NASA Pumpkin Carving Contest

Birt 1 nóv 2013
Annual section 352 Pumpkin Carving contest at NASA/JPL. So fun and so ridiculous. Each team gets an hour to create their masterpiece.
All of the materials including the pumpkins were purchased with personal funds and not tax payer dollars :)

I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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Music - "Let Me Shine" by Qwiet
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  • Wow just wow

  • They did all this in 1 friggen hour!

  • Hahaha wow that looked like so much fun.

  • Лысыды

  • These are EPIC.

  • Just why?

  • And I'm sittin here with like...triangle eyes and a toothy smile pumpkins

  • Go find us Aliens already!!

  • these are weird pumpkins

  • You guys are awesome.

  • Winner of the contest owes their win to the fish! Turns out his name is Buster, he lives at JPL, and he's on Twitter! @JPLbuster

  • whats name of the song ?

  • I love the one of Jack ^-^

  • Star Wars!

  • I've seen the Death Star before done more intricately. But not with the X-Wing and Tie Fighter. I guess the destruction of Alderaan was a smashed pumpkin ^o^

  • Next step.... Do this on Mars

  • The Alien chestburster one :

  • hey girl

  • Wow I'm shocked it's punkin heaven

  • Cool! But still not as cool as a lot of the ones in the nerdfighter pumpkin carving contest.

  • Awesome pumpkin carving

  • Cool -- I loved the one from Alien -- and that it began a chocolate fountain.

  • It's a beta fish! Super cool idea.

  • Leave it to a bunch of rocket scientists to beat us all around Halloween time.

  • Showoffs lol

  • Why wasn't I invited 😣

  • Who is playing this awesome music ?

  • This was so interesting ....and such contests are very inspiring and also help enhance our imaginative skills......

  • that's no pumpkin... it's a space station

  • And language nerds know the difference between then and than.

  • IKR

  • Amazing, was that a jelly fish in a pumpkin at the end wtf

  • Lol

  • nasa suka

  • lol

  • I bet NASA had the most fun with the "Death Star" pumpkin; I would too if i were building one space also.

  • Try to say the tittle of the video three times fast.

  • America !!

  • Nowdays nerds have more fun then blondes.

  • amazing !!!

  • Amazing!

  • WOW

  • Wow! Tell me more!

  • props to the Pumpking Carving Dremel Replicator 0:12

  • Jealousy is an ugly thing...

  • um... so who won?

  • and this is why I don't even try carving pumpkins. GO PLASTIC PUMPKINS! :D

  • this was really fun to watch cause it proved more that my dads co workers are just fun to be around! XD i hope he stays at NASA for a long time

  • Unless it actually waged war via a fully functional superlaser....I would defer to the fine people at NASA.

  • damn engineers

  • but did it float around then light up and blow up Alderaan? no...please have a seat ;)

  • Wow

  • Evidently not rocket science. :P

  • i did a Death Star this year that was way better than the one on here....

  • Nasa makes crazy things...

  • this makes mine look incredibly bad

  • I used that mask at 0:17 on Halloween! Scared the hell out of kids!

  • What's that device called in 0:14 and how do I make/buy one

  • that fish tank tho o:

  • cool :P

  • I like the starwars one

  • Sometimes, it really is rocket science

  • NERDS!!!!!

  • Dang

  • 00:47 is my favorite

  • so awesome

  • Damn rocket scientists...

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I see what you did there.

  • Congrats on making it to the "Popular on ISchats" section once again!!!

  • Well so much for my carving.. I thought I did well.

  • All of my pumpkin carvings are nothing compared to these..

  • lol!

  • That pumpkin carving knife I bought isn't looking so fancy anymore.

  • I will just out googly eyes and win like boss

  • Mine had triangle eyes and nose, and a lopsided grin with one tooth. But, hey, I'm just an engineering student.

  • So uh... Who won?!?

  • that's dope

  • How can there be any dislikes on this video?

  • nice video

  • The song is actually "Starbucks" by Decap and Brady Watt just google it and you can find them on myspace.

  • The song is "Starbucks" by Decap and Brady Watt put this at the end of myspacedotcom /decapandbradywatt/music/song/starbucks-93406376-103903034

  • gg NASA. All those pumpkins were great. My favorite was either the solar system or the one were there is a sculpture of a face carved into it.

  • you sure that wasn't the sun rising? lol

  • He used to be my neighbor he works for JPL or at least used to

  • yahoooooooooooooooooo

  • hahahahahahah

  • So which entry won?

  • Good job nasa

  • This brightened my day... And it is only 6:23 am

  • *Psh* They make it seem like only geniuses carve the best pumpkins. Mine was pretty awesome too! *throws away pumpkin with sharpie drawings*

  • 1337

  • this is amazing

  • wow

  • We definitely need a laugh sometimes--bravo!

  • jedi te govna

  • who won?

  • Put it on your porch for kids

  • Nerds and geeks paradise