Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! FUT BIRTHDAY RYAN KENT!!!

Birt 6 apr 2021
THE SWEATIEST CARD IN FUT HISTORY RETURNS!!! And now he's got 5* skills and 5* weakfoot... #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #FUTBirthday
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  • Utan

  • 22:23 those 4 passes match the music in the background perfectly

  • Andy I bet you didn't know that Scotland invented the beautiful game called football the first ever football game was held in Glasgow

  • They used to play together

  • They met in Birmingham

  • No joke my brother is friends with Nathan Redmond

  • Do FoRmAtIoN MaTtER

  • I'm Scottish and support a team called ross county love Ryan Kent though and great vid

  • Do Lozano

  • 7:22

  • I love how people tell itani that he doesn’t use special cards. Then had the rainbow team to end all rainbow teams.

  • Love this

  • Loved it!

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  • Does Andy play pokemon go?

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  • 22:00 bro that laugh

  • Do most people agree with me that Squad builder showdown is best with Itani, everything becomes much more fun and entertaining to watch


  • do more with danny

  • if u look closely at itanis lights u can see the nazi symbol, just had to add that

  • The brown one is so boring and dumb. What a crap watch this was

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  • We need Manng to join in with SBSD’s!

  • I love how itani can change any squad to an PL squad he is a genius

  • I love your Everton pic in the back Everton everyday

  • Can someone please tell me what hoodie Andy is wearing

  • Packed him from my party bag I’m gassed

  • 24:51he loves to drug..

  • I packed a fut birthday card out if a 7.5 k pack I got Paulino

  • How do you join members portal to watch uncut version etc

  • I first owner packed this card from a 2 rare gold player pack 😂 can't wait to use him!

  • andy breathing at the end of every pick has me on the floor

  • Itani being a cheap little rat is a funny ongoing joke I guess, but its starting to make these unwatchable... Redmond? Seriously? and regular sterling

  • I want to see them get the fastest sbsd, I reckon they could do all the guesses in like 2 mins

  • The funniest episode \ive watched

  • Why didn’t Itami go for a perm player at LF, when most English cm’s link to prem players

  • Andy should have given Itani a Scottish league cm instead of Rowe

  • Any one else get the glitch where it says this vids only for members

  • Itani with the *near* unintentional rainbow squad, legend

  • Omg Itani made a hybrid never thought this would have ever happened

  • " .definitely the moon eye and the moon and sun sun is shining on the sun sun shining moon sun shining sun moon eye moon and sun sun moon sun

  • i’m not getting the wheeze joke

  • the best fifa series on youtube

  • The 5 🌟 skills was happening with my atal to for a few games

  • Tavernier

  • I kent afford him, someone sponsor me

  • why is it so hard to get a comment with more then 100 likes??


  • Dean hendo plays so much better than Pope the amount of messages I get about him being OP

  • Love Itani episodes 😂😂

  • it really disappoints me andy didnt go ruben dias WIF pepe and marchesin in goal for the back 3. it was right there.

  • he coudnt of used rashford because he only has lm cards so its not aloud

  • Kent 🤮

  • Aj can u get manny on

  • Itani: Mayte

  • how was itani on PS4 ?

  • Have you tried Giroud player moments

  • This is the best dynamic duo known to man

  • Another absolutely awful team built by itani, does he just not spend fifa points? Pretty sure all our rtgs would be able to build better teams

  • Surely the clever thing would be to have Callum wilson inform up top with inform ASM on the wing

  • Day 2 of asking for an sbsd with Manny

  • Why not get the viewer whos account got used by Itani on and play it on itanis account

  • You still have Fifa 20 in the bio instead of 21

  • I hope Andy starts posting pixelmon on his second channel

  • Itani just kinda slow huh

  • I thought itani looked like he’d gained weight, then I heard 22:49

  • can you. make a squadbulider showdown with castro with flashback. cavani plz plz plz plz plzplz plz

  • Im watching this video while making a draft and i just got ryan kent

  • Titanic accidentally made a rainbow team apart from non rare bronze

  • Does it bother anyone that Itani never cleans his whiteboard completely before the following guess?

  • Itani SBSDs hit different.

  • I bought Kent yesterday for 900k and waking up to see this I said “get him the hell outta here, and make it quick”

  • @AJ3 you should do a series just with ITANI, u make a special duo i swear.. so funny

  • Take away the bronze discard rule

  • Why did itani looked at english left wings only, he could choose any premier league one... this guy sometimes😂😂😂

  • I know you Andy proceeds picking sterling😂

  • U dope

  • Andy please get La5ty back on.

  • "Couple of interesting picks"


  • Pls do one with manny

  • can i request, play sbsd with manny he got nice team

  • This is my favourite series of all time I live for SBSD. Never stop

  • That too predictable though😂😂

  • sbsd with mmt next!??!??!

  • Itani is such a noob head 😂

  • Andy very video: “At striker I’m gonna go with....hmmmm....DROGBA”😂

  • When I saw which formation Andy chose I instantly knew I would choose Drogba and gervinho and was hoping any would do it

  • he always picks left CM

  • This has to be one of the scrappiest games of fifa I have ever seen

  • Always stinky Get him off man

  • I’ve been waiting for this... knew it was coming WATP 55 🇬🇧

  • That kent should be 100K at most. He is absolutely horrific. His shooting really lets him down.

  • Welcome back, Itani! We missed seeing your garbage squads with 78s and 80s all over the shop.

  • The chemistry between Andy and Itani is that entertaining, you could literally do every episode with him and I would still watch. Just have him has you permanent uncut/podcast SBSD opponent!

  • Itani biggest sbsd shithouse 😅😂

  • quality entertainment what a duo

  • raging you’ve said that about the spfl

  • Anytime i watch itani i just think if this idiot can make it any idiot can