The First 10 Minutes: Marcus Returns To His Roots In Calle Ocho In Little Havana | CNBC Prime

Birt 6 jan 2021
In CNBC’s, “Streets of Dreams” Marcus Lemonis returns to his roots in Calle Ocho to understand how the neighborhood where he had his first job went from a small community of hardworking Cuban immigrants to being part of Miami’s $18 billion tourism industry. Catch the sneak peek and don't miss an all new episode of “Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis” Tuesday at 10P ET on CNBC.
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The First 10 Minutes: Marcus Returns To His Roots In Calle Ocho In Little Havana | CNBC Prime


  • A nice report. I was living in Miami just 4 days back in 1972. Just a very few Cubans then. My living in Habana Cuba has been for 22 years now. Usually 6 month stays. I don't think I will ever visit Calle Ocho as I am a Socialist and a follower of Fidel. Dont want to go where I would be unpopular if I spoke out.

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