THE $100M BEL AIR MEGA-MANSION | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

Birt 15 sep 2020
Hidden in the hills of Bel Air sits a mega-mansion worth a whopping $100M! This massive home makes for the perfect house - with wine that actually comes out of the walls! Get the full tour here.
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THE $100M BEL AIR MEGA-MANSION | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich


  • complete waste of money. there is no-one alive whos needs match this house, and anyone who buys it will just be buying for show

  • Bigger then my apartment

  • 31,000 sq ft not 71,000

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    • Mrs Lisa is one of the best account managers i can actually vouch for as being honest!

  • Sooo...this didn’t age well

  • By this mansion I would by me a golfcar just to reach the other end of it

  • I like this tour better than the satan we know as bilzerian. Also i guess he doesnt own the house anymore cuz its on zillow

  • Who own that house

  • the std mansion

  • Wow, big bloated empty egos, really need a lot of square feet.......

  • Wow.

  • may worth 50 millions


  • Supercharged affirmation. (I'm not super rich at all in real life but this affirmation is my strong wish and hope.) I'm so lucky that I have won the lottery I bought and I'm a billionaire now. One billion dollar has been transferred to my bank account. And my money grows by itself and abundant money comes to me more and more. Finally I'm going to be a multi billionaire.

  • $100M, keep dreaming....

  • Word is, Dan Bilzerian only rented that house.

  • "Sometimes I just sit there and think, where did I go right" What a legend! lol

  • Buy 2 of these and it will be bigger than the One mansion and it will cost you only less than 200mil.

  • I love ranches much much more than city mansions wherever they are, B.Hills or not. Ranches especially in Colorado is a dream for me.Even if i were wealthy enough to buy many houses, I'd buy a ranch like this and stay all year.

  • Dan is a renter, not an owner.

  • Some people’s kids.

  • Dan brazillian rented the maison, he nevered owned it

  • CNBC recycling mansions.... nice

  • i dont see any rich billionaire buying a house that has been plastered all over social media with people constantly smoking weed in the house and all the house parties that have probably destroyed and at the very least cheapened the "product." I see this house eventually selling to a corporation that will use it to rent out for photoshoots/video shoots/movie shoots and industry parties or gatherings.

    • Or that billionaire would just renovate all over the house, buys more lot and build it to the top of the hill to become 10 floors mansion or something. All you need is lot of money and good architect

  • Dan bilzerian

  • 😍😍👍👍

  • Why is this man sell Dan’s house? Who is this criminal and what did he do to Dan 👀?

  • Bel Air house - nice Aspen Co house - nicer

  • They keep posting this house and each time with a different price tag and story

  • 100 mill for a house that was 65 mill a few months ago. lmfao

  • there are many others for way less that make this one look boring. pshhh

  • Lmao @ 2:51

  • Correction big man dan was renting the house he didnt own it

  • Everybody knows this house already they acting like it was just built or something

  • Dan just had to roll out this palace lol

  • Oh, so we are just going to pretend that Kevin O’Leary & Dan Bilzerian home tour didn’t happen CNBC??? - Dan Bilzerian never owned this home guys - his company was just renting it for him!

    • They also pretended Kevin didn’t tour Ferris Rafauli’s home. They took down the video

    • It was on a lease to buy , for 65 million

    • Not to mention it was 65 million on that video but now it’s 100

  • If this is 100 million and its a mansion, what do you call the one above that is even bigger? COMPOUND? A CITY? SHEESH

  • Smh, we live in a area where big houses like this is acceptable this screams unnecessary.

    • t3true Designs I highly doubt that. La is to rich not to let that happen.

    • Dont worry, after "the one" Los Angeles county is not allowing any more of these GIANT mansions

  • Its 65 million on zillow

    • It’s listed at 67 million probably worth 55 million

    • @Amber Spirit this house was on 100 million for several months possibly an year until Dan bilzerian rented the house for 200k a month but since he moved out the price is now 65 million dollars

    • @Abdul Muqeet 9039 if theres no other house above it then yes could be 100 mil....otherwise it could just be 40 mil

    • @t3true Designs perhaps your right as I am very new to zillow but 1 thing I am sure that this house is worth around 60 million not 100

    • zillow is never right.

  • I will also buy a house like this in future.

    • Why ?? Why spend 100 million on a property ? Better to invest it in a index fund or etf 9% return each year tax free for 30 years is 1.2 billion i would take that option.

    • Same

    • If you had 1 billion you would change your mind.

  • LOL they’ll never admit that failed businessman and trust fund baby Dan Bilzerian was evicted for not paying his $200K a month rent.

    • I knew I recognised this house! Bilzerian should have bought a $12m pad and rented AirBB a pad for parties. Instead he depicted this as his own home.

    • maybe he's using COVID to avoid the eviction.

    • IKR, because they pr is being paid not to say it

  • I guess Dan Bilzerian moved out 😄

    • ,😬

    • It was NEVER bought. rented, yes.

    • The buy in for his next Texas hold'm game

    • He was renting it for 200k a month