HELLUVA BOSS - Murder Family // S1: Episode 1

Birt 31 okt 2020
When the I.M.P get hired to take out a heroic homicide survivor, things sure do happen.
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WARNING: for naked owl!
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    • So just guessing the family went to heaven for being wrongly killed by the earthly authorities moxie so kindly called how ever the mom is now in hell with the rest of i.m.p my hopes at least

    • Zig

    • lol

    • Am I the only one that’s birthday is almost here and will beg my parents for it

    • @iDontGetPaidEnough q0r reserve

  • 4:55 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • stop @ 5:06 hahaha lmao 🤣 why didnt i noticed before?!?

  • I though this is a Cartoon.....This is emberassing that someone was watching with me watching This LMAO

  • I will give it a 7/10

  • Hey that's my birthday too XD

  • 1:30 Did anyone notice that license plate of the pink car?

  • 3:13

  • Hoo the hell made this shit hoo ever did I hate this siht

  • I just realized that Martha is Jinkx Monsoon and I'm loosing it because I love her

  • Idk wtf this show is but I love it

  • I knew I recognized moxies voice some were

  • one guy sounds a TON like Zim at about 3:40

    • Kaos from skylanders

  • 8:07 Stolas babytalking; beautiful and adorable

  • at 5:22 what is the music in the background called? pls some one help

  • mui zzz

  • i see why martha is blonde

  • hey keep the content going man.

  • more like ACT BEFORE YOU THINK

  • 3:13 wtf

  • La La La La La LA

  • 5:08 read the sign with blitzos face on it

  • moxie look like he saw some mess up shit at the end

  • Funny how in 5:35 they have both yellow and white flowers which can mean both super good things, and also death! Double meaning yknow

  • the thing is the students saw what happened on the computer and they call her a hero

  • "We killed the bitch!" Yes.

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  • damn it moxi i just bought those eels

  • 1:55 *I thought she was Sent through the roof.*

  • This is a fuck show nice one

  • How is this so good?

  • we are not strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A total commitment is what I'm thinking You wouldn't get this from no other guy I just want to tell you how I feel I have to make you understand Never Gonna Give You Up I will never let you down I will never run and abandon you I will never make you cry I will never say goodbye I will never tell a lie and hurt you We've known each other for so long Your heart hurts but you're too shy to say Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we are going to play it And if you ask me how I feel Don't tell me you're too blind to see

  • Invader Zim Cursing is so weird

  • So apparently no one's gonna talk about how Mrs. Mayberry is voiced by Matilda

  • It's.. mediocre

  • This is absolutely amazing! Glad I found this.

  • the fact my birthday is january 8th i-

  • 09:16 EGKPIV

  • Awesome, as usual.

  • In this episode, humans looks more demonic than demons themselves

  • 7:16

  • 2:41 foreshadowing her asaination

  • Should officially start watching this

  • Oh my 😂

  • When mayberry was crying about what she done infront of the students her dying words were “don’t forget to work on your times tables”

  • that mother is bae

  • 7:03 best rape face ever since that docter therapist guy in the Tom and Jerry movie in the 90s

  • Voice actors?


  • 4:08 can someone tell me what loona meant when she said he definitly watches?

  • The first thing that was a good thing is the first one I have a little more time than that and then the first place 🥇 is going out of my house and the other stuff that is going to work the same thing I have a little time for my birthday 🎂 so we have no problem getting the money from you so I’m going to get it for the first day and the week before the holidays so you have a great time with your friends that are in the same time for the next year

  • Hi 🙋‍♀️ it’s just so much fun I will let you know when I have time to do that I have the best day for you and you know that we have been doing this for you while you at work house 🏠 you known me and I love the new stuff you need a little more than that and you can get your stuff done ✅

  • Nice 👍 for the first time and I have been waiting on my own

  • 6:45 is no one gonna talk about how he somehow shot 4 bullets in a double barrel shotgun


  • xd


  • I cant wait for episode 6

  • ПХФФ... Это очень и очень неплохо... Лайк вам...

  • I just realised that the client is actually the woman that Miss Mayberry's husband was cheating on her with

  • Did they say we love homework

  • My bff show me this and I loved it

  • When you ask dad for McDonalds. 4:53


  • The baker family from Louisiana

  • Moxie sounds like caos from sky landers

  • 0:12 POV: your trying to convince your parents that Helluva boss is for kids

  • zim?

  • 10:27 was a different guy I JUST noticed that👁👄👁

  • Dam she throw that bich

  • Hell is very likely similar to the hell in this series

  • Wow she really said yeet da child

  • 10:41 Blitzo.exe stop working...

  • After watching the later episodes and then watch the 1st episode again it also foreshadowing stolas relationship as well before the next episode.

  • cant tell if this was intentional, but i get MASSIVE texas chainsaw massacre vibes at 7:11

  • 12:40 the fact that its not even a military heli makes it 10x more hilarious

  • make part 6


  • 9:17 WOAH- HOLD UP💀

  • 0:11 is that mordecai?

  • 100% Moxie x Millie is the best ship ever made.

  • WAIT! That's totally ZIM's voice actor from Invader Zim playing Moxxie, right??

    • Yep :)

  • That moment when an owl creature says, 'Any who' : I-

  • Wait...why is bliz sad?? If you look into the portal when moxie is about to enter it he has a sad cute expression wHaT?!!!

  • My twitter is worse then this show

  • Is that brandon rogers and the guy who voices chaos

  • Lol im rewatching the series (again) and when the scene with stolas calling blitzø in a near-death situation came up I just thought of how funny it would be if Loona's first time calling blitz and actually having a heart-to-heart conversation with him about how she feels was in the same kind of near-death situation and on one hand he doesn't want to die but also this is a father figure opportunity 😂

  • At least she got some remorse😔😔

  • 3:09 Wtf

  • *Cops waiting out for a response* *No response* *Cops blow up house*

    • Pretty unrealistic real police don't wait for a response.

  • Where is IMP located cuz can't mortal souls only be in the pride ring? Unless IMP is on the pride ring.

  • Did anyone else notice that Millie doesn't have the white spot in her hair anymore?

  • 6:36 me being shot in Roblox arsenal

  • 6:18 me telling my friend to shoot the blue team in Roblox arsenal but he just gets killed over and over again

  • *I love that banner at the end*

  • 3:23 How are there ghosts in Hell? Was this just a quick joke or a foreshadow?

  • Teacher: killing her husband and the woman he was fucking Captions: (applause)

  • Moxxie's voice gives me Kaos (skylanders) vibes-

  • This is m6 favorite episode so far

  • the fact this bitch is running in heals