Beating iPhone Heart Halloween Costume + 20 more high-tech costumes

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  • God just poured 100% of the genius into 1 kid when he was making mark


  • whos watching this in 2020?

  • who here from 2020??

    • @Whos Morriya isnt it funny they said the election and were having a election

    • @Whos Morriya hi lol

    • @Mrs Beast hi

    • i me

  • Who is watching this to make a new costume this year?

  • He looks younger

  • Wait why does that video seem longer than it is?

  • *Gets this suggested 8 years later right before Halloween

  • Noooo this is not mark. Who is here in 2020

  • Who's here in 2020

  • 2:48 HeY gUeSs wHaT i Am

  • If you are watching it after 8 years, you are a legend!

  • anyone 2020???

  • why didt you use the iphone 11

  • Im seeing this in 2020... This is STILL super cool and I am about to buy the zipper one!

  • 2020 corona gang

  • Mark proves that if your good at engineering your good at everything 😂

  • He sounds like he doesn't like doing ISchats

  • I tried to get it but it won't open

  • Woah :0

  • Another cool one would to have the iwound on your back so that if someone is walking behind you, it looks like something is trying to grow out of your back ^•^

  • New Halloween costume 2020

  • "Pretty much any size mobile device"? 🤔 I mean, I realize this is from 2012 but even back then mobile devices weren't limited to teeny-wheeny 4-inch ijokes 🤦‍♂️

  • Watching this in 2020

  • The masks are all discontinued

  • Never would I see the day when a ISchatsr dissed himself

  • The app doesn’t work

  • I’m watching this from an iPad 2 lol

  • lol oooooold

  • 5,767,352 views 25 k likes 822 dislikes

  • He has successfully traumatized multiple adults and children

  • you should go to a party with the iwound but your shirt clothes... then you purposely get in a fight and open that part of your shirt.

  • I’m from the future, Obama wins

  • 1:39 eyeball t-shirt is so realistic and creepy

  • ingenious. i wanna try

  • Wow the young mark rober is so thin

  • #13 of the binge

  • 2012!

  • 3:01 😂😂😂

  • 2:13 any phone? I am not sure about that. Please Don’t say the video was 6 years ago

  • Genius

  • 2019!!!

  • Aww man, not again. This is the 4th time this week!

  • What if phone runs outta charge? Put a charger in ur t shirt? No offense big fan 🤣

  • Can I use a real heart?

  • Now I’m just cringing since I watched it again

  • 1:36 is my favorite one

  • I used to pronounce his name as Mark Robber

  • 2019 anyone? rlly, mark rober and obama

  • 6 Years Ago

  • my brother did the wound thingy for Halloween it was cool

  • Awesome invention!

  • t- shirt with eyeball looks horribly real...

  • Cross your fingers your phone doesn't die!

  • DES...PA...CI- Oh wait, wrong video.

  • 2019?

  • Press read more God loves you! 🖤

  • Love this guys videos. Just so cool to have the science behind it

  • Yeeea magic of raht

  • you jus made active camoflaouge with the 2 tablets

  • Is anyone watching from 2018? Mark is so much more chill in my time!

  • Halloween t-shirt


  • I didn't know he made these until now.

  • Did it a year before you but props for getting traction on the concept.

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  • shark in halloween > new and funny

  • 😱😱😱😱😱

  • I need 17 100 pounds of tnt and 17 horses

  • Why dont you sell shirts with the phones for like 500 dollars

  • Guys don't buy anything from this guy I bought a shirt and it is terrible I give it 1 out of 10 stars it looks so cool on the video but in reality is sucks the phone shows through the shirt it is extremley cheap and so noticeable that the phone is in there it is terrible trust me don't buy it guys unless you want to lose all your money

  • Darn these videos are 5 years old but feels so new I mean it in a good way

  • REAALLY cool omg.

  • I want to see something like this with a e-ink device, since the screen is bright, and gives it away. But cool concept.

  • Obama won then Donald trump came

  • any 2018ers here?

  • the I wound is kinda because that's not every body's skin color

  • Person: Trick or tr- Phone: Battery low Person: *TRIGGERED*

  • you look tired

  • U scared the kids!

  • Is there an I wound for white people

  • 3 mil!? You only have 2 now! Why?

  • “Not again”

  • Order With Free Shiping Share Someone who would love it Exclusive #Halloween shirt >>

  • Is it cool

  • Is there a chace to buy them from EU?

  • Does it work with iphone 6

  • Oh dang this was a long time ago

  • Hey mark is it possible that I could use the app and then use a different shirt? Like an ordinary graphic t-shirt and then do the same thing?

    • No, why would that be possible? Using a shirt that isn't supplied? Of course not!

  • Put a slot that's able to have a battery pack on the iWound

  • Oh the app is called digital duds

  • YO THANKS for this!!

  • I got a screen on ma che-est!!

  • Are you somehow related to Jake Rober?

  • He sounds so sad omg

  • What about the radiation

  • Have you run out yet?

  • My costume died in 3 hours... rip