Tow Truck Owner Explains How He Makes Millions | Blue Collar Millionaires

Birt 17 sep 2020
With hard work and determination, Chuck Ceccarelli became the owner of a multimillion-dollar tow truck company, In the Ditch Towing. Catch his inspiring road to success here and don’t miss your favorite episodes of “Blue Collar Millionaire” on demand now.
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About Blue Collar Millionaires: Blue Collar Millionaires celebrates America’s most inspiring self-made successes: the working-class men and women who’ve managed to build fortunes with nothing but mud, sweat, and tears. From gator trappers to chimney sweeps to junkyard kings, these folks have overcome incredible obstacles on the way to mastering their trades. But today, they’re all blue-collar millionaires - and they’re ready to share what they’ve learned.
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Tow Truck Owner Explains How He Makes Millions | Blue Collar Millionaires


  • I've ordered the tri motor fsd cyber truck..I may also buy the S Plaid.. I CAN'T WAIT!! i got lots of solar to charge them BOTH & a backup battery system as well..

  • Seems like a good guy, but bad mustache trim awfully lopsided

  • This story just goes to prove that if you are willing to work hard you can succeed in this country. If we had just one of him in each of the 50 states, WE would be asking China “ you wanna borrow HOW much ?” An inspiration to us all. Who needs Shark Tank !

  • Nice video but, it doesn't do him justice. I've used his products and admired his work for years.

  • CONGRATS💥 💯💥

  • In the ditch equipment = the best! ...

  • Takes money to make money. Only if the govt and these old idiots had common sense.

  • I am truly inspired even more not by the material things but, by his tenacity and boldness! I am even more motivated for the business I have planned and pray to God I get to work or buy from him and his family one day!

  • How much you willing to bet this guy voted for Trump?

  • That funny he said 18 billion when he meant to say million 1:35

  • seems like a real down to earth guy.

  • So you had all of the workers, components, trucks, garage, welders, benches, tools, etc. drove all the way across the USA, talked on the phone etc. but the business changer was Toyota? Rev 13:18 Gotta be some of the most thankless, stupidest talk I've ever heard. All of this organized production is from a book no one has ever heard of.

  • Title should read "Inventor"...

  • I sure hope he profit shares and his employees get cool toys as well. I miss the days of being compensated & appreciated well for being a hardworking, loyal employee. Seems like now a days all the money stays at the top most times. I believe my sign of success is how well my least paid employees live.😉💥😎

  • No matter how well he runs his business, the towing industry is a scam. I understand they help in many situations, but they also hold peoples cars hostage for outrageous sums. I'm glad this guy runs his company effectively and efficiently, but a big part of towing is a scam.

  • He is a motivation model.

  • Little mention of all of his employees toys... . oh wait

  • A true american

  • Luck

  • Someone tell me about "white privilege" again.

  • Well If theres a good percentage of ignorants on parking....weeeell this is the right business to be in!!!

  • misleading title, thought he was an actual tow truck driver/owner...

  • Just insurance companies and repo’s can make you rich.

  • Best one yet.

  • Great to see a man putting in the blood sweat and tears doing well. Added bonus made in America

  • I know a lot of plumbers and HVAC contractors who make way more then many college graduates and they have no debt. But i also know academics who think that kind of work is beneath them while working as a waiter. What can you do but laugh.

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • but is he forklift certified?

  • Idaho proud bro!

  • Good for him , who said manufacturing was dead in the USA ? Oh yea joe Biden did

  • in spite of democrat efforts America is still the greatest country on earth!

    • You had to make it about politics. Ya know as a democrat myself i can appreciate the good things about capitalism too, and while we may be the greatest country on earth in some ways, we have a lot to work on

  • W.O.W.

  • I can’t stop staring at his mustache and how uneven it is

  • What does he pay his employees and is does his company offer profit sharing?

  • cool guy except for the alcohol commercial

  • From 40 hours to 8

  • He asks for continuous feedback from his employees for potential efficiencies, makes them part of the success. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Thought this was a story on how a crooked tow truck Owner made millions lol

  • I used to run a trumf laser like that

  • i heard you said efficiency. Well I would like to add furthermore is called SEPT. S stands for speed. E stands for efficiency. P stands for power. T stands for times. With this for letters combine, it creates success.

  • impressive

  • I'm inspired all over again

  • He applied Six Sigma (eliminating variation & process improvement), lean (reduction of waste), and tenants of CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) all in a project framework (PMBOK - Project Management Book of Knowledge).

  • Let's not get this twisted. He's made most of his money with the manufacturing of the tow truck accessories and NOT the actual towing business. SMART!

    • Exactly! Work SMARTER, NOT harder! Cudos to da man!

  • Best millionaires around! So many of them and they’re all good people.

  • I love how they got the narrator to sound like a blue collar guy as well

  • He left home when he was 13! Way to make your life work for you!!

  • Have you ever had your car towed and set there for a few days ? 700 to pic it up. And thats just the tip of the ice burg.

  • Thumbs down and goodbye as soon as I saw the Chinese made harbor freight tool boxes.

    • @JR:FIT I don’t work for Snap On or any other tool manufacturer. Just a regular dude that buys American whenever possible. I’m sure your type of products are made in China much much cheaper than yours.

    • The shop is literally jam packed with american made multi million dollar automated machines and manufacturing equipment. But your worried about a $900 tool box. Snap-On is pure highway robbery for there products.

  • Yea right. Single mom with 2 kids in the car. They have a breakdown 7 blocks from her house. Short story he charged her 125.00 to tow a honda civic 7 blocks. Tbis was after he quoted 150 but she literally only had 125.67 in her account. She told him that money was for her kids to eat for the next week. He smiled amd said to her " I'm sure you'll figure it out." As a tech wrenching for 25 years I've heard countless stories, I've had quite a few run ins with these guys. I couldn't say a nice word about any of them. That is truly sad.

  • Tow truck drivers the scum of the earth. Don’t know how this profession is legal.

  • Overcharging. Works in all business.

  • My favorite millionaires are the ones who don't just buy toys with their winnings. But to each his own.

  • I always believe there is Great Value in hardwork

  • A lot of hard work going on! Hopefully he pays well and takes care of his employees.

  • Chuck, you are a true efficiency expert, self-taught. Way to go.

  • Makes me happy to hear of people being successful like this. I drove MC vehicles for a living and was not this smart. I now drive golf balls and loving it. Kudos to him. Pete 379

  • And.............this is exactly the type of guy, that Democrats want to destroy! Everyone equal working as robots. With no incentive, no toys, no joys and no reward for effort or genius! Unless you are with Gerry or Nancy, then you can have all the ice cream you want.

  • You mean he made millions. On other people's labor.

  • These employees could become his competition one day.

  • Literally the millionaire next door

  • White privilege

  • Tow truck companies and tow truck drivers are scam artists

  • Stick? ... lol ... this guy is cool. Its called the American Dream and guys like him make it happen.

  • Most tow truck companies are crooks.

  • Nice to see someone doing well , hopefully Chuck spreads the wealth with his employees

  • The real answer: he runs a meth lab on the side

  • Great story .Hard work does pay off . You listening kids put the PS + X box down. Slow down on social media. AND GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY

  • We need more millionaires like this

    • most are. that's how they got to be millionaires. You just typically hear about the high-profile rich kids. The do-it-yourselfers usually lead a more anonymous life

  • Those emoyees better be taken care of...they will stop trying to find inefficiencies and correct them if they don't reap any of the rewards.

    • Its called a paycheck.

  • 😂 What’s a ruff? Pretty neat deal here..

  • This is America

  • Not to take away from this man's achievements, but we made "side pulls" w flatbeds using a snatch block attached to the far side of the bed. When I worked in the business back in the 80's

  • He nails it with his philosophy of: " The real money lies in efficiency". His company is able to increase profit by reducing costs and time without the need to increase sales. This is the key difference between private enterprise and government. The government never decreases costs, or seeks efficiency. They simply look to increase taxes at every turn, or borrow more in order to maintain or increase their insane level of inefficient spending. Can't buy votes by cutting spending. Yet another example of capitalism and entrepreneurship being superior to government in every way.

    • Look at real wage growth since 1980. There's a big source of profit

    • @K-Fabe 87 Nah, more than likely a communist.

    • @K-Fabe 87 wrong again

    • @Mitch Mc : Such a detailed, thought-provoking retort with brilliant, evidence-based counterpoints. Must be a government employee.

    • Wrong.

  • awesome story.

  • God Bless him!!! Trump won Biden cheated

  • Yeah baby Blue collar baby real American pride!!!! Made in USA

  • It's pretty easy Just charge like an American!!!

  • How well does he pay his staff?

  • Quick someone take everythin he owns cuz he worked hard and i didnt! -Every socialist ever

  • id say i can aprreciate his work except the difference in me and him is he had partner someone to help i never will i had been targetted for owning peoperty then sold it to escape

  • I thought this was about the guy who tows your car while your downtown at the club 😳. Pretty sure their millionaires too

  • He's a modern day hero. He cares about his community, his family, and his country. He's an inspiration

  • People will be kicking there self here in a few weeks if they don’t buy ADA Cardano. It will out do bitcoin!!

  • Is the voiceover Billy Ray Cyrus?

  • This. Guy is my mom's boss and I know him

  • He has to be proud of himself.. from nothing to something,his invention is bad @$$

  • If you keep pushing speed increases from your staff, you’re not producing more efficiently; you’re burning out experienced works and treating people like beasts of burden

    • His employees need to care in order for the process to be more efficient. If he doesn't pay above the market rate, then he wouldn't get above-average performance.

  • He did not live on his own at 13... I call BS.

  • Around 70% of millionaires have a college degree. It’s refreshing to see the other 30%

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  • People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

    • @Donny Q Jesus. What the heck was that.

    • @Jim Werther never seen them do this, they’re pretty dumb aren’t they😂

    • @Donny Q I agree with you. Sounds like a serious scam.

    • I wouldn't touch Bitcoin with a ten foot pole

    • @Adonis Kye Buy low and sell high(er)

  • Chuck and his "IWS" service is also a reseller of the *Renegade Super C Motorhomes* which are top notch in the industry and he, himself, does the walk-through videos! He's one of, if not the best when it comes to 'motorhome walk-throughs' IMHO!

  • @corner garage productions: So people in other countries but the US don't work hard? Typical bloody Yankee.

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