I Gave an Employee $10,000 to QUIT His Job...

Birt 22 jan 2021
I asked an employee if he would quit his job for $10,000, and this is how it went...
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  • i love you ❤️

  • Update on the homeless man you have helped many times in the past.. please I believe his name is mike can we have a update on him....

  • I never got this I would be surprised if someone offered 10,000 to quit your job

  • I wonder 💭 it the house they live in right now is still hunted still🤷‍♂️

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  • Why would you give someone 10 grand to quit their job?

  • Imagine how stupid that girl feels knowing she could’ve said I quit and then just returned the next day and kept her job.

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  • Isn’t faze blaze moving in

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