But how does bitcoin actually work?

Birt 7 júl 2017
The math behind cryptocurrencies.
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Here are a few other resources I'd recommend:
Original Bitcoin paper: bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf
Block explorer: blockexplorer.com/
Blog post by Michael Nielsen: goo.gl/BW1RV3
(This is particularly good for understanding the details of what transactions look like, which is something this video did not cover)
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Ethereum white paper: goo.gl/XXZddT
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    • This was the best video I ever saw on Bitcoin, it was so enjoyable I wish there were more like it. Finally, someone answered all the questions that arose in my mind about the private keys and other issues. This was an outstanding video. I'm overjoyed to finally learn more of the nitty-gritty of how it works.

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  • (CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG) I think I learned something new with that output thing, u can raise how ever many of the numbers available by the amount of positions that number can be in place in -> in order to find out how many different numbers there could potentially be. For instance if there is a 16 number sequence, and in each individual number in the sequence (so there’s 16) it is either 3, 5, 8, or 9 at random. You can say 4^16, which would give me how many potential answers I could have in this sequence. Right? (Btw I rlly should do my math hw and study for my psychology test tomorrow)

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  • This looks like a great design to ensure the integrity of the system but the drawback is that it’s very resource intensive.

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  • isn’t it a lot of data for everyone to hold on to. Surely having a log of EVERY transaction is a lot

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  • I tried every recovery method to get my phrase account back but none of them seemed to workout except this outstanding dude HACKERLORD12345 on Instagram. He is the best...

  • I tried every recovery method to get my phrase account back but none of them seemed to workout except this outstanding dude HACKERLORD12345 on Instagram. He is the best...

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  • props for making this video with dark background! small details but makes it so easier to follow

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  • Bitcoin developers don’t come forward. There’s gigantic servers that mine Bitcoin funded by who? Who gives them access to join this network ? There’s so call transactions made daily but who in there right mind uses a unstable currency. So many questions

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  • if one block is limited to 2400 transactions, and one new block is added every 10 minutes, what happens if there are more than 2400 transactions waiting to be added to the chain? if popularity of bitcoin trading increases, doesnt the number of transactions get much bigger than 2400 every ten minutes? will the system keep up with the number of transactions? am i missing something?

    • the limit is there to prevent spam, can be raised at an increased storage cost for the nodes. Your question is the most interesting. many altcoins propose solutions to this, that if proven secure, can be adopted by btc in the future.

    • @plasticman2011 interesting... thanks for the explanation

    • Transactions wait in the mempool and can increase fees to get included into a block sooner. Ultimately there is a fee market where low fee transactions get priced out, but they can use a second layer protocol like lightning network to make transactions.

  • Great video @3Blue1Brown but there is still a level of metaphor that is annoying me and preventing me from understanding. You talk about individual users sending/receiving updated blockchain transactions. Ok, but where is that then stored? Locally? I get the "longest" blockchain transmitted to me via what? Where is it stored? Is that all dependent on some specific application? Does this whole system imply that it would completely cease to function if all the miners and users simply deleted their records and never updated again?

    • All network full nodes store the full blockchain on their own computers - stored locally and across the network, but you can run a light client where you only track the transactions you are interested in. All transaction data including blocks are relayed on a peer to peer network. Yes, all data getting deleted would cause the network to stop working, but I'm not sure why people interested in their bitcoin wealth would choose to shoot themselves in the foot like that. It isn't that much data anyway, the blockchain can only grow about 100 gigabytes per year. About half a terrabyte so far in total.

    • Also, if the ledger is the sum of ALL previous transactions, how the heck is it feasible to sustain that going forward? A ledger would be ridiculously huge at some point and you are saying that that is also being transmitted among nodes constantly?!

  • Why are the subtitles different than the spoken words? That's so extremely infuriating..

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  • Seriously. This is the best (most comprehensible) video about proof of work on the net.

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  • But from where does the true value of bitcoin originate? Is it purely intrinsic or a function of external factors like how much time and energy (bill) went into the mining of whether Tesla is investing?

  • How does this system change with quantum computing??

  • FACTS ABOUT BITCOIN: It has NO service or product, NO income or asset backing and NO regulation protection. The SOLE OBJECTIVE is to attract evermore new cash from greater fools to drive the price higher so that the earlier punters can cash out with huge profits. Simple, blatant objective. CRIME: and yes, Bitcon is perfect to evade sanctions and taxes, drug payments, terrorism, ransoms and other illegal activities.

    • @plasticman2011 crypto / Bitcoin is a blatant PONZI scheme.

    • That's a lot of words to just say "store of value", one of the key features of money.

  • Well, I'm not sure if I understand this but it explains a part of the equation, the mining part. But since that depends on speed and computational abilities, that raises questions about who owns better hardware that may not be available to everybody else, who invented the hash functions and simultaneously what if the owners have an agreement to reject or override other's blocks of transactions at will, like if the work has already been meditated since years but not been introduced to the chain yet. Then there's the value that's based on demand and the pubic agreement that a digital asset that serves little or no purpose has a value. To me the whole thing still sounds like a big gamble especially for someone who buys the currency rather than mines it. Thanks for the video 👍

    • Bitcoin is an open system, all the users are the owners. Miners are just workers.

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  • Ok fine but what is π doing here?

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  • I first watched this when you released it and since I have come back time and time again to share with others because it's still the most comprehensive explanation of blockchain technology. Even if it has moved on slightly. 👌👏

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  • I was following pretty well until the block creation process. If blocks are chained to other blocks then how can someone just grab a bunch of transactions and build a block? Doesn't the new block need to be chained to prior blocks? If everyone is building blocks at the same time, which block is the last one to chain to? Wouldn't everyone be building different sized blocks of an arbitrary collection of transactions? What makes one chain longer than another if it is only one giant long chain? If chains are not connected to each other (how would that happen?) then couldn't chains contain different collections of blocks? If so, how would I know whether my transaction was included in a block or not? It just seems like a gigantic mess! There must be something missing in Grant's explanation.

  • Great video! Thanks for putting in all the effort!

  • good job buddy, like & subscribe as well

  • What happens if a large portion of miners collude to create a fraudulent block? Would they have to keep it up? would everyone continue to build on top of the fraudulent block?

    • The fraudulent block is rejecting by the peers who received it, if it is invalid that act as if they didn't receive anything and can even disconnect the miner from their network of neighboors if the miner spams fraudulent blocks. No one else will ever know about the fraudulent block.

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  • OMG i have 10.457 bitcoins on my old saver(computer)....

  • Here we go: when he starts talking about digital signatures he says “ anyone can get into the ledger and make entries” but then he uses one of the four in his example. So does he mean that anyone within the magic circle can access the ledger or can anyone in the world access it ?

    • You can maintain the ledger without having bitcoins. The 4 lines which create Ledger Dollars are just for the example between friends. In Bitcoin, you can get tokens if you mine or buy them from someone else.

  • Seems like whoever has the most computational power can brute force blockchains. What happens when you have a quantum supercomputer?

    • This is wrong. A malicious actor needs more computational power than everyone else united to start breaking Bitcoin security (not just being the one with the biggest share). Moreover, he can't create invalid transactions, but only cancel them and censor the new ones. Finally if all the hashing power of the world was used to create a new blockchain from scratch, it would take 600 days of mining at pure loss for miners to revert the current ledger state. Quantum computer changes nothing to mining if several non colluding actors can get them, difficulty will just adjust upward.

  • Has their ever been an instance where a block chain broke?

  • Bitcoins are pretty much like tulip bulbs in 17th century in the netherlands ;) But... if you think careful, bitcoins are also doomed to crash one day, its like a snowball system. And... because of the "proof of work" it becomes a big waste of energy with implications for our environment...

    • Bitcoin isn't the only asset class to have booms and busts.

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  • I am still confused how was this invented as money the first time and how was it accepted as an asset, please help me out, any one who knows the answer

    • It was only interesting to nerds early on, but it started to become a money when someone bought pizzas using bitcoin in 2010.

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  • Hi, great video! But I still have couple of questions i didn't understand quite right. 1.Did I understand correctly that for making new transaction in the future, there always should be some "miners"? Otherwise there will be no one who can generate new blocks? 2. So the next question is, mining actually consumes electricity, and what is going to happen if bitcoin price on market drops and makes mining unprofitable and everyone stop mining. Does it mean that it wouldn't be possible to make new transaction? What's gonna be when there will be no reward for mining what is the point even to mine? 3. And the last one is a bit weird but: does it really worth all of this effort? What i mean is yeah, crypto has it's own advantages, but spending so many electricity in vain by calculating these hashes, it just seems like something stupid for Humanity when it is possible to make the same much faster with some bank.

    • 1. To confirm transaction yes 2. 10% of the current reward for miners is transaction fees. So when block subsidy will be 0 miners will still earn them. Difficulty adjustements insure that mining is always profitable for some miners, and mining is also slower to react to price changing than difficulty adjustement to available hash power. 3. Bitcoin allows innovations that you can't have without. It is just not presented here. For exemple, the Lightning Network solves part of the issue of transaction rate scaling. But you can also tokenize assets on Bitcoin to allow easy exchange of them, you can create a self souvereign identities protocol like ION.... No one told miners to use that much electricity at the first place, there are just people who can't sell their electricity and believers who buy it to create rock solid proof of work for Bitcoin or as a way to get bitcoins. You don't say someone waste electricity when he uses it to heat his housd while a miner would say it is waste because he could mine and uses the heat from mining instead. This is just subjective moral principles.

  • If Alice pays Bob $100, both should have to verify. Maybe I need to finish watching. Also, If Alice pays Bob $100, Bob owes Alice $100. I feel like this video explains that a little backwards.

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