I Attempted a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

Birt 19 des 2020
thanks for watching :)

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Thank you for watching the videos, this year was rough for a lot of reasons but despite everything all your support really helped me end mine on a positive note. I'm very greatful for all the people around me be it the team, my friends, and whoever enjoys the videos, and I'm excited about what we can achieve this next year :)


  • well bye, I love your channel but I can't see this video because I don't understand any English bye bye❤️️

  • Jfc and I thought I was depressed

  • I swear gen 4 has broken crit ratios.

  • That's deep


  • Rest In Peace milk and the others 😭😢

  • at the end... DID SHE TAKE DRUGS

  • Im so excited for the remakes i could cry, this earned a sub so good!

  • I only have one question. How did you evolve scyther?

  • Hello :D

  • i love this :) do more @Jaiden Animations

  • Please put the Arabic translation

  • Hey jaiden please come back

  • Have you ever got food poisoning?

  • I love your videos!

  • Come on jaiden it's been 2 months when are you going to post your videos are awesome 😭😭😄

  • Welcome to the big 1v1 Are you ready to face your biggest rival? Let's start this quickly You're bad life is Harmful Go away noob You ruined me Your gonna be the next guy I'm not going to let you win Please let me be The next RCL king or I'll make you toxic I won't let you win You'll never win Or Im'ma going to send some targeters to target you IN SCRIMS Do you want to Just be the new RCL king idol OR I'LL TARGET YOU WHY DO WE BECOME THE MONSTERS INSTEAD We don't deserve to be toxic we've been toxic many days Welcome to the big 1v1 Are you ready to face your biggest rival? Let's start this quickly You're bad life is Harmful Go away noob Do you really want me to test my hacks? Are you aware that you will be toxic? Why don't I fair your 1v1 right now Alright then prepare to be crushed

  • Did jaiden stream the gameplay for Pokemon Platinum? Where can I find it :,(

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • 17:05 Jaiden predicted the chibi artstyle of brilliant diamond and shining Pearl before it was announced XD

  • Cyrus is like the Wilbur Soot of Pokémon

    • (Talking about pogtopia Wilbur btw)

  • i knew what jaiden is talking about in the ending it is called impostor syndrome

  • this video feels like an anime show especially the end

  • 16:19 jaiden pog

  • :V

  • Hablo español pero me gusto los videos de jaiden animacion

  • Wahoo almost 10 mil subs wow it’s time boys WAHOO LETS GO :) you deserve this big trophy vary much

  • Just about new video time bois (basing off of previous video upload dates)

  • No entendí pero me gustó mucho te quedo chido


  • Make more please

  • are you gonna play the platnum remake?

  • I dont feel good right now, and I hope you have a happy life with no pain like I am right now.. bye.

  • I find it funny how Turt is just fine with being used as a club in his early days.

  • Jaiden always kill first Pokemon in nuzlock

  • Did you quit ISchats jaiden

  • My step brother looked like the back of a turtle before he was born so we call him turtle but I call him 1:14

  • Wow, Jaiden took down the Minecraft colab video. But I get it. The guy she colabed with got in some drama/trouble. No hate Jaiden. Have a good day. I will probably take this down in 20 minutes to 1 day.

  • Next year do HeartGold

  • Turtwig is best boyyo

  • 10:6 you are a monster :(

  • I have both of those games and my gible named Jack died and I cried

  • Why is it distorted Jaden WHY!!!

    • if ur wondering why the distorted parallel universe of her losing is there it’s because she had to attempt it again because she lost the first time

  • For your next Pokémon nuzloce can you do Pokémon sword and shield

  • 100 videos let’s go!!!!!!!

  • I liked 15:10 and 15:47

  • Top 10 saddest anime

  • Idk why but oops looks like dream in this scene 19:40

  • Barry looks almost exactly like a character I've made in the past

  • Everyone’s gangster until 15:07

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  • 2030 I attempted a Pokémon sword and shield nuzlocke

  • Hey Jaden I just wanna let you know I came from the odd One Out

  • Life does stop when your ari dies

  • You would react to every story time animation

  • It feels like this is the longest video she made! Good job, Jaiden (and the other people)

  • 5:50 Jadien: OH YEAH IMA CATCH A SWUPER STRONG POKÉMON AND BECOME GO- Trut: you- you wanted that- The fans: *Facepalm*

  • Now play pokemon last fire red

  • 10:15 this is so sad omg

    • IKRRR-😭😭😭😭

  • holy the last part i felt like fucking dream smp lore moments it was really something

  • why did you stop making videos?!

    • Um animation takes months

    • im worried

  • I really love this video including every video I had watched on this channel thank for the amazing content and Nuzlocke👍😁👍 Pokemon for life👌👍

    • Also I came here from aDrive when he reacted to your Nuzlocke 😁

  • Jaiden depression arc

  • 5:55 Jaden boi

  • Can u play threw dark souls next?

  • Am i the only one that is talking about how jaiden looks like dawn?

    • It was on purpose. That’s what you look like in the game

  • Jaiden you know in the dentist video you pointed the middle finger

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  • How do you feel about he diamond and pearl remakes and legends of arceus

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  • Apparently this is your 100th vid

  • Wer nev apizot

    • Jk i know it takes a lot of time to animate

  • Im gunna catch a Shellas and name it jaiden just as a tribute

  • Failure defied its own destiny by being a success

  • That part where jaiden was torn apart and her clone died tho.. its scary and amazingly accurate at the same time! Nice work, jaiden!

  • Is Jaiden on break or something because it been 2 months.

  • 10:28 Jaiden is evil

  • how did you donthis animation your good

  • Jaidenanimations: goes into depressing story Sinthia: can you just shake my sit on the champion chair already?

  • I just finished this game a month ago lol

  • wooper doesn't evolve

  • E G G

  • am I the only one suspicous that this is the only video she has uploaded scence the vicinity of the beggining of 2021

  • Every time i go on yt i check ur channel to see if theres a new vid cuz im bored Also wheres Aris bday again,again,again

  • Hello Jaiden, I like your videos and your battle royale with James and Anthony

  • Did you really go to mr beasts ISchats’s battle Royale with the Oddonesout

  • Who else has been watching this like 10 time to wait instead of watching other channels?

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    • She’s been taking about two months on each so I guess she’s doing her best

  • Wow, the "Failure" part made me cry, wtf.

  • Would you consider soul silver

  • You can make a video (if you want) of pokemon platinum randomizer

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  • Hello, Jaiden I am 10 years old and I really am entertained by your various content I wonder when you will make more wonderful content so goodbye. (I wanted to express my happiness for you to be around :\)

  • Man, Jaiden must be working on a long vid! It's been a long time since she posted! It's fine though. I'm exited for it!