Birt 16 apr 2019
Gus Johnson returns for another round of Try Not To Laugh! But, will we *actually* make him laugh this time?
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  • Just like dress as a chicken and scream in guses face for like 2 minutes

  • The blonde girl is so unfunny

  • No animals were shot during this film that's a lie

  • Was Courtney drunk in this one?


  • 12:46 if u Look closely on shaynes forhead you will see that he awakend the byakugan.

  • 2:04 Geston (from beauty and the beast) after reading his script.

  • Gub bobsin

  • There is no amount of editing that can make courtney funny...

  • 9:53 I don't feel I have to explain

  • Anyone know what Shayne’s “Andy” bit was referencing?

  • Austin weather

  • I love how when Gus comes out in the baby mask he just keeps giving thumbs up for no reason

  • 7:14 CHAPTER TWO

  • 1:43-2:22 MY FAVORITE Another one: *in squeaky voice* and sometimes your balls will- *sudden deep voice* DROP

  • this is the police and you could say you've been severed

  • Hwo is with koartnay shain

  • 5:24 that came out wrong

  • At all

  • Courtney isn’t funny

  • 0:35 you can see the depression in Gus' face XD

  • I love how shayne is eagerly watching in the background hoping that gus will laugh😂.

  • Who is watching this in 20211

  • If u would like to see more pay 5 dollars😂

  • The scrawny aries empirically stare because umbrella traditionally shave concerning a lively tugboat. hurried, six dietician

  • 3:50

  • Don't think it's right to say he didn't laugh once. Maybe he just.... Got tight lips. He holds water really good.

  • If i was to go on this show i would b good. I dont laugh. If my best friend went with me im screwed.

  • 1:55 i was eating out of nowhere I saw Shane’s face I couldn’t stop laughing I almost choked on my sandwich then my mom yelled lol

  • 9:55 You are welcome

  • 1:43

  • This try not to laugh challenges shows that girls (specially that one) are not that funny, sometimes even cringy

    • you've commented this so many times on separate videos, get a life

  • So good to see Gus laughing in the back of Ian’s “all my Christians” joke

  • Y’all should READ THE BIBLE

  • Courtney is mad in love with Shayne you have to be pure stupid if you can't see that

  • 9:53 is so powerful

  • honestly... Ian's chicken thing was probably the funniest bit he's done on this show

  • 2:13 Lunk.

  • “Do you wipe back to front, or not at all?” So funny

  • 8:40 best part

  • 13:50 How does Gus know my name and me and my dad's inside joke.

  • Write here dude

  • *G R A D U A T E F R O M T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F P H O E N I X*

  • The puberty penguin is comedy gold. He knows it's a flamingo 😏

  • 10:01 when your a new born

  • OMG I was laughing so hard when he did the honey cats joke

  • Shayne's Disney prince bit made me laugh so hard and Damien always seems to be able to make me laugh no matter how hard I try not to 😂😂😂

  • Hello, 911? Yeah I’d like a single pepperoni please.

  • Hahah my name is Cassandra and sometimes I feel like I’m like clean Cassandra😅

  • 3:54

  • I like this but remember the old smosh

  • 11:25 Only fans

  • Courtney belching makes me laugh

  • My favorite episode

  • i love shaune #2:09

  • The chicken sounds like Peter griffin

  • YeAh WeRe CaLlEd HoNeY cAtS. Reaehir....

  • Gus would make a great Asterix

  • Is Courtney capable of comedy?

  • and dont forget guys WE GOTTA FIND ANDY

  • 10:17 he touched!!!!

  • I feel like Clean Cassandra needed to visit my highschool 😬

  • They didn't know what a persimmon was 😂😂😂😂

  • Baby tits is a GOAT sketch

  • Damien's penguin of puberty got me😂😂😂

  • 9:53

  • 9:54 12:20 13:25

  • 11:39 I've heard that rolling your eyes at someone is the equivalent of metaphorically picking them up and throwing them in the trash. For shame shayne. For shame.

  • There’s no way Gus doesn’t spit he probably doesn’t have enough water cause he makes noises and laughed but didn’t spit

  • I just realized we didn't see Damien on Courtney's turn, or Damien on Gus's

  • Hey I know someone named damon

  • I need to show you guys a picture of a youth pastor I know of who’s name is Wes and who looks just like Ian in 14:20

  • The police doesn't shoot racists you silly billy.

  • The Christian one is very accurate btw

  • My god baby face gus

  • Persimmon wood it’s a golf club

  • Damn you Gus! You laugh, but you can just hold the water in so well!

  • I Laughed so hard 2:30😂🤣🤣

  • Poor Ian's incredibly multi-faceted Karen joke went right over Shayne's head. Bless his heart.

  • Who else has a big crush on Shane?

  • Damien and Gus is the perfect way to die from laughter

  • 2 ways that you can tell this is from just after they came back: 1) The lights are off. Originally they had the lights off during Pit shoots. 2) They introduce Damien.

  • 9:59 say thats a nice milky pair of *ŤÌŤŚ* YOU GOT THERE

  • 4:58 Sounds like morty


  • No shade, but Courtney isn’t funny at all....

  • "

  • @smoshpit I just want you guys to know these videos are getting me thru depression

  • "experience some changes in the "

  • "This is a healing process for me. I haven't laughed in years." HAHAHA

  • lmao damians puberty penguin skit was so amazing. also courtny saying “look at those chompers” is so good.

  • Mafia baby head gus is a horror movie waiting to happen

  • Shayne pretending to be one of the plastic soldiers from Toy Story had me fucking DEAD- 🤣🤣💀💀 It was made even better when he tripped and dropped an F-bomb-

  • Let's just talk about Shayne's e eEweE 2:16 XD idk why it made me laugh so hard 😂

  • Holy shit at 3:53 puberty penguin is so fucking funny.


  • Honey cats

  • *R ę æ d t h ę b į b ł ę* lol 😂

  • Ngl this was one of the least funniest try not to laughs. I’m not hating tho I love Gus and all of your other ones!

    • Except for shaynes read the Bible thing that will be hilarious for years to come

  • Swallow the water whileno body is looking and pretend