Trying To Fail A Drug Test On Purpose

Birt 4 jan 2021
Check out Trace's channel! - start with brain-computer interfaces or going to space • There's an urban legend that poppy seeds can make you fail a drug test. Is it true? And if so: why? I ate a few bagels, and set out to flunk an opioid test.
Drug tests don’t just work as a buzzkill, they can keep doctors and patients honest regarding some of the more dangerous drugs known to man. The problem is, poppy seeds can throw a giant wrench in that circle of trust! Poppy seeds come from the papaver somniferum flower native to Turkey, and even though they don’t contain opium, consuming the seeds has historically caused the tests to register opiate use!
In this video, I explore how these tests work, what they look for, and how something as simple as a bottle of seeds available at any grocery store, can cause a false positive for painkillers, heroin, morphine, and other drugs.
Encyclopedia Britannica: Poppy Seed
Poppy seed, tiny dried seed of the opium poppy, used as food, food flavouring, and the source of poppy-seed oil. Poppy seeds have no narcotic properties, because the fluid contained in the bud that becomes opium is present only before the seeds are fully formed. The plant, Papaver somniferum, is an herbaceous annual native to Greece and the Orient. Poppy seed is an ancient spice; the seed capsules have been found in Switzerland in the remains of prehistoric lake dwellings.
Can Eating Poppy Seeds Give You a Positive Drug Test?
It’s possible that even just one bagel or muffin highly loaded with poppy seeds can lead to a positive urine drug test.
LabCorp: Testing Methodology,drug%20present%20in%20urine%20samples.
Quest Diagnostics: Testing Insights,can%20indeed%20produce%20a%20positive
Did you know that morphine, codeine, and heroin are produced from the seeds of certain kinds of poppy flowers? Morphine and codeine are often used as medications for treating pain, and all three-known as opiates-can be abused
Snopes (true!)
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  • I never know when to believe if you're actually outside or not

  • could try, hops flowers ( humulus lupulus ) then try test for cannabis

  • Greed

  • How to use, buy drugs in public

  • Sounds like covid testing. 😂

  • Imagine failing a drug test and creating an entire video to get out of getting arrested

  • Big bad schools in lansing, that was a very region specific joke

  • Just bloody legalize drugs...

  • Next time i do heroin i'll just tell my mom i ate a poppy strudel. Thanks.

  • Alright now get high on codeine to compare and contrast the data

  • some people don't have to try so hard to fail drug tests lul

  • Impossible in my country, since cultivation of poppies is illegal, here. You can't have bagels with poppy seeds period. Once we planted them in our garden without knowing what flowers they were and we received a nice visit by the police as soon as they spotted them.

  • I wanted to see if you would fail the newer test?

  • Is this the Test and Trace system I keep hearing about?

  • when you're back) :)

  • step 1: *heroine*

  • It isn´t a false positive, if it positivly tests for the substance it actually is looking for. It tests for opiates, and you have indeed consumed opioides. That it has a low treshold and doesn´t distinguish which class specifically is an issue... But not a "false positive" one.

  • I did it! I failed a drug test!

    • This guy looks like a mix of David Harbour and Nick Kroll

  • Who tf is this

  • It's not a myth, it's also not an excuse that's gonna work for you if you're on probation or talking to a court, it's also a way you can reasonably catch a buzz. Edit: Poppy seed tea or just eating poppy seeds by the spoonful I mean

  • How to do a drug test “do drugs“

  • 5:56 That would be perfect for an out of context playlist.

  • A poppy seed positive is not a ‘false positive’ it is a true positive as you are consuming opiates just in very low doses (but explainable through legitimate means). A false positive is when one has not consumed the drug but the instant test shows a line (which can happen in the case of some prescription medications). In a properly conducted drug test the sample should be sent to the lab after so that it can confirm through gcms the concentrations and specific compounds detected. With the concentration levels (and the ratio of codiene to morphine as well as the absence of a metabolite specific to heroin) the probability of the test coming from poppy seed exposure can be determined. This should be done by a medical review officer (a doctor who is specifically trained in interpreting drug tests).

  • I find it disturbing how many people are saying that he's actually a user, even if in jokes. It's not funny when you consider the political climate.

  • On a completely unrelated note, I wonder what the metabolized byproducts of semen are...

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  • I saw Jon Tickle this on Brainiac: Science Abuse years ago.

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  • Is Tom on vacation and why do we have to watch this other guy? Meh, pass...

  • I honestly did fail the drug test as a participant on a clinical lab trial having eaten a bagel sprinkled with poppy seeds!! (CMAX in Adelaide Australia)

    • I was happy I found a new channel too bad this guys a liberal.

  • One time I ate a bunch of heroin to try and test positive for bagels but, it didnt work

    • I've heard a myth in my school that Casey's Pizza (From Iowa) contains so much yeast that you can fail a breathalyzer test. Not sure if that's possible thought

  • This guy looks like a mix of David Harbour and Nick Kroll

    • I was expecting police drug brigade at the end

  • this guy took heroin and made us belive its false positive

  • the same time in here somewhere, I just can't think of one.

  • As a truck driver in Germany i was advised to avoid Mohnkuchen (poppy seed cake) for this exact reason when i was at driving school.

  • That's crazy

    • My mom makes really good cake with opiate seeds :)

  • America: Drug testing is expensive UK: you have to pay for a drugs test???

    • Filming with a mirror lens, I see there Tom.

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  • Nice background music!

  • It would have been weird if the dude was straight up doing drugs.

  • For those curious, poppy seeds often contain 50 or so alkaloids, with 47 of them being in trace amounts. However the big 3, Morphine, Codeine, and Thebaine, are often present in quantities that can indeed get you rather high when consumed or... "extracted via H2O". HOWEVER! It is very likely all major brands you can buy at the store or at major online retails have been washed and/or treated to remove the vast quantity of the alkaloids or neutralize them. So, do not think you can just go to walmart, buy a bunch of McKormic, and get buzzed. You'll just waste time and money.

  • is it wrong to like it when tom takes a well-earned break, since it can result in learning about awesome channels that you haven't seen before? (don't worry, tom, i'm also happy when you're back) :)

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  • I've heard a myth in my school that Casey's Pizza (From Iowa) contains so much yeast that you can fail a breathalyzer test. Not sure if that's possible thought

  • I was happy I found a new channel too bad this guys a liberal.

  • That's why it's called being 'Baked'

  • I was expecting police drug brigade at the end

  • Oh my , my Russian Baba makes SUCH Poppyseed Cake .Now I know why we love it SO much.

  • Interesting. If the government in Poland would test the population after Christmas I bet the false positives would skyrocket!

  • My mom makes really good cake with opiate seeds :)

  • what kind of tests are these where you fail getting a positive?

  • Filming with a mirror lens, I see there Tom.

  • This is a good argument for avoiding poppy seeds.

  • F word so hard

  • Plot twist: he’s on drugs and this is an excuse

  • When I was in elementary school my favourite thing to do was ripping open dried poppy pods and eating their seeds.... And I believe I was eating waaaaay more than the appropriate amount. Watching this video, the thought of a 7 years old failing a drug test is so funny to me

  • Lansing?

  • Anybody else get an update saying this was just uploaded like a day ago?

  • I saw this on QI. Anglea Rippon failed a drug test because of this, right?

  • Just take drugs. Easy fail.

  • What seems to be the officer, problem?

  • Thats, among other reasons, is why your employer is not allowed to drug test you in most of Europe.

  • Just smoke som shite

  • I feel like there's an easier way to fail a drug test

  • plot twist: dude is actually a drug addict and used the poppy seeds as a cover to do more drugs

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  • Interesting

  • Surely the best way to fail a drug test is to just take some Heroin? I really think that could have made a viral hit if you had gone down that route, but instead, you decided to go for poppy seeds...

  • enjoy your break tom!

  • I had a dream tonight. I was recording a video in a shop and Tom Scot was holding me the camera. Then I found out that I forgot my wallet and text, so I just couldn't record anything (aspecialy not in english). I haven't such nightmare in a long time.

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  • Trace is in denial of his drug abuse. Jk

  • Now i want a bagel

  • I got a false opioid positive years ago. I wouldn't have been surprised by weed but oddly enough that didn't show up.

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  • Oh so they are supposed to fail it, but not me?

    • this stuff real, happened twice to me

  • Plot twist: this video was a lie except the tests

  • Well... Just to make sure its a fair test, we should probably try to take all of the opiods just incase

  • I don’t know what I’m watching but I’m addicted Edit: this was the wrong video to say this on

  • tip: keep the receipt on you for a day

  • Thanks for hosting these cool videos while you're away! This one was amazing

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  • Well, Beigli (poppy seed roll) is a traditional Christmas food in some parts of Europe. They're full of seeds, so probably half of the continent would produce false positive tests around this time.


  • Wait, your workplace can drug test you in the US?

  • Followed trace after about 2 minutes. Funny, informative, well edited. Niiice

  • why do i feel like "passing a drug test sober" is more of a challenge?

  • you didnt false-positive, you tested positve, you would test false-positive if you didnt have anything in your system

  • Yes! I've been redeemed! Years ago I failed a drugs test for having trace amounts of opiates in my urine and, not being one of the cool kids, I'd never touched anything that wasn't alcohol or prescription in my life. What I had done however was eaten bread with poppy seeds in it the day before. I knew that was the cause!

  • this stuff real, happened twice to me

  • Wouldn't baking them alter the "experiment" though?

  • everyone's talking about your opiate addiction that you've attempted to mask

  • This will work with unwashed poppy seeds. Look into poppy seed tea

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