make a petition the rename them to "Soviet Ants"

    • But Soviets don't colonize, they, " *liberate* "

  • The battle of the empire

  • British empire: are you challenging me?

  • The sun never sets on the ant empire lol. Ant science is a lot more fascinating than I thought

  • I think ants took encouragement from Humans💀

  • Argentine ant: *Sees how big the British Empire* Also Argentine ant: OUR SUN ALSO CANNOT SET

  • It s like world war

  • Are those imported red fire ants those giant ants that sting like hell and take several stomps to kill? I’ve seen a few, we call them cow killers [edit: no, what I’m thinking of is called a Red Velvet Ant, which is actually a wasp but the females are wingless so they look like freaking massive ants]

  • Huh, I wonder what would happen if we imported *more* queens to try and establish more genetic diversity. Maybe it’d just make it worse, but maybe it’d make enough infighting that they’d get slowed down.

  • When i was a kid i always put water in ants colony XD

  • orks think their waaaaaaagh! are the biggest and the baddest. they have never met ants. the sun never sets on the Argentine ant empire

  • Of course they had to be Argentine ants

  • The fire nation: anyway so i started blasting

  • I'd love to play a ant colony simulator game


  • Phillipines people wee all see black ants and red ants Philippines no allowed Argentine ants

  • YES fire ants are one of Florida’s own To be honest I actually kind of like them

  • wow Ternyata semut bisa perang

  • 1:44 This WorldBox Reference

  • The argentine ants are the imperium of man of the ant world. And they’re going through a Horus heresy.

  • We need a anime about ants going to war with each other

  • The Soviet Union:Ant edition.

  • How many continents have Mediterranean zones?? (3:55)

  • How do I get a queen ant

  • So basically the Argentine Ants are the Soviet Union of the ants?

  • The 4 ant colonies lived in harmony until the fire colony invaded only the humans could help but when they needed them most they vanished

  • Guys I think the ants are going to decide that they don’t want us around anymore soon

  • These comments are brilliant!

  • So the Soviet Union of the ant world

  • He forgot acid squirtters as weapons of other ants...

  • It would be so cool that ant kingdom is a game. (Can't play with potato pc lol)

  • the argentinian ant is what we call here in argentina "hormiga colorada"? any fellow argie here to spread some light on the issue?

  • Antgentina

  • Its like a game rigth??

  • i w a n t m o r e a n t v i d s

  • Me, from Argentina: "Yay"

  • "Let me tell you something! I'm from Buenos Aires and I say kill 'em all!" - Some argentine ant after arriving in America, probably

  • leave it to the Argentinians to try invading places that theyre not welcome.

  • Reminds me of that one anime that begins with H

  • hahaha I'm Argentine and I have ants as pets

  • we call them zerg