The Sudden Disappearance Of Cynthia Anderson

Birt 6 nóv 2020
A young secretary mysteriously disappears- was it murder or did she flee?
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    • #postmortem : I gotta know, those marshmallows behind y'all got eaten, right?

    • as much as i enjoy the idea of her just leaving the church (to quote shane, church church church) it seems odd for cynthia to fake all of the calls and paranoia leading up to her disappearance. based on my limited knowledge of this case, she seemed to be really struggling with paranoia from all of the scary phone calls and apparent stalking. I'm not sure how she could fake that, but I guess anyone going to church that much and planning on running away would have to be a good actress. she'd also have to fake the "I love you cynthia" note, which I simply don't think was this other guy, because you said there was no there cynthia who worked there. although that could be from the person she ran away with.... unless HE was who she ran away with. intriguing. idk I guess. that's why it's unsolved.

    • For postmortem: I think that she was abducted and (probably, RIP Cindy) murdered by an obsessive stalker BUT the stalker was likely either a client or an associate of the law firm she was working at. It would explain the fact that there was no sign of struggle and the fact that the door was locked from the inside. She came into work, the long term client or associate came in, and she locked the door behind him thinking that he was a friend and on her side. He might have asked her to come out through the back (because if this law firm was in a strip mall, it likely did have an alternative exit outside the back) to see something or something along those lines, and then took her into his car and abducted her without a trace. If the call to the police later on was not a prank, he likely lived nearby and had probably been obsessed with her whilst she had helped her boss with his case (or possibly the case of his parents as the woman on the phone had implied he was the son of a couple who owned two homes in the vicinity).

    • For postmortem: I think that she was abducted and (probably, RIP Cindy) murdered by an obsessive stalker BUT the stalker was likely either a client or an associate of the law firm she was working at. It would explain the fact that there was no sign of struggle and the fact that the door was locked from the inside. She came into work, the long term client or associate came in, and she locked the door behind him thinking that he was a friend and on her side. He might have asked her to come out through the back (because if this law firm was in a strip mall, it likely did have an alternative exit outside the back) to see something or something along those lines, and then took her into his car and abducted her without a trace. If the call to the police later on was not a prank, he likely lived nearby and had probably been obsessed with her whilst she had helped her boss with his case (or possibly the case of his parents as the woman on the phone had implied he was the son of a couple who owned two homes in the vicinity).

    • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network I think that Cindy had it turned to that page in her book to tell us that she was abducted. I also think that nail polish was used to knock her out.

  • The dude on the left is ruining this whole show. He tries to hard to be funny but it's actually not funny it's very cringe. His whole outfit, his hair, his sense of humor all trash. I hope buzzfeed isn't paying him because he should be paying buzzfeed for trashing it. I came here to watch but never again

  • 6:33 have some f#cking respect That got me😂

  • Sofa couch + battery full + wifi + buzzfeed mystery = heaven

  • It's someone in the office, it has to be. I mean come on, back then installing a security system for some crazy dame, some looney broad, who would have done that? Plus the door was locked from the inside and there was no sign of a struggle. The other things such as the writing on the window, her notes, the mob and her home life could have only emboldened one who has a mind for seeing how the law works also. Very suspicious if you ask me, i would have questioned all who worked there.

  • Just watched a case in n Brian Shaffer which also took place in Ohio 👀 very close to this location.

  • as an ex-christian, that’s too much church. every sunday and every wednesday for youth group was too much for me

  • Why does Shane look like sam Winchester from supernatural and ryan an Asian dean Winchester

  • “It’s auntie Anne’s have sum fucken respect” 😂😂😂

  • You guys should do Carol Baskin's Husband

  • WOW

  • i’ve recently gotten into true crime and documentaries, can you guys give suggestions on what i should watch?

  • GW Probably means Guess Who

  • By GW?! *by Garret Watts*

  • 16:35 all I want in life is for someone to describe me as a “hot heathen”

  • What if she left the page on the book to mislead people into thinking she was kidnapped or killed

  • Died on Halloween 🎃...what a perfect day for someone who tried to ban Spiritualists. His ego killed him.

  • Alot of church!!! Lol

  • You guys should look at the true stories in American horror story. They are true stories they are just portrayed differently in the show. A lot of true mysteries are in the show and I think it would make a good mini series

  • Shoutout to the soundperson for providing a fine ingredient to these videos. I was into the vid not really noticing the audio, until I noticed I didn't notice the audio (and being kinda into sound I usually do) so I figured that's probably a good reason to leave a compliment here. so thankyou soundperson :) we are well immersed.

    • (I believe there is a tiny bit of clipping on Ryan's voice sometimes but only noticed it through my fancy self-built 3way speakers. not on pc.)

  • Was waiting for aliens to show up

  • She probably ran away. And about the quote in the book, she must've read the book already and opened that page to throw the people off

  • I just think she and her boyfriend eloped and ran away

  • Maybe Buzzfeed has some rights.

  • 18:00 that really convenient kidnapping thing in the book too

  • Christ. This entire story is my biggest fear. Of like. All time. It’s terrifying.

  • Definitely sounds like she was spiritually abused. That much Christian expectation opens doors for satan to twist crap and make you feel inadequate. Jesus loves unconditionally. You don’t gotta church all the time to be good. ❤️✌🏻

  • Not me watching this in Toledo, Ohio

  • What a simp

  • Looked into it and the theory of her taking off is not really plausible. Although Cynthia was in a strict Christian household, it wasn't as strict as it is portrayed by the media, Cynthia lived a pretty liberal lifestyle, she would often go out with friends and her boyfriend, doing what women her age would. She was also pretty independent, she drove and owned her own vehicle and had a pretty high paying job, she was a social butterfly. Oh! and one fact that was left out was she was previously married for a year before divorcing, she had moved out from her parents home during that time and moved back in after the divorce. She wanted to go to bible College to be with her new boyfriend, it was voluntary and she was pretty excited according to friends and familly. If she wanted to start a "new life" she could easily do that without going through all these complex unnecessary steps. Her fathers words like debutante and obedient seem rather strange, he meant that she wasn't a troublemaker and that when she started dating her new beau she was better taking care of herself, putting on makeup, doing her nails and wearing fashionable clothing. Her father was dedicated to her case up until his death in 2008. Her disappearance really affected him. Cynthia became increasingly paranoid for some reason and was scared that she would be killed, when the subject would be brought up she would prefer to stay quiet. Her colleague Larry Mullins stated she received a call one day before her disappearance, according to him she turned as pale as ghost, she was really scared. According to the police report, if she was abducted, she most likely would have been abducted outside her workplace. I think this is the most plausible explanation, she comes in at work, something happens, maybe a phone call, she saw something and/or the page on the novel increased her fears, she grabs her purse and proceeds to leave, locks the door and then gets abducted outside. This is the most believable theory because the time of her disappearance, it was really quiet were she was. My theory is that she saw something she shouldn't have and she was caught, then threatened not to say anything or "this and that" will happen to her, this is what made her paranoid, in the end maybe that person said F it and didn't want to take any chances and abducted and killed her.

  • Why is shane wearing Raidens alternate outfit from some gay mortal combat game ?

  • ryan, bold of you to assume there’s security cameras especially in 1981. even now there’s rarely cameras. been watching too much csi 😂😂😂

  • last i checked, chlorine bleach and nail polish remover can knock somebody out when mixed together. it'd make sense for a janitor, or someone with access to the janitor's space to have kidnapped her.

  • ok hear me out... what if the kidnappers a woman bc cindy would've trusted a woman and gone somewhere with her and maybe taken her purse and that's why the book was also open to a page ab a knife bc if it was a guy he could've just carried her out or something

  • Did they try to check her sister or father's DNA with all those jane doe

  • Looking good Shane

  • I think the dad/parents had something to do with it. Being as churchy as they were and describing her as "obedient", I think her caring about her appearance tells us she was starting to distance herself from them/church. They could have killed her to either uphold their reputation or they thought they were "saving" her. Her sudden change in routine suggests she probably met someone and if that person isn't the one who took her/she didn't run away, the parents definitely did something. It sounded like they planned out her future, to be heavily church centric, and her potentially ending things with her boyfriend, from the same church, would have looked bad on them and especially the father. Every super religious household I know of/have heard of, it pushes the "obey men" ideology and so her potentially turning away from the church/her father's wishes would have definitely upset him/the parents.

  • The weird thing is: Cynthia could still be alive RIGHT NOW if she wasn’t murdered

    • I think there’s a small chance of her being alive today.

  • “i was trying to think of a good lawyer joke. cause lawyers- nobody likes them.” phoenix wright fans: 👁👄👁

  • *I like how Mannequin Bob in the background*

  • Do the mysterious disappearance of Antoine De Saint-Exupéry!!!!

  • I'm extremely surprised the church killing her for trying to separate from them isn't a theory here tho

  • I thought that Shane and Ryan left buzzfeed and were only doing Watcher now?

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  • "it's auntie anne' some f**kin respect" 🤦😂

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  • “By G.W” Me:👁👄👁 “George Washington!”

  • My theory is cindy is trying to leave the country or something and planned the whole thing and when she's gone the book which says has some clue that it could be an abduction is just suspicious

  • I think maybe the smell of nail polish remover could have been something used to knock her out if I'm honest and that's why no sign of struggle? But I hope she just ran away

  • Jesus, I'm listening to this in the background while working MY job in Toledo, OH and hearing that was wildly unsettling.

  • 6:34

  • im honestly kinda annoying that they’re sitting on those wooden boxes when there deckchairs with blankets right next to them like its making me feel cold just looking at them.

  • wait if he painted it for a different cynthia but cynthias friend said she was the only cynthia on that side of the strip mall?

  • That nod at 19:42

  • 4:20 sounds like Naruto and Rassengan to me

  • I'm more puzzled that there is no theory about alien abduction hahahaha

  • Just imagine asking your brother "Have we killed this person?" And then I they'd answer. "Nah bro".

  • Wait, why does the baby look like babay addison rae

  • please, someone tell me that i'm not the only one who dances along with the "theory" background music HAHAHAHA (sometimes they're not gonna play it, it makes me disappointed HAHAHAHAHA)

  • "What does your boyfriend like?" Church. I choked on my food😂

  • Shane youre right, too much church, i think you guys overused the word in this episode! Im obsessed with this series!

  • George washington really out here

  • Shane is so funny

  • This story is honestly so insane it sounds fictional. Whoever abducted her is some kind of super villian lol

  • I'm surprised Unsolved Mysteries didn't cover this.

  • maybe i've been listening to too much, crime junkie, but i really think this was a stalker turned murderer. probably someone she knew from church. maybe the GW wasn't an initial, but a common two word phrase this person liked using? maybe it was the way they wrote the script, but too much church doesn't sound like enough reason to up and leave your entire life. she sounded like she had a decent, maybe mediocre life, but if she had enough money did she really not just want to travel or be more independent? there seems to be a big leap in her resources and theorized actions if she did want to start a new life and it just doesn't add up for me

  • Lol cindy

  • The father did it.

  • I have a strange feeling why this is 20:20 mins/secs

  • i feel like maybe someone at her workplace has something to do with it. the fact that there were no signs of a struggle points to her willingly going with said person. also, they could have easy access to the building and know lots about cynthia (including the book she was reading) if they worked there. just a thought idk

  • I dont know why I keep watching this at night lol

  • Are doing all outdoors this season?

  • As an active christian i can say that too much church will get to anybody ngl

  • she also could have left the book open to that page to throw them off her trail (if she ran away) and make them think she was abducted as the page said

  • “Too bad u got vanished .” 😂😂😂😂

  • Rice in the mailbox... Do you want ants? Cuz that's how you get ants.

  • "it's embarassing to murder wth your brother-" "eee"

  • Anthony Cook may be a murderer but damn that jawline is nice.

  • lol...cynthia thanks for watching

  • Imagine coming to watch an episode from your favorite ISchats bois and then you find out its from your home town!

  • Maybe she planned it out and 'acted' being scared of being kidnapped for a long time just to set the environment right for her disappearance.


  • This case is interesting, but the interspersion of unnecessary commentary is a real pain in the proverbial. #notsorry.

  • As a Christian, I can say: "A lotta Church." Seriously, though. It is quite believable that if her parents were very legalistic and she had no way out, she might have had one day where she was like "You know? I'm done." and left.

  • Wait what didnt you say that shes the only cynthia in that building?

  • 15:30 Can you imagine having Shane as a pastor?

  • I only watch buzzfeed unsolved if these two are incharged.

  • -loved it-

  • Plot twist: it was D.B Cooper! That rascal.

  • Looks like someone has a yandere

  • Is that a fake fire they have going lol?

  • i do think it's likely that she ran away, but still i think that there's still also a somewhat good chance that maybe something horrible did happen to her. they have mentioned this in past episodes, but it was the 1980s, so it would have been relatively easier to get away with a crime. honestly though, what's really chilling about this case imo is that you can't really lean in any certain direction, because they all seem roughly equally likely when you look at all the evidence (albeit mostly circumstantial). i can't really say a whole lot though, since i'm obviously not a detective of any kind.

  • Please can you talk about the case of LaVena Johnson!

  • I'm pretty sure there was an episode of unsolved mysteries about this if anyone can track it down

  • Speaking as someone who has worked phones in a front desk position, I can attest to the fact that scary/obscene/creepy phone calls are a real phenomenon for women in roles that engage the public. I wouldn't necessarily say that someone was stalking her or even targeting her specifically, because the calls that I received were never directed at me but at the amorphous female figure they were imagining. I would even go so far as to speculate that they're not even necessarily in proximity to the women they harass. For that reason I have difficulty believing that the call is linked to her disappearance. Now that I reread, I see that there were multiple calls, but only one was witnessed. Is it possible that there weren't many calls, but actually just the one? If it's documented that there were many that took place outside the workplace I would be more concerned; however, even if there were multiple but they took place in her workplace, I would still not necessarily believe they are connected. Did she have any history of mental illness or paranoia? This is, again, speaking from (secondhand) personal experience; a good friend of mine I met in an online writing workshop had an unspecified form of psychosis and was specifically set off on an episode by a story written by another participant in our writing workshop. I specify these details because my friend wasn't even on the same coast as the writer, let alone the same state or city, and yet he believed the writer was stalking him and incorporating him into his stories. tl;dr: Essentially, I think two things: the calls weren't necessarily related to her disappearance, and the story could have triggered a mental illness (some manic/psychotic episodes are also characterized by a lack of appetite or disordered eating) that was preluded to by her dreams.

  • Its odd that an abductor would allow her to take her purse and keys and allow her to lock up the office. You'd think that if you're abducting someone you'd want to do it as fast as possible. Maybe she wasn't abducted from the office, but outside it. At my last office job, I was often the only person there. If I needed to step out briefly, to pick up milk for the staff room, or just to grab a drink or some morning tea, I'd take my purse (with my keys in it), lock up quickly and duck across the road to the shop or next door to the cafe, then get back as quickly as I could. I'd only be gone a couple of minutes and my boss didn't require a note on the door if we were going to be closed less than 10 minutes. Maybe she was stepping out to grab a coffee or something and was abducted then. The book could just be a coincidence - did she read romance novels a lot or was the book outside her usual reading tastes? If it was normal for her to read those type of books, then being open to an abduction scene could just be a coincidence, they're not uncommon, particularly in historical romances. The fact that her savings went untouched and at least one call was witnessed makes me think it's more likely something happened to her than she just up and left her life. Her life seemed to be going well for the most part - a job, about to start college, a new man in her life. The comments her father made about her spending more time on her appearance are probably related to her having a new boyfriend. Most women put in that extra bit of effort in a new relationship - they want to look their best and they're not at the point where they're comfortable with letting that new person see them with no makeup, old clothes etc. i suspect she was being stalked but was mostly unaware of it consciously. I think the nightmares were her mind's way of telling her what she couldn't quite see during the day. Something was off just enough to register, but not enough to put her finger on what was wrong, other than the phone calls.

  • I had no idea you guys were making more episodes!

  • me: 40 years ago? that must've been in the 1960s, right? ryan: "In August of 1981--" me: time is a lie

    • Same. I think 1960s as 40 years ago. Time is a lie.

  • 3:12 I always knew games workshop was shady but to kidnap people that they though might be good for their brand is just too low.

  • Okay am I the only one that noticed they’re sitting on boxes instead of the actual chairs 😂