Eric Conn: American Greed's Biggest Cons

Birt 20 ágú 2020
Eric Conn, the convicted mastermind of the largest U.S. Social Security fraud in history vanishes and is apprehended, but leaves thousands of his former clients struggling to survive…until a whistleblower uncovers startling new evidence that could help them regain their disability benefits. Watch a new American Greed: Biggest Cons MONDAY at 10P ET on CNBC.
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About American Greed: Discover multi-million dollar scams that build unimaginable wealth. Go to places where devious frauds feed deviant desires. And witness the fatal flaws that bring criminals to justice.
American Greed takes you deep inside shocking true stories of brazen con artists who thrive on stealing fortunes, ruining and even taking lives. In-depth reporting exposes the devastating effects greed has on victims-, bringing you up -close to heartless villains living large on other people’s life savings. How do these crooked masterminds defraud the wealthy, rip off their own families, and scam their friends?
On American Greed crime pays well, until the crooks get caught.
Some people will do ANYTHING for MONEY….with evil like this, no one is safe.
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Eric Conn: American Greed's Biggest Cons


  • Bro when I First Talk to the man I thought He was a good dude but then... My aunt Worked there and she knew something was not right, and She eventually Quit. I couldn’t Imagine The People That Got turned Down Because They didn’t have there files At Least That’s what they Thought But then They Find out that He had to files. This was a big topic in Kentucky and still is Happy He in Jail Lol

  • What’s so funny is they keep showing Harold hill, place where I was raised, that was home to me, good people who worked for everything. they literally showed my uncles dog in the show, who well taking care of. She was saved by him.

  • I remember seeing his commercial all the time was going to call him with my dad ssi Glad I didn’t call 😂

  • A real life Saul Goodman then lol...better call him...

  • What's the difference between a lawyer and a prostitute? When you die, a prostitute stops screwing you... 😐

    • @E P Ramos and the government cheats on those guidelines lmao.

    • @E P Ramos don’t give me that bs crap. It’s the right thing to do period. He wouldn’t have to break the law if the government didn’t. The government hires psychiatrists to say people who are disabled with Aspergers or mild schizophrenia aren’t disabled so they don’t get disability. Conn went around that and got people disability, the government played dirty so he played dirty so yes what he did he had to do so it was the right thing to do. 😂😂😂😂

    • The guidelines to get disability from taxpayer funded program is specific... if you are denied, I dont qualify. It goes to those who are qualified. Two wrongs don't make a right and he bilked US taxpayers millions and the ones who suffered are the ones he targeted who didnt qualify..

    • @PSYCHO PAT yes. If its not within the law..

    • @E P Ramos no but getting people with disabilities their disability I wrong?

  • Eric Conn lived up to his name! rare achievement! 😹😹

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  • Better call Saul 🤣

  • How ironic...

  • Real life Saul Goodman

  • I worked in area. Heard Eric Conn commercials back in days more few times. As for people name Conn I worked couple of them they normal. 1 guy we borrow each other tools a Lot. Never did he or I not return a mechanic tools. I wish I could say that about some other people.

    • 😂😂😂😂

  • why are you uploading half a story?

  • He knew what type of person he was when he was born smh conn

    • 😂😂😂😂

  • I won’t be on this show but I should, I love Switzerland!!

  • "how could a lawyer make money off Social Security Disability clients, they get paid minimum wage, and the Social Security Administration conducts their disability reviews with the patient?" (all you need is your medical records...)

  • Jesus loves you.

  • Face n name like that I wouldn't have trusted him!

  • Conn man

  • Don King

  • I got, maybe, a quarter of the story. I'm feeling conned by CNBC.

  • 🤣🤣🤣 So the real criminals is the government cutting those people off. Don't try and blame Conn for the governments greed!

    • Right he was going around the government to get people their disability since the government was denying them lmao. He broke the law but he was doing the right thing lmao.

  • His last name is Conn.. with two n.. what can go wrong

  • Gorge Bush Doesn't Care About Black People

  • Never trust a man last name start with Conn ? 😂