VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 34

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Wren, Niko, and Clint are back on the couch to break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood!
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  • What about the VFX from the movie What Happened to Monday?

  • Sir, please react this re anime🔥ischats.info/fun/qLB_hn-hc52DpWs/v-deo

  • The Invisible Man effects totally blew my mind when you take into consideration the 7 million budget.

  • following on from birdemic can you do sharknado, I sweat that was a self aware production trying to be campy and silly but anyway yeah sharknado

  • React to the new mulan movie

  • I don't know much about vfx but chanel called re:anime is maybe worth reacting to

  • Dragon wars would be a great video lol

  • You guys need to see the mess up in legend. The photograph with a cop scene has an extreme vfx mess up

  • You guys should do Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. All of the skeletons and the transitions into moon light.

  • I wanna see a reaction to the effects in "I, Robot". The effects are great for a 2000s movie

  • How about the final battle scene in Aquaman??

  • Kylie Minogue's Come Into My World music video would be a fun one to look at, if you haven't already.

  • Can you do VFX for Binx the cat in the movie Hocus Pocus

  • I think it'd be interesting if you did an episode on videogames that try to look lifelike. See how you guys would react.

  • React to the first person scene from DOOM (2005) 💀!!!

  • Harry Potter movies!!


  • Total recall? The newer one.

  • Can y’all react to the Live action Scooby Doo? A classic.

  • IT 2 Beverly's Monster and Now You See Me 2 Altas stopping rain and falling into puddle disappearing

  • Wish they react CGI/VFX in Philippines films/series alot of baddies but there are some good quality.

  • North By Northwest airplane scene

  • Hocus pocus!!

  • You guys should do the Green Hornet. A few parts in particular are the slow motion fight scenes, and the gadgets installed in the Black Beauty (Chrysler Imperial).

  • How about the halo 2 anniversary gravemind cutscene?

  • You should react to the robot in zathura

  • Have you guys done the vfx react of Big Ass Spider?

  • Do the boys!!! So much cool cgi scenes in that check out robins death scene or the whale scene or really any home lander laser scene

  • Its not a movie but I believe this has great CGI, would love if yall could review this music video. ischats.info/fun/kqSdopKrmqirg5A/v-deo&ab_channel=NigelJohnStanford

  • ischats.info/fun/padtmqumdX2Lgng/v-deo I think you should totally check this video out about the journey to the end of time! I think it’s amazing and I want to see what you think about it!

  • DO MAD MAX FURY ROAD 2015 comparisons to the old ones!

  • I think you could do a whole episode on Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.

  • I would really like you to talk about the VFX in the Underworld movies. Personally, I think they are fantastic and always wondered how they did the warewolf transitions. THANK YOU!

  • You guys should also react to Beowulf - some janky CG there, they did all the slime weird and I think you guys would get a kick out of it anyways

  • The very first VFX shot that blew my mind was probably the Pod Racing scene from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

    • ischats.info/fun/cqZrlYOcnmh3hYw/v-deo I got vdo for for you guys to react. This BLEW MY MIND everytimes i watch.

  • Watch Real Steel!!!!

  • You should react to the 1991 The adams family movie but more specifically the hurricane Sean towards the end of the movie

  • The tyrannosaurs attacking the trailers in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

  • Ghostbusters The Hulk 2003 Edge of Tomorrow

  • Don't know if it's to late to suggest, but you guys should react to Rubber. It's a movie from 2011 about a killer car tire.

  • You should talk about Scooby-Doo (2001), I think Scooby looks pretty good but he also grabs CG food that looks outdated, just like the monsters. I think it would be very interesting to hear your opinion on it.

  • Hey @Corridor Crew. Castle season 6 episode 11, 16 minutes in there are a CGI explosion for you guys, love your stuff keep it up !

  • Can u get James Cameron on the show and react on the burned down forrest scene in avatar

  • Still looking for a video on LOST IN SPACE with William Hurt and Matt LeBlanc... the yellow monkey was absolutely horrid 🤦 ...however the intro space fight was an amazing opener (less the dialog) ...also Demolition Man with Sly Stallone have several huge explosions and stunts...could they all be practical?

  • You should look at the VFX of the Who Killed Markiplier series

  • Please react to the invisible man movie, the scene in wich the guy gets injected with the serum and turns invisible. Is impresive that sequence

  • You guys should look at Hot wheels the world race cause I’d like to know how they made that with the multi POV shots

  • Could you guys look at Red Dead Redmemption 2?

  • check out the avatar: legend of ang movie, they made some great CGI effects

  • ischats.info/fun/cqZrlYOcnmh3hYw/v-deo I got vdo for for you guys to react. This BLEW MY MIND everytimes i watch.

  • I'm sorry but there's just too much work to put into stop motion for an ugly result.

  • Could you guys look at the effects done in San raimi’s evil dead franchise

    • Or the thing by John carpenter 1982

  • Can you react the the music video for “Money for Nothing” by Dire Staits

  • Have you guys reacted to Robocop? The 2014 reboot version, there's a scene when they remove the robot parts and reveal that he only has the head and the lungs left? That creeped me out quite a bit but I'm not sure if it's the idea of it that's creepy, or there's something eerie on a technical level.

  • The movie 9 was honestly underrated. Before the lego movie, this animated film made it look like I could physically interact with the puppet/character

  • You guys should do a video on band of brothers and or the pacific

  • Could you make a comparison between Ghost Rider 1 and 2? The first movie i think made some acceptable, if not good CGI, but the second one take it up to a whole new level, for example the fire and smoke simulations. The second movie was bad as hell, but they made some really good effects, especially if you compare it to the first one

  • Basically all of "Mars Attacks".

  • You guys should react to the Boys

  • Venom would be a great one to look at. Car chase scene, soldier fight scene, apartment fight scene, take your pick. They're all awesome.

  • Hey I am not sure if you guys have reacted to valerian and the city of a thousand planets yet, especially the big market scene. Would love that

  • ischats.info/fun/ic-OfJR_f52vqKI/v-deo

  • ischats.info/fun/pNmNg4t7XmR7qoA/v-deo

  • ischats.info/fun/YLNtcmJ8ZZyOdaY/v-deo

  • Maybe you guys look at vfx in music videos too?

  • How about star trek discovery in my opinion very nice cgi

  • the offspring the kid aren't alright music video

  • You should react to the music video, The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

  • the invisible man (1933)!

  • I'm a simple man , I see Robin Williams I click

  • Have you guys looked at the Lost In Space remake?

  • react to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow!


  • Sam Raimi Spider-man movies have some spectacular aerial swinging shots for that time, especially the ending shot od the first one (2002) - you could look into how they did those. Great content btw ;)

  • Can you react on the VR effects in Minority Report???

  • Would you please brake down Shaktiman graphics, the famous Indian super hero

  • You have to check out the plane crash in Air Force One movie 😂😂😂

  • 9

  • Could you do knight and day the chase around seville with bulls

  • check out Dinozaurs

  • The real clip you should talk about is that hair clip

  • I probably wont get chosen but i was obsessed with Mars Attacks! As a kid. I would love for you to do the cow scene at the beginning that broke me as a person 14 years later

  • So, Biting Elbows 'Bad Motherfucker' Official Music Video are pretty fun, although a lot of the cuts are pretty obvious. ischats.info/fun/gsqoqWllfHVtmpA/v-deo

  • Have you guys covered the CGI room? and delivery of a CGI baby? Children of men. ischats.info/fun/ms1te4N2p6eioKY/v-deo

  • hey guys, love the videos you make! You guys gotta check out Altered Carbon, it has really cool visuals so be sure to take a look and keep making the awesome content!

  • Please react to misfits S5 ep8! the flying/fight scene in particular.

  • A really underrated scene that I don't think people realise has so much work put into it is Rodan's escape from Godzilla: KotM. There's so much going on it's hard to miss all the little details.

  • Come back in 30 years when you have experience.. Lifeless millennials

  • Classic monster movies!!!! Do it for Halloween! Great practical effects all over those films!

  • I know you guys need sponsors but... please, not these. My friend got a pair, they are truly ovepriced JUNK.

  • Can you react to this CGI video Star wars the last stand? ischats.info/fun/j9Kme2STZ4d-fqI/v-deo

  • KIWI! (2006)

  • Did you guys explore the Poltergeist? The house sucking scene looks good for 1982

  • React to (2000) Hollow Man

  • great episode. can you do another Halloween themed episode

  • They need to react to Thing from 90's The Addams Family

  • Which version of Nightmare are they watching? There's a version that was "Lucas'ed". They went back and redid a lot of sequences in digital. I'm not sure which is the prevailing version, but I remember thinking cgi boogie was horrible.

  • You guys should react to Kangaroo Jack. Specifically the scene where the pilot was tranquilized and crashed the plane.

  • Take a look at Disney+ ‘Togo’. Soon good shots and some questionable ones!

  • You guys should really show the plant in shop of horrors!!!