These "Alpha Males" Were Banned From TikTok

Birt 8 jan 2021
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New year, same stuff!!!
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comment "i was attracted to this video like bees to honey" if ur reading this!



  • That’s it. Kurtis cursed this year. It’s gonna be bad now

    • Yeah its been shit so far

    • kurtis cursed kurtis cursed kurtis cursed

    • It sucks so hard already

    • And then, 2021 started bullying Texas so. This year was not better

    • Profile pic twins 😳

  • The mullet really makes the impressions better🤣🤣

  • this feels like emotional manipulation and gaslighting

  • your hair looks dope as hell rn

  • Isn’t bees to honey like a common expression?

  • Kurtis is the only reason i still believe there are good men out there

  • They really said “we love women”

  • Loved the hello f*ckin expensive ad

  • The baby at 1:00 to 2:00 looks like boss baby

  • Imagine if his story did happen. The guy insulting him & all the girls laughing. Why dedicate your life to hating women when a guy was the one that insulted you in the first place?

  • Myron looks like a Walmart clearance section Noel Miller

  • legit I would rather the a cute boy then a "AlPha MalE"

  • 16:55 daddy issues???

  • Love the mullet ❤️

  • honestly just date your homies girlz just dont get it 🙄🙄🙄

  • I was attracted to this video like bees to honey

  • kurtis brought this up, but i love that they say that men need money, muscle, and game to get girls, but when i (emphasis on i) pursued my boyfriend he was going through some rough times, had recently been fired, had no car, and was 5’10 and 150 lbs LMAO. i wanted HIM, not all the bullshit that he had acquired. “alpha males” 😂😂😂

  • reason 1 why lesbians exist

  • Dude, so many people leaving dumb, unstructured and grammatically incorrect comments defending points of view full of bigotry...

  • I literally love you kurtis so much like you’re such a good person to look up to

  • Bro, I'm just two videos in with your channel and you're hilarious. The guy you're talking about in this video is somewhat of an idiot but he makes a few valid points. The problem with his content is he continues to contradict himself. He speaks down on girls seeking attention from social media ( which is true) yet he does the exact same thing. There are other youtubers that have simular content but have way presentation skills than this guy. It's not that he's completely wrong, but he's just not the right guy for what he's trying to do

  • He’s like cultured women yup for the streets😂 tf like I bet the girls he likes are boring .

  • So that guy is a result of childhood trauma 😂

  • Is this Sarah Baska’s equal?

  • “grabbed my bicep” sounds a little homoerotic to me, myron.

  • Tbh videos like this just prove how good of a guy Kurtis is.

  • king of plot twists in skits

  • If you gotta justify every day that you’re ALPHA, you’re not alpha. Simple as that

  • Lol your personality is the best that's the most attractive thing in men

  • E-book: you've been lied to by women about... what makes a woman attracted to you "so we asked a man!:D" how does that make sense? XD its like a dentist trying to help someone give birth

  • They’re just too alpha for tiktok

  • I found you today and just watched 2 of your videos, love the humour 😂🤣 these dudes are terrible but you made my day, I needed it. Thanks dude 😭😂😂


  • I'm so glad I'm a lesbian and am in a happy relationship with my girlfriend. I literally couldn't imagine being with a man, dear god

  • Well, I guess I'll unsubscribe. I didn't realize he hated criminals that much. Too bad, I liked his videos.

  • After less than four minutes, I have decided that if I ever see these guys on the street, they'll end up, if they're lucky, in the hospital.

    • Or maybe I can schedule an event where I ask for speakers to talk about stuff and wait for them to show up. Then all I have to do is follow them back to their hotel.

  • I haven't even seen your bones and we've been dating for years!

  • Love you Kurtis bruh my guy

  • If money is so central to male attractiveness, pray tell, how are men getting girlfriends in their early 20's? Checkmate.

  • Kidding aside, men should have male friends they can open up to! You shouldn’t think of it as bringing them down.

  • the way he talks about women is like that episode of south park when cartman’s mom hired cesar to train him 😭

  • I appreciate that Kurtis doesn’t put a rag on his head when doing his girl impersonations 🥲

  • That dude is the king of the incels 🙄

  • These dudes don't have women 🙄🤬😠

  • hi kurtis i am very inspired by you lol. you make my days even when i am sad . i am a member of kurtistown and i just wanted to know what you use to edit ur videos cuz i suck lol. thank you also i was attracted to this video like bees to honey :)

  • i was attracted to this video like bees to honey lol fuck bees bro they sting :(

    • but they hurt me :(

    • Bees are important to the environment don’t be mean to them

  • My spiritual, Aquarius, asexual, virgin ass: 👁️👄👁️

  • This guy literally Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore 😂


    • i commented this after i saw only the first video 🥲 they got worse

  • “There’s a silent MAJORITY that knows what we’re saying is true and then there’s an even bigger MAJORITY that wants to silence us for telling the truth.” .... you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  • Who cares how they choose to speak... Oh that’s right, China... They frown on free speech. 😞 Wondering why the hell youtube keeps pushing your videos on me... 🤔 Oh that’s right, ISchats supports SeaSeeP ethics and those that promote cancel culture #thumbsdown#weak

  • Am I the only girl who low-key wants more of a "cuter" and "gentle" guy over a super muscley and "alpha" guys, not every woman wants an "alpha male" some do, and THATS FINE, but don't treat women in general like trash because that makes you a dickhead. AND HEY, don't treat men like shit either, that makes you a bitch

  • This “man” is...well he’s just the worst! He’s very really bad!! Lol

  • *the mom lookin at the son doing these videos* *her googling is it to late to say Yeetus to the fetus*

  • he looks like 11 from Stranger Things

  • This guy: don't confide in your gf right, cuz she's gonna think you're soft and that's bad TALK TO A MAN ABOUT MAN PROBLEMS Me: but... but I like soft. But... but... I want a man who trusts in our relationship enough to confide in me... but... but... BUT???

  • What the actual -- um punish a girl if she cant show up. No sir ya wanna be single forever go ahead

  • Girls that like guys like you are with other girls . Why would a woman want a girl boy . Beta !

  • It also just turns into emotional abuse and control. Still dealing with my ex boyfriend from highschool that hated me because I challenged his dominance and was more athletic than he was... but dated me because he needed a challenge in his life? Long story short he was the first boyfriend to physically assult me, I broke up with him, so he has been harassing me for years because "I" broke up with "him", but seems to act like, the whole beating me up thing, wasnt the important thing.............. I do appreciate your videos very, very much

  • 17:31 me here with my crystal and Incense : where's my action?

  • 13:00 ....... That's vine energy

  • 3:23 every cell in my body is on fire of aggression .... Wtf?

  • It is true that you can’t always go to your gf about your problems. A lot of woman get super turned off by it and yes might leave you because of it. It’s only an American thing though partly because of influencers like cardi B who talk shit about “soft men”

  • These people are just r/notlikeotherboys

  • dude you gained a new Sub ✌you're hilarious 🤣 and thank ya 😄

  • hello fresh is tight

  • Ok so I cancel date for whatever reason and his solution is to tell me I’m paying for the next day? Lol yeah ok idk what women would be acceptance of any man’s behavior like that. If he was the father of a little girl I’m pretty sure he would reinforce that. If a man really out here taking taking advice like this the whole world needs help.

  • Am I the only one who hears Tina Belcher when he does that over the phone lady voice?

  • Yo, I think I'm actually in love with this dude's personality 😂😂 like just his humour & editing of videos makes my day and has me dying of laughter everytime. ❤

  • Man, these A-holes content keep getting worse and worse. Edit: Im talking about the misogynistic crap btw.

  • God I love Nickelback

  • The fact that most of the men in this comment section.... Is opposed to those guys makes me want to rethink what I think about men.

  • These are the same men that say “women always cheat” and “all girls are the same”. He will not get a wife, and if there’s one thing I learned about men is that they high key need and want love in their life. Don’t listen to men like this or you WILL die alone. Women don’t like men like this. They’ll instantly leave you.

  • bro can you plz cover "entrepreneurs in cars" yt vids on your channel. peak "alpha male, woman evil" stuff p l e a s e i feel like ive hit gold

  • How does an individual as uneducated as this write a 'book' full of 'advice' on how to be a manipulative sociopath? Also the saying is bears to honey, not bees. Idiot.

  • If that guy lost all the weight his “trainer” said he did he’d be a whopping 86 pounds

  • Having to prove you're alpha is one of the most beta stuff ever🤢 I had this one dude who tried that BS with me, I blocked him so hard. 4:34 Realistically tho, most ppl who flake do so cos they didn't value the date with you (the times I've flaked on men, it was cos I didn't like/value them enough. I didn't have anything important to do. I just didn't want to go) & not cos sth 'important' came up. And while I don't agree with their extreme solution of demanding the girl paid cos its quite toxic, the dating world is very cutthroat for the most part so i think ppl should take flaking seriously. If they flake on you more than once, its not a good sign & you should take an action to assert ur value. If i like a guy, I'm usually dropping other things to go for that date, just saying

  • Small nit-pick but I don't like the constant jabs at their height, it's gross and dehumanizes shorter men, which is ironic coming from a video all about not dehumanizing others

  • Dusty/Incel logic is amazing.

  • Please do a video on sims story lines!!!!!!!!!!

  • cant drink my coffee because I'm laughing so much

  • He is an incel.. The type of man that will never have a real relationship and is actually scared of women. Women can't stand men like him!!

  • I thought u had to be funny or have personality to be a commentary youtuber. Like Cody ko or Ethan or Leon lush. Turns out U don't.

  • Definitely giving off little pp vibes

    • @Thea Lindow kurtis has that big brain/ pp energy forsure XD

    • @Samni1715 haha yes gonna have to agree with u my guy >:D

    • @Thea Lindow the dudes he talking about lmaoo

    • Kurtis or the dude he's talking about?

  • Did you ever see the Charles Atlas adds from comic books. Sounds like that

  • I subscribe only for extra greeting

  • Why no vids where these guys hit on the girl with a crazy jealous boyfriend. You also never see satisfied customers lol. Dating was so much easier before social media

  • That bit at 7:30 is so accurate how a woman has a sixth sense and can smell that emotion when they walk in the room

  • i was attracted to this video like bees to honey

  • Ok, I don't agree with a lot of what these guys said, for the most part they're bad, really bad. But one of them did have a really good point that he got no credit for. Women aren't able to deal with some of the things men go through. There's a lot they don't understand and that's fair. You sometimes need other men, real men to talk to about some stuff. Like how is he supposed to talk to his girl about his erectile dysfunction? These real men probably don't have the confidence to talk to someone they're in a relationship with about their deepest issues

  • Everything I do is not the get male attention it’s to make anyone think I’m not a embarrassment to society

  • I’m terrified to think that some people agree with him and are following his advice ☹️

    • Some of his stuff are right, but he doesnt know how to interpriate them properly.

  • these guys seem literally really capable of killing their wives if their marriage ever reaches a certain boiling point.

  • Do Kevin Samuel

  • wow so this is an entire simp channel ok

    • Not being misogynistic and sexist isn't being a simp

    • Wow ur so cool and edgy 😎

  • it's unfortunate that we criticize the entire half of the population for stereotypical flaws yet fail to realize that the other half is just as bad and just as good.

  • I love your content. New subbie here.. Call them all out!

  • Might as well grab your own tricep!!!

  • Anyone ever tell you you look related to Henry Cavill. I can't stop seeing it.

  • These men are teaching other men how to strike out.....