What If Earth got Kicked Out of the Solar System? Rogue Earth

Birt 1 des 2020
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The night sky seems peaceful and orderly. But in reality, stars are careening through the galaxy at speeds of hundreds of thousands of kilometres per hour. Not bound by static formations but changing neighbourhoods constantly. Fortunately space is big, and so the stars of the Milky Way are very unlikely to hit us. Unfortunately, they don’t have to hit anything to make us have a really bad time on earth. And there are already stars starting to get very close.
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  • To get a fresh perspective on science, go to brilliant.org/Nutshell/ and sign up free. And there’s an extra perk for kurzgesagt viewers: the first 200 people to use the link get 20% off their annual membership, which lets you view all the daily problems in the archives and unlock every course. Thanks to our friends from Brilliant for supporting this channel.

  • So it just basically kidnapped the sun

  • But we have heaters and global warming will make it warm still

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  • "The odds of Earth being ejected out of the solar system is 1:100,000 in 1 billion years." Normal People: Oh, thank goodness... Gacha Players: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIEEEE!!!!!

  • LUV IT

  • 1:47 this guy out of context

  • Now that’s a movie . Just speed up that star and cast ppl for the extinction event survival and go every couple thousand years to a new earth .

  • 1:53 ''like a spall toppler.'' Thats what I hear. So what's he saying _REALLY_ ?

  • Just wondering, would exiting the solar system effect the gravity on earth? Great video, I love your content! Greetings from Germany :)

  • O this gave me the chills 😂

  • Question: how large and how close should a moving star be in order to exert the required attraction needed to reach the escape velocity from the solar system, that Is 42 km/s, considering that we are already circling the sun at the speed of 29 km/s?

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  • Couldn't we heat it up again using solar pow.. Oh :'( I guess we'd better start improving our nuclear reactor technology then. We only half half a million years to develop an planetary-scale hot water bottle.

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  • At least the moon came with us

  • "Bit cold today!" :D

  • Yes but what if the earth was dragged towards Jupiter to orbit it instead of continue to shoot out of the solar system?

  • This was so cool but it also made me shiver

  • I hate it when he talks about THE END.

  • I’ve never heard such abject horror so jauntily narrated

  • Guys, this video don't take into account the existence of nuclear power plants. If I get my electricity from a nuclear power plant, I'd just pay my electricity for the next decade, turn all my heaters to full power, and start an indoor farm.

  • Sorry to bring an even more depressing tone, but the rogue star wouldn't need to get close to Earth to be threatening. This is because the planets don't orbit independently of each other. Mars, Venus and Mercury have relatively stable orbits around the sun, and their gravity also commits to keeping the Earth in a habitable zone. Jupiter and Saturn contribute a lot as well, and also drag millions of meteoroids, asteroids and comets a safe distance away. We are as dependent on the other planets, no matter how lifeless they are, as we depend on the Earth's unique climate. Losing any celestial body would be harmful.

  • we may encounter rogue sun to help us:D or not

  • Wouldn't Jupiter or other planets pull us back?

  • Such informative video. Loved everything in it. Thanks

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  • is that a dead whale (that has hitherto survived along with other marine life, trapped under the perpetual layer of sea ice)? because, erm...lungs?

  • yeah this as uh bad to say the least

  • I don't think any of us watching this right now will be alive when this happens...why are we worrying??

  • Snowpiercer.

  • no one: People on the ISS: hello guys you good down there?

  • "stars dont have to hit us for us to have a really bad time" sans watching this thinking that he can have more power with having bad times

  • This video is really an art piece.

  • "As earth leaves the solar system, it becomes a rogue planet. Traveling alone, lifeless, dark and insolitude" Me: WELL that's just dark, AND creepy!!

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  • Is not in our lifetime so no need to be worry

  • Good news is we never half to worry about this happening.

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  • Would it be possible to move earth into another stars orbit?

  • This is what happened to Mars

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  • I like to think that even if this happened only 600 years from now, we’d be at a state where we’d be able to deal with it.

  • wow

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  • If this happened I would be inside gaming until I realise everybody is dead eh who cares I’ll die before that I’m pretty sure my life will be short

  • Solar System be like: "Earth was banned from the server"

  • Thankfully if such an event does happen, it won't be in our lifetimes, nor our children's, or their children. So while it's interesting to watch, it's not something to be concerned about.

  • I really worry about after 1milion years...

  • Starts at the 4 minute mark...

  • how do u KNOW dis?????

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  • Your account is the Earth

  • Wouldn't there be an equal chance of earth falling into the sun? Gravity assists can work both ways.


  • Kurzgesagt: You are attracted to atoms. Me:IM NOT ATTRACTED TO ANYTHING THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  • Earth was not the imposter

  • what an idea. people on a planet where there’s no history, and none of the history of earth is known to them

  • I got a duck tape ad after this video.....

  • bro. this animation is AMAZING. THIS IS SOOOO GOOD. LOVE UR CHANNEL

  • even though I would love our new planet, I would remember the fun memories on earth.

  • damn this is so entertaining

  • Science stupid Science doesn't know. Every second the Sun releases billions ^ billion of lightning 0.1 voltage produces sunlight . 1 positron + attracts 1 electron - create a voltage of 0.1 lightning . Positrons + and electrons - rotate very rapidly after 46 billion years of creating the Sun, so the core of the Sun rotates very quickly like A super large electric turbine that produces super large electrical energy The Sun emits 4.1 million tons of electricity per second . Sunlight emitting space moves the circle back to its original position after 8 hours, thus illuminating the Earth forever

    • @Thạnh Phạm also the moon is kept in it's orbit by earth's *gravity*, you know, attraction between to objects with mass, something kids learn in 7th grade

    • To keep or der for the moon, the Earth ' s magnetic field is continuously 100 times strong magnetic field the moon

    • @Thạnh Phạm wow no. You forgot about subduction zones, and instant transmission is impossible and I don't know where you got all those numbers from since magnetic fields are not measured by wats and sun's diameter is increasing because of increasing number of helium nuclei because of nuclear fusion. If you are not able to provide substantial evidence and papers that specifically prove your talking point then stop this bullshit

    • Science stupid Science doesn't know. If cosmic Information is Not trans mitted immediately, the universe will collapse. The Earth is constantly growing Evidence is that Hawaii volcanic lava is constantly spewing out. So the Earth increases by 1 cubic meters, the Sun immediately rose by 28 cubic meters If the solar system magnetic field increases by 1 kilowatt, the sagittarius A * magnetic field immediately increases by 4 million kilowatt If the Sun were to increase by 1 cubic meters, the Hercules - Corona borealis Greatwall would immediately increases by 600 trillion cubic meters

    • @Thạnh Phạm what does this has to do with your original comment

  • Kurzgesagt Videos: shinzou wo sasageyo

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  • Sun's gravity is stronger than that stupid evil red dwarf. We should not be worried.

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  • That would be a depressing way to go

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  • One could make a movie out of this.

    • The wandering earth

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