Vidcon 2016 - Content Cop on Markiplier

Birt 25 ágú 2016
It was lovely meeting you.
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  • Masks?😑

    • Are you serious?

  • 2020 got me thinkin "damn, everyone here is SO gonna get COVID! Look at how close together everyone is!"

  • 4:36 حياة الشباب 😎👌🏻

  • a normal video

  • I love how George is just there

  • Jorj gits laydees


  • Virginopolis

  • 4:57

  • 0:21 don’t do that shit in front of joji he hates drones

  • Legend has it that the girl you see Joni with inspired his “unblock me bitch” comments when singing slow dancing in the dark

  • THE GUY AT 4:41 💀💀💀

  • Ily

  • 2020 gang

  • these were just better times

  • 3:18 is that neatmike? Never knew they knew each other

  • Why do i feel like this video was longer before

  • Little did people know what was to come in 2020

  • Rip 2016

  • This didn’t age well at all Jesus Christ

  • B0$$

  • Damn maxmoefoe was so cute back then

  • Eh ur a bitch

  • I had no idea Andrew was in this video 🤣

  • Even though this was only 4 years ago, it feels like this was 10 years ago with how much things have changed.

  • Whoever edited this has great taste in music. If it was Ian then I just respect him even more.

  • “TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIE” “...” “eeaan”

  • At the end of when idddubz had balls lol

  • Me rewatching this in 2020 and realizing that at 4:14 is where papa franku realized that hoes ain’t shit and got the idea to write "yeah right"

  • Yoooo is that joji vlogs

  • just 4:14


  • That guy at 4:41 always kills me 😂😂

  • I love how jack says IAN then hugs him

  • 4:14 I’m jealous

  • 4:14 is the funniest part of this video

  • Remember when things were fun?

  • The Metallica bridge when Jinx noticed Ian is priceless

  • 4 years later i still somehow always watch this video. i don’t know why

  • These were the days....

  • 4:14 this girl had no idea lmao

  • This brought me so many good memories

  • Crazyrussianhacker 3:10

  • A simpler time...a happier time

  • Watching this in 2020 feels like good old times

  • Markiplier is one of the few creators you really can't hate. He can be cringy at times but a super chill dude nonetheless.

  • 1:09 sandman reference was great dude haha

  • Eeyyy it's the big 3

  • oh man, I remember when this said "uploaded two weeks ago"

  • So these were the elder gods...This must have been of rich historical importance

  • yay papa idubbztv

  • Honestly tf was up with Danny

  • You know what..... Papa John's is better than Pizza Hut. Changed my mind!!

  • 1:49 look at filth of The Frank so mature

  • Mark and Sean are so wholesome

  • What are marketplyers?

  • 3:45 for a split second I thought that was the pawn stars guy

  • 4:14 ive never been so jealous in my entire life-

  • I think it hilarious Ian can just walk up to these massive ISchatsrs and make fun of them and they just go "Ian!" Everyone loves him lmao.

  • Question for people watching this rn: did you find this or was it recommended to you HELLA late?

    • Nah, I come here occasionally, just to remember simpler times.

  • when Jack and Ian hugged, I felt that

  • one day I'll get to experience this... but I'll probably be 50 by then...

  • 4:14 damn i wanna be that girl

  • 4:14 Atta boi Joji gettin girls

  • why’d it look like danny duncan hated him😂

  • Was that ezmac at 4:40?

  • How does this video make him seem like LESS of a douche than his original content. Reverse content cop.

  • Woah Danny Duncan in 2016

  • I’m genuinely surprised these guys were talking to girls

  • Simpler times.


  • 4:32 what’s his problem jeez

  • who binging vids from the good old times

  • Nobody: BHD: BRUH

  • I met Blastphamoushd

  • 1:22 I just realised that bhd also got into a fight w/minnesotaboyy at the same place

  • R.I.P Filthy Frank

  • My man Joji appeared

  • I only came here for the. 002 seconds of Metallica

  • For some reason the short clip of BlastumousHD meeting Ian and Max made me smile.

  • Ian looked kinda handsome in this video.

  • Lol bhd BRUHHHH 😂

  • That NIN edit crippled me 😂

  • 4:41 so y’all not gonna question the dude moving up and down?

  • crackheads at vidcon

  • 1:16 is that Joji/Franku?

  • this just turned 4

  • Who was that Asian guy in the hat following you guys around? Tell him to fuvk off

    • @Uhhh Yeah... let's go with that

    • @Psycho Milk Y'know, in hindsight I'm pretty sure is was a joke

    • @Uhhh same

    • Can't tell if this is a joke or not lmao

  • 1:50 some of the best ISchatsrs

  • i dont know why but i cried when joji is talking with a girl cause i felt jelous

  • He had a picture with the fine bros Lol the fine bros got content cop

  • 1:08 Enter Sandman by Metallica good song

  • Woah the thumbnail.. literally thought that was ricegum no it was joji

  • Why am i watching this after march of 2020


  • Is that 905 shooter from NELK at 1:34

  • The boys

  • I absolutely loved this part: 0:02 :D I love Max's sincerity, although i would never claim that for him.

  • I forgot Cyr even existed

  • No one: Max: **starts filming George talking to a girl**