Jeff Wittek, David Dobrik, & TRIVIA! - Frenemies # 33

Birt 27 apr 2021
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  • Day 1 of boycotting the frenemies podcast until Trisha gets a biopsy

  • 1:38:58 When she remembers there's still some gummies in the pantry.

  • David is a sick human

  • Pls what is Trishas Poshmark?? I need it

    • Jk I found it and if anyone else was curious it’s trishp88

  • 37:00 wow... this is so bad.... loosing faith in humanity everyday...

  • among us impostor

  • trish is NOT playing with the trivia.

  • Keemstar....The physical embodiment of a douche! What a Frigging asshat! Those type of views are literally why some men still feel entitled to SA women and then present victim mentality when they are punished for it. Its is also why still to this day many women are afraid to speak up about their SA experiences and many deal with guilt, self doubt and misplaced internalised self hatred. Unfortunately as it is tho his views are that of WAY to many men still. Its always intrigued me, to question if those that hold this mindset would "keep the same energy" if one of their loved females came to them with a story like this, if they would go after men who mocked and belittled their loved one "because it was their job to say no..." or PRICK!

  • I love Trisha

  • Keems right.

  • Love Trisha so much. Being like: I am converting to Judaism to her Muslim friend

  • Kinda living for Ethan gassing up Trisha's hair and the healthy peer pressure to seek the treatment they may need, I prefer them as pals so much.


  • Moses is gonna break her heart and is gonna cancle all of them."I manifested it"😂

  • "It's a dead meme" and "old channel" it's really not something i ever expected hearing about h3productions from ethan's mouth, fuck...

    • Ethan definitely looks skinnier

  • Her name isn't Julia goolia


  • Y'all ever become so angry you get diarrhoea because that's what just happened to me during the keemstar bit

  • “if he crossed the line you needa tell him right away that he crossed the line” WHERE IS HIS LOGIC?!?!? this is THE DEFINITION of victim blaming. that’s practically like saying “well someone did break into your house, and steal all of your belongings, but it’s YOUR fault, you should’ve told them what they were doing was illegal and that you were going to call the police” ummmmmm how about we DONT CROSS THE LINE TO BEGIN WITH... tackle the problem at the source STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM

  • Some one tell him it’s the fucken MANZ responsibility to make sure he gets consent and it’s never okay to enter someone’s room his dumbass needs to get a reality check or someone gonna curb check his ass!!!

  • Why did the kid go on keematar after being in a hospital?

  • Did he just ask Trisha to bob on his knob?

  • That’s not a crane u ding dings

  • 1:01:52

  • Omg it’s so funny how irritated Ethan was getting when Trisha was diagnosing white claw Gabe

  • How the fuck can Keem have such a 2D mindset

  • Miss piggy and Kermit the frog. 😂😂

  • I was inappropriately touched in a cinema as a 14 year old by a grown male. I didn't say no, I was frozen, petrified, I could not believe what was happening. I have no other words to explain how I felt, no words would come out. My body language said I was not comfortable and this is not what I wanted. But I guess because I never said "no" or "stop" I deserved it and it was acceptable for him to do so. 😒

  • "go off queen" yes ethan

  • Ethan definitely looks skinnier

  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • If American Psycho were written today, it would be about influencers staring David Dobrik.

  • Jeff just putting on an act so he can cut David’s Chute

  • Keemstar always out here trying to sue people 😂

  • Keemstar is completely wrong as a man I know that we have way to much power then we deserve men are horny monsters bc I am one, I have made mistakes

    • Don’t go in without consent !

    • Lmao so is every human , the human experience

  • I can’t believe keemstar exists lmao

  • Trisha converting to Judaism should be a reality show 😂 I’d watch it!

  • No Trisha is mrs piggy and Ethan is gonzo

  • PSA TO ALL FEMALES: it is our job to say no! If we are stuck in a position where someone is doing something to us, we need to say NO! We need to try everything in our power to get out of that situation, to make our voices heard. No one should ever be put in an uncomfortable situation BUT IT WILL HAPPEN. And when it does you need to voice your opinion and lay down your rules. Say no, SCREAM NO. Do what you have to do to protect yourself. I don’t know the full situation or the people involved but in my opinion if you can’t trust your roommates, you shouldn’t live with them. If I lived in a “party house” I wouldn’t expect anything less than people unexpected invading my space. If I can’t even trust my sisters to not come in my room, why the would I trust other people? And AGAIN, if you didn’t trust them to not be in your space, why live with them? As females, it is our job to protect ourselves! If that means I have to leave my room because one of my male roommates won’t leave me alone, then fine. I’m leaving my room but protecting myself. Trisha and Ethan I’m SO disappointed. I understand it shouldn’t have to be females responsibilities to say NO, but unfortunately we live in a world where we have to. Females PROTECT UOURSELF! Even if that means leaving YOUR space, it’s better than getting SA.

  • Please stop bringing up Etika to villinaze keemstar I don't like keemstar either but let Etika rest.

  • Idk why, but I was just reminded of the fact that there was a series of flash games back in the day where you would play as bill cosby and date-r@pe random chicks. Didn’t play it but I saw some youtubers play it, it made me realize that people knew he was doing it for a long time

  • Didn’t know who Keemstar was until now, didn’t know that kind of garbage existed

  • Trisha calls herself a girl and then corrects to person. Gorl, it’s ok if you wanna be done with the non binary pronoun stuff.

  • Ethan is genuinely such a good friend to Trish. Like I recognize they both have problematic pasts but I love to watch how their friendship is getting healthier and healthier.

  • how would he feel if someone did that him? like seriously? put yourself in that situation.

  • spreading awareness is everything!!!!! I love y’all thank you for doing your part!!!!!!!

  • 1:52:23 the goddamn motherfucking truth, thank you Ethan.

  • You rock!

    • *cancel that, over.*

    • Cancel that.

  • This dude have a party with his eyebrows!🤨😞😔😟

  • I was eating pasta when watching this.. now I’m gonna get an eating disorder

  • The way Ethan moved his eyebrows. Talking about how that guy probably has the biggest disorder Ethan ever seen 😭🤣

  • “tell him no” it makes no sense. he shouldn’t have a platform.

  • Not eating all day and then loading up makes it harder to lose weight. Eat good healthy stuff in the morning and afternoon or cheat all day. Just don’t skip because you will slow your metabolism.

  • Nerd alert: type II diabetes is severe insulin resistance. We develop insulin resistance the same we resistance is developed for anything-- too much exposure. People have been able to reverse type II diabetes through diet and reducing food consumption that triggers the body to produce insulin

  • Coming from a guy who stopped watching about 2 years ago... what the fuck happened? They just started interacting and she's part of the family now💀💀

    • @soiung toiue 🤨

    • @soiung toiue what in the world are you talking about. You just read something and see a totally different thing

    • you have fat around your organs too. Just saying.

  • I literally don't understand why Keemstar still has people who care about what he has to say.

  • I've been playing 'crack or covid' for a while now.

  • thats enough white claw for me

  • Keemstar is the Trump of ISchats

  • "I never committed to any positive vibes on this show."

  • Dan did great !! Ethan shut up! 😂 And Trisha is a sore loser hahaha

  • I appreciate spreading awareness in SA but please put a time stamp for when you guys stop talking about it. I’m in a panic and it’s not your guy’s fault it’s Keem’s but I would greatly appreciate that

  • death during the commission of a felony is felony-murder

  • 48:20

  • lets take a break from shitting on other peoples mistake and talk about h3 being blamed for illegally streaming jake pauls fight with ben


  • anyone else get chills when hearing what keemstar is saying like there’s no way people actually think like that

    • his family so it makes sense to me that he would be hesitant or he would want to tell his own story

  • Rewatching I LITERALLY said last week before this one to my boyfriend omg they should do jessica and roger the rabbit!!!! PLEEEEEEAAAASSSE

  • With peace and love will you bob on my knob lmfao

  • I was dating someone on/off for 3yrs total, &in between a year we weren't dating at all I was with someone else for 8mo managed to get pregnant within 3mo. &Once I got back with this ex. I got so drunk, couple mo after having my daughter &had him watch her. He had zero drinks that night(also she ALWAYS slept through the night I was fucking blessed), he said something the next morning about how we fucked for 3hrs....I didn't recall...I thought I passed out by that time. I remember lying down to go-to bed but apparently I was awake??? That's rape..

  • Grains encourage cancer cell growth from processed (void of nutrition) pasta. Coffee drink contains cancerous ingredients. Playing with fire girl. Fat around midsection means you have fat around your organs too. Just saying.

  • Where are the timestamps :( the sa and r talk is really hard for me to listen to.

  • Ethan makes such valid/crucial points about SA

  • Sorry? H3productions is just a "dead meme"? I've seriously been waiting patiently as the scarce videos have been uploaded and hearing that kinda shatters a part of being a fan of you guys

  • Bruh why does this guy do so many weird faces?

  • Ethan looking like a SKINNY LEGEND

  • KEEM JUST SAID “is there a way to force 0ral $ex?” ARE YOU STUPID??? 😂 I’m cackling at how dumb this dude is.

  • 💛

  • Wow keemstar started the rumour about RSGloryandGold? I didn't even know it was false until now. That's terrible.

  • Does anyone else think that the reason they didn't acknowledge Jeff's injury was because Jeff didn't want it? Even in the documentary he's thinking how the footage would effect his family so it makes sense to me that he would be hesitant or he would want to tell his own story


  • To be fair I thought Trisha said hi pows lol not hype house 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • And David did not rape anyone

  • I would love to know what makes you believe one person and not the other

  • Here for my bedtime viewing. Slightly behind lol. Have to say I adore you two. Your bro/sis chemistry is fab. Is so amazing you're gunna be legal bro and sis. Your great together ❤💕

  • Trisha is right. We be simping for Ethan 🤤🤤🤤

  • This whole keem situation pissed me off. I was SA while I was drunk and sleeping and I woke up and it took me a few seconds to figure out what was happening. Keem is a piece of shit.

  • I'm loving Trish ❤ it's amazing to see so much growth and that she's not being penalized for it by losing views. She's so entertaining. Period.

  • i agree with ethan about adam sandler, his comedy sucks

    • Those Grown Up movies smh. How do you have so much talent in one cast and it’s that bad

  • Holy shit is anyone else tired of Ethan and Trish bringing up “SA” and “R word”. This has been like the past 10 episodes it’s actually annoying now

    • @D McD never said that lmao, it's an important topic to them and others that they will likely keep talking about and clearly this person is tired of it? so it's probably best to stop watching if they're waiting for them to stop talking about it.

    • @krista y tho he’s just criticising the show ffs p, aren’t you allowed to criticise anymore?

    • then stop watching lol

    • leave

  • With peace the love, the world would be a better place without Keemstar in it.

  • Lol diabetes isn't about calories its insulin regulation

  • someone needs to tell keemstar that he needs permission before he touches a women no matter what situation it is

  • I haven’t watched H3 in quite a while and I love how these two are like best friends now. It’s so cute

  • The memes were great about David !!

  • that isn't the clearnece rack.. its Ultas stock rack, they have it on the floor on stock days and they put things out to restock the floor...but his brushes are on sale but not clearence lol

  • I am a victim of sexual assault so from my experience, I couldn’t say no because I was terrified that they was going to do something far worse to me.

  • Trisha can NEVER just enjoy something that Ethan is showing her. She’s always trying to find a reason to be disturbed by it or find a reason why he likes it .. instead of just WATCHINNG IT and enjoying the moment. Anyone who shows you a video just wants you to watch it with an open mind and just enjoy it not judge it or whatever tf she be doing. It’s really annoying and eventually Ethan is just going to stop sharing with her.

  • the thing that bugs me off about jeff is that he's listed as one of the people involved in r@pe/ providing alcohol to minors. in the video we can see that he KNOWS what was happening in that room... I think this injury thing was brought up to conceive that whole situation. ofc i hope he recovers but i also hope we don't forget what happened.

  • trisha is literally so naturally funny, i'm laughing here on my own and i love it! thx trish!!!

  • Trisha needs to stop diagnosing everyone with Tourettes.