Turtles or Snakes- Which do cars hit more? ROADKILL EXPERIMENT

Birt 19 júl 2012
I read a long time ago that people will swerve more to hit turtles over snakes... and as a firm believer in the scientific method, I decided to test this hypothesis.

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  • He sounds so tired

  • why would anyone hit an animal

  • People who rescued the animals should be in positions of power these are qualities leaders should have

  • If you run animals over on purpose you deserve to go to a dark place

  • I never realized this was the Glitter Bomb guy.

  • I’ve got a pet tortoise,

  • I a, so thankful you did not kill a real turtle.

  • Dude, I hope the ones who intentionally hit animals with vehicles, should die in a car crash.

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  • I remember when my mom almost killed a turtle on the road. My mom saved that turtle.

  • 0:57 My favorite part lol. Gives me Mario vibes.

  • Thank god you used rubber

  • 8 years ago? Holy

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  • Sad these people are bad

  • But... they might not see it because they are quite high up.

  • Leaf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • I thought it was gong to be mario instead of shredder

    • I knew it would be shredder the moment he said who'd kill a turtle

  • Buys snacks, sibling after 0.001 seconds 2:52

  • I don’t know why people hit turtles but I know people run over snakes because they kill dogs and livestock not saying it’s ok

    • Plus its way easier to spot a turtle than it is a snake. The person who ran over the turtle did it deliberately, or it looks like it

  • Mark - THATS MY SNAKE GIVE IT BACK IM DOING SCIENCE Him - Drives off with snake Mark - *S T O N K S*

  • 00:28 you are creating me!!!!!! ❤️❤️😍

  • Legends are watching it in 2021. 🤠


  • People watching this in 2021

  • :0 he looks so different

  • Animal cruelty XD

  • I thought it was a real turtle 😂

  • imagine the people who run animals over on purpose getting ran over by a car or a tank XDDDDDD would love to see 👌pog

  • Omg this video is so old, I’m so used to watching his new videos

  • i think they just didn't see them

  • What I love about Mark is that I can never tell if it is sarcasm or real.

  • Omg I thought he was gonna use real animals omg

  • omg young mark!!!

  • Marks humor has definitely changed over 9 years

  • this video is old i was 1 years old when he published that

  • ISchats algorithm. Here we go again

  • the title was as striking as the car that hit my friend :>

  • me- thinking mark sounds weird also me- realizes this was almost nine years ago XD

  • Someone should put sharp blades in rubber turtle.

  • This just proves that people with trucks are more likley to be shitbags

  • 2:57 I feel like you were so sleepy when you said this I can hardly understand what u said lol

  • Should redo this video, and get their license and expose those that go out of their way to hit an animal. :( I've saved so many turtles and even a few snakes. :)

  • The end though😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 2:57 OMG I LOVE THAT SNAKE STEALER XD KIDS NEVER GO TO A SNAKE STEALER! Btw like if u see this in 2021

  • Guy just changed, while his cap remained constant

  • the flipcharts♥️

  • Oediv Eicn

  • I would totally hit the tarantula

  • Hello Young Mark

  • Why would you intentionally run over a turtle. Some people are real psychopaths...

  • Why is this in my reccomendation,

  • 8 years ago!!!


  • this is 2021 quality video

  • Ur voice has changed so much!

  • 😞

  • Wow Mark back then WAS not really conffidence is he?

  • What I thought Mario hit turtles

  • lol this is old

  • Turtles are amazing, people love to save them

  • Like why

  • This is such a 2012 video omg.....

  • In my country its different Because we don't have turtles or snakes.

  • He needs to start putting glitter bombs in turtles.

  • My mom hid a groundhog once on accident and it was so sad my sister and I cried


  • 3:52- turtle killer : But I wanted to subscribe :”v

  • I stopped once to look at a foot-long turtle in the road. The bottom of its shell was stuck to melted road tar, and it was struggling to get loose. I pulled it loose and put it off to the side.

  • Man, I thought he was going to say Mario ran over the turtle.

  • Dang this was eight years ago lol

  • I was born 2012

  • As a VSCO girl(I loved turtles and everything before the trend) all I want is a pet turtle and seeing people intentionally hitting the turtle makes me sad and disgusting.


  • Nah the guy who ran over the turtle thought he was playing mario

  • every person who hit the turtle was really Michael reeves in different vehicles

  • Notice how almost all of the vehicles who went out of their way to hit the animals were SUVs an pick-up trucks? Edit: sorry as I've watched the video ive realised he said this but interesting anyways :)

  • The "Hey! WHAT? That's my snake!" just killed me, this conversation was too funny

  • It's 2021. Thank you for bringing me here.

  • 2:00 someone :misses spider Same person: backs up runners it over

  • These older videos his voice was not as exciting

  • 6.9 million views 😏

  • I rly thought he was evil till i learned it wasnt a real animal

  • Poeple are monsters. im never letting anyone borrow my car.

  • That is so funny

  • 0:57 what a little dickhead

  • i am from germany. and i didnt even know that this would be a thing... killing animals on purpose . WOW

  • i am waiting for mark to find the guy who stole the snake, create ,design and launch a sattelite and deploy toilet paper on his house from space.

    • @Shafira Woard lol

    • I didn’t get your comment , it just reminded me Rick and morty

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  • thats disturbing to run over wildlife. If you run over or kill wildlife, i will find you. JK, but dont kill animals

  • young mark rober it's funny

  • this makes me sad because I love snakes and tarantulas they're my favorite animals they're such fascinating creatures in their own ways the worst part is people run them over because of their lack of knowledge for these creatures

  • 0:57 those kind of people are terrible

  • LOL. “89% of killers drive SUV’S”. Pics of OJ Simpson’s white Ford Bronco chase. That was great Mark! 🤣

  • 8 years ago, a young man wanted to test out people who kill animals

  • 0:45 Conclusion, 6% of cars hit animals on the road without realizing

  • Old Mark Rober?!?!??!

  • TOTALS: saved = 5.7% killed = 6%. This just makes me sad and pessimistic about human nature. Maybe we deserve WW3 and the end of civilization after all.


  • Ho lee Fuk