Jordan Klepper Takes On the Million MAGA March | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Birt 17 nóv 2020
Somewhere in an alternate reality, Donald Trump won the 2020 election. Jordan Klepper hits up the Million MAGA March to talk to the folks who won’t let that achievement go uncelebrated. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #MillionMAGAMarch
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  • Atleast no one attacked him.... *cough cough* BLM

  • Trevor you are getting so predictable and boring. When you have no material against Trump, then you go to the streets and pick out the “rustiest’ tool in the shed and humiliate them. Democrats always go that route when they are loosing an argument.

  • If they don’t even know how to count words then how do you expect them to understand the process of counting votes.

  • Klepper you’re quick to make these people look more idiotic every time haha.

  • "Trump Jones cult"

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  • Is this the new host for The Soup?

  • This is priceless they all blame corona which may I mind you was brought in under the trump admin. Trump declared national state of emergency which allowed governors to do what they have done.....trump lost deal with it

  • "That's actually two words..." 🤣

  • “I trust Tucker Carlson” How much money says that guy now hates Tucker, and claims he is “fake news” after he ripped Sidney Powell and Trumps legal team for providing zero evidence of fraud.

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  • If dead people could vote, COVID 19 victims would vote against trump.

  • Klepper you’re quick to make these people look more idiotic every time haha.

  • This is the left's idea of a "good" debater? The guy literally just repeated everything the person said, then when given viable information. They resort to making fun of what they are wearing/holding.

    • He isn't there to debate them he is trolling them you doofus. He's a comedian making fun of them not trying to debate them.

  • They’re the “SiLeNt MaJoRiTy” that never shuts up and never was the majority.

  • their iq is probably 80

  • Dude said “one person” like a single individual runs the entire Department of Homeland Security 🤣 The Tea Party should be ashamed! 😂😂😂

  • Trump on the confederate battle flag is the whole story behind MAGA.

  • self proclaimed and self counted lol

  • Losers!

  • Sheeppppppppppp

  • Biden is the worst choice the democrats could have made. And trump is the worst the republicans have made.

    • @bestieswithtesties yes makes sense

    • Eh not really. I don't like Biden but he was picked by the DNC over Bernie Sanders for a reason. Sanders is too anti-billionaire anti-corporation for the corrupt DNC's liking. While Biden is a more conservative democrat so they knew he was a good choice to help sway voters away from Trump. It was a calculated decision that paid off for them in the end. Not to mention if someone who is Too left won the election it would probably result in a lot more chaos and violence in the streets. Putting someone like Biden in office makes that much less of a worry.

  • Mindless

  • They killed me saying that they are patriots you are getting patriot patriotism confused if you were a patriot you would except the result you would not try to destroy the democratic process if you were a patriot you wouldn’t follow such a scam artist a con artist like trump if you were a patriot you wouldn’t be out here protesting something that you know is not true because one person has said it Trump delegitimize every entity they can put a check on him why so he could get away with all the shit he’s doing now and make you dumb ass believe it look up Jim Jones baby

  • The silent majority, oh that is so satisfying!!?

  • We thank Jordan for taking one for the team. Traumatizing 😟

  • Trump 2020!!!

  • Its civil war baby 😎🍿 From Asia, love watching this series DT vs JB😎🍿

  • See how they aren’t burning down the city

  • This is so unbelievably sad and embarrassing that these are my fellow Americans. Hopefully they drink more kool - aid and check out on a deserted island far far away

  • Klepps.. you made my laughter dealing with the magnificent mile.. tolerable and hilarious 🤣 ty

  • My god what a bunch of idiots

  • Someone said that he only believes Trump. He is the true definition of astray.

  • These people sound so utterly overly incredibly ignorant

  • why do people call this news it literally has show in the title it's for entertainment lol

  • Jordon Klepper is a national treasure.

  • Absolutely love Kelpper for being so risky and being the voice of reason in the sea of ignorance & arrogance. I have one word for you: Thank you!!!

  • “I trust Tucker Carlson” How much money says that guy now hates Tucker, and claims he is “fake news” after he ripped Sidney Powell and Trumps legal team for providing zero evidence of fraud.

  • Not the most educated lot.

  • God bless these people! #TRUMP2020

  • “Please don’t step on the flag” “It’s not really an American flag...”

  • "Can no one in the MAGA world count" had to be perhaps the perfect summary of all this 😂

  • Well they definitely cant count to 79,800,000+ votes

  • WOW, why did my mom thought the USA will be the best place to migrante

  • I can’t. I just can’t believe people are this stupid.

  • The United States school system has failed these people.

  • I remember when Hillary lost, all the Republicans laughed at democratics and liberals who cried and were upset about it. Oh how the turned tables have turned

  • You know they coping hard when they say they don’t like fox’s news

  • “Please don’t step on the flag” “It’s not really an American flag...”

    • One of these people in the crowd died of Covid. Guaranteed. Wonder if it was worth it.

  • This is the most annoyed I’ve ever seen Jordan💀😂He’s got a different type of patience lmao♥️

  • I have an idea, all you Cult45ers follow Trump to Mar a lago in Florida see if he opens the gates for you weirdos 😂

  • Trevor, what a liar you are working for the MIC. Dominion stole the American votes and you make fun of that. You suck.

    • Yea, that didn’t happen...

  • All the people I know (yes, some of them are friends) who voted for Trump, are complete and utter chaos jockeys. If it's an untruthatude based on chaotic, unstable, unsubstantiated, and untenable nonsense--they're all for it. For these folks conspiracy theories are batshit icing piled high atop a whacky-ass cake.

  • Why did I have a rise of skywalker tickets available now ad on this? 😂

  • Looks like they opened the cages at the looney bin for an afternoon... SAD

  • So many lost souls. I wanna laugh but I just find this sad..

  • These people are fucking lost. I feel so much pity for them and yet want to slam my head through a window and yeet myself into Lake Michigan every time I hear their insane conspiracy theories.

  • There is a reason Republicans have only argued their "voter fraud" evidence on social media while never making the same arguments in court against judges

  • Is this the kind of people who go home and call themselves Christians???? Not one piece of evidence!!!!

  • “You might as well put a Jets hat on” I’m fucking weak 🤣

  • im tired of people who believe every thing that comes outta Donald Trumps mouth

  • There wasn't even a million teeth there.

  • One of these people in the crowd died of Covid. Guaranteed. Wonder if it was worth it.

  • Jordan be risking his whole life to talk to idiots, please protect this man!

  • Voter fraud. Russian interference. One isn’t acceptable. The other is.

  • Patriots for Trump and Putin!

  • MAGA maggots!

  • This video has had so far more views than the maga 1 million march. I also would like to hit the powerball jackpot please. Those are the millions I truly need right now.

  • I thought, Bhakts(Adorers) only found in India but in reality they are everywhere, especially in USA.

  • Every time I see Klepper out with trump supporters I feel like they are just getting more dumb and dumber😂😂😂

  • 2:16, even with California taken out, Biden has a majority with 251 & 68.8 million votes vs Trumps 232 and 67.9 million votes

  • Women says “I have one word for you” then she proceeds to give him at least 10...classic!😆

  • Klepper you’re quick to make these people look more idiotic every time haha.

  • MAGA people can count to three, and only one sellable at a time... Stop the vote Count the vote Lock her up


  • Hey you guys: YALL LOST. GO HOME!

  • got a screenie w afk @TimeDeo muah muah

  • Biden won. The Republicans could not steal the election with voter suppression this time.

  • 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ oh wow these people. Jordan is my man!

  • The guy who listed who he believes in basically admitted that he was fake Christian cuz he was basically saying he idolized and thinks trump is on the same level as trump oh bless their stupid stupid soul😔😭💀🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😬

  • “The democrats are working with the communist Chinese to create the corona virus to put Biden in charge cuz they hav dirt on Biden” did I get it right?🤦‍♀️🤣😬def plausible also people who vote Biden they don’t actually like Biden they jus hate trump the only one that would do that is trumps cult for trump lol

  • Is that first couple even from this country

  • I would go to a *MANGA* march . Because I love Japanese *AMIME* . I don't know *what* the Hell *these* people are accomplishing 😂

  • Jesus, that's depressing.

  • The real march was the friends we made along the way

  • Am I the only one that feels this guy reminds me of Chandler Bing?

  • I cant comprehend 4 years of injustice by the left and a legitimate march being hacked to bits by people who cried for years and still make disturbing accusations. Biden is corrupted 100%. Ukraines corruption was collaborated on TV for withholding a billion dollars. His family is Sad excuse 😔 Jim. Joe. Hunter. And im sure more.

    • Yeah, you seem like the type that can't comprehend very much.

  • Dam can you bastardize our flag more than putting trump on it? Hitler didnt put his face on his flag. What a deuce bag.


  • The same situation in india😂😂😂

  • “The silent majority!” She screams, through her megaphone.

  • America is a complete jokes, lol

  • Why he gotta do the Jets like that

  • This is how Mainstream media controll people 😥

  • Uma bandeira brasileira no meio desse protesto?! Nossa capacidade de estar em lugares tão inusitados é impressionante.

  • These Trump supporters are Crazy !! They hate FOX now ?! What happened?? 4 years ago they told Dems to get over it , take your own and get over it..

  • And these are the people who claim to be so called “Christian” and go to church on Sunday? This is the reason Im not Christian. They think they are so righteous, everything else is fake to them and don’t know how stupid they are. No matter what, we are not going to change them. Let them live in the delusion for the rest of their lives. They will only know the truth when they meet their maker at the end.

    • Yeeaah but when their stupidity starts to become dangerous we do kinda have to address it and try to do something about it. The fact that it's gone unchecked for so long is exactly why America just fell on it's face and turned into a chaotic cess pool for the past 4 years. It has reached a dangerous level of stupidity that puts our entire democracy and country at risk. So we can't really just ignore them anymore.

  • One word. How the hell did you make it to adulthood😂!?

  • That video says it all. You could not reason logically with any of those people. So sad

  • the "man" at 5:23 is doing a dog whistle white power sign