Film Theory: Titanic is about Time Travel... No REALLY!

Birt 29 des 2020
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Titanic is a movie that has stood the test of time... and has one of the BIGGEST unanswered questions of any movie. No, I don't mean could they both fit on the door if Rose had just moved over a little. I mean the question is Jack a time traveler sent to make sure the Titanic sinks? Yes, that age old question. Well Theorists, today we are going to answer that once and for all!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • That's a good one!

  • i was expecting a comment from the maker of the titanic be like: "O Boy you got me on this one"

  • Hold on...... Another Theory, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s entire filmography is just the same time traveling character you describe, in different lives and different times.

  • Wait a minute if rose died (the future jack came from) then how did jack know how rose will! Die when he saved rose ?

  • That was the year I was born

  • ...

  • I’m sorry for a moment there I forgot we were talking about the titanic

  • I was 17 and working my first job at the local cinema when this film was released. It was absolute mayhem for the first several weeks. People were coming in more than 5 times to watch it.

  • In Jack's timeline, the titanic didn't hit an iceberg. How did Jack know that the Titanic would hit an iceberg if he saved Rose? How did he know that there even was an iceberg on the way? Maybe the people of the ship in Jack's timeline saw that iceberg from a distance and were like, "man, that ice would have definitely hit us if we didn't make a detour".

  • So there's a small hole in this theory. For Jack to be a time traveler, he must by necessity be the SECOND time traveler on the boat. Lemme splain. No, is too much, lemme sum up. In the theory, the boat sinking delayed America's entry into the war. But without it having sunk, no one would know the different effect that it sinking would have had. If someone from the Not Sank timeline wanted to do something about the way events leading up to WWI played out, sinking a boat with an iceberg is such a random and statistically unfeasible way to go about doing so that no one would have even though to try such a thing. Only in a timeline where it sank could the events have played out in a way that one could theorize about what might have happened had it not sunk. Therefore, the only way Jack could know the boat needed to sink was if it had in a past he knew, then it hadn't. So perhaps he was out of the timeline, doing something else, and came back to a drastically different timeline than he remembered, one where the boat didn't sink and all the bad stuff you mentioned did occur. Otherwise, there would be no way to know that it DID need to happen. So Jack had to go back to fix the malicious changes enacted by another time traveler, and a prime candidate for that second time traveler is Billy Zane, the man who went out of his way to make Rose suicidal, and who seemed more upset by the fact that she "almost" died than one would expect.

  • My favorite theory about Titanic is that Jack was actually a woman, or even a woman living as a man, and Rose tells the story as if Jack were a man in order to conceal her lesbian past. It's been about 25 years since I saw the movie, but iirc, her tryst with "Jack" helps her come to terms with her sexuality and convinces her to start a new life. This also explains why Jack is painted as such an androgynous person as mid-90s DiCaprio. There are articles about this, and I think it's a pretty convincing theory.

  • Go back in time to save millions of lives? No, go back in time to become famous actor😎

  • Awesome and cool!

  • I just had an idea after watching this that Jack was a time traveler & just wanted to experience being on the the ship & never intended to change anything or go down with the ship. The problem is that he was not very careful, thinking the ship would go down anyway so any changes he made wouldn't matter. When he got back to the future he realized that he had accidentally changed things & now the US lost WWI like you said. He realized he had to go back & set it right. This included making sure Rose didn't die. The reason he didn't take a lifeboat is that he didn't want to change things again & take someone's spot on a lifeboat (also he was a guy). You can even throw in the love plot where he fell in love with her & chose to stay with her.

  • Man, I thought this would be about the tecnology to track icerbergs in the sea and prevent a lot of ships hitting them or maybe save climate change that could be worse, all in all nice theory

  • Of titanic didn't sink the federal reserve wound have never been formed no central bank a free nation under no masters .no wars central banks wed have a very different happy world

  • James Cameron is part of the Titanic Historical Society, he was a titanic nerd before he made the movie so it does fit with his filmography, but that's one of the smaller beefs. I get it. But I find it interesting you put all this thought into the movie and you don't even know what Cameron was trying to say with the movie, like, if you're overanalyzing things the necklace is RIGHT THERE.

  • Germany's army still can't outnumber the dream stans. Dream is too powerful.

  • People could say it isn’t true, but film theory out here spitting facts

  • Love this movie

  • you like to see that bf1 gameplay.

  • Interesting yet flawed theory...

  • If you're talking about how old this movie is and your age, I just realized I was born well before James Cameron had his first film credit. Not good for me. I'm wishing time travel does exist.

  • i was ur 9 millionth 38 thousandth sub

  • The flat schedule holly form because watch oceanographically stare during a solid game. tame, quiet thought

  • nono

  • Sooo, Leonardo Dicaprio is a dimensional time traveler that sunk the titanic so that he could win an Oscar? That's dedication right there

  • Honey I sunk the ship!

  • I agree that the titanic not sinking would have drastically changed history, but I don’t think the Americans were the sole reason the allies won the war. Sure the Americans supplies were very helpful but according to first hand reports of Canadian, British and other allied countries soldiers, American troops were much worse on the battle field and were constantly losing towns and lines to the enemy. Of corse this isn’t to make light that the brave Americans were extremely helpful and I commend the brave soldiers that died and fought for the freedom of the world. However I think attributing the victory of the allies solely on the USA is a bit disingenuous Matpat

  • Ok you earned a sub. The theory is incredibly silly, the problem are called bad writing. But fun


  • Even with the story removed of the first part if the Titanic didn't sink these were all possibilities

  • Doctor Who stopped rose.

  • Him saying he didn’t own a single pair of jeans and only wore suit pants... that really says a lot 😂

  • Don't forget about about the new laws for the ships! They changed multiple ship laws after the Titanic sank like having manditory ship drills and enough lifeboats for everyone onboard. Plus, this caused new radar for ships

  • or MAYBE James Cameron didn't do his homework and fucked up a couple of the dates used

  • why not just stop the world war 1

  • This is wrong, if America joined the war in 1915, sure 1 million deaths is horrible but the fact they would have provided the power to end it earlier means no total colapse in Germany, italy have a stronger government which means no WW2. Watch Alternate History hubs Andrew Wilson vid

  • MatPat: Leo sank the titanic Directors of titanic: Never thought of that

  • 6:30 XD

  • So time traveler is real

  • America's entry into the war is totally not the reason the allies you even know basic history??

  • Dude really The Titanic actually took 2 hours and 40 minutes Not 3 hours and 14 minutes

  • Conan the barbarian

  • Here is actually what happened, jack is rose immaginary boyfriend, he does not exist

  • This is the dumbest thing I've watched in a long time.

  • Thank you for clearing this up for all of us. Oh my goodness I would have thought maybe the writers just made simple little mistakes, but obviously this makes way more sense

  • There's also a theory that's it's secretly connected to the Terminator movies, and that Rose is a secret ancestor of John and Sarah Connor.

  • What if Leonardo De Caprio was a Terminator, and knew it would sink if he jumped on, since he weighed too much!

  • You need to spend less time in the shower Mat

  • This is How many people loves titanic ⬇️⬇️

  • This is my favorite film theory episode and I’ll tell you why: because it sounds absolutely insane when you first hear it. But, when he starts chucking facts in your face, it all makes sense

  • Wow, you are very intelligent.

  • "My heart will go onnnnn and onnnn." I wish it didn't back then. And gosh my lil brother had to sing that song in choir and gosh I felt terrible for him lol

  • Dude u have just BLOWN MY MIND 🤯😂 #BeSafe #StayHome ❤️

  • Titanic: *about a historical event* Film theory:well yes but actually no

  • What the eff Did just watch lol

  • Terminator is the best

  • Pack it up ancient aliens 2.0

  • I'm sure Jack purposefully failed saving rose multiple times in order to clap them cheeks again.

  • Man, James Cameron must have been pretty high when he thought of Titanic's plot.

  • Imo one of your worst theories to date.

  • Does any one notice he sometimes sounds like #crisfix

  • I knew it. As soon as I saw that Moose Sack on Fabrizio...I knew it. Jack is a Time Traveler.

  • This has open my eyes, it makes perfect sense lol

  • 12:49 non of these attacks where "unprovoked“ but oke

  • Gonna have to interject. It may take a while to do it but large ships can ‘literally throw it in reverse’, it’s honestly an option. I’m forgetting the title (I wanna say Crashback) but we did it in the US Navy as a test of the engines and throttles and how secure things are along with other reasons. I dunno the specifics I was in Aft Steering on a CG and in Weps on a CVN.

  • Crazy how this goes from a ship to WW1 and even the moon

  • Titanic sunk in 2 hours and 40 min aprox. Sorry to tell you Matt. lol.

  • Anyway, if you find this concept interesting, there's something like it called 999 zero escape, I would recommend it.

  • I have seen the movie Shawshank redemption and it’s one of my favorite

  • Hey MatPat, I was wondering if you would consider doing an Amazing World of Gumball episode. Mainly around the shows villain Rob and the series finale. I've been watching it with my clients and I think this has the potential to make an interesting episode!

  • You should do a theory about WandaVision

  • i thought godzilla was the reason. titanic sank ?

  • Sooo the Titanic is ww3?

  • Its that kind of video huh

  • Who’s heard of the short called jack is back

  • I remember Titanic I cried every time I watched it memory’s

  • writers didn't do their research, its not shocking, most hollywood movies screw up when it comes to logic, ITS NOT A TIME TRAVEL. he is giving writers too much credit.

  • *w a t*

  • did you hear that they are making another titanic and they found jack?

  • god! that meme in the end is epic !!

  • wtf dude you have big brain

  • You’d think, if he’s going through all that effort, he’d have figured out a way to win an Oscar.

  • What about that ships would be like 20x less safe Titanic didn't have enough life boats for the passengers so it is likely that there would still be not enough life boats now

  • Was interesting until the America-worldwar-blah blah bullcrap.

    • Such high iq grammar

  • Such a stupid theory


  • This is just stupid

  • You are missing a huge possibility. The first few people on this list were against the US changing financial systems. The Illuminati sending a time traveler to make sure the titanic sunk ended up ensuring the US went through with changing policy that ended up in this corrupt political system we have today.

  • Wait the titanic is based off of real events just not real characters so does that mean this actually happened time travel and keeping us out of World War I help

  • Orrrrrr they just forget and your over thinking it

  • On the the what if titanic didn't sunk in 1912 would have 100 million less people than our own not because of ww1 but mostly an alternate ww2 of usa going 2 yers earlier which mean war ends 1,5 years earlier and that changes so much i can't even say it all in a single comment

    • Also jack was probably from that universe to know that millions would be saved if he did that

  • 9:20 is that.. sehun???

  • This movie was long af lol i remember having the 2 vhs

  • I wonder if there was a time traveler making sure the Corona Pandemic started.

  • But if Jack changed world war 1 for the Germans, world war 2 wouldn’t have happened. So he would’ve saved way more lives preventing world war 2 than anything. So maybe he should’ve saved the titanic

  • This is what happens when you watch movies on acid. Your drug addled brain comes up with these movie theories. Next thing we know there'll be a Film Theory video about Harry Potter being a prequel to Star Wars. Or that steamed hams are actually just Krusty Burgers.

  • The boring employer substantially lighten because milkshake philosophically pull afore a voiceless juice. flat, temporary drake

  • I have a theory... What if the Titanic sunk in 1915-1917 and Jack tried to save it, but failed Or he is just trying to save Rose but have no intention to sink the ship, At first when he travelled, Titanic has a high chance of being operational. Maybe he is there to save Rose life, and also his rich fiance might have been one of the people who provide money for the military which may have caused headline that he will no longer supply funds for the military which may have caused the US to lose the war. or maybe the US and British may have end agreements or became enemies because of the loss of an important VIP Jack was there to save Rose life without knowing this will result in the ship sinking and he did not abord the door which was rose was in because he is scared risking her life which might also result to his objective in the first place and also the Bag he was wearing might be a error in the movie producer