HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Birt 30 apr 2021
Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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  • I want to see hazbin hotel characters meeting helluva boss characters a bit like a crossover episode

  • 4:08 Oh my god, how did I not see Blitzo's face when he sees Striker and his horse come in the scene? He was so happy and cute with that smile and small hearts in his eyes

  • I feel like Stolas and Grell Sutcliff would get along😂

  • hooooollllllddddddd uuuupppp,wait a minute,something ain't right, i mean on episode 2 where young octavia yelled for help from her nightmare where she couldn't find stolas,and what im thinking is that the snake guy actually killed him,sorry if i made you real sad 😭

  • im watching translate on my language, but opening this page to leave view and like too

  • I hope Moxie keeps the gun

  • When bitzo called moxxie the frams were slow

  • Best episode

  • Me when I joined the hazbin hotel/Hell uva boss fandom 3:21

  • Stolas definitely knew he would be assassinated, which is why he hired Blitzo. Looks like we got a main villain of the series.

  • everything about the series is fucking awesome, the animation, art style, humor and literally everything else. i love this and hope it goes very very far

  • Blood for the blood God

  • Blitzo spat out a feather at the start. Stolas doesn’t have feathers on his face, where did the feather come from? WHERE DID THE FEATHER COME FROM???

  • How Dinner Works in The Stolas Household : Octavia : *blasting music on her earphones* Stolas : *calmly eating hell food while reading a book (possibly sex related)* Stella : *calling a hit on her husband for being a cheating prick*

  • I named my horse in red dead redemption 2 millie because its red and a girl

  • Blitzo reminds me of Michael from the office for some reason

  • That cowboy demon guy with the golden tooth sounds like Daryl from The walking Dead

  • I'm exited from the next part

  • Dat beginning.

  • Love this episode lol. Love the twist at the end. Your doing great.

  • Yee fucking HAW

  • i like how show just forgets striker was stabbed in the back multiple times by milly

  • I always thought that the white stuff on blitzo was just demon pattern but not im seeing his design more clearly is he vitiligo? like the thing where your skin has white spots and patterns

  • She wants her own husband died omg

  • I think that Imps are reptiles

  • Striker is hot 🥵😫

  • Transactional f##king

  • Episode 1 2 3 4 5 is good but I was wondering when it will be episode six of it maybe one day or soon 🔜

  • If there is one thing I learned it is that you don’t mess with mox or you get the millie

  • Final episode 5


  • Hazbin Hotel more episodes please

  • I spotted an animation mistake! Look at Moxxies bandaged arm at 7:41 as you can see his sleeve is down then at 7:48 it is rolled up, then back to 7:51 his sleeve is back down again with the bandage over it again. I love finding those in films :D

  • '-'

  • Fuck me! The animation was fucking perfect!

  • Wait who was the target was it stowlas or blitzo

  • Striker: talks about revolting against the higher class Also Striker: is literally working for the higher class

  • How you draw it so good

  • Typo i meant michael

  • It would be great if michale de santa from gta voice actor on helluva boss but hes with the mafia cuz you know hes voice sound like a mob guy

  • This was made 1 day after my birthday =/

  • ᴵ’ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ :-)

  • Cuol fukin 🤯🤯🤯🖤❣️ helluva boss 🖤❣️🖤❣️🖤❣️🖤❣️🖤❣️🖤

  • Lmao what is up with moxie an getting attacked by sharks in this episode-

  • I love that, while Blitz is usually portrayed as kind of a dipshit moron, this episode showed that he really is one of the strongest imps around and can be a real badass.

  • HELLUVA BOSS Episode 5 dropped 8 days ago... Me an intellectual: First...

  • And loona and octavia didn’t meet people will be so pump if they hang out and have cool girls night out EVER.

  • More hazbin hotel videos please!

  • This is a great lil show but like.. What the heck happened to hazbin hotel? This feels like a sideshow in comparison to how interest on hazbin was..


  • Not goanna lie this episode was bad

  • 😭🥲🥲

  • this was a fuckin good episode. loved the story development

  • you have to make a part 6 where they find him and fight him agian

  • Damn Daryl 😔

  • I prefer millie's other voice actor from the pilot buuut good work nonetheless

  • Racking up quite the group of future antagonists here. We’ve got the Cherubs who Blitzo pissed off and now Mr. Western-Imp trying to kill Stolas. Wonder if we’ll see someone try to kill Alastor with one of those angelic-infused weapons in Hazbin Hotel.

  • _moTHERFU-_

  • Stolas never breaks character now does he?

  • Not even skipping adds, just to make sure you get every mf cent of add revenue. Don't know if that's what happens but it's the best my broke bitch ass can do

  • Love it

  • Blitz finally realized his one of his dreams He saw a amazing horse in front of him


  • Do more of hasbin holtel pls

    • It's probably in the works since A24 bought the show

  • Must say, love the voices of the Goetia family



  • Bruh Striker sounds a lil like Norman Reedus.

    • @undeadslick how the f did they get Norman for this? god damn. Well now im even more pumped for the next time i see striker!

    • He is

  • This is cringe on every level

  • Striker calling moxie “little fella” has all the sexual tension

  • is that a Norman Redus voice?

  • I don’t care what you or blitzo say I totally ship blitzo x stolas

  • Part two olease

  • 3:56 dicc pocc

  • oooh is sally mae a trans woman? based on the horns they seem to have been born male.

  • 2:13 Why does she sound like Sadie Adler from Red Dead Redemption

  • ischats.info/fun/drmGZKdnp4Fpnqo/v-deo harder

  • There should be festival based on Doom Slayer

  • The fact that they have a gun that can kill a royal blood is amazing

  • Respect +

  • Omg this is a fuckin movie that so good

  • Best episode

  • O que aconteceu com a traduçao de outras linguas que youtube tinha ?

  • 17:24 we ain’t gonna talk about how clean that is?

  • Can you make me into a character in hazbin hotel

  • Striker sounds like motto motto from Madagascar

  • Ugh

  • I know i say this a lot, but this is my favourite thing ever.

  • he said he's never been to wrath, but verosica said the whole thing about him running 3 rings to wrath and maxing out her credit card on horse riding lessons

  • Moxxie lock like he’s eye is dumb 6:35

  • Nope that I've seen the white spots on Blitzy's body, I can officially say that I find him attractive

  • That was cool

  • Striker 100% sounds like Daryl Dixon

  • Norman fucking reedus!

  • Norman Reedus? Damn, getting clout, Vivzie

  • Has anyone noticed the imps horns the males have thick striped horns and the females have thin white lines Sallie May has thick striped horns and it makes me curious 🤔

  • 11:45 oh hell nah

  • He's not much better but Striker's not wrong about Stolas not respecting Blitzø and treating him more like a play thing. Looking forward to the development from that call-out.

  • Sweet victoryyyy