Geoengineering: A Horrible Idea We Might Have to Do

Birt 27 okt 2020
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By the end of the 21st century, humanity is becoming desperate. Decades of heatwaves and droughts have led to unusually poor harvests, while the warming oceans yield fewer fish each year. In the tropical zones, millions suffer from famine and resource wars have made millions more flee to the north. As things quickly get worse, in an act of desperation, the world's governments decide to enact an emergency plan...
It is far from certain that a grim scenario like this will play out. But the failure of world leaders to effectively address climate change, makes it far from impossible.
So in the near future it might become necessary to try something radical to slow down rapid climate change: Geoengineering. Interventions so massive in scale that they might undo centuries of human behavior. Or make everything much worse.
What is geoengineering, is it really an option and what if it goes wrong?

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    • What if we produced everything in space? Like factorys in space

    • Where is translators?

    • I am sure at 0:01 the house design was stolen from Interstellar (2014)

  • 日本語字幕お願いだよ😭Could you add Japanese subtitles to your videos?

  • Don't reduce co2 REDUCE SUN RIGHT NOW You will take a Nobel

  • Only a blind person wouldn't see that they've been doing this for a long time already. Edit: Lots of blind people

  • Created by evil ppl who want to control the world!

  • lets turn the sahara into a forrest

  • The funny thing is that nature gives way more and almost free if we would do things in an "ecological" way

  • The blanket analogy is gold. I have the blanket on I'm too hot take it off I'm too cold etc.

  • This reminds me of that time they put a huge chunk of ice in the ocean in Futurama

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  • So insane what Texas just went through. Literally unprecedented and it will barely result in 5% of the action/attention needed

  • Cant wait for the retards who wont even bother to google a scientific journal forever ponder how spraying shit in the sky for our OWN safety will “mind control us” or some shit

  • Something something existential crisis, add birds. You've heard it.

  • Its so easy just to stop fossil fuels

  • I think it's really idiotic that Kurzgesagt is negative on geoengineering.

    • @R.d Z heh? What are you trying to say?

    • @LolGamez gtfo. Breaking nature into our image is ALWAYS better than adapting. You want to he an animal or a god.. pathetic

    • @R.d Z no, every single geoengineering project is either untested or has huge side effects if done for a long period of time. It is much better to fix the problem at the root than engineering our planet

    • @LolGamez yes. They call it a band aid and a temporal solution. It's a fix just gotta keep doing it forever

    • Are they though?

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  • Humans gives earth to much gases included 0c2 to cool down earth. Venus: am i a joke to u

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  • The Jurassic is 10C+ warmer than today and there exist no evidence of “famines, bad ecosystems, extinctions” at the time and the earth didn’t turn to venus. Late Ordovician see massive glaciations with 2000+ppm CO2 in the atmosphere.

    • We're not saying earth will turn into venus, just that it'll be uninhabitable to anything that doesn't adapt, including us, causing massive ecological shifts that will make the world unrecognizable

    • Climate change isn't the issue, its rapid climate change, which we have proof of happening

    • And consequently convection couldn’t happen.

    • And stop thinking the stratosphere as being at absolute zero-if the atmosphere couldn’t radiate upward then there can be no weather since there won’t be a mechanism to keep the TOA cold.

    • Any sort of radiative changes can only be brought by something other than CO2 and H2O, both were abundant enough to make the atmosphere optically thick at that wavelength

  • 04:45 Ozone 04:47 Oh-no-zone I like the creativity

  • Just plant trees. Plant lots of trees. Make it a govt project. Dont care what trees, just plant trees.

    • @Eleeth Tahgra and to be clear, as I have said at least twice, I am not saying the carbon capture is the end all solution. Many things have to be done to reduce emissions, and the carbon capture technology has not been perfected. I'm just saying that carbon capture is better than planting trees🙃

    • @Eleeth Tahgra and also direct air capture can capture co2 already in the atmosphere, its just not as effective as putting one on a coal plant. Put this by the highway and watch it do the work of 100 trees

    • @Eleeth Tahgra cars contribute to a relatively small amount of carbon emissions, still a lot, but most of the emissions come from refining the oil into gas in the first place.

    • @Eleeth Tahgra I feel like you're only reading the first sentences of my comments, because I said a lot more than just coal plants. again, the energy sector contributes 3/4 of carbon emissions, so slashing it would be the fastest road to success. Yes it *is* being implemented now, it's slow to go but so is everything in climate change. It will be disposed by burying it, where the coal came from. No it will not increase the cost of electricity, if it does your grid is doing shady shit. Also, I never said planting trees *correctly,* with correct species and undergrowth is bad, and I have in fact encouraged it multiple times. It's just not the solution to climate change.

    • @LolGamez ah, thats coal plant. Good. So, how about cars? So, the carbon it being implemented now? How will it be disposed? Is it gonna increase the cost of electricity? So electric companies could charge more from the citizens? Like they did in texas? With plants, u plant it n u leave it be. Norway can do it. They even turn it into logging industry. Africa manage to tame the enroaching sahara desert. In some area, they could even start garden industry. China start taming gobi desert. Some inhabitable area become habitable. Lots of long term profit for the people in turning treeless area into green area.

  • Pseudo-science. Grand solar minimum search it up

    • @Mksm Mtylits the natural solar cycle doesn't account for this kind of increase.

    • @LolGamez natural cycle of the sun

    • You mean the hard data showing the rapid climate change of the last century is pseudo-science

  • I thought the airplane was farting gases 👀👀

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  • Been doing it for years that's what created the problem

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  • or go vegan

  • Talk about the gum on the bottom of our shoes

  • They’ve been doing it for years already. It was predicted years ago it would cause chronic illnesses and uncontrollable wild fires all what we have been witnessing in the past years and been told nothing to see here get your tin foil hat. And now look they are openly admitting it. This should be protested there’s many other ways we can help we’re are human we can change in a instant. Hate the way the government plays God

  • You are 100% wrong about how oceans interact with CO2.

    • mean... are you saying that co2, *doesn't* lower ocean ph levels? Something we have documented proof of?

  • snowpiercer moment

  • Global warming? Seriously? I thought this was a real science channel. I see now that it is another cheap sci fi video...

    • Have you tried doing real research? Look at trusted sources. Even wikipedia will tell you that.

    • We literally have hard data that the earth is rapidly changing its climate

    • @Silver Lining That's not even bad science. Global warming is a fraud. I'm sorry you can not see that now. Follow the money behind the narrative and you will see.

    • Just because you fail to understand science doesn't make it unreal.

  • Kurzgesagt: talks about earth literally dying me: awww, look at those cute birds!

  • That thumbnail tho Airplane: are you thinking what I'm thinking? Airplane 2: I Sure Am!

  • Climate change is a lie

    • I'm sorry for your loss.

    • Source?

  • So theyre chem trailing the sky for global warming.

    • Bruh this is just one of the many plans, my favorite are orbital solar shades

  • The greenhouse effect is exxagerated. CO2 levels in the jurassic period were much, much higher and the average global temperature was 5-7°C warmer. We're in a slow heating period, we have far less influence and control over the earth than we'd like to think we do. Also yeah we have literally no reason to hold onto fossil fuels, phase out coal then oil then gas, dont be a moron and want to rid them all at the same time and replace them with innefficient green energy.

    • The Jurassic was 5 degrees warmer but the entire ecosystem was adapted to a 5 degree warmer climate, ours is not. If the world rapidly shifts 5 degrees warmer it would not, in fact, be all fine and dandy

  • Judging by how the Grüne Partei has singlehandedly made Germany reliant on horribly damaging Brown Coal via their braindead lobby to close 17 nuclear reactors, I will literally take to the streets if they try literally of the things mentioned in this video. Climate alarmism is fearmongering, plain and simple. Not a single doom-and-gloom prediction made in the last century, from peak oil to global flooding, has come to pass. These people need to sit down and chill out.

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  • Resume you know we can't have a serious conversation about this until you admit that we are already doing a cloud expansion program I called the EPA of California and they told me you are doing at Noah a cloud expansion program. So we can talk about this program but we have to talk about what you are already doing to spray us like bugs.

  • It's been deployed for over 70 years now and they know it doesn't work and so do you, stop misinforming populations until the brutal bitter end because this has made the problem worse, far worse. Methane craters, higher overnight temperatures 🌡 because the heat doesn't escape back to space.

    • @leuma Misinformation huh, just like conspiracy theory is the last resort for the factless and the cowards that don't want to face what's going on, just like with the current convid situation, a lie that's so transparent is not even funny, see the people who give you "information" are provable LIARS, Gulf of Tonkin, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Babies in Incubators and on and on and on.

    • Did you know that people over 65 are 700% more likely to spread misinformation than youth? (edited for wording)

    • source?

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  • this teaches me more then high school

  • I think we could make grow algui on the sea and also aerosol injection, so the algui consumes al the CO2 slowly and the aerosol injection cold the planet while algui is elemination CO2.

  • 日本語字幕お願いします🙇‍♂️Could you add Japanese subtitles to your videos?

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  • A question mr kurrgesagt how many ducks you kill

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  • Can we just appreciate how this video actually looks like it's in 60fps unlike most vids on youtube

  • Wait correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t it stop plants from collection sunlight for photosynthesis

  • The political hormones in this platform I think greatly slows the progress the real science going on . . .

  • Co2 and Comm destruction is bad :(

  • Large scale geo engineering required adaptave quantum interference about communications and natural geo field lines.

    • @leuma well I'm glad you didn't say %100 . Quantum is defined by Planck's "quanta" however I use the term in reference to the control over the behavior of quarks.

    • quantum? i'm 95% sure you misused the word quantum.

  • Geo engineering is essential for controlling the physical destruction of the atmosphere.

  • What is stopping us from capturing the gasses we release into the atmosphere and use it for something else? Like to power engines, or to launch our space capsules further into space (once far enough from Earth)?

  • 7:48 What the

  • so its bad and we wont do that

  • Operation dark storm lol

  • It's like my dad says when playing CoD: Modern Warfare with his friends: "Sounds like a horrible idea; let's do it!"

  • Plant more trees!

  • Humans: start wrecking planet by releasing gases rapidly Humans: let's release more games to fix it. We truly are a retarded species. Best thing to do is allow a great restart. Secure food and property for your posterity. If you can save enough money with such massive inflation.

    • Three people getting the groceries, when you're better off with one.

    • Yeah we should have all the game developers go into a COMPLETELY different field, which goes against their comforts and passions, just so we can fix the atmosphere faster. At what point does it become instant communism? We can't use all our people to research ways to save our arses. That sucks, but at least we have possibly millions of people working to find out the solution.

  • Turkish subtitle please

    • onlar yapmıyor kanka gönüllü bir şekilde Türkler yapıyor, bi buton var oraya basıp kanala gönderiyorlar


  • This is ridiculous. They are already weather engineering. And it’s destroying the planet. You shouldn’t make these videos you don’t know anything about. Or you are intentionally lying and misinforming people. You should stop being so silly with your clunky videos

  • why does then you click on this video, its like the plane is farting

  • What we have to understand is: we will never be able to fully rid ourselves of fossil fuels. We can't fly a rocket into space if it's only electric. Whenever we have an unexpected disaster (the Texas snow storm for example), we need the fossil fuels to keep us warm. In Texas, the wind turbines froze and the solar power plants were covered with snow. While I'm not a fossil fuel supporter, it's something we need to always keep in mind. Yes, we need to gradually decrease our fossil fuel use, but we cannot just push them out of mind.

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  • who cares if the earth explodes! I live on mars :D

  • so what you are saying is that we are screwed

  • World:”THE WORLD IS GETTING WARMER!!!” Texas:”our windmills just froze over...”

    • @leuma isn’t it obvious it was cold because it’s getting warmer

    • "Well explain why it was cold out!"

    • @Nelfhelimyes? But actually no?

    • It’s because of the Arctic which you can think of it like essentially a sponge, and it melting is like squeezing out the soap and water, which is essentially means the Arctic was absorbing the cold and sucking cold but since it’s melting winters are getting colder and summers are getting hotter.

    • literally just thought this. I live in Texas sooo 😂

  • You mean they are already doing. Call it a conspiracy theory all you want but all you have to do is look up. Im waiting⏳Time is running out. geoengineering. Org

    • It is though. Use more than one source. TRUSTED ones.

  • Basically the sun is a microwave

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  • In other words, we could possibly turn planet Earth in another Mars

  • superb idea, animations are improving each time, AMAZING Kurzgesagt

  • climate change is a problem of now not years

  • So they r basically gonna injects steroids into earth😌

  • 7:00 I thought they're going to change it to 2022. Silly me

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  • And as always government and business would destroy everything

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  • The idea is to save our planet, not destroy it. Geoengineering is doing way more harm than it does good. Time to take an overall analysis of its detrimental efects on flora and fauna

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  • Space mirror. You're welcome.

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  • 7:14 I just want to give that poor guy a hug and I’m not saying I’m tearing up because of him but you CANT PROVE I AM

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  • Uhhhh not to be dirty minded but are the planes farting- AAAAAA PLEASE DONT BE MEAN I SAID SORRY

  • The first few seconds of the animation was a reference to a stellar movie, if you catch my drift.

  • Geoengineering has been an on going program that was deployed without the constant of the people hiding this deployment from the people. It has been killing and collapsing the entire web of biosphere damage has already been done and a dying Planet well underway

  • They have already being doing this for many years with chemicals and metals destroying the earth. WAKE UP