This Guy Makes Millions By Tricking Out Insane Cars | Blue Collar Millionaires

Birt 18 ágú 2020
Mike Vetter, the owner of the Car Factory is the “da Vinci of vehicles.” Vetter started a million-dollar business by customizing high-end vehicles into futuristic art on wheels.
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This Guy Makes Millions By Tricking Out Insane Cars | Blue Collar Millionaires


  • yall are idiots. He’s building concept cars in which he’s building what people want him to do it

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  • Some of the car is kinda ugly af but he definitely deserve everything he had.

  • Bruh idk why everyone calling him stuipd when literally rich people are paying him to build their cars like that

  • is it just me that thinks the blue car looks like the mouse car from Tom and Jerry

  • The e.t. vehicle looks like a mouse from a distance

  • It may not arrive as fast as you hope but if you keep working on it, it will come.

  • Amazing creative man wow. Would be Amazing to have such a great man

  • Proof Positive, ( His Customers) There’s a Sucker born everyday

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  • Very interesting

  • Every ricer's dream

  • So ridiculous

  • I saw that white car in Miami I believe the other day

  • I wonder how he is doing under this pa pandemic

  • Set a target, it may not arrive at a set time but keep on working on it. I like this idea

  • American people are so different...

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  • People prefer his cars over the well known ones because he can build them the ones they want....a car they have probably visioned since childhood....they're not stupid....they're living the dream

  • Only in America

  • I feel his cars can be really dangerous, like car companies make intensive research on the engine, body, whatsoever. How can you know if an engine of an ex car will handle the weight of the new modeled car

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  • Two statements apply here... the phrase used in "Supercarfails" -"More money then skill" and Solid proof in this lame story of mainstream "Fake news" of the selling prices of these poorly designed, constructed and presented lo-tech deathtraps...

  • Yes, but how would they fare in a head on collision? I guess the rich guys will be the test dummies.

  • Foh. Shyt worth $15k

  • Am I on candid camera lol? You can't be serious? They look rubish

  • 150k for a ... That? ... Ughhh ... I dont even think someone rich would drop 150 on something like that ... Somethings fishy about this videos .. Lol

  • nice


  • how are these cars even road legal

  • 😂 people are very gullible... my neighbor dows the same “concept”/ kit car work in his own garage. there are chop shops out there that do it for a lot cheaper... and illegally 😂

  • Love the red car,so cool.

  • I’d love to do the same for my riding mower.

  • Dude should've moved to china and put out fake Ferraris in bulk.

  • That blue one is the ugliest car I've ever seen... followed by the red one

  • most of them look ugly to me and weird. Also seems overpriced

  • His house is just as ugly as his cars.

  • Your prices are ridiculous.

  • Those things are hideous 🤮

  • I wont pay for those fiberglass traps

  • I think the "testing" killed me the most

  • LOL A fool and his money are soon parted

  • Nice business, amazing when you get to do what you love and make serious money from it...........but $15000 for a paint job 😲......that’s enough to buy small car

  • I do not want to sit in a car that does not invest in crash testing them...

  • You have to look twice at the Red Dementia, one of a kind. Don't forget boats.

  • One of a kind, and can get better. Home is beautiful and family too. Can get even better. Most of your monster truck are Kit-Cars.

  • This guy sells knockoff cars that other people use to scam collectors.

  • what about the handling, feel, reliability, engine, transmission ? LOL

    • I’m sure they handle and feel only slightly worse than the mustang donor car 😂🤣👌🏻

  • How dare you to compare him to davinci.

  • What a hack, your cars look terrible.

  • I think a lot of people are missing the point. His customers could have a supercar for 250k but they don't want it because every single one of their neighbor has the same one. But if your super rich you want super exclusive so why not pay for a concept car of your liking. That his target market not somebody who is only gonna have one supercar its people who have 10+ cars but want that one car to standout. Its the whole peacock thing all over.

  • Imagine him charging you half a mil for a Down syndrome Ferrari on a corvette chassis that rattles around when you drive

  • I'm happy he's successful but most of those cars are not appealing & he really needs an interior decorator for that home

  • Hack motors

  • You’re like the “Bad Chad” fiberglass version.

  • Yep I agree with what he said you can achieve anything you set your mind on. If you target it and start chipping away its possible still in America it is.

  • my god its ugly

  • When you have money but no taste!

  • Hats off to this guy!

  • Busy Beaver

  • Well I can't knock his hustle, but for his customers I guess that's what they mean by more money than sense

  • The panel gaps are real

  • This guy's doing what I always wanted to do. Except I'd do it in aluminum and carbon fiber. The build quality of cars like these is very dubious. I've sat in a Fiero Countach before. The proportions were completely wrong. Thanks.

    • The units they displayed as examples of Rarri or lambo and supercarkits in general are all incorrect on all measures and present themselves as poor copies...

  • Blue car is straight out of Back to the Future 2, and Red car is straight out of Minority Report.

  • Wtf😂

  • America baby!!!

  • I'm not knocking your hustle but those car is hedious. Hire new designers.

  • when you register the car what do you put like they arent known brands

  • The graphics and music are so dated. Reminds me of the late 1990s.

  • 250k? Wow.

  • You all can hate all you want... from the bedroom at your parents place... take some pointers from this guy.

  • Christ those cars are fugly

  • So ugly.

  • Ugly af cars tho.

  • 🏴‍☠️

  • Excellent. I would love to do the same for aircraft

  • Next level ugly

  • He is smart, his customers are stupid.

    • Slithermotion you do realise he doesn’t come up with the design, the customer brings him the design and he makes it for them. Either way he’s the only one offering it, hence why he can charge so much, if someone else offers the same package then he would drop his prices but he even says he makes 52% profit on each car

    • @Danny S No not just the engine. He even said himself that he needs a donor car. Which pretty much means that he does custom fabrication parts. It is really the same. And I doubt that the material costs are that high since he uses glass fibre not carbon fibre. And again those cars are ugly, there is a reason why car manufactureres have to put millions into design studies. But you know what? I have respect for this dude he is a salesman. His cars are nothing special but he convinced rich idiots to spend a living for those ugly boxes. well played.

    • Clyde Macasero this guy is also taking a financial risk some of the parts are worth 10k+ if they get damaged he has to throw it away and get a new one.

    • Clyde Macasero that’s different, this guy is building a new car from ground up just using other cars engines. You’re also right in the fact that this isn’t hard but no one else is doing it, on that level of a complete custom car

    • @Danny S there are plenty of people in my area who do custom fabrication & auto projects. my neigbor converted his fiero into a lamborghini shell. he just happens to take advantage of a group of individuals

  • This guy has the essentials to launch his own brand like what lambo did.. doesnt matter if we think its ugly or not. This guy is doin his thing and probably makes more than anyone in this comment section.

    • @X they are made to order, thats why he lives in a bigger house then us

    • His cars sit on eBay for months and he drops the prices constantly to sell. They never sell for what was claimed in this video lmao.

  • Magnificent.

  • Custom made and custom paid

  • Only GTA spano deserve a second look others should be burnt.

  • Not only are the cars ugly, so s his house. What kind of rich person pays that amount of money for a car to be laughed at?

  • Theater was pretty cool I’ll give him that

  • Ummm is this a joke ?

  • All things aside that home theatre is the most epic I have ever seen like if you agree👍🏼

  • A lot of haters in the comment section.

    • Nah. Nobody is making fun of this guy. They're making fun of his customers lmao

  • Dang he cut up a nice mustang to build that.

  • People are missing the point with this guy. He’s a genius and an amazing salesman! He can convince rich people to pay $250,000 for an ugly kit car. Fair play dude

    • Exactly 👍

    • Dumb and ugly are in the eye/mind of the beholder.

    • They aren’t ugly kit cars lmao. They are designed by the rich people putting in the orders, if someone comes up to you with a crazy design it’s pretty hard to put it together considering the fact none of the parts will be available anywhere

    • the car he was doing dounts with looked good, but those others were ugly and little aero - the worst combo

    • And he doesn't know it. That's scary stuff.

  • I wonder how the poor people are doing tonight. Haha! I'm kidding of course!

    • Us peasants are watching videos on You Tube.

  • 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Fug

  • If I'm going to pay more than $200 for a paint job, I expect the headlights to be removed before painting. Jesus.

  • Ricers final boss

  • 🤔 When did he get so bougie and expensive? If I'm not mistaken his car use to start at more than half that shown in the video. P.S. Not all of this creations are ugly!

    • When supply and demand came into take

  • I took away absolutely nothing from this video.

  • Isn’t that yellow car in GTA V???