The Final Full Day of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Birt 19 jan 2021
Jimmy breaks down the final full day of the Trump presidency, and talks about all the campaign promises he made and didn’t keep, the 100 pardons Trump is expected to give out, Joe Exotic hoping to be on the list, whether or not all of this was worth it for Donald Trump, Mike Pence planning to attend Biden’s inauguration instead of Trump’s farewell party, Tiffany Trump’s perfectly timed engagement, discovering Rudy Giuliani voted with a provisional ballot after months of discrediting them, and Jimmy looks into his crystal ball to see what the future holds for the members of the Trump administration.
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  • Here he comes to save the day! (sung to the tune of Mighty Mouse) This makes me sick. I'm sure you yourself are the fitting example of hard work, hard work demeaning the President.

  • Jimmy plays too much 😂little Marco

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  • This will age well in 2024

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  • Trump 2024! We LGBTQ+ and blacks support you Mr.Trump. Black lives matter!!

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  • Don't count on it! These tapes will be played over and over just like the ones you all put out in 2015...2016!

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  • I hope you like the fact Biden selling America electric to China something to think about.Selling America one business at a time China buying the grid.


  • trumps schedule was on my birthday, thats weird.

  • You make me sick.

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  • Jimmy Kimmel... not succeeding as a Comedian... So he tries to be a " Media Activist "... What a Challenge.... we have so many... Real comedians make us Laugh about Everyday Life...

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  • The beginning of communism 🤡

  • Gotta love Jimmy Kimmel! Thank you sir for being the spokesperson of millions of Americans!

  • look on the bright side democrats at least we can have trump run again in 2024 for another 4 years

  • Cancel Jimmy !!!!!

  • He was one of the best presidents he did a lotfor the republic of the United States of America

  • Funny how Black people support the party that defended slavery during the civil war. 🤣

  • Greatest president of all time Donald Trump ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ joe is senile


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  • Really not in the least bit funny. Horribly bitter political commentary that would cause utter meltdown from the left if it was aimed at them.

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  • Jimmy Kimmel's justa mouthy liberal waste of time

  • All I know is I used to like Jimmy Kimmel but as you can see he is just a paid puppet to be biased and constantly bash instead of treating everybody as equals!

  • We do not care about that anymore. We want to hear the new scripts now on what a clown creepy sleepy Joe is!

  • Activist masquerading as a comedian. Kook

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  • Donald trump we love you. God bless you...

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  • The death of America has begun I am no longer proud to live in this country

  • Really? You think that most of America despises him? Are you aware of how many votes he did get? In a very ironic way, with all the lies, he exposed a lot of truth of American and Western societies about how many people don't get the whole respect versus the "us versus them" mentality. He did a service by exposing how many people don't get or don't agree with the whole concept of general respect, of men for women, of heterosexuals versus non-heteros, etc. Kudos to those that got out and voted despite all of the forces conspiring against it. But, make not the mistake; the evil inherent is disrespect and is there in large numbers. Those of his supporters use the term "sheeple" for example and don't realise they exemplify the term.

  • Feeling of Happiness!!!!

  • tja, studiert und nix verdient...tja , kein kredit für die idee die hast du dann mit dem BND abt. Wirtschaftsspionage Kohl Genscher brutal gestohlen...Genscher (FDP) führte ein Doppelleben als Homosexueller so kam der Türke Erol Sander zu seinen Rollen beim Staatsfernsehen😀

  • Trump was the greatest president we've had. Biden's going to destroy our country, thanks to you guys.

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  • Can’t wait for your last day on television.

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    • It’s all very revealing. He’s just another member of The Cabal...

  • Not one bit funny just mean and degrading to Jimmy !!!!

  • When Joe Biden won it feels like Obama won 2008

  • Trumped 'em all in royally screwing up. YOU'RE FIRED!

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  • I dont understand, Trump has not made fun of Biden OR ANY REPUBLICANS have not made fun of Biden but all demacraps wanna do is make fun of the only president that had to deal with 2020. all Democrats want to do is just make fun of Republicans and not care about the only president that has had to go through 2020 it is so annoying I don't understand.

  • lol america problems, greetings from europe

  • What WILL you do now that he's gone. Might have to write some actual material of your own?

  • Really milking it until the end... Let's see if you criticise our next president as harshly as you did this one!

  • I wonder if this biden supporter will make one for biden and I wonder if he will give him a F+ or F-

  • You'll never erase History, Donald Trump will ALWAYS be the 45th President of the United States. President Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents.

  • This video is brutal, hits right on the heart if you are the person.

  • I wonder what is like if Jimmy Kimmel have brain tumors right now? KARMA NEEDS TO BE WORK OVERTIME ..

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  • Kind of like your marriage and I know that you will never be a Johnny Carson you would never be like Jay Leno they had class they knew how to treat people and they were never one-sided they knew what what was going on you know very very little because you're a very little little man but a great paycheck

  • Not giving entertainment so what is the purpose of your show enjoy your life and get off the TV

  • Please Jimmy give it up don't want to hear your mouth the show's a loser enjoy your life doing something else no one wants to hear whatyou have to say

  • If trump is sent to Mars there will be war between our two planets.

  • Woke Teflon Joe Biden is bomb proof, protected by mainstream media, Corporat America Tech. Americans are soft in the head and gullible to believe he is sincere honest human being

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  • It's to bad Biden has to clean up the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless and World Crisis in Modern History and start to put the shattered pieces of america and the World back together again instead of being able to focus on new projects and new future plans of are Nation and new Modern rail highway to finally jump are Country to the future America we always wanted in the year 2000 on those past new years and where we might have been if JFK lived and finally took us to what the real America was supposed be in the future and prevented the worst president in us history Donald The Virus Trump from changing history again and causing the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless and World Crisis in Modern History and are way pushed back to Great Depression Levels haven't seen in 120 years and Mankind's future now hangs in the balance of healthy decisions or catastrophic mistakes and repeating the past over and over again until planet earth says that's enough just like every other species that's now apart of it

  • Here We Go Again People Donald The Virus Trump Strikes Again With His Catastrophic Leftovers from the deadliest day in memorial day and biggest mistake in United States History that changed are way of life forever and caused the Worst Crisis in Modern history to America and the World and pushed are resources government and medical care to the breaking point on unimaginable levels never seen before

  • So true Jimmy Love the report card.

  • Trump has "pocket pardons" for himself and his family.

  • The gravy train is over Jimmy. There’s only one direction from here.

  • You forgot many other good things that Trump did. You’re clown

  • Why did 75 million americans,48% of the total valid votes went for trump, u think he is a fail.he won far more almsot 10 million votes more than 2016. More people came out from their homes to vote a lunatic?? U call your country people lunatics...there something wrong in us..rather trolling others on net it would be better to figure it out

  • You are a're the biggest joke ever😅😅😅😅

  • This is the World Wide demostración of election Fraud and government and media corruption without shame without hidden anything the powerful elite showed to the world that the vote of 80 millions Trump’s Patrios don’t count, their money of this Pedophilos evil people witch are ruling us meaning that they can purchase judges, vote machines, Congress people, news media, etc etc the worst is that they divided us and we blame in each other, but the TRUE IS THAT WE ARE THEIR SLAVES, WE ARE THE DOOMS IDIOTS with the covered mouth. what a shame of human beings, the only one with BIG Strong carácter is Donald Trump and 4 years 24/7 they are trying to destroy him, people we are more that this evil people! Start with no division between the us the MEDIA IS MANIPULATING US

  • Sit down Jim, you're embarrassing yourself.

    • @Nena Johnson i know why he's so constantly angry about him, Trump exposes him 2 years ago together with Fallon

  • How is your tribunal going Jimmy? You've been a very bad man

  • Jimmy breaks=communist

  • Now we are in a shithole country

  • Biden is crook

  • Puppet detected: Jimmy kimmel

  • Kimmel is not cool, funny or in any way talented. Yeah let's give him his own show. Makes a lot of sense

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  • Trump is the "spice of life"...I miss him...Who we gonna laugh at now?

  • Trump is still my president. Fu Kimmel.

  • That's great...

  • F... you XD

  • Guess what?! He'll be back soon! Can't wait to watch the snowflakes watching!

  • Has there ever been any footage of Trump’s party? I’d be interested to see how many turned up.