I spent a day with CORPSE HUSBAND

Birt 16 mar 2021
I spent a day with faceless creator and musician Corpse_Husband AKA CORPSE.
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  • come back next week for *I spent a day with REALITY SHIFTERS*. 🎙 PODCAST OF THIS & PREVIOUS CORPSE INTERVIEW: Spotify ▸ ​open.spotify.com/show/5aOLuPenneHbhLh05fmkeu​ Apple ▸ ​podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-spent-a-day-with/id1550213250​

    • i think its a good perspective thath u have beacus u were the bigest the smalest and ur in the game for the longest

    • hey

    • Corpseypooh u don't have to do a face reveal. Cupcakes :)

    • I have questions for the reality shifters that you're gonna interview! 😃😃😃 1. How long did it take for you guys to completely shift from your cr to dr? 2. How did you recognize that you've already shifted and are in a new reality?

    • I'm hoping u picked good people for the reality shifting one, there's so much misinformation and fake shifters

  • I feel this so much with your body changing, and not much you can do about it. I was 20 years old in a head on collision, and my legs don't work the same. I like to see myself as an optimist. I get crazy stares from my scars looking weird. I have chronic pain too. In different situations, you're not alone!

  • Why does he give me leafy vibes?

  • Statuario quartz

  • Others:*promotes their channels* Corpse: Shout out Bingus

  • sigh corpse knows we love him -_-

  • Need to find a proper nuerotherapist. Check the nerves between spine to arm. I had that shit happen to me. Bone spurr or a impingement that causes total pain, numbness, heaviness. Mine was in my elbow, they moved the ulnar nerve and all my pain reversed. Regardless, hope you get better.

  • i fucking love this guy. he's the fucking realest

  • never heard of this dude till now but he seems cool. kinda anonymous, but totally honest and real.

  • the way i had to do a double take bc i thought i was abt to have to click off and go blind 👁👄👁 anyways this artwork is beautiful and god i pray for this fandom to become more positive and understanding after hearing his feelings straight from him.

  • It truly does suck that he has to go through all this every single day. Tbh he just seems like the most wholesome person, it kinda makes me want to squeeze his cheeks lol. All these haters get so mad cuz people enjoy his content and the personality he shows like.... imma do this cuz I want to and cuz it’ll piss them haters off lol. I love you corpse honey do you and only you. 🖤🖤🖤

    • I seriously just want to hug him. It just shows how real mental issues are and how they affect people and how when your famous can affect people.

  • What he say: 😇🥰🌸🌹 V/S His voice: 🖤⛓🥀🗡

  • i really really wish he gets well and healthy and happy ..he deserves only good things and happiness all the time ..

  • All hail Lord Bingus, our Hero and savior. ALL HAIL LORD BINGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • His voice makes my throat hurt.

  • Hey talk to dream

  • So fuckin easy to even roll it deeper than his voice is able to xD

  • I always wondered how does he goes shopping without being recognized 😅

  • You forgot to mention someone got the voice clip tatted too 😂

  • his face is not real.

    • Wow i didn’t know that😃🙃

    • wow how did you find out sherlock

  • Dream

  • No ones gonna talk about Anthony's breathing??

  • We all just want to listen to you lol

  • My friend has a horrible nerve condition in her arms as well. Completely irreparable. She was in the process of becoming a police officer and now she’s completely disabled. I feel really bad for corpse. That has to be so hard.

  • He's so fucking likeable

  • corpse shouldn't hate himself i personally think he is amazing not just because of his voice his personality is amazing and stuff and i was in the dark but i got into corpse and watching him just made me feel better and stuff so just hearing about the stuff he goes through it just kinda breaks me a little

  • Why is he hated

  • anthonys breath was a perfect replica of corpses breath proving corpse didn't "manipulate" his breath

  • This man needs a partner that will cuddle and hug him dude-

  • I have a question; In most of his songs he talks about how many girls hes um...did it to,so have they seen his face? And where they sworn to secrecy aftet?

  • no one talking about him shouting out Bingus?

  • *corpse face gets leaked* Me: 👩‍🦯👩‍🦯👩‍🦯👩‍🦯


  • Can we take a moment and appreciate the Corpse Husband head animation😌 Edit: DAYYUM it's his whole body

  • Why is my heart beating so freakin fast?

  • i wanna hug this dude, between his anxiety struggles and chronic illness struggles hes just dealing with a lot of stress on top of crazy stans and haters. Also i would volunteer to feed this man or bring him groceries he seems like such a sweetie and a deep soul, i hope he finds a caretaker or someone he can trust to not leak his info and truly help him with his needs due to his illness

  • Mental health is so important!

  • I just want to tell corpse that one: We all love you the way you are, it doesn’t matter how you look, and two: We all support your choice to continue keeping your face secret, but if you ever do a face reveal, I can promise you 99 percent of us won’t judge you, we love you very much. You entertain me a lot and if something happened to you, I would never be the same. ❤️

  • He is very resilient for what he does everyday...I hope he finds something or someone to help accept himself/love himself for who he is.

  • even though im a fricking 13 yro girl, if any photos get leaked of corpse. im gonna post a picture saying I am him, period.

  • 5:59 was so fucking cringe

  • thanksgiving dinner just sounds like uhhhhhhhhhhh- lmfaoo

  • The sexiest voice of 2021 😍 corpse marry me

  • Corpse is so sweet and funny, i just wanna hug him, istg if his pic ever gets leaked were all gonna pull a Radio Rebel

  • Breaking news corpse becomes a vtuber

  • All I’m saying is that I’m in love with corpse. It’s fine, it’s cool

  • Corpse’s voice is just.... so... wonderful

  • I hit puberty so hard just like him ppl say I’m a devil 😂

  • He looks like me

  • I have similar symptoms to Corpse with parts of my body going numb. I still don't know what is going on with my body, but I hope he has answers for his own. It's hard not getting the answers that you need.

  • Do whatever u want corpse we will always support... and u shld mayb try thinking frick the haters ........and tbh everyone hates parts of themselves ..u just have more than normal but u are great..u can trust us

  • frick the haters

  • i feel so bad for corpse. hes going through so much off the internet. i just wanna find him and give him a hug and buy him some demon squishmellos. like i cant even explain how bad i feel for him. and i though my anxiety was bad. also if corpse somehow sees this, i just want to let you know to take care of your self. and please dont do anythiing stupid to yourselff. and you have the most sweetest presonalty every, your are so amazing and kind. never let anyone tell you different!

  • well. i hope he can keep his face concealed for as long as he wants. privacy is really important. i don't get why celebrities or public figures can't be treated with the same respect as everyone else. Like they said, money is great, but there are other things too. They are still people. This was my first time learning anything about this dude, and he seems really nice. I feel sad to hear about how much he is going through. I have issues as well so i can understand how painful it is

  • Hey look its those 3k people that are hating on corpse clicked the dislike button

  • Money can buy many things, but it can’t buy happiness

  • 3k People Are Corpse Hates

  • if anyone wants a pic of his real face i have it uploaded on google drive along with his school photos from awhile ago :)

  • This dude is such a nice person. I stan this person. I want to be like him.

  • Me literally freaking out because hearing this man laugh brings me a smile and this just like makes me want to like hug and cuddle him

  • wait corpse look like a anime boy👁️👄👁️

  • My heart honestly hurts for him and I can sympathize having dealt with chronic health issues and mental illness myself. He's had to go through way too much. I've been a fan since the scary stories and it's frustrating to see how disrespectful people are towards him, especially the ones not accepting his boundaries. You're a fan/supporter but you pressure him to reveal his face? Not okay.

  • If I ever come across a man that sounds like corpse I will have no ears and no eyes

  • basically, since corpse has gotten so popular, and what they were saying is true about how people expect you to look a certain way it feels like you can't do a face reveal now because like he also said when you had dug yourself into the hole, its frustrating because there are those people who want you to do a face reveal- and of course those who don't even mind at all-and those who expect you to look a certain way because of your voice and style. So I'm sure it's tempting, confusing, and frustrating even thinking about it, there are people every which way judging and even if those certain people are or aren't trying to make you feel bad, it still does hurt when people leak fake images and call it ''CORPSE HUSBAND'' and have other people say that it's ugly, "like damn what if I really did look like that?" it feels almost impossible to do a face reveal whether you want to or not because of those people that do or don't judge on purpose. Sorry xd I'm sure this paragraph was annoying but I like writing anyway, and this is all that I grabbed from the situation I'm not trying to quote anyone or offend anyone either but yeah I'm sorry about this unescapable situation but trust me there are amazing supporters out there who will support and respect your decisions either way-

  • I love his voice.

  • its funny how random people just put random boys on the internet and say "CORPSE GOT LEAKED LOOK HAHAHA" so insecure like wtf

  • Has anyone searched up what religion corpses is

  • Y'all are searching for his face None of you now how he goes through a lot

  • I'm sending all the tightest, warmest and lovable hugs to Corpse 💓

  • Hi bor

  • I adore this mans voice, as does millions of other people. Ironically I was playing League of Legends & met a bloke among friends that has a voice almost meeting his tone, It was interesting hearing an Australian themed Corpse Husband voice.

  • he should drop the country song just to piss people off.

  • i think corpse wants to just be known who his talented songs instead of people judging him. he has gone through enough if his life already just leave him alone. why do you need to see his face? people get judged online already because their face don’t meet your expectations. if he doesn’t want to show his face then respect that.

  • I don’t think no face is possible

  • Just show your true identity I think you love the drama of people not knowing what you look like ..! What's the big deal you are human just like everybody else..?

  • His voice doesn't even sound deep anymore, it sounds absolutely destroyed.

  • CORSPE is my spirit animal😂

  • I feel like because he probably has super veins and has worked out, he might get numbing arms and light headedness from your veins getting closed just by simply moving. I've had almost an exact situation but not as severe and i just feel like its our viens and working out. Im not a doctor, just giving my 2 take

  • As a person who has had a man voice since 6th grade. A deep voice is a good and bad thing. Constantly people are saying stuff like "woah, i did not expect you to have thay deep of a voice". Its not bad but it becomes your personality to certain people and its hard to just have a conversation with anyone. I respect Corpse, namely because his voice is even deeper than mine lel but also because he had to deal with it longer than me and with other mental issues that can make him suffer. I wish him the best and hate the people who try to out him. He is creative, wholesome, encouraging and funny. He deserves the best from people.

  • If his face gets leaked lets pretend that we all went to jail

  • I love corps and his voice

  • amogus

  • Whenever I say I find it funny to see people angry I get weird looks. But it really is funny!

  • Corpse needs to drop that country song tho...

  • Me finally learning more about him: awwww adorable!

  • The therapist ad in this video XD

  • He probably still looks way better than me.

  • Also feeling the struggle of living with chronic pain and mental illness for the majority of my life I do often feel like i've lost who I was myself and it's super hard to deal with. I've basically come to the conclusion myself that even though i'm not as active as I was (cycling running walking a lot and enjoying it) I still have a personality and it really helps ground me that even though what I thought defined who I was by the things I did isn't always the case and it's okay to embrace change in yourself and to adapt to a new self so to speak. Idk it's weird and even though I miss doing what I was able to do I try to find a similar joy in what i'm able to do now. Of course its still difficult dealing with mental illness and physical illness just have to take each day at a time and try not to focus on what used to be

  • corpse's main channel on ISchats now has more subscribers than......Pokimane! and in his recent Among Us post-game he said he might go to twitch

  • '' it has a lot of bass '' And that my friend is why i listin to it :}

  • Anyone else just wanna give him a hug and take away all his pain....

  • I am pretty shore that corpses face is animated?? But do like it

  • i legit had a mental breakdown when he said "i don't like myself". I cried for hours


  • Aww thats so sad that he doent want to show his face bc of that reason :((( that makes me saddd :(((

  • I love u both

  • I know why u guys had a animation of him becuse to hide his identity i respect him becuse of a skin allergic reaction i have i just get kinda herssed like corpse so every time i go out i just keep my head down

  • I've never wanted to give someone a hug so badly. My heart literally hurts T-T

    • Same :( poor guy

  • Well now we have to hear Country Corpse.