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Birt 22 jún 2020
Our most mind-blowing trick shot video EVER!
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  • 02:30 ropee

  • നിർത്തീട്ട് പോടോ.. . .

  • That bullseye purple hoser there was a string attached that's why it was colliding

  • 2:32 People in Egypt be like...

  • Truly perfect ❤️👌❤️

  • The dart and bull's eye was fake the dark was attached to a thread it is fake..

  • i thought the soccer ball cake was a bowling ball

  • I know I’m not the only one who saw that string on the dart

  • I picked 5 when asked to pick a number 1-5......how?

  • Allah sucks!

  • My head hurts now

  • the first one is so confusing i cant even figure out how he made the shot it donw then up

  • Lol Cody

  • Hi hello

  • Yes

  • 00:99

  • 00:30

  • 00:26

  • 00:24

  • I predicted the one at 4:23

  • Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Amazing trick shots 😱😱



  • i got that last one

  • I saw it

  • They used string on the dart one

  • There was a thread when he did the dart trick

  • Boş işler mühendisleri

  • the dart was fake

  • I the dart shot I could see wire on

  • did anybody see the wire in garrets dart trick just watch it

  • The camel tho !😂😂😂😂😂

  • 2:29 second guys the arrow is hanging with a very thin rope he is lie dude perfect

  • 0:59 did anyone got jumpscared?

  • 2:26 they use thred for trick

  • Pinter ini orang

  • when ty was updown someone shouldve edited his face red cause it turns red when ur upside down

  • 2:25 really gar do ya have to fishing line

  • 8 seconds in: Forget the trick shots, I want to know how you managed to get on the ceiling. edit: More importantly, how did you get off without hurting yourself? edit 2: Never mind, I think I got it.

  • Purple hostser trick shot theirs a line to the dart

  • Some one see if the a line to the dart

  • Ty when he makes a trick shot:LETS GOO :me:ow my ears

  • quiero una camisa de color negrodies en agu

  • I still want to know if it was just a 1-in-5 chance that I picked number 5... or is it witchcraft?! 😱😱😱🤣

  • you hade the dart on a string

  • This broke me.

  • This is the video in which I had to rewind aaaa llllooooooottttt

  • Where'd you get a camel that was random lol

  • Are those panda paintings from one of the overtime’s and the segment get crafty

  • Affxdfsd

  • First one was so trippy

  • 2:30 I saw string so it’s a fake

  • uh oh strings 2:28

  • you did some photoshop. you cant run on a celing because you cant lift up both feet at once

  • Dang your videos are cool I sure wish I could be in one my name is rhodes and my mom is Yoli

  • Who else blinked at 0:59

  • Żotka była na lince słonce świećiło na linke

  • How did his stay on


  • Too many illusions

  • 2:30 who else saw the string

  • How do you stand on the ceiling literally how

  • Hey ty what's up

  • who else freaked out at 0:58

  • How was he running on the ceiling in the first clip?

  • 0:24 Spiderman is real :v

  • 2:29 I saw the rope attached with the dart

  • Its perfect

  • I saw the wire 2:30 These dudes are fake (im still a big fan)

  • pause at 2:29 they used string the cheated

  • On 2:30 i saw a string i think i saw it you guys dont do that shot

  • Soccer ball's funny pranks🎂

  • zack king

  • Not gonna lie 2:30 there’s a string

  • Running on the walls. Me: wat

  • first one is pretty weird but i know something they have a upside down home! :3

  • Was that a real camel or not

  • Poptarts slap

  • At 2:29 I noticed some string

  • 9 sec

  • The dart trick shot obviously had a string attached to the dart

  • The dark trick shot obviously had a string attached to it Goerke

  • In the first dart shot I could see the fishing line

  • There was a string

  • The dort was on a string

  • I would open my mouth when the cake came if I knew it was coming.LOL😂

  • I’m a bought one of your 🏀

  • You guys are just awsome

  • Es mentira usan hilo

  • was the camel real

  • when that guy through that dart it look like he had strain

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  • 0:10 awesome

  • You cheaters u tie a thread

  • When he threw the baseball it scared me


  • The ball is a paid actor