Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS

Birt 31 mar 2019
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0:03 Arrow - Andrew Applepie
0:51 Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday (this was made just for me so you won't find it :)
1:36 Faidherbe Square - Proleter
2:35 New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
4:37 Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday
7:08 Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
14:19 Q - Blue Wednesday
15:22- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: We made a rocket powered golf club that can swing at 150mph. Instead of just showing the final build I wanted to walk through the engineering design process. We failed in 6 different ways before eventually getting it just right. My friend Destin came and helped out and shot some amazing high speed shots on his nice Phantom camera.

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  • Also would have been cool if the golf ball was shot through the watermelon, great video Mark

  • Anybody else think Mark is way full of himself? I sense some closet narcissism here....

  • Honestly, if you would increase the aerodynamics especially on the rocket motors would speed up the club a little.

  • That club would not have been the first thing mark has made that’s been in space

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  • Dude... every video amazes me. I wonder if i can do what you do... but i dont have materials or money (Im a young person, not going to say exactly because identity safety) any suggestions for somem fun small projects?

  • little bit sad there wasnt a gps tracker in the balls, so you could see just how far it went!

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  • I wanna see the a more environmentally conscious magnetic railgun version of this, especially since your goal is space orbit I think that would be quite progressive. This was great of course though!

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  • What it feels like using knockback 100 in Minecraft

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