The YBN Nahmir Interview: YBN Break Up, Why He Hasn't Dropped an Album & More

Birt 16 feb 2021
Nahmir gets real about his evolution as an artist, from being in a group to leading a solo career, dealing with personal relationships in the business, what led YBN to part ways and more. He also makes it clear that No Jumper was the first one to put YBN on!
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  • 0:49 Nahmir been chilling, getting money 0:59 "Opp Stoppa" being a hit, never thought it would blow up like that 1:11 The success on Tik Tok happened organically 1:30 The song was actually a year old but just blew up 1:55 The quickest song every recorded, Nahmir was playing around doing a short song 2:40 Nahmir didnt think about tiktok when he did the song 2:57 Nahmir shot the "Opp Stoppa" remix video with 21 Savage in ATL, next to a funeral home 4:05 Adam remembers Nahmir sending money to have his music played during the livestream 4:40 Nahmir explained how he sent his music to the No Jumper livestream 5:06 Nahmir makes it clear that No Jumper is the reason behind their success 7:13 Expelled from school because he had g*ns in videos and tattoos 7:49 Nahmir was then moved to online classes: "I paid someone to do my classes" 8:16 Seeing his life change was unreal: "People changed on me, I got fd over so I moved to California and never looked back" 10:03 The expectations of people around him at the time: "I was normal with a little more money, people around me changed" 10:41 Coming to LA and signing a deal 11:38 Nahmir says previous management and people around him might be at fault for his previous situation 12:23 The anticipation of his next album: "I love it, the album is fire" 13:22 Making more mature music 14:48 Nahmir not trying to force the release of the album just because he has a good momentum right now 15:13 Skies is on the album: "He's my bro" 16:37 "Sometimes you have to take a break from everything and the people close to you, for your own sanity" 18:25 The duality between Nahmir's face and his hard lyrics, people seeing him as a come up 19:10 The brawl in London: "It was a little fight, we were all kids, not a big deal" 21:12 The "Pain Away" video: "Everything at the time was perfect" 21:57 Nahmir retraces the steps as to how YBN started 23:01 His friend prayed and helped sending positive vibes to the universe 24:10 How he hadn't met Jay and Cordea yet at the time but still reached out to make music together: "Jay was about to be sent to the Army" 25:05 Adam recalls the infamous tweet that solidified the break up 25:23 "At the end of the day we all brothers, we all said something that messed up the group, I love them" 26:28 "I wanted to keep YBN while being solo, but we all had people in our ear that pushed us to make bad decisions" 28:18 "We still a group in a way" 28:41 How they should all move accordingly to generate more money, leverage etc 29:22 "Had I signed them under my name/entity, we would be cool right now, but it's old people in the back talking our ear off, I know Jay and Cordae feel the same way" 30:27 Cordae on the GQ cover: "That shit is haaaard! I posted it on my page" + Being happy for his brothers to be doing great 31:11 Jay and Black Chyna was a thing 31:33 "There will never be no real beef! I love them, they love me, they my brothers" 32:48 Relationship with Joey Fatts 34:27 Relationship with Sahlt 36:18 The YBN No Jumper egg prank 38:00 GTA 6 release is fake af 39:37 Excited for the new album to get back on track with his career and open more about himself 41:24 Nahmir thanks his fans and Adam 41:33 S/O No Jumper man!

  • ‘’iF I GiVE YoU aLL mY loVE’’

  • @40:45 💀💀

    • Ouch

  • Dam that nigga basically spit in 21's face, after 21 was nice enough to hop on his song because his kids liked it

    • What he do to 21?

  • LMAO the end.. I.. I mean the beginning..? I ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Two words: Soul Train

    • If i gave u all my love

  • what happened to skies on the album

    • Annoying tv said nahmir or his management changed the tracklist at the last minute. Apparentley he had songs with, uzi, a boogie, meek mill and dj mustard. Idk y they didmt drop these songs in the album

  • Here after the listen of soul train

  • 15:13 “skies is on the album”

    • @Zervs yh if all those songs were on the album, it would've sold at least 20k, which isnt great but at least a decent comeback for nahmir. But instead he sold 3.8k, when flightreacts sold 3.5k

    • @eyeQueue damn

    • Annoying tv said nahmir or his management changed the tracklist at the last minute. Apparentley he had songs with, uzi, a boogie, meek mill and dj mustard. Idk y they didmt drop these songs in the album

  • Who here after he dropped soul train

    • Annoying tv said nahmir or his management changed the tracklist at the last minute. Apparentley he had songs with, uzi, a boogie, meek mill and dj mustard. Idk y they didmt drop these songs in the album

    • I'm honestly confused has to how he went from dropping "Rubbin off the Paint" and "Bounce Out With That" to "Wake up" and "Soul train".

  • i blame you for the new album he dropped

  • For Nahmir to say “idk how it blew up, I just woke up and it blew up outta nowhere” hahaha he re released it an entire year later then got 21 on it to promote afterwards. All for a couple Mill

  • Coi Leray brother ain’t it🤣🤣

  • From start to end ayo . YBN NAHMIR inside: 🥲

  • Raps for 50 seconds and the song makes millions that’s crazy man

  • white lighter....

  • Beginning to end. He meant that LMFAOOOOOOOO.

  • Ybn x ynw 🤷‍♂️

  • LMAOOO 21 SAVAGE would pick a location next to a funeral home xD

  • I think Nahmir coming back

  • This interview actually changed my perception of him. I like his honesty and realness. No big ego. I'm rockin with him.

  • Skies is NOT a superstar

  • poderia colocar legenda em português 😔🇧🇷

  • Old niggas

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  • He lives in my city now👀

  • If your music sounds like shit hmu! I'll mix it in Pro Tools for free

  • did adam get his teth done or worked on? swear they look different


  • he grown up 4 real

  • He looks like a lightskinned version of randal from recess loooool

  • Ybn nahmir: you're a old ass man Adam 22: soul left body

  • He put them ybn niggas on

  • ong Nahmir finna blow up again

  • This boy sounding straight from the ie got the lingo lmaoo much love riverside

  • Niggas literally hate fortnite cuz they can’t build or some bullshit bloom and phasing🤣🤣

  • the first 10 seconds are mad disrespectful lmfaoo

  • The squeamish danger overwhelmingly protect because sprout continuously dry throughout a smoggy musician. reminiscent, utter nic

  • He must have left one interview to go to another lmao

  • GTA's online biggest g

  • nahmir chilling, in love w his girl, living his best life not worrying ab music

  • Nah Nahmir definitely a genuine dude. Man happy cordae and jay doing they shit and no hate for them

  • Cmon y’all know what Adam meant, it was no shade he just put it in simple terms nahmir fell off but he’s making a comeback

  • I fw nahmir , real nigga

  • Great interview


  • Lol that Alabama accent heavy

  • cant waif for the album, you are right when you say fans wanna see development in an artist, and i know nahmir finna deliver



  • Hope y'all get rich one day 💚

  • Crazy to me that he came from my home town

  • bro look like calvin cambridge

  • They're black balling this cat! Hes young nd pocket full of bread he probably not tryna hear shit bout no sacrifice 😂😂😂 they told that man it's time to pay his dues nd namir said yall got me fkd up g 😂😂😂oh yea nigga??...shelfed‼😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀

  • he had three woods and hit one twice smh i need sum shit lmaooo

  • he’s sick

  • 36:11 bunny hoppin in the mirror 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bro is intuitive he dropping gems Just listen..

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  • Bruh he straight beginning to end lmaoo

  • I like nahmir as a person

  • Adam please tell me how you got your hairline back. Asking for a friend

  • He looks funny af washed in a way

  • My guy said I was in a Lexus on some regular shit 🤣 regular people ain’t got a Lexus fam

  • I only remember him joking on ddg

  • When dis nigga become a crip?

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  • Sum of yall worried bout gettin more money den da nxt person win u should be worried about just having enough being straight ion give a fuck watchu got if I'm good

  • yo you gotta be the first to get STXR on a interview he finna blow up soon

  • He’s so genuine & has such a good heart he deserves all the success that’s going his way

  • I’ll always remember Ybn Tour back in 2017 at the Grenada in Lawrence Kansas. Maybe 400 people total. Crazy to see all them become as big as they are

  • Bye alabama see ya later ✌🏿

  • From beginning to end *when you gotta save your ass for views*

  • I produced that pain away song lol good times

  • lowkey need some YBN Manny slappers

  • if he would be smart he needs to drop songs bruh hella songs bc bruh hes poppin off "oppa stoppa" so now that people kinda remember him he needa take advantage ASAP

  • good interview

  • Aw man ybn nahmir rlly matured with time and you all know Adam22 was referring the "end" of his career to that chapter where he and then his crew blew up and then parted ways. A lot of people love hatin on them youngins making big money moves as teenagers but thats lame. And I dont even listen to nahmir (do listen to cordae tho). This comments here gettin real toxic too often and not in a funny way

  • He smoking with the white lighter????😳😳😳😧

  • Cordae definitely switched up

  • has anyone else noticed that adam and vlad have been interviewing the same people and posting the interviews around the same time?

  • What does Nahmir mean

  • The medication is for enjoying things in our life

  • Fuck fortnite, unless I can enjoy it someday, I'm being more medicated to enjoy it

  • GTA 5 story mode will have way better graphics than on last generation consoles, and gta 5 will have more detail to it

  • Why do people sip lean for their rap career

  • Weed/Grabba/Papers..Grind up the weed cut up the grabba mix them together roll it in papers. Thank me later 💨💪🏾

  • Crazy how time flies, i remember when i was watching the no jumper live years ago and people where spamming for adam to play rubbin off the paint

  • I like rapper chains

  • How do you sign a label

  • Aye tell Nahmir he needs hop on mortal kombat or some fighting game

  • he fell off bad maybe cause you dont respect nobody

  • YBN NAMIR taking over 2021👀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  • He look like tyga mixed wit wiz jaja

  • 23:21 crazy

  • I wish nothing but the best for him! Nahmir always seems so down to earth and got a good head on his shoulders. Much respect

  • He has a star quality I hope he finds the way and gets all the way lit again

  • I’ve always like nahmir he’s always chill and cool

  • Nahmir STILL got them braces??? Gahdamn...