Film Theory: Star Wars, How The Mandalorian PROVES the Empire was Right!

Birt 14 nóv 2020
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With the return of The Mandalorian season 2 to Disney+, I felt it was about time to also return to a Star Wars theory. In a previous theory, I talked about how the Jedi could be construed as an 'evil' order. Today, I'm taking that kind of idea and flipping it to talk about the Empire itself! I think The Mandalorian provides us with even more clues that the Empire may not be as wrong in it's philosophy as we thought! How? Why? Well Theorists, make sure you Baby Yoda is somewhere safe because this is about to take a turn to the dark side...
0:38 - This is referencing two different studies citing two different percentages. It is not between 31% and 58%, it is both 31% and 58% percent results from the two studies.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editor: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • I've been thinking this for years. Can't believe i'm agreeing with Matpat 🙄

  • Palpatine did nothing wrong!

  • Aldeeran is peaceful we have no weapons!! Darth Vader when he needed to help the Imperials on Scarif fighting the rebels and seeing Leia escape from a REBEL SHIP: *Yea right.*

  • Both the Empire and the Republic were horrible.

  • People are always saying the rich billionaires are the biggest threat to the public but in reality its the government because they take taxes to enrich themselves while not working themselves. The rich corporations provide a product or service that people buy to increase their happiness while government just leeches off of them.

  • The empire has lots of flaws like only allowing humans join the mitlery and letting slavery hapeen like with the Wookiee who build the death star and die. It still have lots of corruption and murders of many non humans. If your was a human you still have a hard time because you are considered Lester but they keep the crime lords in check

  • u always lean to the darksode dont u 😂

  • 13:20 *Stormtrooper PTSD of Endor Vietnam* - brought to you by Star Wars Battlefront II

  • 8:58 I thought he said another thing around the lines of "Join me, and together we will rule the galaxy!"? Lmao pro-empire propaganda - From yours truly, the New Republic

  • Can we do rescue riders next ?

  • The sequal trilogy isnt canon so it doesnt count :)

  • this is something that people need to hear not just in this context. Peace and Order do not equal justice and freedom. Not always and especially not in this case. order isn't good if it only benefits the rulers.

  • Can you create a teen titans theroy

  • Yeah yeah this is all cool and all but what about the droid attack on the wookies?

  • The glaxy was always to big to exist as one entity, only under a system like the empire where they were basically several entities they could work, and the fragility of that system was that even if we the audience hated him the whole system was build around Palpatine and Vader, without them it breaks who was right? the confederate alliance of systems... But youd need to do that atlest 5 times over

  • While I agree that the Republic and the Rebellion are not innocent, the Empire is much worse. The empire encouraged slavery and discrimination of non-human sentient species, killed anyone who opposed them, took whatever they wanted from planets and their system was also filled with corruption and nepotism. Life as a human, compliant with the Empire's policies, might be okay but if you were part of literally any other species, you wouldn't have such a great time. A good example of how bad the Empire was is the Lost Stars book (or the manga if you want the short version) as it shows the perspective of two Imperial soldiers throughout the civil wars. Plus, the empire already had a strong military at its inception (ie the clone army) while the New Republic only had the survivors of the Rebel Alliance and whoever joined them after Endor. Not only they used a considerable portion of their military strength fighting the Imperial Remnants, the New Republic's army was largely disbanded after the battle of Jakku as no more Empire = no more threat. The Resistance that we see in Episode 7 is made of the people Leia convinced that the fight wasn't over.

  • I never knew why I loved Vader so much until now lol

  • I see a Clerks reference, i like. rest was also good.Still tho, the empire was also kinda racist. Thats always a big nope.

  • There is one thing that can disprove this theory It’s called the first episodes of Star War Rebels. Bet you’ve heard on it

  • The emperor was definitely a dictator, not basically.

  • Actually, you don’t know what the empire did on Endor...


    • Luke best Jedi clomfirmed

  • Tarkin is a liar. You can’t trust him. HE TRIED TO HAVE LITTLE ‘SOKA EXECUTED!!

  • The new republic is four years old, you can’t expect it to be all fully developed four years on...

  • The movies are framed with the rebellion being the heroes is because the rebellion are the heroes largely. Yes the world is more peaceful since the revolution.

  • The daily lives of ordinary citizens are stuck with propaganda and despair

  • This is all wrong.

  • This is wrong.

  • You sir are not a Star Wars fan.


  • But the first order stole children from their parents while the Jedi we're giving the children by the parents

  • this sounds like empire propaganda 🙄

  • Think of the Death Star was a device to avoid war and knowing Alderan was a major faction in the rebellion, it is not far from USA using the nuclear bombs on Japan, innocent people die to avoid further bloodshed.

    • Yeah except that in this case invading the planet would have led to less deaths most likely

  • Lol people ranting about slavery and the Empire did you people forget the Republic had an army of slaves?

  • Hey, just take a look to this and you tell me what´s the difference

  • Luke best Jedi clomfirmed

  • Sounds like I’m listening to some socialist propaganda

  • I find this disturbing, because the whole thing with the empire was it hated all aliens and wanted only humans in the government. So everyone that wasn't human would have been enslaved or destroyed. That's what the galaxy was fighting against not civil order.

    • And it's unfortunate cuz this Humanity first attitude is becoming normalized in the Star Wars fanbase. that kind of bigotry was inspired by the bigotry of this world.

  • From a certain point of view

  • All the Star Wars fans feeling that cognitive dissonance. Warhammer 40k fans knowing the Empire was amateurish at best.

  • Hey. MatPat. Why dont you ask someone from Alderaan how well the Empire ran things. Seriously dude, this video is BEYOND stupid.

  • I mean in all fairness you can't argue The Republic was awful at its job, in The Phantom Menace we see a world that looks very run down, where children are kept as slaves with exploding devices to stop them ever getting freedom, and nobody blinks an eye, not the Jedi, not the Queen, this is apparently standard operating procedure under Republic rule.


    • the video was political. what did you expect

  • That's what the sith want you to think !! You are falling for their dark tricks....

  • 10:47 I’m sorry I couldn’t hear nothin but “ninety nein point NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN percent”

  • The moral of the story Following a rules are hard and killing But freedom is a real drug And were know drug tested really daammm gooodddd That's why China will surpass USA

  • You said the Empire and the First Order were different, but were they not both being led by Palpatine?

  • So, maybe Russia under Stalin was utopia (just like the empire under Palpatine? Hmmm....... makes one wonder about our own history?

  • But anakin was being controlled but Palpatine

  • Why The Empire Was Actually Horrible, A Rebuttal: (Disclaimer: The Theorist Team Is Actually A Great Series Of Channels And While I May Occasionally Disagree With The Theories (Especially This One), They Make Amazing Content On A Consistent Basis) 2:50- 3:48 Nothing Yet I Can Directly Counter 3:48-5:49 "And from the way he says 'we' when talking about the Empire we can assume he was affiliated with them" We also can know he is affiliated with them by the way he has stormtroopers as guards, or that in the finale of season one we discover his superior is a Moff from an Imperial Remnant. Reporting Imperials To The New Republic Being Considered A Joke: This is a valid complaint about the New Republic failing to completely protect the Outer Rim. 5:57 - 6:46 (Tarkin's Speech Is Technically Not Part Of What is currently considered Canon) This is a speech written by a man strongly associated with the empire. Palpatine and the Sith were also major contributors to the fall of the Republic as well. The Senators who Tarkin deems selfish here were actually carried over into the new Imperial era. 6:46 - 7:00 "The Empire Achieving Unity Where Everyone Prospers" Unless You Count Almost All Of The Non-Humans And Many People Outside The Core Worlds 7:00 -7:24 "Our Sector Governors … Advance The Quality Of Life, Keeping Spaceways Safe, Improving Communications, And Ensuring Taxes Go To Improving Infrastructure" First, Those Sector Governers did little to improve the quality of life or improve the infrastructure, Instead Funneling the money into their pockets and the core worlds of the Empire. While Spaceways were safer that is simply because of the fact that the Empire had a massive standing army. I currently do not know whether or not there was any improvement or downgrade in communications within the Empire. 7:25 -7:50 Here MatPat argues that as Tarkin says in the speech, The Core Worlds leached off of the best resources from the Outer Rim First, I will say that this is most likely propaganda for The Empire and not an actual plan of governance widely used. Second, the Empire did the exact same thing, even going further and openly funding the strip mining of planets like Lothal for resources. 7:50 - 8:86 Division Of The Galaxy With Moffs And Grand Moffs: There Was Previously already some management with distinct governors of worlds who maintained separate systems and had a say on what happened in the Republic. "Liberation" of 95 worlds: This only means liberation if you mean that a sector goes from being ruled by small corrupt rulers to a massive corrupt entity that has much more soldiers and weapons to keep you from revolting. Many of these worlds would also likely participate in helping overthrow The Empire a short time later 9:27 - 10:55 New Republic Failing To Do Anything About The First Order: I Can't Say Anything To Counter This. After the death of Senator Mon Mothma The New Republic went downhill New Republic Being The Resistance: The New Republic was not the Resistance, simply only containing some people from it, and the comparison of the number of people on Coruscant and Resistance Fighters is likely inaccurate. 11:00 - 12:27 We Can't Trust Princess Leia, So Let's Blow Alderaan Up: Most of the people on Alderaan were not Rebel supporters and most of Alderaan's support for the Rebellion came from it's leaders. The Rebels Destroyed The Death Star, Killing Innocent People: Those "Innocent" people on the Death Star (A Weapon Of Mass Destruction) does not cancel out all of the people who died on Alderaan (Containing several Billion almost all civilians). Not to mention, if The Rebellion did leave the Death Stars standing the Empire would likely have used the weapons to murder many billions more. Notes On The Quality Of Life Under The Empire: The Empire Used Slaves Everywhere. From supporting CRIMINALS on Kessel, to enslaving Geonosians before committing genocide on them, To Wookiees, To bunch of other cases. Also the Empire did not care about any of the average people from the Outer Rim to even some of the Core Worlds (ie. driving people out of business, making working conditions worse, coercing people to develop weapons, and casually imprisoning or killing those who are deemed anti-Imperial). -END

  • 6:16 Someone dumb this down for me, I have no clue what this speech means.

    • @Jullian Torres Thank you

    • it's basically saying that most of the inner planets were exploiting the outer planets and that the empire stopped that exploitation and governed fairly everywhere

  • Let's just say that the Republic, the Empire, and the New Republic were all shitty in their own unique ways.

  • Well, following along that logic you could make the same points about the Nazis.

  • Both the Empire and Republic had a goal in the interest the people, it just was corrupted, pretty much by Palpatine

  • The Empire weren’t the total bad guys, but playing off their actions as justified is a bit much, some things they did were good, but the means didn’t pay off with the ends, they did protect the Galaxy from merciless chaos (in some places) they enslaved a lot of species to build their war machine.

  • And a lot of the goals and ideals the empire thought they sought out to achieve was propaganda for Palpatine to gain public support to satisfy his hunger for power, the Sith sought power out for themselves and were ruthless and hurt anyone in their way.

  • Except for aliens, because most members of the Empire were xenophobic and even the most talented officers like Thrawn were kept in the outer rim, aliens were heavily oppressed, so the Republic failed to do a lot of things but when you look at how the Empire kept power, it kept the core worlds happy because to them, nothing changed from how things were done in the republic, I like watching your videos, but Star Wars is always a layer deeper that a few days of research. No one is the good guy, it’s all from certain points of view, Jedi are heroes to some people and the Sith are heroes to others. Many interests go into the picture and both the republic and empire failed to keep ethical and just practices.

  • Baby yoda is NOT baby yoda in the mandalorion its a different creature

  • 10:16 stopped here

  • So what you're saying is... Winning was easy, governing's harder?

  • Its almost as if the Empire represented capitalism and the new republic is socialism.. Lol

  • "The Foundations of Star Wars"

    • "The Heart of Star Wars"

  • Sequel sucks who doesnt know that.

  • The thing is if they followed paptdate then the world would end bc they would exsplode the world and then there would be now one to help people who are getting hurt bc the people would be following paptadate sorry if im jinking the name so you were right but also wrong sence then the planet would end and there would be no planet to be the leader of and if the rebls/good guy and bad guys got htere way it would be more nice but not a very good civalizatioun

  • Slavery, mistreatment and exploitation were just shifted to a huge organized Dictatorship under imperial rule. They did nothing better than the Republic, except they sold it as serving the greater good.

  • So the new republic is basically the UN

  • so when will you do a film theory on hill house and bly manor?

  • The real reason for the empires huge military, the real reason for the death star was because sidious knew they would be invaded. He had been beyond the galaxy's edge, where he encountered the Yuuzhan Vong. An alien race who considered mechanical technology blasphemy, who would slaughter or enslave everyone in their path.

  • Imagine agreeing with space fascists

  • I honestly think the empire is good. I will not be brainwashed by the jedi

  • Are you seriously telling me the fascist autocracy that barely lasted two decades was a superior system of governance to the democracy that lasted over twenty thousand years?

    • People seem to forget that the Republic is very old

  • this is my new favorite video.

  • Counter point: sure, the system of moffs and grand moffs dividing the galaxy into sectors may have helped with infrastructure and order, But those people that the moffs ruled over did not have representation. Especially in the outer rim, the moffs ruled very similarly to colonial governors, only interested in the resource potential of their constituency, with no regard for the citizens. Look at kashyyyk.

  • Hey matpat can you make a theory about stormtroopers and the fall of the clones at the end of the clone wars

  • This whole episode is a metaphor for real events happening in our world. our controlling overlords are the empire and the republic is the resistant freedom fighters of our world.

  • Sooooo MattPat has been recruited by the illuminati and is feeding us socialist philosophy.

    • Okay first of all I am a socialist and the Empire is literally everything I stand against. second of all why would the Illuminati (which is a group of extremely wealthy people) want socialism? perhaps you should ask a socialist what socialism is before you compare it to Fascism which is its opposite.

  • This sounds like communism lol

  • Execute order 66

  • Well, that's wrong on a lot of ways, even Mandalore itself, who was a planet that just had conquered it peace back had all of it's citizens turned into slaves once the Empire took control. And for all we can see is obvious that the conflict is still going, but just because the rebels regained control just a little while ago and the universe is a giant thing to coordenate. Even the conflict itself is not over because that's a lot of Empire cells scatered away throught the universe, that is so real that in the future we see the rise of the First Order with the control of a lot of planets.

  • There have been books in the Star Wars universe showing the empire as oppressing planets to produce crops for the imperial army. The empire is also shown to support people who only think of themselves, much like the old republic.

  • Well, I think everyone knew this whole thing cause the Outer Rim was treated so badly, planets were cut off just cause they didn't want to support a cause that screwed them, etc

  • Am I the only one that thinks it would be better if planets ruled themselves and the republic was more like the UN? Obviously not a perfect system, I get that. But in every trilogy Palpatine was manipulating everything in the gov if not str8 up calling the shots as emperor. The republic was full of corruption, from Palpatine and groups like the trade federation and kamino that were on Palpatines payroll. But if the republic were just a loose quasi alliance of systems, it would be much much harder for a sith lord to manipulate everyone. And the clone Wars would never happen if the republic didn't have authority to stop the separatists from leaving. (Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that the separatists were lead by dooku and gunray etc, I would side with them bec if they thought the republic was bad they should be able to leave). And there can still be intergalactic law against slavery for example and they could have a militant force to enforce said laws if necessary, or ask a trusted system to send their military, which the UN has done. They could also host negotiations btw systems that are considering war or are at war. The republic asked the jedi to do so (like in ep 1) and the jedi can hold their own if violence breaks out. Not perfect, still lots of problems (you would know since that is how our international politics is ran), but o think it's the best way to prevent dark side corruption, and it puts less stress on the republic so they can get real actual problems figured out

  • Hey Mattpat I have a question than a theory but how would YOU rule the star wars galaxy. Would you rule like the Empire or set up another Republic called New New Republic.

  • fun fact : the species of the child, yoda and yaddle doesn't have a proper name and is called "yoda's species" even by one of the creators of star wars

  • The Empire destroyed the wookies and turned them into slaves. But i can see where you come from

  • What about the Wookiee’s they were enslaved

  • any other libertarians here rolling thier eyes when matpat said that if you give up all your liberty and give the galactic government total control they will make you safer

    • yeah I'm a left libertarian. It's a worrying trend that more people in the US are getting more comfortable with authoritarianism

    • always look forward to your videos !!

  • Meh Star wars is boring

  • I always did like the Empire more than the Rebels.

  • Oh dear oh dear

  • Based off the books, the Empire didn't leave the Ewoks alone. The Empire destroyed several Ewok villages on initial arrival because the were "pests in the way."

  • O

  • Children are stolen by the empire while their parents are killed ≠ children willing going with Jedi with parents approval. All of your premises are crappy here.

  • Bruh

  • The prosperity of some planets was achieved by exploiting others during the Empire's reign. You can find more about that in Thrawn, Lost Stars and Ahsoka novels. So yeah, so much about the theory that Empire was bringing prosperity to Core and Outer Rim worlds alike :P

  • the new mandalorian proves or biggest worrys

  • I don’t even watch Star Wars and/or don’t know the timeline. But ok.

  • At least when the first order happens the Jedi were like, at least good people

  • The Tarkin doctrine sounds a lot like communism to me

  • Darth Vader was a jobs creator! Look at all the people employed on the Death Star!