Animators React to Bad & Great Cartoons 3

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Niko and Wren sit down once again with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of Dreamworks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst animation in pop culture today.
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  • Jujutsu Kaisen!!!!!

  • Bleach!!

  • Re:Zero, Akame Ga Kill, Overlord, Megalobox, and Kaguya-Sama Love is War

  • react to fire force

  • The best anime is made in abyss. But for a video I would take kill la kill, they really know how to take limited animation to the next level and make it like everything move even if in reality it's pretty mutch moving still images. Sadly it's not really good for monetization. Other good anime for a video. -wakfu (mind blowing flash animation) -mob psycho (easy art style for better animation)

  • Todo and yugi vs hanami!!!

  • 4:08 XD they did the unthinkable. The foutage is a "fixed" 60 fps version. It look so bad with all the interpolated power and speed lines. There is so mutch artefacts too. Idk if they do the montage themself but idk how thay let this pass considering they know the animation industry. Maybe it's because the videos they made are in 60 fps. But even then they said many time for other movies that the blur effect was bad so Idk.

  • I don't know about the best anime, its a very controversial topic. But my personal favourite anime is Naruto And Naruto Shippuden (which is a sequel of Naruto)

  • have alex take a look at gi joe renegades

  • Attack on titans 👌

  • I love the artistic style of Deathnote

  • CAN you react to NARUTO, SASUKE, vs MOMOSHIKI FROM BORUTO episode 65

  • no anime can compete with Naruto

  • U should check ATTACK ON TITAN its a masterpiece!!

  • mob psycho 100 for sure

  • In terms of animation in anime Demon Slayer is top tier

  • Dragon ball franchise

  • The best anime is Naruto tied with Deathnote . End of discussion.

  • Demon Slayer, Attack on TItan, Assassination Classroom, Naruto, Death Note Some of the great anime's

  • Attack on titan, Jujusu no Kaisen, One punch man, mob psycho 100

  • Attack on titan, Levi scenes!!!!

  • ping pong the animation is really stylized, and I think you guys should check it out

  • one piece wano arc has some fantastic animation!

  • Fire Force. Great fire fight animations. Demon Slayer. Mugen Train has some incredible animation. Please do more anime!

  • Yoo, you guys should check naruto and sasuke fighting against momoshiki, from boruto

  • Definitely watch some jujutsu kaisen

  • For a sick anime fight to react to I highly recommend Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki from Boruto ep. 65.

  • You talented people should take a memory lane through 80's animation from both American's and Japanese's.

  • I would say cowboy bebop but ya gotta watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood if you haven’t. It’s seriously a must watch

  • The tank fight in the original Ghost In The Shell.

  • Invincibile is a great show but animation is average, kinda child cartoonish

    • @Weird Dude the it has a lot of bloodshed and but the impacts and animation transitions look cheap. Still a great show though I watched 4 episodes so far

    • doesn't it have gore ?

  • Demonslayer

  • when alex said that anime ISNT a GENRE, i was finallyyyyy. so many people think that all anime is the same but no, there’s romance, action, fantasy, psychological, and soooo much moooore.

  • Wren should watch One Punch Man

  • buko no pico

  • Momoshiki vs naruto/sasuke fight scene in boruto would be awesome for you guys to look at

  • Demon Slayer is a great show for a fight scene!

  • Vampire hunter d. Ghost in the shell. Gundam wing and the o8th MS team. Anything studio bones

  • I think avatar was the dieing breath of story in western animation. Because the studios just want spongebob level garbage that makes money.

  • dragon ball z its an unpopular opinion but its based in nostalgia and it being the first i have watched ever

  • Ex arm is amazing

  • Fullmetal Alchemist is great anime to check out and analyze. Considered the GOAT or top 3 of all anime objectively speaking.

  • Fate stay night💪

  • Watch and react to mp100

  • Beck mongolian chop squad

  • Legend of korra is shite

  • Fullmetal alchemist for sure, kind of surprised I didn’t see it

  • Asuka vs the mass production Evas from The End of Evangelion. My favorite fight scene of all time

  • One Punch Man The single best anime to start your anime journey. It's Western enough to feel enjoyable without needing a ton of anime knowledge.

  • Harlock: Space Pirate Aldnoah.Zero Kabaneri SAO AICO Dota Fate Zero

  • Love death and robots????

  • Deman slayer

  • Well Akira would be the mother. I don’t know who the father is....

  • Ping Pong is a masterpiece

  • Ay wren a good anime to watch is demon slayer

  • Seven deadly sins and my hero academia

  • If you haven't watched any anime I recommend Naruto.

  • My favorite animes have to be either jujutsu kaisen or misfit of demon king academy.

  • Haikyuu is an awesome anime you should check out!

  • "Garden of Sinners" Anime has some of the best animations out there

  • Not the best anime but I think you would definitely appreciate Redline

  • Definitely watch Fullmetal Alchemist. It tell such a good story. True art right there.

  • Oh Redline! That's some crazy impressive animation. Even if you don't do a video do yourselves a favor and have fun with that movie! A must watch.

  • Samurai Jack season 5 episode 2 - not an anime but some stellar animation. Tartakovsky is always stellar :) Also anime recommendation Samurai Champloo so artsy yet so funny it has all the feels with strong animation and music to back it up.

  • No Avatar is not anime. And Korra.... Was just a mistake from start to finish

  • I mean if you want to talk about anime and animation, you have to look no further than Haikyuu season 1-3

  • Did they review Lee vs Gaara fight already?

  • Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood

  • Gintama best anime

  • Please react to the Netflix animation series Love, Death & Robots, its rad!

  • Violet evergarden has great quality

  • Fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood

  • Best looking anime would be Fate stay night unlimited blade work or Jujutsu kaisen

  • One Punch Man

  • If you want anime that has really good at…well everything Go for: Attack on Titan Black clover Kimetsu no yaiba: demon slayer Haikyuu My hero academia Naruto One piece To name a few

  • Jujutsu kaisen please

  • kimetsu no yaiba

  • For getting into anime, first I'd suggest Evangelion, Berserk (80s version or netflix films, not the 2016 series) Paranoia agent, Serial Experiments Lain, and maybe Patlabor. Ninja Scroll is a great film. Legend of the Galactic Heroes is wonderful, thought the animation is nothing amazing. (classics/all timers, mostly around 20-30 years old right now) Ping Pong the Animation, Death Note, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, The Promised Neverland, Attack on Titan, Kaiji the Ultimate Gambler are all good recent anime- plus Parasyte, Humanity Has Declined, (last 5 years). Ashita No Joe is probably the best classic anime, great fight animation, wonderful story. Gundam (maybe zero wing) is probably the best long running meta-series. (60's 70's, at least for the start of Gundam) (sports/drama and political/war sci-fi) Castlevania, Devilman: Crybaby, and Violet Evergarden Castlevania on Netflix are amazing Japanese-western collaborations from the last couple years Jojo's Bizarre adventure is always fun, Kill La Kill and Gurren Lagen are a little more liquid/individual frame-based styles. (artistically interesting fight/action anime from the last couple years) Yuyu Hakusho is one of the best golden age teenage boys/kid's anime from the late 80s-early 90s golden age of that. These are all a little on the conventional side for the most part (genre, fighting, etc) with a few more cerebral or dramatic. Fooly Cooly, Keep Your Hands Off Eizokun, March Comes in Like a Lion, and Ranma 1/2 are good intros to more slice of life to name just 4, ranging from the 80s to contemporary productions. Revolutionary Girl Utena is a more symbolically fraught and female-centric work comparable to Evangelion, also from the mid 90s. For world class feature length films, other than Ghibli, Satoshi Kon's works are the absolute best imo- try Paprika, Perfect Blue, and Millennium Actress for surrealist thrillers/dramas. But while most anime pound for pound is quite bad in every way (if you were to just watch titles at random) there is SO MUCH made that there are absolute gems for every era, type of story, and point of view. Its up to you whether to start with more recent stuff, but I'd recommend getting to grips with some of the all time best first, but you could easily just watch the most acclaimed series and features from the lsat 3-4 years. Movies like A Place Further Than The Universe have got great acclaim recently, and will likely be considered classics. nostalgic

  • Apt attack on titan

  • Attack on Titan’s animation is very good. Mmmmmm thats the stuff

  • Wren, try the following: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Magic Knight Rayearth Yu Yu Hakusho Haikyu

  • Please do demon slayer, it honestly breath taking

  • Best anime? Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

  • He said all the right things but if wren and niko seem awkward around a guy it's the dude

  • Full metal alchemist. It’s just a given. Start there.

  • boku no piku lol

  • Attack on Titan

  • Bleach

  • in my opinion cartoons and anime are literally the same. It's just down to style. Movies in the west are still movies in the east no matter what language or film style is used.

  • One piece is the best anime

  • Parasite the maximums an amazing anime

  • Demon Slayer

  • rock lee vs gaara was another level at the time, and so is the Naruto vs Sasuke fight from Naruto Shippuuden, the last fight were the studiu redeemed itself from all its previous sins along the series

  • naruto rock lee dropping his weights

  • Am I the only one who noticed the shot they showed of Iron Man that was from "Iron Man 2" was wrongfully credited from that movie and is actually from "The Avengers"

  • Demonslayer

  • I'd love to get your reaction on this

  • fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood

  • Avatar used real fighting styles for each element 💪

  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is the best anime in my opinion