The Try Guys Bake Cheesecake Without A Recipe

Birt 26 des 2020
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I'll take my cake with a bit of cheese please! It's the season finale of #WithoutARecipe! Watch The Try Guys battle it out in the final bake-off for the cooking crown!🧀🎂
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  • We love Nicole and think she's hilarious in this video! Our Simon Cowell. If you have a problem with her being "too mean" please direct that towards US as constructive criticism on how we edit. Any attacks on her as a person are simply uncalled for and we will not tolerate any personal hate towards the incredible and talented experts we bring into our fold. Remember, this is all just fun and games. As the people forced to eat this food every week we can promise you her comments were justified and spot-on 😂

    • She was hired to judge and she did just that.

    • Lol what I think she's fucking hysterical.

    • I love her!!

    • ​@Katelyn I think Nicole Rucker made the comedy even greater and more theatrical. She has a name, btw.

    • I honestly thought the vide was great, my only critique when it comes to the editing around Nicole was just a touch overpowering. I honestly feel like she it became a lot for apparent because she was paired with two more neutral judges. The part where she flat out disagrees with one the other judges off the bat HILARIOUS, amazing, that was some stellar editing! I feel like if Nicole had been paired with someone like Roe who has a hard time giving harsher critique, that would be a great dynamic! And her comments would have a better balance. That all being said I do hope Nicole comes back next season! But I think pairing her with someone to match her energy(just in the opposite direction) would help balance the criticism. And make her comments still hilarious, but help keep it fun and jokey.

  • Mini M&Ms are superior and I do not take criticism

  • Rip Ned❤️he was just gettin rousted by all the juches🥺

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  • Jimmy looks like an Asian Zach.

  • Try guys hiding immediately when Ned gets 4th place! 🤣🤣🤣

  • These are grown ass men. Nicole was funny just as much as every other judge. They are fine guys JEEZ. You act like she’s slitting there throats. Again. THESE ARE 4 GROWN ASS MEN. Do like Elsa and let it go. Like my boi Zack said “I’m disappointed in your close minded attitudes”

    • @Moore In-depth The difference is the WAY people said things. Roy had humor. This woman does not. " She isn't rude at all" Judging by the comments, most people disagree with you.

    • @peepslostsheep Sensitive ppl have sensitive feelings. I'm not sure of his name but I know it had choi in it, lol he literally told keith that the only one that would enjoy his cake was a fucking dog or his dad. That was hilarious but I bet you a sensitive person would've took offense to that. You have your feelings just like I have mines. Agree to disagree cause the back and fourth is pointless. She isn't rude at all, she's straight forward just like everyone else in the category😂 it's whatever. The videos up so it clearly wasn a problem to them. As long as they are fine and there wasn't a issue its fine. It's sad that there was so much negativity they had to come back and tell ppl to chill out.

    • @Moore In-depth "The point some are failing to realize is she is on a show where the point is for the criticism is to be funny and harsh" That has never been the point of the show before, so I don't know why you think it is now. Funny, yes. But not harsh. The point isn't to judge it like it's a professional competition with people who should know better. It's to judge it like they're a bunch of novices who don't have a recipe and don't know what they're doing. "Gordon ramsay doess it all the time and ppl think it's funny but she does to them and it's a problem," I don't like Gordon on American shows. His British ones are so much better, because he's no a complete ass on them. "It's rude." Are you surprised that rudeness begets rudeness? "She's been on many videos buzzfeed to many other channels and shows and that is her personality. " So it wasn't their editing. She's just rude. Good to know.

    • @peepslostsheep no. The point some are failing to realize is she is on a show where the point is for the criticism is to be funny and harsh. Gordon ramsay doess it all the time and ppl think it's funny but she does to them and it's a problem, I don't get it. Truthfully like i stated before you can not like her all you want but it's the way people are conveying their feelings. It's rude. She was doing a job just like Gordon or Simon cowell. She's been on many videos buzzfeed to many other channels and shows and that is her personality. Like I said I'm sure that if they had a problem with it the video wouldn't be up. It isn't like they didn't know what they were getting into.

    • @Moore In-depth "no one said they needed permission." You're implying that because the Try Guys are ok with it, that other people should be ok with it too. That because the GUYS are ok with it, that people should 'do like Elsa and let it go'. " You can not like her but make the criticism constructive not destructive." Which is exactly what she SHOULD have done, and failed to do.

  • I just think that one of the judges could've been more gentle on her comments because they did try to bake it with no recipes so it's obvious that it wouldnt be perfect. This is one of my fav try guy videos tho ♡

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  • I really love this series! I hope to see you guys do a mystery box challenge again but this time with you all having the same ingredients 😊

  • AWW! I'm so happy Keith won! This is my first time watching this series, a bake off? Wow! Keith looks so happy, it made me happy! Sending love 🧡

  • Cook cheesecake filling before you bake it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Keith: loves his dad Ned: is the dad Zach: the child Eugene: the mom that don’t give af You’re welcome😊

  • i wonder if Jimmy kept saying Daddy’s Home because of his brothers podcast, Dungeons and Daddies? he must be a ron stampler fan!

  • I guess Nicole is a very sarcastic person, but that definitely didn’t come across in their editing. This was uncomfortable to watch.

  • Daddy’s favorite is back BUT IT IS BETTER THANK GOD!

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  • Will Eugene stop pouring booze into everything? Will Keith ever make something other than daddy's favorite? *Probably not, but find out next time on 'Without A Recipe!'*

  • Lol daddy's favorite love that name

  • The lady in pink being sassy and explaining that she compliments Zach in a condescending way 💀😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love Caroline as a judge!

  • Why are the fans here so FRAGILE? If this episode or a judge made you "sooo uncomfortable," it's time to reevaluate your life & go to therapy. SMH

    • @peepslostsheep "Going to therapy is probably exactly why they feel comfortable stating what makes them uncomfortable." -peepslostsheep

    • @Lucy Fur At no point did I imply that everyone is in therapy. And alone is a misinterpretation. Good luck in life.

    • @peepslostsheep Oh, I didn't misinterpret/misdirect anything. From your first reply, you made the assumption that everyone is in therapy when clearly it's NOT true. I simply called you out on your BS. Doesn't feel good, right? Have a nice day!

    • @Lucy Fur If you're going to intentionally misinterpret and misdirect everything I say, then I see no further reason to continue this conversation.

    • @peepslostsheep Oh, you don't know??? But you said these fans are able to say IT because they're in therapy ("comfort" was your word). And that the reason they're still UNCOMFORTABLE is because therapy takes time. You must know each & everyone's therapy history to say all that, don't you think?

  • Lol I love Nichole

  • anyone else kinda ready to throw hands with nicole? :)

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  • 36:00 me explaining my essay to my teacher

  • “Just because blackberries are like, they’re kinda like, sO rAndOM” Eugene. W A T ?? 😅

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  • “Beautiful, kind of!” Me watching Keith eat the menus😂🔥

  • When Keith said “situation” my mind went straight to the Amber-verse. I am so sorry. 😂

  • 35:38 shits about to go down

  • Lemme guess: Eugene: *putting 12 eggs in the cake*

  • This should be a Netflix show! It's so fun and addicting.


  • It was hilarious to me that they declared cheesecake to be so difficult to make without a recipe... like, come on, there's no proper dough or pastry to make, so chill, it's not that hard

    • Sure have, yeah It would be weird to say all of this if I hadn't, wouldn't it now?

    • Have you made a cheesecake before?

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  • Re: the rehydrated grapes - I can’t wait until Keith has children and sees what happens to raisins/sultanas when they come out the other end 😂😂

  • Lmao I wish I could try the cheesecakes because I was convinced every last one would be inedible based on the process. I was amazed when the judges didn't gag

  • Keith: if anyone successfully makes cheesecake they cheated Also Keith: wins😂

  • I just think Nicole’s overall way of judging is not meant for a lighthearted show. They said it themselves that it’s all fun and games, but Nicole’s style of judging leans more towards something on Food Network or Hell’s Kitchen. For someone who brings up the Matt argument, the difference in my opinion is that Matt did it in a sassy and quipped manner that was entertaining. Nicole’s method was more of a Simon Cowell (as they even said so themselves) which I don’t think mixed well for a lighthearted show like this one. Not saying she’s a bad or uneducated person at all and I would never wish ill upon her. It just didn’t blend well with the style, and that’s completely okay!

  • I'm not at the judging yet but I am honestly amazed that despite cheesecake being the easiest of without a recipe, they all managed to mess up each of their cheesecakes 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • bro who else started screaming when he said daddys home omggg i love you jimmy!!!!

  • this was such a good season. next season u guys should make macarons, sushi, or like a fondue meal haha

  • Is it just me, or am I the only on that wants a professional chef the take these and make them actually recipes?

  • Mommy's favorite then daddy's favorite. Next i hope will be becky's favorite!

  • Nicole seemed so far removed from the fun and light-hearted brand of you guys, that her scenes made me incredibly uncomfortable. She came across as unnecessarily aggressive, antagonistic, and bullying...things The Try Guys have always opposed. Whilst Nicole's comments, as you say, may have been "justified and spot-on", the delivery left many of us squirming. Honestly, I'm also not buying the editing line of reasoning, as you guys have been doing this for years with great success and with fantastic reactions to previous judges. I doubt you could find another Without A Recipe video of yours where viewers voiced their disappointment in a judge so vocally, which I would think speaks volumes. FWIW, it's highly unlikely that I would watch another video with her in it. On a positive note, I am so pleased that Keith got his Daddy's Favourite victory!!

  • no one: Zach: Couldn't even tell you BLACKED OUT

  • This brings so much serotonin😂😂

  • Love your video


    • Is it just me or was the judge in pink rude to the point making this uncomfortable

  • Unfortunately you became better at baking

  • Ok so this is just the try guys going back to their old selves and forgetting everything they have learned

  • Try guys all season: great character development, learning from their mistakes implementing new different techniques Try guys finale: fuck character development let’s just return to our original form lmfaooo

  • i was rooting for keith so hard i actually screamed when he won. YOU VE FINALLY MADE DADDY PROUD

  • I need 38:17 to be a gif, please.

  • I'm five minutes into this, and as an avid cheesecake baker, the agida this is giving me in UNREAL 😂

  • Just don't invite Nicole over again. Please. Her personality clashes with your video's vibe. Her judging is too uncomfortable to watch. She's better off in professional cooking shows, not this.

  • I have some ideas for the next season of without a recipe: macarons eclairs cannolis tiramisu coffee cake

  • The judge in pink needs to realize this is without a recipe!! Her criticism on beds cheesecake was way too harsh!

  • Yeah, no. No amount of editing could make Nicole's comments better or worse. Those are words SHE said and yes, she was trying to play a role but the jokes didn't hit and it was awkward to watch.

  • Jimmy is so adorable 🥺🥺 i hope he comes back next season! (maybe even a permanent judge!!)

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  • The guys moving so far back after Ned’s first fourth place is a mood

  • Am I weird for getting teared up for Daddy's Favorite's first win? 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Is it just me or was the judge in pink rude to the point making this uncomfortable

  • Maybe you can try to make nasi lemak 🙊

  • The one lady was so rude :( killed the lighthearted fun vibe watching her judge made me so uncomfortable.

  • Hear me out: Zachs cooking methods (in this episode) = Buddy the Elf’s cooking methods

  • The only without a recipe episode that I don’t rewatch because of the judges. I know she’s your Simon Cowell but that’s not my type of judge. Sorry.


  • 20:44

  • keith finally made his daddy proud.

  • 15:27 It looks like Ned has a top knot lol

  • would be a fun video!!

  • Next: Try Guys Bake Pretzels Without A Recipe

    • The try guys should do the 600 calorie K-pop dance work out for a week.

  • ✨Me drinking red wine with 4 vodka shots in it after doing 3 whisky shots with my husband✨ are we not supposed to mix them?

  • nicole’s comments seemed way to harsh for this to be a “with out a recipe” episode. it’s seemed like she didn’t understand the concept. she judged them as if they were on chopped.

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  • The cheesecake lady has a great laugh

  • I love jimmy, watched him on the old rocket jump videos and vghs. Really enjoyed his feast of fiction content

  • Eugene, coming from someone who watches baking shows all day every day- NEVER EVER EVER STIR CARAMEL! EVER!

  • i feel so bad for ned. the pink shirt judge was so rude

  • Why does the Halloween one look like a meatloaf lmao.

  • Ill.go with Eugene. As alcohol. Makes everything good. 🤣🥂

  • i think we all know what we wanna comment

  • i don't like the judge in pink.

  • I hate the women in pink 🌚

  • Literally mini m&ms don’t taste good for sure!!!

  • Did anyone notice the see through shirt Eugene was wearing at 0:42 is similar to the sheer one Jungkook wore in the James Corden Black Swan performance!!!!

  • I think the lady in pink is just awkward and takes judging seriously. I liked her, her input wasn’t bad

  • The try guys should do the 600 calorie K-pop dance work out for a week.

  • Nicole is so annoying lol. Doesn’t fit the show at all.

  • Keith finally made daddy proud, I think I shed a tear when he won

  • Cheesecake is not harder to make then bread

  • Caroline should be a permanent judge! I LOVE HER she seems so genuine and also really funny while provide useful constructive criticism

  • Can we have Roy Choi, Rossana pansino, and Simon Cowwel to be judges

  • I would love y’all to try pasta with out a recipe

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  • Why is everyone hating on Nicole she was hilarious and she was obviously playing a part