How to get 1 MILLION subscribers

Birt 4 maí 2016
Seriously. THANKS YOU guys. Here's a highlight reel of my favorite bits of the past 4.5 years that we've collectively shared.
For Mum by Andrew Applepie-

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  • what sick individuals disliked this

  • You got 15 million subscribers in 4 years

  • Music?

  • I am here mark😁

  • Its been 4 and a half years later

  • 16.1 now

  • and no one made a best of 2020 Mark Rober!?!???

  • The end tho lmao

  • Four years later and here it is in my suggestions. Congrats on 1 million and the 15 million that followed!

  • he's now at 16.1 m

  • Now he has over 16 million!

  • This is why he's my favorite yoituber

  • Little did he know that later in life he would make a parkour for squirrels

  • That's reMARKable

  • Congratulations mate You do really good stuff and my school do some project so of all your projects is always good. Good luck for 10 million subscribers

  • DeVonta Smith

  • And now I’m still 3 digits 😁

  • Now its 8 digits

  • My dream is to work in Nasa or to start my own co panny with cars i olso try to make an magnetic electric generator and i heave 1 more dream to heave a yt Channel like you

  • No its 4.5 years later

  • I demoted myself at work to focus on ISchats......hopefully it pays off. (Yikes)

  • ok now 14mil

  • You are so much inspiring. Love your videos.

  • Mark!, You Are Awesome

  • The end was actually scary!!

  • why do i hear "Fickschnitzel" in there :-D

  • imagine being happy to get to a mil when your at 16 mil

  • Who else started their ISchats channel last year?

  • 1m seemed a lot, now 15.8!

  • This dude went from nasa to blowing up bags of fish blood under water

  • Mark Rober to 25M

  • 4.5 years later congrats on 15.8 Million subscribers

  • 15M today woohoo

  • You’ll be surprised that got 14M more in 4 years

  • Well you waited for about 5

  • Yeah your right, I do suck at physics.

  • nobody Dream: Wanna lear how to make 10 mil in 1 year

  • Anyone want to tell him that he has 15x that amount

  • then at 1M now hes at 15.6M

  • Now 15 mil

  • Simp

  • Its hard to imagine 4 years ago he just hit 1,000,000 and now he has 15,000,000 subscribers

  • I learned what fmr. means so thanks for the video

  • X15

  • Who's here after 15 Million Subscribers?

  • ISchats Recommendation be like......

  • 4 years in future you are one of the most viewed (per video) youtuber

  • Do people remember this. I have been subbed to him for so long and love to see how far he has come

  • Who is here 4 years later when he has 15.2 million now?

  • 2016: 1 Mil 2020: 15 Mil

  • this video should of be called "A recap of all of my awesome videos"

  • this 7 min felt like so much

  • mark is someone im not doing what he is but i feel proud of him

  • another 4.5 years later, it now takes 8 digits, and you've created some of the best content youtube has ever seen.

  • Well Mark Rober it’s almost time for 4.5 years later

  • Bruh you probably got 14 subscriber in 4 years!

  • He makes science looks so cool and fun, which it really is...

  • 2:10 . how cringe. 2:48

  • Guest what after 4.5 years for what he waited he's 15 times million

  • He has 15million in 2020

  • Who's watching in 2020???

  • 4 years later and 15 mil Ur welcome

  • He deserves the “most subscribers in the world” award. Make that happen and subscribe to his videos!!!

  • 14M more in 4 years. Well done 👍

  • The guarded starter previously fade because lip endoscopically inform plus a wasteful ring. pretty, little delete

  • You ate inspiration and because of u I started my own channel afeefyt15

  • Who is watching this about 4.5 years later

  • Who's here at 15 mil?

  • I love mark rober

  • How to get 15 unsubscribers not posting

  • Now in four years he got 14 million more subscribers

  • The ending 😅

  • Well, now he has 15 million

  • Congrats, Mark!

  • 🙂 now 15 million

  • Hey it's been another 4.5 years!

  • Awesome!


  • Everyone: Congrats Mark! You deserve it Me in 2020: umm you 15 mil now 😂😂👌

  • Congratulations for 15Mil

  • And now it's 15 million

  • can you tell me?

  • I'm watching this in 2020 December and you have 15x as many subscribers you had then

  • now 15 million

  • I don't see the video he made for Nov.

  • Lol he has 15 mill

  • Well now It is 4 Years after Bro...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Now he has 15 Million subscribers

  • 4.5 years later 15million

  • mark how do you get the thing that tells you how much subscribers you have?

  • Forget five minute crafts. Mark knows what he’s doing.

  • O

  • Now you almost have 15 mil

  • "cant wait for the next 4.5" 2020: are you sure about that

    • You're not funny

  • couple years later 14 milloin

  • 0:45 thought his costume was a virus and then 19 (covid 19)

  • Little did he know over 4 years later he would see a 1000% increase

  • And now almost 15 mil

  • Please subscribe to my channel!!

  • Only the og's will remember all of these