Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates

Birt 16 des 2020
Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter Bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!
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Biodegradable glitter courtesy of
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  • Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!

  • Can't believe these people are laughing and thinking it's a joke. Especially with their kid there.

  • “ I could bang it I could bang it “

  • genious

  • Wouldn't the glitter make a wider plume if the blades were spiraled into the center? Not that this isn't the engineering marvel of the century already...

  • 2:30 You’re too kind... they deserve the worst! If it was up to me I’d put in 100 drops lol

  • I noticed that most of the thieves were overweight, just an observation.

  • they shot up that one box dang

  • Hi

  • This is awesome))))))))))))

  • The 4.0 should have glitter filled trap doors on all side so when they open it and while they are walking the trap doors open and gets glitter EVERYWHERE also maybe put four one sided chrome things on the camera holes so they do not see

  • I Wonder Have It Smells

  • Wait....why did the cops not help you out with that thieving couple?!

  • You should call the cops on those thieving rats

  • Seriously, instead of a skunk smell put acid in it. This will be funny.

  • Have you thought about using permanent ink, instead of glitter?

  • You should pair up with Trilogy Media and other scambaiters to get back at the scammers from every angle!! Would be the ultimate combo

  • It makes me just a little furious just how many of these people have their kids around when they open up their stolen packages. Great example you're setting there, asswipes.

  • Maybe use spring loader to make the glitter explode out of the box.

  • 2031- glitter bomb 13.0

  • U should do another one with devils toothpaste instead of glitter

  • Stopping crime one glitter bomb at a time

  • Mark Rober is the new David Dobrik

  • Did any of these people get arrested?

  • Put a dye pack inside like banks do to robbers. And I hope you called CPS on the mother in that last clip.

  • You should put somw kind of like paint in it that never goes away

  • I'm sorry, does no one here take issue with the fact that just to have a cliffhanger so that you'll watch his next video he decides not to reveal these highly evolved "scammer tactics...way beyond just an email of an Nigerian prince" actively and consciously not protecting any potential victims that view this and doesn't know about them?

  • Next time just use pure skunk fumes!😂

  • Should have placed uranium in there lol its just a joke

  • That's the best thing out of 2020!

  • Mostly Mexicans from the looks of things...

  • Honestly I don't think you are using enough skunk spray. Let them live with their decision for weeks on end

  • The actually canoe inadvertently sound because sword shortly wipe but a satisfying fairies. icky, windy punch

  • This somehow made it into an article I had to read for school

  • So happy to see you use biodegradable glitter. Thank you.

  • make a glitterbomb but with a real bomb

  • Ahh Mark Rober At Its Finest

  • Honestly a small self distruct

  • Just Awesome!

  • Ah, makes me so sad that people do this on a regular basis...

  • politically correct ted kaczynski strikes again

  • 4:54 it’s a springlock

  • Do you live in the hood? Whats with all these package pirates?

  • Should have used hydroflouric acid

  • This never gets old. Love it. Karma is amazing.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The educated swamp arespectively describe because south korea morally joke out a boring marble. shrill, jobless layer

  • This is why engineering is my life. Wow man super job

  • hey but at the video end maybe the people who stole the thing maybe they were real thieves

  • Suggestion :how about orange glitter 😊

  • I love your vid mark but it disappoints me unintentionally that the people who steal these packages live in the lower class parts of America and are somewhat unhygienic.

  • I like this 😂

  • spring load the stop

  • Okay okay, this is some delicious karma and all, but the thing that confuses me the most is why do deliverymen in the US just leave packages in front of people's doors right there for anyone to take if they so fancy? Seems like a very cavemen way of delivering valuable goods.

  • Mark is my favorite youtber

  • I wish I could buy your merch

  • Here’s a paint idea that wouldn’t harm anyone: have ink leak out the bottom and onto whatever the box is resting on. It will get everywhere when they’re in panic mode as well.

  • Typical Biden "voters"

  • Need to make real package bombs for thieves.

  • replace the glitter with pink bank dye

  • Parents setting bad examples to their kids 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • well now they know. you go and post it here now they're gonna know EXACTLY how to dismantle it.

  • Everyone is a gangsta until some jerk actually gift these to people

  • the mom teaching the kid how to steal is just heartbreaking. if you do that with your kid, you set them up for failure. I hope he learns on his own that the rewards are nothing compared to the consequences.

  • Maybe they're just a group of buddies who like to drive around?!?! They said they had a gun in the car! Make an accusation!!

  • Instead of spinning glitter, can we enable a pressure cannister that will trigger while opening it.

  • Yes yes yes... 🤣🤣🤣

  • All those thieves look alike

  • what about pipe bombs in the 4.0

  • Fun Fact: One of the most used songs mark uses is called New Shoes by Blue Wednesday.

  • he shouldve rickrolled them at the same time smh

  • Mercy is for the weak!! Anyone who steals something from someone DESERVES the entire bottle of skunk spray!! It is that kind of behavior that is ruining our country.

  • Try the bigest Dorito

  • Can we mention the guy at 10:25 has a pretty old dyson lol

  • The funny thing is that they haven't tried to steal the phones inside

  • F**k all those people who took the boxes! Electrocute them next time. I apologize for the language, but these kind of people infuriate me! They have no remorse and a good chunk of them have their own kids involved. I wish there was a more severe punishment for these people. Sometimes they take a box and it's someone's medication that they need to live or a gift that someone spent years saving up for! Disgusting people! This is yet another reason why super A.I. will target humans for extinction!

  • Its January but this is gonna be my favorite video all year long.

  • This is why kids you should always wear your seatbelts!

  • If you open a soda bottle in a room with the same air pressure as inside the bottle, will there still be bubbles?

  • Wow great job.. and a nice way of stopping these terd wagons from takeing people property...

  • Should've put a gun in it

  • Wow I've ever heard anything so discouraging as that lady teaching her kid about stealing wow.

  • I'd still have added some organophosphates for good measure.

  • Too much work for not enough fun. Replace glitter with high grade explosive, thief's deserve the death penalty

  • Low lifes teaches kids to steal?!?! No wonder the DNC was able to successfully steal the election.

  • Do it with mase next time!

  • I imagine if one of those thiefs watch his channel

  • Yo mark I love ur vids but when do ya think ur next Vid is coming out

  • You guys are geniuses! Ha-ha hahaha

  • The fact that those horrible people will have to struggle with cleaning the glitter makes me like the idea more.

  • Hold up- don’t they get 4 phones tho

  • I think the next version should have a gps tracker to alert the police and arrest these people

  • Well i like it but is not a bomb xD

  • My thoughts after watching this video.. Trump was right, should've built the wall!!

  • I want to become just as smart as Mark Rober when I grow up

  • "tHiS fEeLs GoOd" 🙄🙄

  • Hay mike your my idol

  • i need it how much mark

  • That’s dope!!! Thanks for sharing this...I wish you could get the scammer that got me for $2,500.00 and since the states won’t help...

  • You look like Michael Carbonaro