200 dropped wallets- the 20 MOST and LEAST HONEST cities

Birt 9 maí 2018
I lost my wallet and someone didn't return it. Revenge is a dish best served... with data. Get your FREE audiobook here: audible.com/markrober or text markrober to 500-500
CGPGrey's fascinating video about how thoughts are like viruses and why so much of what we read today makes us upset: ischats.info/fun/oqhsm5CDeZune5o/v-deo
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Here is the data: www.dropbox.com/s/m2ahob0949mmj3s/Wallet%20Data%20Aggragate.xlsx?dl=0
Summary: I lost my wallet. That made me curious about what kind of person doesn't return a found wallet. So I got 200 wallets and dropped them in 10 cities to collect data to rank the honesty of the cities and to build a profile of an honest person. We looked at variables such as male v. female, age, high income v. low income, religious v. non-religious, small town v. big town.

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  • its 2021 and grant its still missing in our hearts RIP LEAGENS

  • "There are lots of good people everywhere." Except in NYC, but we already knew that.

  • Hey, maybe it's not dishonesty, but laziness.

  • I bet if he would have put 20 dollars in U.S. cash in there those numbers would be a lot different.

  • "The average age of one of the caller's 36, which is almost the exactly the age of a person in the US. So how old you are doesn't affect your honesty" Sadly thats quite a misconception, because the average age of the US includes children. But this children probably doesn't called you (because they don't have a phone). But to still get the average age of the US citizen, despite the fact that you couldn't include children from a range of roughly 1-12, you also need to subtract old people in the same numbers. There are only two possibilities, older people are less honest, or the wallet were dropped in places, were less old people visit them. Its also important to mention, that many old people live in retirement homes, and probably doesn't walk the streets as much as the average person.

  • Frankly, I don't live in US, I live in Romania, so I do expect not know something like this, but I am still incredibly surprised by the US post office mechanic.

  • Pog champ its not called fillipino dollers its called fillipino pesos

  • Amazing how casual sexism is acceptable. More men in front of a sports bar or hardware shop??! Because women don’t shop in hardware shops, we leave that to our husbands? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • how will anyone learn?

  • In detroit, what area was your "higher income area"?

  • Wow I can't believe that he has a Filipino money and I don't know why he has a Filipino money and I'm filipino 🇵🇭

  • Do it here in Philippines you will not regret it 100% or maybe not

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  • Why Filipino dollars?

  • Few weeks ago i lost my wallet So I misplaced 200 more That's fair

  • What was the least honest city?

  • oh no... The King Of Random 😥 Vale Grant. thanks for the memories and inspiration

  • Have you ever been to coneticut

  • Mw

  • who is filipino here:))

  • I once found a wallet in a tram and tried to return it, there was some Information in the wallet and with a little help of the internet (mostly Google) I was able to find out where the kid the wallet belonged to lived and returned it to the kids parents (money still inside :P ). They were pretty happy about that but also kinda shoked that I found their house with such little information.

  • Dude, Filipino dollars?? It’s called pesos.

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  • When I see San Francisco in the video and I live in San Francisco:(

  • R.I.P. Grant from TKOR ":c"

  • 1:22 whats detriot

  • I think the results would be very different if there was a lot of money in the wallets not a true test unfortunately.

  • The differences are as big as the expected fluctuations. Thus repeating the experiment is likely to give a completely different ranking. In other words: probably hardly significant differences between the cities.

  • 1:56 I'm *in love* with this editing

  • The only thing someone could steal from you in Canada is your nose. "GOT YOUR NOSE!" "LOOK OUT! HE'S GOT A NOSE!"

  • Me really disappointed that NYC didn’t give the wallets back because I live there.

  • Try this again with $500 inside, your returns will go WAYYY down

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  • Watching this video when I am older I respect the experiment so much more

  • Filipino Dollars Ummmm Peso

  • My wife found a wallet in a parking lot and gave it to me to return it to the police station. I opened it up and the drivers license of Steve Van Zandt was staring back at me. I couldn’t believe it. I took it to the police station and a week later Steve himself called my phone and thanked me and ended up giving me 4 tickets to an upcoming Bruce Springsteen concert and a backstage pass so he could thank me in person. It was a night I’ll never forget. He even tried to give me $440 dollars cash which was how much was in the wallet when my wife found it but I refused. I love the E Street Band and the Sopranos so having Silvio Dante call my phone and ask for me was the coolest feeling

  • Don’t drop it in Detroit

  • I live on an island where even while driving everybody is nice literally if they saw you and there was an way cannot hear without slamming the brakes they would literally turn to Blake Part of the road as much as possible Or slam the brakes I think I haven’t seen it happen yet but it could and also I’m kind of a young mathematician

  • You should do the experiment again but in different countries. Wonder how much honesty & effort would be put in place to return a wallet which is unquestionably not from a domestic origin.

  • The cases would have been different if wallets had 2000£

  • lo islamic areas r best

  • I found a debit card so I am thinking either its stolen or lost, worst case it belongs to someone that was murdered and now the card has my finger prints and maybe DNA so I decided to take the card to the police station. The lobby is surrounded with bullet proof glass and locked doors because police are more paranoid than me. I ask the lady behind the glass if they have a lost and found and she points to the dispatcher window so I slide the card into the slot by the dispatcher and walk out without explaining. Dispatchers are government workers so I figure I have at least five minutes to make my getaway and sure enough when I get home youtube suggest this video. My question is am I busted or not?

  • What this cold hard data shows is that Detroit will always be a garbage city.

  • Dare :try to do this teat in india 1st there will be no wallet to drop in the first place 2nd before yoh throw its alredy stolen Accept this challenge

  • Yes, now try in Argentina, no one is gonna give it back.

  • I live in a 'not-so-nice' suburb outside Detroit. I accidentally left my wallet on a park table near a frequently visited playground. After searching my house for 3 days, I found my wallet right where I left it and EVERYTHING was still there, including $80+ in cash and credit cards. Data point of 1, but Wow! I wonder how the experiment would have gone with substantial amounts of cash and credit cards inside. Who would bother returning a wallet with $6?

  • Sport watches with an email account on them are also possible to be returned.

  • Portuguese title, why?

  • If you decide to return a wallet in Russia, you may be blackmailed for "stealing" money from it

  • When I saw grant, I almost cried.

  • I wouldn't pick it up out of fear of someone accusing me of stealing it.

  • I feel all fuzzy and warm when I watch Mark Rober videos

  • Well seeing Grant was heartbreaking 😭

  • You should do it around the world 🌎 cities

  • It whould be interesting to try this in different countries. I want to know whether my countrie(Germany) is different in its honesty than America.

  • Fun fact: Filipino money is called Pesos

  • 0:33 When he said "200 Filipino Dollars" I felt that

  • Imagine finding a wallet in one of those cities, keeping it, then seeing this video

  • This was surprisingly heart-warming. Well done, us!

  • There's one other very specific breakdown I'd like to see.

  • funny enough about 20 years ago i lost my wallet at the fall fair in the town where my dad lived and the only reason i got it back was because it had my dads phone number written on the inside of the wallet. i was just a kid at the time so there was no id or anything in it at the time that would need to be replaced but it did have a bit of money in it that would have sucked to loose as a kid.

  • 4 bucks times 200 wallets, that is 800 bucks list from a vid if everyone took it 😱

  • It is genius

  • I love what you do

  • I is awesome

  • Frick my city Seattle only five I’m disappointed in my city

  • This was nice to hear thanks 😊

  • I left my wallet on a bar in Ceasar’s Palace in Vegas. Dude literally chased me down to give it to me. I was pleasantly surprised.


  • Dang I was about to go-

  • What i learned from this video: Disney world hates science.

  • maybe someday in the futere he will mail the wallets to all of his fans then he can get them to put them where they live and he can test the entire world

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  • Me in India : I if they will drop wallet in india it will be never returned

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  • notice he didnt mention where he dropped the chicago wallets...im guessing not on the south side HA

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  • 0:11 200 identical wallets: Clearly not identical, as they're different colors.

  • I lost my wallet in Disneyland , never got it back

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  • I wish he did north Carolina

  • Somebody dropped their trash and I picked it up and returned it to the owner. Same thing to do with a wallet.