Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? - Who Needs To Fix It?

Birt 21 jún 2020
This video is part of a series about climate change supported by Breakthrough Energy - a coalition founded by Bill Gates, that is working to expand clean-energy investment and support the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero carbon emissions.
Also a special thanks to the team at Our World for helping us out with data and research!
Sources & further reading:
Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have released over 1.5 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide or CO2 into the earth's atmosphere. In the year 2019 we were still pumping out around 37 billion more. That’s 50% more than the year 2000 and almost three times as much as 50 years ago. And it’s not just CO2. We’re also pumping out growing volumes of other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. Combining all of our greenhouse gases, we’re emitting 51 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents each year.
And emissions keep rising - but they need to get down to 0!
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  • Check out the Sources here: sites.google.com/view/sourcesclimateresponsibility/ Also, since this seems to be relevant in the current climate here is a medium post on how Kurzgesagt handles sponsorships: medium.com/@Kurzgesagt/kurzgesagt-sponsorships-on-youtube-3121a45b0fe9

    • *Sweden is at record LOW temperatures it is not global warming it is a mini ice age ☀ Sun dimmer project must be stopped immediately we need more co2 in the atmosphere USA 🇺🇸 must start burning coal again depopulation Agenda must be reversed fast bill gates must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity*

    • more people need to see these videos pressure the governments worldwide!

    • 2:00 Everyone..all countries need to do there part else it is not going to work..

    • @Adhishree Singh oof

    • @지구온난화 전문가 that's a trillion trees, aka, a fuck ton of trees.

  • Once again, Kurzgesagt concluded that to solve climate change, or literally any international human crisis, is to have everyone to cooperate. It is already 2021 now, we should know basic decency is not something we should expect from human collectively.

  • "Who needs to fix it?" Everybody who can, needs to. It doesn't matter who is responsible, if we can do something about it, but choose not to, we are all dead.

  • I don’t care who caused it but we all need to fix it

  • Climate change isn't a problem

    • Care to explain why?

  • Accountability doesn’t matter, it’s better for everyone to take responsibility to solve the problem efficiently and spare the blaming for later.

  • Corporations

  • I hate climate change!

  • 1:56 Hello Wilhelm!

  • Why don't countries like the US and China understand they'll make and save more money through renewables than fossil fuels and that they will lose a lot of money in the future if they let climate change go on. They care too much on short term profits and don't see the huge profits they can make in the future if they fight climate change.

    • @Cesare Fildani Market forces will decide whats best for everyone

    • @Tech Help Portal Extras What do you mean, renewables will become cheaper than fossil fuels soon, and the effects of climate change will cost more money than any oil profits can cover.

    • Because there signifcant evidence to the contrary

  • Lol, that subtle racist drawing of the China bird, making it look angry. A very cynical Western approach

  • China China China

  • Why can't we just impose an additional 3% global tax on all greenhouse emission fuel consumption, and send that money towards a globally driven and funded energy research and development organization...

    • Damn that’s actually pretty smart lol.

  • the amazonia forests are responsible...

  • When will Fight for Climate Change go from,"Oh,guys please switch to more energy efficient lightbulbs" to "if we see any type of internal combustion engine,we're going to cap your knees"?

  • How the hell do 10k people not like this?

    • Because they probably don’t believe in climate change 🤦

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  • Great video and info. Although, the flag of India was wrong at 4:12. Please make the correction.

  • How about rich countries pay off their historical exploitation debt to developing countries by financing their renewable energies?! It’s the fairest thing to do but also the most imposible :(

  • 2 country and 1 union change the world. wow

  • peoples only blame country and ITS THE FAULT OF SELFISH NESS

  • Since industrial revolution, Europe and US are the most responsible countries

  • For almost 5 straight years to this very week, China has built a new coal fire energy plant every single week.

    • @Tech Help Portal Extras Hey, I'm not saying I'm clear. But I'm not the one building coal plants.

    • @Cesare Fildani Watching this video increases your carbon footprint

    • I'm seroiusly considering going to all new coal and oil plants and blowing them up.

  • 👌 China period.

    • @Cesare Fildani Indeed my friend 👌 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So I shall make China Crash and burn🔥🔥🔥

    • Wait your Donald Trump?

  • This is school but more advance

  • Climate change caused by the fact the magnetic North Pole has drifted 600 miles toward Siberia since the 1990's. That's about 20 miles a year for the gullible geniuses that think embezzeling America's taxpayer's money is the only solution. How are you pseudo, grant grabbing, scientists going to fix natural causes.

  • You could have at least mentioned other European countries than Germany, one of the worst ones ! It makes your video very biased, only mentioning the worst of the EU (the historical output of the UK, the current of Germany...) while this continent is the only one that makes a real effort regarding climate change. Just compare with USA/Australia/Canada. You cherry picked the worst of the entire west. Also, you could have mentioned that in the past anyway, we didn't even know the harmful effects of those emissions, we can't compare it the current situation. If "facts" matter to you as you mentioned yourself, you should know that all that blaming rhetoric is bullshit and that everyone need to do their share, period.

  • At first I thought Canada would be releasing more, then I realized, we have such a little population

  • average 'Nigerian' when its an Indian flag

  • 8:17 welp

  • These birds look so cute bickering.

  • you got india's flag colour wrong in 4:11

  • Me at 3 am: Lets find out :)

  • china is cancer

    • We're 1/5 of the world's population 🤦🏻‍♂️ if you got a better way to fix this society be my guest

  • some country: hey lets stop climate change...after you some other country: no, after you me: seriously 🙄

  • I think that if we just asking who is the respondability is just a waste of time ,meanwhile we can do a lot of things together

  • People are to blame

    • @Eggada accountability doesn’t matter, it’s better for everyone to take responsibility to solve the problem efficiently and spare the blaming for later.

    • Yeah, but some people hold the accountability much more than others.

  • Im life in Europe

  • 4:08 wtf atleast use the right flag.....

    • Look thru the comments before commenting something for the 1000th+ time... And it's free high-quality content, so I would complain...

  • every time I watch this vid I'm getting angrier and angrier they don't think about our health cuz of money

  • 4:07 that wasn't India's flag... But it's okay, Making such amazing videos can be a tough job.

  • I can't believe people on the internet all unites against destroying racism and not saving the earth which we live on and which we feed off. Don't you realize if earth gets toxicated you goes with it too?

    • @Tech Help Portal Extras it is if you see the causes

    • @Tech Help Portal Extras So increased frequency of extreme weather cases, rising seas and more diseases being spread aren’t an issue? Even the slightest chance in average global temperature is a pretty big deal.

    • Except 1 degree a century isn't an issue.

    • Damn but I think it goes hand and hand

  • It is very hurtful to say that but the Indian Flag 🇮🇳 on 4:08 does not resembles the original flag at all even the colours are different. This channel is one of my favorites. I know it takes a lot of effort to create these types of video's & I do know that sometimes mistakes happen, but I will really appreciate it if you will fix this part of the video. 🇮🇳 🙏

    • @RosharTV m8 really

    • @RosharTV, Sure and that's fine. A difference of core opinion is seldom solved.

    • @Simon Dahl I do know that but I never forced them it is just a request & a comment which just represents my individual thoughts as I love my country , you cannot call it a small mistake as maybe you don't know the history behind The Great Indian Flag and why it is so important for me. I do love their channel & appreciate the effort they have put in while making this video. But Anyway don't take it seriously I am not scolding or criticising you in any sense & I just want to show my thought & I do respect your opinion.

    • @RosharTV, Of course the team can, but they only do that when they've made mistakes that have an impact on the narrative, or something that is crucial and creates a risk of misinformation-spread. A visual error is simply not that important.

    • @MISORPPO PLT DINO J. MAGNO He can delete this video and re-upload it after correctly editing that part of the video. And I do know that it can may be cause him some loss while doing this.

  • stop it china


  • Just saying we have had other problems that weren’t real. But I’m not saying this is fake yet Like the hole in the o-zone

  • I hope more people watch this, because the more people watch this, the more people are educated. Don’t forget to watch through ads to support kurzgesagt!

  • This is one of the rare occasions where being above average is bad😐

  • 4:59 Too close to the tv there, fella...

  • 14M views lets say 7M minds are opened up I hope this will contribute for the future

  • The US is like those friend who walks away from a restaurant and waiting for you to pay for them.

  • For your ALL information (I won’t comment on the issue personally because it is counterproductive), the air on MARS (inhabited planet) is 95% CO2 = carbon dioxide and only 1% oxygen. I will say only this, obviously it’s not humans! “Mars' atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen, 1.6% argon, and it has traces of oxygen, carbon monoxide, water, methane, and other gases, along with a lot of dust. Dust hanging in the air colors Martian skies tan in photos taken from the surface. Relative to Earth, the air on Mars is extremely thin.” “Carbon dioxide In summer, the polar dry ice cap can undergo sublimation and release the CO2 back to the atmosphere.” “Another source is CO2 attached to dust particles in Martian soil, which could be heated to release the gas. The researchers estimate that heating the soil could provide up to 4 percent of the needed pressure. A third source is carbon locked in mineral deposits.”

  • Your German flag made me aware of OCD I never knew I had.

  • developing countries aka colonized and exploited countries

  • 4:08 “India’s contribution” Iran’s flag

    • Look thru the comments before commenting something for the 1000th+ time...


    • Look thru the comments before commenting something for the 1000th+ time...

  • Everyone is responsible so not just one country.

  • Malaysia: I don’t use fossil fuel electric power

  • Asean in the year 2022 : we use water power and poop power and pee power and solar power

  • Sweet pea.

  • i say china because of this pandemic and literally so fricking selfish

  • China made to end of life of every one Always China has a role in death

  • Because of this video I want my own bird :)

  • Joa Energie ist eine Zustandsgröße (E=MC2 + Kirchhoffsche Strahlungsgesetz) und Temperatur ist von Rotation der Erde, wie Neigung der TAUMELbewegung und dessen orbitaler Abstand zur Sonne und der Aktivität der Sonne abhängig. Für 1C° benötigt die Sonne im OFFENEN SYSTEM 366.666 EJ Wir schaffen nicht einmal 1% davon, und da soll CO2 was von der Dichte ganz zu schweigen so gering ist so viel thermische Energie umwandeln, na gut dann wenden wir es bei einem geschlossenen System an und bauen zusätzlich ein Perpetuum Mobile aus CO2 Flaschen in einem Verbrennungsmotor ein und erhöhen theoretisch den Wirkungsgrad. Dinotoptia hatte wahrscheinlich zu seiner Zeit mit Eisfreien Polen Verstopfung und dann kam der Winter. Winter haben wir auch nur wenn die Tiere an Verstopfung erleiden und weniger gefahren wird, die Jahreszeiten und Klimazonen sind ja astronomisch unabhängig.

  • 2:47 lmao uk no longer eu 😂

  • Nuclear power is much better then the others. More dangerous, yes. More people will die, sure. However, it is 100x cleaner then fossil fuel and much more sustainable in extreme cold weather then the 'green' sources. Yes, the initial mining the resources is costly and dirty with fossil fuels being used...however we have no other viable method of mining said materials and the same is usually true for the green alternatives as well. But because of the weakness of solar and wind turbines in extreme cold and snow...nuclear wont fail us as long as proper safety precautions are in place and taken.

  • Mostly the USA. They have stalled most actions since 1985 and lobbied against action. Others have followed, but the USA is still the world leader in sabotaging actions.....

  • Thanks I need to learn corona and tell it to the humans and I was born in 2014

  • It is humans all humans

  • Feels good to be a dear viewer :)

  • Both of them. It's really not that hard.

  • Ofc China

  • It doesn't matter who's responsible let's just stop doing it as humans! We all live on Earth.

    • @Zift Ylrhavic Resfear Yes I am just saying it does not matter who is putting more into the Earth. China, EU, U.S.A. it could be Israel. We need to stop this back and forth nonsense and just stop the problem. We all live here, we all do our part. You are completely correct, many people in power don't care because they won't live through it.

    • We may all live on earth but the richest people are all quite old and probably won't be there anymore so they don't care. Many politicians are in the same situation btw, but we have some power over them.

  • No more emmitions!!

  • Amarica: ITS RUSSA Russa: ITS AMARICA

  • I feel like this guys voice should be the new David Attenborough

  • 4:15 bye uk! leaving the club...

  • 7:17 it's true that my country has been experiencing a lot of disasters lately

  • 4:10 Wrong flag for India please rectify

    • It can't be done after post, And look thru the comments before commenting something for the 1000th+ time...

  • 4:08 thats not the Indian flag :(

    • Look thru the comments before commenting something for the 1000th+ time...

  • Hey Bill, did you talk to astrophysicists about space weather, cosmic rays, and energies? I don’t see it in the summary? If, not your book will be fundamentally flawed & misleading. A Vax guy like you should know how space weather affects viruses? Surely you know astrophysicists that specialize in space weather, right? Do you have access to the Covid-19 space experiments? What about CERN regarding cloud creation? And yes we humans contribute to climate change, but...

  • The Rich Western Countries: Its Chinas fault. China: It’s the west fault: Anyone with a brain: It’s both you’re fault.

    • @jj jj You wanted those products. That's the price you Pay for it . Now don't blame china

    • its more chinas fault though.

    • Its totally US, Uk, EU fault. They want exotic products, smartphones and what not. Good! They are contributing to China's Green house emissions and they still complain. Who's next? India obviously. These Western countries plundered India, Africa and China while still wanting these countries to manufacture their products and buy oil from them. How can asian countries manufacture and be developed of the modern renewables aren't good enough for large scale. We need renewables and low emissions. Period. The question is not who to start? The answer is that these Western countries should develop carbon less technologies and make them free instead of placing royalties on them and plundering the world again.

  • 4:07 thats not the Indian flag :(

    • Look thru the comments before commenting something for the 1000th+ time...

  • 4:07 that's not the Indian Flag😠😠

    • Look thru the comments before commenting something for the 1000th+ time...

  • Air pollution:exists India:allow me to introduce myself

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