The Kung Fu Panda Ripoff From Your Nightmares

Birt 16 apr 2021
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  • I hope Danny’s next rip off of his own name is like Doobie Goobie or smth lmao

  • 19:13 broooo is that Love-a-Lot Bear from Care Bears

  • Also, why do all of these bears only have 2 fingers and and thumb?

  • 3:28 that waitress came for his WHOLE. ENTIRE. NECK.😂🤣

  • S !

  • They must have paid these guys in crack.

  • you should watch leo the lion it’s a lion king rip off

  • .....wait wasn't this in the amazing world of gumball?

  • you thin this movie is bad just wait till you check out the three terribly animated H.P. Lovecraft movies

  • The f...-Polaris calls that a joke but the muscles are a joke lol Edit: why the hell did she make up the date thing?

  • Usually I can handle one of these bad movie vids but it was so bad I gave up 3 times and this is my fourth let’s see if I make it Rn I am at 10:03 Edit: gave up on 18:24

  • i really really love your videos

  • 1:23 this thing looks like a low budget p9rno that was animated with a sh2ty CG

  • Ok so I actually do like the concept it's going for, but the animation makes the movie horrid.

  • this video gave me more brain cells

  • He kinda reminds me of that sponge Bob popsicle-🤧

  • "Oh my God mean bear, mean girl bear" Had me rolling for no reason

  • Cocomelon look gud now

  • this is actually the original kung fu panda but it was so bad that they remastered it

  • I’m not gonna sleep for days 🤢😭

  • Me: when I get a headache: 11:56

  • 19:25 I genuinely cannot tell what this facial expression conveys or is supposed to convey. What the heck. This is baffling me beyond belief.

  • i love the vague red line that goes through danny's cheeks and nose

  • Why this new setup look like his old old setup.

  • Sorry guys but I like Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda better than this movie

  • Is the long haired wig supposed to be a Flashdance reference? Because... it failed at that goal miserably😂

  • wait a min- does this mean that polaris already knew pancota was gonna shrink his clothes ??

  • Is no one gonna comment about the fact that Grizzlepuss's voice actor is Meowths OG voice actor?

  • Lol his shirt says daddyboy

  • i finally found my last straw-

  • Halfway through the video my phone screen glitched and I literally thought it was just the movie going on..... it was just that bad

  • this is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen

  • Looks Like something from FNAF

  • 16:20 lol

  • 7:24 when you have a bad day and your friend doesn't care

  • How this movie was created hey man I got 7 dollars and a half eaten bag of chips wanna make a movie other guy sure

  • I love how he is getting more aggressive with each movie ripoffs

  • this movie, actually all movies like this give me a TON of anxiety and i think it’s because i’m scared that i’ll some day become stuck in a place like this forever

  • “So it opens on a barren landscape...” Do you mean a BEARren landscape? end me

  • When he said ok google, my google assistant went off and showed me where to get grilled cheese

  • That movie rewiever guy must have been the one to approve the live action remake of the last airbender

  • Kung Fu Panda creators: what is this? Memes creators: 𝕵𝖚𝖘𝖙 𝖆𝖗𝖙


  • lmaoooo the dude with the heart is a care bear

  • Are we not gonna talk about the carebear ripoff?

  • Pancota is clearly imitating Olivia Newton-John

  • This entire film could be solved by casual boxing. Like you have one ring open all day, that anyone can enter and challenge someone else in the ring, and the challenge ring that runs an hour before closing.

  • the contract was for fighting in the ring, so why couldn’t he just fight outside the ring and take out to the street?


  • This is the worst movie ever I might even puke

  • 3:57

  • 10:11

  • Well Video brinquedo defunct in 2012

  • I should'nt have watched this before I went to bed

  • Here’s your reminder that people had to voice these characters

  • The ripoff I think showed on TAWOG I guess.

  • i was just on pinterest and i looked up and I was like... why arent i watching danny Gonzalez and long story short here I am

  • Mother said that it's my turn to be pinned 😢

  • this was on amazing world of gumball💀💀

  • the snooty bear NLE_CHOPPA we wipe his nose no offense to nle choppa i love you I love you music especially shotta flow

  • This is hard to look at

  • People why dosent know what king fu panda is: dude why u roasting this it’s good

  • "I think she might be thicker than Carol from ratatoing." Best quote ever.

  • Why is there a random ass care bear and why is nobody talking about it

  • My Ds has better quality than this movie.......

  • Why am i laughing at this

  • the movie was rally BAD my eye was about to die


  • i genuinely thought that the bar at the beginning was a buffalo wild wings for a second

    • @freezie better than nothing i guess

    • @hornet is void i’m eating peppers :^)

    • How about you eat some dang food

  • master shit.. please tell me im not the only one who heard this

  • The Bear with a snot on his Nose was actually Voiced by The same guy from Pokemon Eng Dub: Meowth

  • I actually watched this movie before now

  • No ones going to talk about how they ripped off Care Bears and kung fu panda in one movie 😂🤔

  • I have never once watched this movie, but I have seen so many youtubers cover this movie that I think I have it engraved into my soul

  • When Danny said "ok Google." My Google came up, haha.

  • From 1 to 10 I say ugh🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • i was searching trough my old dvds from when i was little ( i have ALOT) and i found little panda fighter LOL

  • I bet the director was mark Zuckerberg

  • How did the mask on his face shrink ?

  • the noise on 5:56 scared the crap out of me. It sounded like it came from right beside me-

  • Some poor Susan bought this movie for her son cause it was in the bargain bin, and now her son is a furry.

  • 18:17 this panda is from candy apples...

  • are those pictures of drew's eyes? xD

  • For Your entertainment Dance Dance - 2:49 Ew - 4:00 Mean Girl Bear - 5:23 Walk - 6:02 This gooby guy? - 6:22 AHHHH - 7:22 Eeugh Mmm Mhmhm - 7:50 Loser - 8:50 YEAH MHM - 8:56 😐 - 9:28 THAT. JERK. - 10:05 NOOOo - 10:22 HruehxuyOKAYbye - 11:05 Chuchunk - 11:25 Dance Bear - 11:55 Really? - 12:41 Crossed the line - 13:12 UEF - 14:26 stt-tuff - 14:32 Delicious - 14:51 wEll nO - 16:58 You're wrong - 17:57 uuAAH - 19:29 welp - 21:48 😃 - 22:44

  • WHY IS THERE A CARE BEAR?!?!! 3:36

  • i'm pretty sure the voice of grizzlepuss is Maddie Blaustein, the original voice actor of Meowth. not sure how the fuck they got her on here but i can see where all the budget went

  • One of the voice actors in this movie is also in the Pokemon movies so I'm wondering, how much did they pay her to do this? 🤔

  • Unnecessarily sexy girl bear hitting Panada just teminded me of Disney's Footloose and Fancy Free. There's a song that goes " When love comes around don't be silly, cuz a bear likes to say it with a slap"

  • of course carol and mean bear look similar, they’re played by the same actor 🙄

  • Morgz pls

  • ex-arm could never

  • watching tjese movies high is a whole other experiance

  • The comedy sketch about how the movie got produced was better than the production

  • i feel like him and ted nivison would get along for a collab

    • YESSSS. I feel like Ted could absolutely be lumped in with Danny and drew if he were not associated with the Gamers tm. A lot of ted’s older videos specifically have more drew energy. Althoughhhhh, Danny HAS been getting into the Mine Craft lately,,, maybe a crossover event is sooner than we hope. 🤔🤔🤞

  • Ok wait but Pancada’s voice actor is apparently Dan Green, the voice of Yugi from the English dub of Yugioh, and Knuckles the Echidna from Sonic X- And Grizzlepuss was voiced by Maddie Blaustein who voiced Meowth from Pokémon...?

    • Yeah, it's crazy how many anime VA's voiced in these kinds of movies

  • Not another morning movie

  • Imagine how many people wanted to put 0 stars

  • conspiracy theory: Bear w the mohawk that keeps winning is Gooby when he was young and his dad just left him. He only uses boxing as a coping mechanism to get out all his anger. after this he went to therapy and learned to express his feelings in a better way. He got a new hair cut and became a little boys stuffed animal. Then he became that boy's son's toy, and well you know the rest.

  • 21:08 that literally killed me

  • The thing is literally 1%design 50% voice acting 20%marketing 1%story 9% marketing 20% unused 0% detail