Trump Melts Down Over “Stolen" Election

Birt 9 nóv 2020
People took to the streets across the country to celebrate Joe Biden & Kamala Harris winning the election, our first ever edition of Drunk Kamala Harris, Trump refuses to accept that he lost and claims the election was stolen from him, we put together some past concession speeches to give Trump some inspiration, a Trump Voter Fraud hotline received many prank calls which we very much discourage... (888) 503-3526, Rudy Giuliani gave a speech at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Pfizer announced that they are making great progress on a vaccine, Ben Carson & Mark Meadows have COVID, and the Trump Lies Commemorative Plate Collection!
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  • See I told you😅😅i been saying flee from me Satan😂😂ya'll had to celebrate if he was elected I would of brong pitch forks

  • If you elect a sociopath like Trump as president don’t be surprised if you get a dictator. Now it’s time to say goodby and go home. Ough….. Rather the spectacle of trump being hauled off to jail in an orange jump suit is the consummation devoutly to be wished. Welcome Mr. Biden, make America better again.

  • That attitude truly reflects Mr. Trump as being selfless.

  • GHOULIANI is getting crazier and crazier every time he pops up on a press conference. He's looking more and more like NOSFERATU every day.

  • can't watch ur show. shame what you guys have done to late night tv. travesty.

  • Come on people! Did anyone really except him to FINALLY have some dignity for once? Did anyone think " Hey, he's a cringe worthy, shameful, troll when it comes to EVERYTHING , but losing? Yeah, i'm sure he'll get that right" This was the perfect cherry to top off the most embarrassing 4 years in modern American history. The Age of Orange is over. Rejoice.

  • Biden & Nancy: melt Media: ima pretend i didn't see that Trump: supposedly melts Media: AHAHAHAHAAHAH

    • Very nice video...Great :)?

  • Trump, you will Never be the president of this country anymore.

  • Omg! Jimmy's crop top 😂😂

  • Is it just me, or does Kenneth Copeland have an abnormally large head? He looks like a living bobblehead!

  • How much do you wanna bet that all the dislikes are trump supporters lmfaooo

  • The winners celebrate. The losers humiliate.

  • 3:15 Drunk Kamala Harris 🤣😂

  • What I loved Trump is how he dealt with CCP What I didn't like about him is how he literally destroyed Palestine, when he didn't even know what he was dealing with, He was just briefed in 20minutes and he decided right there and then🤦🏾‍♀️about Palestinians and Israel 😂😂😂😂 He said it himself by the way....not me.....

  • They reversed the malania clip. Still funny tho. Biden 2020

  • Jimmy Kimmel for President. He seems to have all the answers.

  • Lets see who will laugh last

  • that preacher looks like a slimy puppet, creepy.

  • "A poorly raised little monster whose borned a millionaire" 😂😁😄🙈 lmaoo no way 😂

    • @soinhu foitu noo but can u let me know please? 😉

    • once did he mention what he used as an excuse to dodge the draft.

  • Trump NEVER was the leader the Right sought when they elected him. Trump is a so many, many ways; a loser.

  • Commemorative lie plates. Heheheheh. Outstanding.

  • The number of people who allow a comic to tell them how to think is mind-boggling.

  • Melania already has her bags packed and pen in hand to sign those divorce papers....she was smart to negotiate that Pre-nup when that garbage fire was elected in 2016

  • In the mental health field we call this “Laugh Therapy “ to release stress and trauma from disappointment and sadness

  • That preacher is one of the many reasons I’d never go to church. Cra cra

  • And the votes were just the same when Hillary's votes were just the same for trump loosing that's why he's upset...🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  • Gitmo time on the way

  • All you see is trump hitting the ball with his power first shot the Club to relieve tension...not golf for him is to release his anger!💁‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤔🤣😂🤣

  • Sad thing is it is not funny anymore

  • So who called the number ?😂

  • I always get excited when I see a video from you when I'm scrolling ???

  • Hope y'all choke on it.

  • Fumigate the White House before the Biden’s move in.

  • Has anyone noticed how Bunkerbitch never once mentioned his bone spurs when taking his sweet sweet time walking down a steeply bigly ramp with those slick shoes? Not once did he mention what he used as an excuse to dodge the draft.

  • Trump lost the election himself.What a poor example of An American!! Losier!!

  • The preecher is as crazy as trump.

  • Can not wait to see trump kicked out of the white house. Kicking and screaming?

  • I was about to prank call their hotline but the number was disconnected 😭

  • Melania Trump to her divorce attorney: "Stand back and stand by." !!!👍!!!

  • GUILLERMO for President!!!!!

  • That preacher has to be one of the most disturbing, creepy, and unsettling things I’ve ever seen in my life. In fiction and reality.

  • Nothing changes, just now are others sitting in the sandbox. Once, the game over... yaya

  • Talk about Rudy Giuliani and embarrassments :D

    • Smash a pumpkin on the wall and put his name under it!! And that Orange jump suit will fit him perfectly

  • Mr Kimmel looks a lot more like gilmore

  • Jimmy thanks from Melbourne Australia for a memorable and very hilarious show. however, I have concluded from all the exposes you have regaled us with it is abundantly clear that trying to reason with the bloated, orange idiot would be like trying to medicate a dead man. He is .....isn't he

  • Trump reminds me of my father when he's playing golf. That's not a good thing.

  • NOT THAT YOU WON OR LOST - BUT HOW YOU PLAYED THE GAME! Together with the conspirators! "Don’t be misled-you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant."

  • 4:50 I am honestly surprised that his false teeth did not jump out of his mouth. Da-ang.

  • Chaw! A Psychopathic Muppet! (Look at that mouth, for pity sake.) Unfortunately, he obviously never actually watched Sesame Street. Everyone was always nice. Oscar the Grouch was periodically moody at best. This is the poster child for "Christian Reform". Just saying. Time to pray. Blessings.

  • Trump will go to war against Iran.. It's in the Bible.. Trump is the Goat in Daniel chapter 8. Iran is the Ram. This will happen before Biden is taking over as president. Mark my words! Please please.. Listen to Pastor Frank Mazzapica. Very important message.. We are so close to meet the lord 🙌🏻🙏🏻 Hallelujah!!

  • Jimmy’s hatred for trump makes me kinda uncomfortable

  • What the ...

  • Trump is a global joker. We sure miss his unprecedented jokes after 20th Jan .21. We need this clown to make the world smile everyday.

  • 4:22 I had a friend that used to laugh at my jokes like this.... we are no longer friends

  • I love this!?

  • Kimmel is Republican!! That’s it. I’m not watching him again.

    • Well, it sounds like he is a changed man so I’m still a fan. ❤️❤️

  • Smash a pumpkin on the wall and put his name under it!! And that Orange jump suit will fit him perfectly

  • 1/19/21 I’ll actually go to bed and wake up .... and this nightmare of the past four years will be over !!!

    • Wonderful video, my friend! Shine on!?

  • I hope those China plates become a real thing...I would totally get them 😂

  • That preacher is not a preacher he is known as another Killer

  • That must be Trumps minister

  • That is a cruel thing to saya about John McLean

  • Fake!!!

  • Times gone ....on the 20.01.21 orange is gone😃😃😂😂

  • A garbage pail kids portrait will be fine for him

  • "Do you think we're fools?!" - Rudy Giuliani, at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. The jokes just write themselves.

  • 3 private jets.. laughing in tongues!! Brilliant!

  • Not funny how unfair and unjust is running rapid in our world the time to speak up is now

  • Kenneth Copeland is wicked as hell and so is kimmel

  • That preacher is truly disturbing. Talk about being delusion drunken power hungry lunatic

  • Look at the majority of people in these liberal states counting the votes, (most look like members of terror group BLM) just like putting FOX to protect the HEN, it’s obvious and outrageous.

  • Trump looks like a 3 year old in a 70 year old's body

    • Independent for Republican States

  • 1:26 we grabbed him by the ballot Lmao!!!!!! Epic

  • Joker?

  • "...a very very pungent smell of marijuana here." 😃

  • I mean I’m super happy that Biden won but the people who were in a huge crowd celebrating....I mean we are in a pandemic.

  • Jajajajajajajajja yo quiero mas platos senor

  • Rudy looks like Oswald Cobblepot😂

  • The preacher has gone crazy, and he was trying to take his congregation along with him on his craziness.

  • To call Kimmel a stooge Marxist mouthpiece would be to insult stooge Marxist mouthpieces. He’s a no talent low IQ ignoramus who appeals to Hollywood low IQ ignoramuses.

  • The intro had me dying 😂

  • How to get Trump out of the White House? Two words tranquillizer gun.

  • Shut up Lucas- Lee, you ain't gonna make me rich you're just gonna Rob me

  • Gutless stuff

  • Independent for Republican States

  • Jimmy, this video is going to be regarded as so appalling and redundant, you will probably ask to have it deleted when Trump is re-elected. There is so much evidence of fraud coming out now.

  • Biden and Harris know they didn't win. If they'd won they'd be celebrating. They're just waiting for the State-Run media to place them into the White House. Ain't gonna happen.

    • @Bruce Alan im not afraid of anything. But I can ask you, by the same token, why are you so reluctant to accept the outcome? If the situation were reversed, and we would be looking to contest the results, im sure you wod have called us all whiny babies who can't just move forward. You did it with Hillary, so...

    • @Bruce Alan damn responded back so late why ? this been dead and all I did was laugh quit frankly dumbass . now good day good bye whatever the hell

    • @girls lit Biden couldn't draw more than a dozen people to any of his rallies unless he had a celebrity with him. Yet you believe he got more votes than any candidate in history?? More than Obama??? You've been thoroughly brainwashed.

    • @Carlos Taveras Why are you so afraid of the truth???

    • Lol, screw you Bruce...hahahaha

  • Supreme court can decide States vote Trump for independent

  • Hell mate trumps about to over turn this thing. His lawyers say they have evidence of massive voter fraud! Say it ain't so! Is this true? Are the dominion voter machines rigged like a Vegas slot machine? There saying the software was hacked and it also came from a Venezuelan co. Owned by Maduro. Could this be even possible? I mean we all in now Vegas slots are rigged why couldnt they do it to a ballot counting machine.

  • Idiots

  • Ah, Kenneth Copeland, a televangelist with a laugh as fake as his faith.

  • 2:16 = "A very pungent smell of Marijuana here" 😂 I'm in Canada as I wright this........... its legal Country wide up here, all you can smell when you go outside ANYWHERE is DA HERB 🌲 (888) 503 3526 is the CRACKPOT HOT LINE!!!! 11:58 = WOW, that's the Sketchyist porno shop I've ever seen 👀......... & I've seen them all

  • 💙💙💙💙💙

  • Ever heard of Artemis Fowl series? The preacher sparks an image of dwarves who unhinge their jaw to dig... Good god

  • That's funny, remember when that dude steals happy Gilmores golden jacket and claims its his? This is Trump right now.

  • Excuse me, while I go vomit! Kimmel is just not funny; and the people cheering for biden, look like the dregs of society! Wth happened to the world?

    • @True Speaker I am not American either, but clearly their politics affect the world. Sadly.

    • I see clearly that people are doomed if Biden will become a President. I don't live in USA but all my relatives and friends support Trump, a real Patriot

  • Your not even funny

  • Ah, Kenneth Copeland, a televangelist with a laugh as fake as his faith.

    • 🤣😂💪👍

  • This is the song I like when talking about dancing in the streets. Martha and the Vandellas 1964 now this song is better Dancing In The Streets.