10 Cars You Can FINALLY Import in 2021

Birt 1 jan 2021
2021 is finally here, which means we get a bunch of cars from the year 1996 that can be legally imported to the USA. These cars were never originally sold in America, but thanks to the 25 year law we can bring em in starting now! We’ve got cars and trucks from Japan, Europe, and even Australia. This is The D-List!
Big thanks to Jamie Orr from Orchid Euro and Sean Morris from Toprank for helping us research this episode!
If you’re interested in importing a car from Europe, check out orchideuro.com
And if you’re into the JDM stuff, check out www.importavehicle.com
Shout out to Torque GT for photos used in this episode: ischats.info/title/cfqO2M7MmzMEO-IaLlLYjQ.html
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  • The 1990's were a good decade for cars. That was before European cars turned to crap.

  • Ahh, james, the motor in the gts-r is a stroked 5ltr motor 355 stroker which equates to 5.7l but it isnt an ls1 🤷‍♂️

  • "it's a godzilla, WITH A BACKPACK." "Larry the cable guy called it the GET UR DONEEEE." 😂

  • The Toyota starlet also came into the US under a different chassis way before the echo. It came as the Toyota Tercel and Toyota Paseo, both of which share the same chassis as the starlet ep71,ep82 and ep91 which is the glanza .

  • man seeing the Stagea Autech here in the vid makes me miss my Stagea in Wangan (wmmt6) lmfao

  • The coolest cars from the year I was born, nice!

  • james, i don't know if anyone pointed it out yet, but the legnum vr4 didn't have the 3000GT's engine, legnum uses a 2.5 v6, while 3000GT had 3 different 3 liter options, nice video though ^^

  • Has he made a video about the Toyota hilux

  • Is this the same with Canada. If not can you make one FOR CANADA PLZZZZ!

  • I also think the r33 is the better looking out the 32,33,34, and 35

  • 25 year rule is stupid why we couldn’t bought this like before?

    • In the 80's there was a black market for better cars that were available only from foreign places and they'd be built on different regulations than US regulations... I think

  • New title: "Here are 10 cars that you can now import into the US but would never want to". Too long?

    • Forbidden food 😂😂😂

  • Legnum is 2.5l not 3 litre. Do your homework guys

  • HSV GTS-R doesn’t have an ls1, it has a stroked Australian 5.0litre (304). Definitely not an ls1

    • Can u please do the top 10 surf cars.

  • You forgot the jzx100 be it chaser,mark2 or cresta they came out this year dick splashes

  • This is my first comment that I have commented in 2021

  • Legnum doesn't share the engine from the GTO... the 6A13TT it has is only in the Galant/Legnum VR-4s.

  • R34 a few Years out!!! GREAT I can SAVE my MONEY some MORE haha lmao haha love Savage godlike yea yaya ;D

  • Everybody: Sport Spider James: Sports Spidier

    • Better Call Saul had one... Saul Goodman drove a commodore

  • I mean......I have 20th AE seats for sale if anyone is interested. Message me on IG @angry_8v

  • The TVR Cerbera is pronounced the same way you'd say Cerberus, it's Cerb-era not Kerb-era.

  • 👍

  • 9:19 the modern car seem to be designed with the anti-Lotus motto of "complicate and add weight"

  • 0:50 "To Prank Importers" doesn´t sound very legit ;D

    • Buncha letters, buncha numbers, means it's gonna be sick 😂

  • Lmao. We got a 15 year rule how do u feel.... I will trade cars for guns with Americans...

  • "Its like Godzilla... WITH A BACKPACK! " James Pumphrey, 2021

  • Forbidden food 😂😂😂

  • Aw man key and peele season 1 episode 4 it has you saying the n word hahaahh. Aww better time back then huh

    • I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️

  • Can u please do the top 10 surf cars.

  • I would say most of the cars named here next to zero people will want to import.

  • He said my birthday month twice

  • I really think the R33 is the prettiest Skyline of them all.

  • lol, nice vid dudes! If I remember correctly, Norway supplied Lotus with the aluminium for the first gen Elise.

    • Can the echo use the glanza stuff?

  • Better Call Saul had one... Saul Goodman drove a commodore

  • F all those cars get me a toyota hummer

  • As a fat, middle child, thanks for the compliment. :)

  • first i thought like: lmao these americans can't import newer cars yet BUT I CAN then came a phase phase of realization that i am broke and it doesn't matter that i live in germany BUT I STILL CAN DRIVE FAST AS FUCK

  • I like the stagias especially when they are modified with an r34 skyline front end conversion . The original front end is ugly. A Mitsubishi legnum is a close second on the stagia

    • then these odd selections.

  • Man, my fist car was a Mitsubishi Mirage that I bought just because it looked like the Evo IV. It had 220k miles and I sold it for $500 lol still miss it.

  • Buncha letters, buncha numbers, means it's gonna be sick 😂

  • 1996 is when Japan introduced the more powerful RX7, which US never got.

  • in other words “cars you can import, but cant buy because they cost many thousands of dollaridoos”

  • @Donut Media engin in Legnum is 2.5V6 4G13TT not a 6G72TT 3.0V6 like in 3000GT ;)

  • We own a evo 4

  • Sorry James but the HSV VS GTS-R did NOT have an LS1, it was an iron block 304ci that Holden made based on your 305ci but factory stroked by HSV to 355ci making it a "5.7L" but not an LS1 lol

  • Gotta correct you you the vs commodore. Doesn't come with an ls1. She comes with the mighty 5Liter

  • MK1 was the best gen

  • Is Josse DeLorian?

  • Can the echo use the glanza stuff?

  • So glad it only takes 25 years makes a dangerous unsafe car safe.

  • 13:10 r33 was in f&f 1 tho???

  • Me fater James is done with the R33 rant: Y E S

  • You didn’t put jzx100 chaser :( the series 1 were made in 96 so u could get them now

  • I agree. And I'm the middle child 🤣

  • Everyone knows if you had to import a Skyline the R32 GTR is the best, if only the best looking of all the GTR's including the present day GTR. And much much less expensive then these odd selections.

  • More powa bebeh

  • Welp, there goes the prices of the Stagea!

  • I wanna know where you get that hat 😍 I want one

  • @Donut Media GREAT

  • 11:15 When the edibles hit 😂😂😂

  • You spuds, the Commodore GTS-R had a stroked 304ci Holden V8, resulting in 355ci. No LS1, do you even do research? Not the first time you have had Aussie car history totally wrong. Just go on any Aussie forum and ask the question. Love y'all ❤️

  • I can't wait for 2022 to bring a civic type r

  • When the Mega Cruiser has six seats than the Hummer H1 🤣🤣

  • FYI there are plenty of regular Holden Commodore SS models with LS engines or the Australian made 5L V8s for cheap here too. Though for bang for your buck it would be better value to import two late E-series Ford Falcons with the Intech 4L engine. Can get a stock auto model for like 500 USD and up. Get one, add a huge turbo, have fun at the drag strip. The V6 Commodores are also around, and use the Buick 3800 V6, so parts for it aren't totally foreign. But...eh...why would you want to?

  • Actually the Stagea is closer to an R34 then an R33. It's chassis code is WC34 and it's just under two years off the production start of the R34 Skylines anyway.

  • American's actually wanting Legnums is kinda funny. Guess we better start selling them for 10K USD to cashed up yanks lol

  • I'd buy it for him genuinely to see the smile. I'm not gay, but it'd be ok if I were. As a real motor head, we understand that smile. The "that's a little bit beyond what I'd hoped for". That's a good buddy face.

  • Does someone from the us want to import my stagea now? 😂

  • I have never seen a more american looking guy quite like him

  • The TVR is pronounced Sir bur a - from Cerberus, the hell dog from the Greek mythology and called that because the head of TVR's dog took a bite out of the foam when the car was being modelled resulting in the odd shape around the front indicator - so the story goes. The MK1 Elise is OK for folks 6ft and some over that just not wide people with big guts and arses - The sill is about 2" higher than the easier to get into MK2 but you still have to double up at the waist to get in. I have to cut out the cookies for a while if I'm struggling to get in.

  • Imagine wanting a Legnum 🤣🤣🤣

  • wasnt the renault spider a concept car??

  • Lotus Elise Type 72. I want.

  • uh what about the jzx100?

  • Just FYI the GTS-R doesn't have an LS1, it actually has a stroked version of the Holden 5L V8, which is a completely home grown Australian designed and built engine. No Holdens got the LS1 until the VT Series II in 1999.

  • Thanks a lot Pumfrey I will never be again to look at a VW Golf hand brake the same way again lol

  • Day 285 of asking James to do an Up to speed on his Dad

  • Couple wrong things about the vr4... it is not the same engine as the gto or 3000gt. The engine is a 6a13tt. Also, that is a fl vr4 and you won't be getting them for a couple years. Also, the vr4 is 4wd, not awd.

    • @Matt Anderson yeah pretty much all of them. There's a handful of nice ones but not without their problems, as I recall the electrics play up a bit in Legnums and Diamantes. Doesn't help that everybody's cousin is an "audio electrician" after a couple woodys

    • @Omantra Music if not looked after properly. Plenty like that in nz

    • It's also makes for a great pile of shit as is where is

  • James, there are no numbers in 'HSV VS GTS-R'

    • they legit released the evo IV when i was born, I learned something today

  • The TVR is pronounced Ser-bera....pretend the C is a S and boom

  • The r33 400r is way more desirable than then the lm. Should have brought that up instead.

  • Have the Australians ever built a sexy car? God damn.

    • @Omantra Music fuck an el camino with a wagon back end.

    • Google. Holden Sandman

  • SO the secret is to get a canadian residency then import all the JDM cars and slap that sweet sweet ontario plate on it as you snowbird your way to florida.

  • Soon I can import the R34 Skyline GTR

  • What happened to up to speed??

  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV Nissan Stagea Renault Sport Spider Toyota Starlet Glanza V HSV VS GTS-R TVR Cerbera Toyota Mega Cruiser 1st Gen Lotus Elise Mistubishi Legnum R-4 Toyota Classic VW Golf GTI 20th Anniversary Editon Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R LM Limited

  • Roof is pronounced Roof with a long oo. Not ruff.

  • You forgot the Daihatsu Midget II and I cannot forgive you

  • ... provided you have the money...

  • 10:14

  • So is this a car channel for kids to young to have a drivers license?

  • 11:17 It's Downton Abbey not "Downtown Abbey" LOL

  • Dude the Stagea is sick. I'd like to own either that or the Toyota Crown Estate Athlete V. I love wagons. I didn't even know the Legnum existed. That thing is awesome looking.

  • Bitta info from an Aussie, the GTS-R didn’t have an ls1 fitted. It was a 355 cube stroked version of our own Holden 304 5 litre v8. Hence the stroker name. 🇦🇺

    • Commonly referred to as the iron lion

  • they legit released the evo IV when i was born, I learned something today

  • legnums are like 2-6k euros in finland

  • I've imported a car 100% without any broker and it is very easy. It's just scary because of all the bullshit the internet throws out. Getting it to the states isnt the issue. Just getting it state tagged. Live somewhere with freedom and you're good.

  • because i live in the uk in my local garage theres like ten tvrs

  • Sorry ehm Mitsubishi Legnum VR4 has same AYC how Evo 5-9 and very good 4WD. Engine is not from 3000GT , Engine is more from Galant 2,5 V6 (Engine code 6A13) ,the VR4 Engine has code 6A13TT) Has also more power and more torque than a Evo. 2,5l V6 Twinturbo and more importantly as a Evo, because it cheaper an best alternative sleepers car