World Record Edition | Dude Perfect

Birt 16 maí 2016
It's time to break some recs! (records)
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  • I am Indian

  • 3:21 is editing

  • This song is worse than cardi b

  • Like my comment if you think gear blindfolded hook shot swish

  • They just showing they are more talented than us

  • That was the best world record! Too me*

  • I am subscribing to everyone whoever subscribes me reply a thumbs up on this comment if u have done it if I don’t unsubscribe me!!

  • Uhh...dude,I forgot to put the batteries !!!

  • Why aren't you basketball stars

  • 🏀

  • The tallest building shot was fake! There was string on the ball. He made a swoosh not back board. FAKE!

  • Mr beast beat u lul

  • Imagine playing against them

  • I broke those records on my PC class in my High School Basketball court lol ... where is my name on the book?! 😂

  • Unbelievable

  • selesai anjay videonya :v

  • Tye you are my fav. Sorry but you are


  • I’d love to get those tickets it would be my life!

  • 6:16 GIMME THAT.......................... thank you michael.....

  • Охуеть


  • This is my 5th time watching. Like if you're the same

  • When you have the record for the world's longest blindfolded hook shot and some random dude breaks your record on his first attempt:

  • Power of After Effects.....

  • Mis hermanos ustedes son los mejores del mundo

  • This is so fake and this is the truth

    • It's not fake they just takę many attempts

  • How many scenes did that last trick shot take?

  • Usopp is that you??

  • Do you know how I could get someone to confirm/see my record? I’m interested in breaking one :3

  • Tools

  • My first and last question is HOW

  • next time there should be a cricket match

  • Song name

  • Gave it a like just for the very last part😂😂😂

  • Who just realised that these world records are just basketball shots

  • is your hand hulk lvl

  • But did Chandler break the record for longest Hook shot in I won every prize at a theme park


  • In thiem talu,Kan lawm talu

  • it seems fake to me

  • gwws guy was g

  • This is amazing😮😮

  • In this episode they had the exact same ratchet straps as me

  • do yall really be making it are is this fake

  • 6:50 whats the reaction of other people , cuz i saw some people were watching the Ball going to the hoop HAHAHAHA

  • Me -- I am bored You tube -- Hold my recommendations

  • I think that judge just shocked of their records😯😯😯😯😯😯😯🤔

  • Jesser broke your record!

  • What is a name of song?

  • If this is for real they would have been in NBA.


  • Cody: breaks world record first try. Me: looks for the pen cap wihile holding it in my palm.

  • come to my channel

  • You are champion at basketball you are like Micheal Jordon

  • Is this record certificate are real

  • When someone breaks your world record, do they take your certificate away?

  • Hubbub

  • Sorry bro. How ridiculous beat you guys, 2 years later, by 123 feet. It took 6 days

  • Micheal the Guinness World Record guy just realized that this is not all, they will keep on going with him on their side

  • 😮

  • He red t shirt guy sounds like micheal scott from the office.

  • My favorite part is when he got it in the basketball hoop

  • Random fact Dolphins sleep with one eye open. -The Shades

  • I imagine it takes so many shots and they only use the one where they do it


  • Did you do this in a day?

  • How did Cody make it on the fist try

  • Imagine the guys who brinv the balls back up the high building each attempt :/

  • That’s not the earth,s longest throw in the world 👌

  • They're Getting world records like Nothinge

  • Edit: The ball was a paid actor.

  • Mans ball got aimbot

  • They have aimbot

  • Imagine how long this video would be if they showed behind the scenes

  • lets be honesst i just want you guys sub me without no crazy comment or funny😔

  • World's longest hook shot was by bron

  • Poor Micheal

  • How did u do

  • Do some bloopers of it in overtime

  • Imagine if they weren’t recording when he dropped the basketball from the building lol

  • 0:49 Michal I don't get payed enough for this!

  • My favorite is Tyler from the first. The last shot was incridable

  • The best thing ever Michael at 6:06 "No Way"

  • Dwight Howard is a dude in the NBA right?

  • imagine klay and steph did the 3-point shot

  • Feel kinda bad for Mike, he's kinda drowned out by the cheering

  • Dudes u r perfect in everything 🥳

  • 5:57

  • 5:40 He just said Kobe.😭

  • We got a new record for most records done in a video by a group

  • Super dp

  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • 4:10 not poissible

  • 6:00 when the name dude perfect makes sense

  • 4:29 is my favourite part of the whole video

  • the headshot looked like it hurts!!!

  • And record monde 11 record

  • When you can't even make a two point shot in 3 tries and some dude breaks the world's longest blindfolded basketball shot

    • It's fun to see your comments. Keep commenting xD

    • Ha true

    • The comment legend has arrived!

  • “ the new world record for the worlds longest sitting basketball shot” Is there a reason you can’t stand up...... MAYBE GO TO THE RESTROOM