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  • ok ok, here me out, you collab with Elon musk

  • I wouldn't even want to be in the same room as that thing, much less actually use it. I would be expecting to blow up. I still jump when I plug my hairdryer into an electrical socket, and I can't cook using gas.

  • Do I hear my theme?

  • nice wall trick!

  • What if you ask your militery to buy all your lightsabers for war

  • Please make a working harry potter wand many as much you can and please give away it and one to me also

  • He did it they called him a mad man but he did it the future is now thanks to these people we will conquer the universe!!!

  • Smack threw the glass don't stab

  • This makes me wonder how close to the light sabres from Star Wars we’ll be able to get.

  • What in the fk 😳

  • 10 more years and it will be just like the movie ones

  • remember the all times when someone on the group ask to the rest: "The only problem is how we gonna open that safe box in the bank" well i now i know. srry for my english im from argentina

  • Rapaz...isso aí na fazenda dava de sapecar porco demais viu kkkkkkk

  • Pra mim é um maçarico

  • Good job guys you actually did it

  • Think you missed the test for cutting down beams from a trooper blaster

  • Just imagine Elon Musk working on this project

  • Its amazing but could 3 protesters battle with each other Cause lightdabers clash While protosaber may just pass through each other Other then all that it's an amazing invention

  • i would destroy what ever i wanted ``-

  • This is so cool yet so terrifying at the same time

  • Soooo ummm why did you use probaine oxygen combo surly oxygen acetylene is much hotter correct me if im rong

    • Yeh hahhah t acetylene flame is like 2000°f hotter its 6000°f why not use that

  • I'm not surprised it couldn't "cut" through concrete, since this is essentially a laminar flamethrower. Cool looking flamethrower though.

  • I think I would know the outcome but I would use the light saber on every element I could get my hands on and for the final act I would use it on gunpowder

  • But the question is "can it though humans" Prove it 😁😏😜

  • Is there any chance you could build a Las Rifle from Warhammer 40k?

  • Чушь какая то. Обычная горелка.

  • Real content

  • How is that even possible?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?

  • Make it a gun

  • This Is so cool but I was wondering what if you guys make the Ghost Rider hell cycle

  • That is insane!! A real proto saber!!

  • I was just happy to see something this close to a real one in my lifetime.

  • Lets have cooked meal by a light saber

  • bruh this is maverick's gadget

  • Is there a resistance while cutting through stuff?

  • The new 1000° knife video

  • A watermelon. Simple but maybe fun.

  • made a heal bazooka from fortnute

  • The madlad actually did it

  • Still not a lightsaber the magnetic fields are what make them clash

    • Wow ur cool; this is as close as it’s gonna get bud, it’s reality.

  • Tbh yall really made a skinny yet long single point flamethrower. Light sabers are soild and (basically impossible but) cuts through anything instantaneously. But that's amazing 👏

  • If I destroyed anything with a Lightsaber it would be my life because of all the havoc I would cause

  • Dislike for constant DSW (Disney Star Wars) references. Yuck.

  • The leprechaun in the deep end of the sand box tells me to burn things.

  • It’s all fun and games until the fbi hunts you down takes the lightsabers and makes you build hundreds more for us soldiers. Then use them to take over the world.

  • Can I get a lightsaber giveaway? Also I just got to say I’ve been watching since the beginning and the channel has grew a lot and so has the hacksmith industry.

  • Quarter inch steel was impressive

  • Maybe try to destroy bulletproof class

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaa....unfortunately it wont stop a bullet like in the movies :)

  • 7:40, this part was looking as if there is a ghost rider

  • the question is can it deflect bullets

  • I have become death the destroyer of worlds

  • Imagine he being that crazy doctor that makes something powerful that no human made and destroys humanity and actual hero comes and beat him down 😂😍

  • Podrías construir un sable de luz estilo diésel punk con la hoja de color rojo?

  • this is the weirdest flamethrower i’ve seen

  • I would like to see the lightsaber cutting a arm or a leg(human, specifically), it would be nice!

  • Lightsabers have to be able to hit eachother like duels in movies. You need a second lightsaber. It would just go throufh tho

  • the constant blaring od star wars sfx noises is very annoying

  • dude you all are amazing

  • This guy will go down in history!

  • Guys what u say to Lightsaber vs unbreakable Box :D

  • Ze Woado

  • Best excuse me

  • It's very great good job you are the beast

  • lol, larping

  • the Hacksmith's Lightsaber: "can cut through walls Me: The wall is like styrofoam

  • Well Played Pan!

  • Maybe one day it can fit in your pocket and you can swing with it and have the blade cut through anything much faster

  • so basically just a glorified plasma cutter, no where near the properties of a saber

    • Yeah, well reality is often times disappointing.

  • He should improve the velocity to cut things, like the real one,. The real one cuts so fast 💨

  • I love turkey.

  • Sooo.... This Is like that board from back to the future that got "Made" with wheels, AND this Is a "light saber", thats basically a giant metal Solder... Good to know we still buy into whatever thumbnails say

  • Bro you should be famous

  • LAME...👎 My khatana would destroy you


  • So it's like a really badass flamethrower Not what I'd expect of a lightsaber, but it seems to be working pretty well for that. Imagine a lance or spear made like this.

  • 4:00 EWWW WTF

  • No offense but a real light saber is 2 times as hot this is very impressive non the less

  • When u cut through the wall, what material was the wall made of?

  • U should get another indestructible box and break it with the lightsaber

  • This is no doubt one of the coolest thing i've ever seen

  • Why does he look like keanu Reeves in the thumbnail

  • I think it is a proto saver

  • So this is what maverick from r6 was using

  • but can it cut your new diamond play button

  • Yay plasma cutter..

  • Im just throwing out a random question, do you think it would be possible to one day make a bulletproof shield that can turn into a bracelet?

    • Colin Furze created a wrist shield.

  • I like watching them destroy things but everyone I see someone destroy a car It makes me mad cuz I’m working my ass off to get a car and it feels like it’s gonna take years

  • Yes, but does it work when you clearly...HAVE THE HIGH GROUND ?

  • Now we just need to find a way to make it solid enough to clash against each other then we finally have a real lightsaber

  • The military is going to like this weapon

    • No they won’t.. it’s just a big plasma cutter which has existed for years. And a gun could stop this coming at you from miles away.

  • When u selling these

  • But does it reflect lasers? Lol jk, I know it can't do that

  • i can't fathom a way to have plasma based light saber that also has the properties of a solid that can collide with things, but the first half of the impossible design is complete!

  • Technically Captain America’s shield is an ALLOY of vibranium AND adamantium, not that BS they showed in the cinematic universe.

  • Internship??

  • Collaboration with the slow mo guys!

  • Lightsaber brought you, 600K new subscribers!

  • Just a little hotter and it will be 1:1

  • But can it cut tungsten ?